New exhaust Vespa PK50 & PK125 racing exhaust BigBox TOURING bgm PRO

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NEW: exhaust bgm PRO BigBox TOURING for Vespa PK50 & PK125

Secretly has a new one Racing exhaust for Vespa PK sneaked into our shop. Today we introduce you to the new Vespa PK exhaust from bgm PRO.

Vespa PK racing exhaust - bgm PRO BigBox Vespa PK | HANDMADE in EUROPE

We have two versions:

  1. for Vespa PK50 & PK80 | BGM1050PK
    Exhaust -BGM PRO BigBox TOURING PK- Vespa PK50, PK80 (S / XL / XL2 / HP / SS / Lusso)
  2. for Vespa PK125 & PK75 | BGM1125PK
    Exhaust -BGM PRO BigBox TOURING PK- Vespa PK125 (S / XL / XL2 / ETS), Motovespa PK75 (S / XL / Junior)

The history of this exhaust system lies in the fact that there were no longer any original Piaggio exhaust systems for the PK 50 models. When developing a new exhaust, we have that Potential recognized and a sports exhaust in original optics, low volume reported significant increase in performance can develop. The bgm PRO quality exhaust is now handmade in Europe and is available now: bgm PRO BigBox TOURING Vespa PK

bgm PRO BigBox Touring VS Sito PLUS

On the dynamometer it looks like this:

Vespa PK racing exhaust dynamometer


bgm PRO BigBox for your Vespa PK

Vespa PK exhaust with more power, subtle optics & low volume

The bgm PRO exhaust in the TOURING version thus provides the subtle look and acoustics of an original Vespa exhaust, in conjunction with a sports exhaust characteristic with high torque and a wide range of performance. Originally, this system was designed as a replacement for the original Piaggio exhaust systems that are no longer available. Meanwhile we have it to a full-fledged, modern sports exhaust system further developed.

We have great value one good performance consider subtle noise and a good fit placed.

  • Significantly more power
  • Quiet racing exhaust
  • Good fit
  • Original optics
  • High and early torque
  • Broad speed range
  • More top speed
  • Very unobtrusive
  • Fits without modifications
  • Handcrafted in Europe

The bgm PRO Sport TOURING harmonizes very well with a series engine as well as with the classic tuning cylinders such as the

  • Polini 75-112,
  • DR75-102 or
  • Malossi 75-112
  • Polini 133

Exhaust Vespa PK 50 bgm PRO BigBox TOURING

Easy construction

The manifold, which is divided relatively far down, enables the exhaust body to be dismantled quickly without having to remove the manifold on the cylinder. The connection is secured by tension springs in a stable but quickly releasable manner.

We recommend increasing the number of nozzles at the beginning of 2-4 for safety in comparison to a standard exhaust.


  • Exhaust body
  • exhaust
  • Exhaust springs
  • Gasket cylinder / manifold

Vespa PK exhaust TIP:

  1. Adjust spraying like this
  2. Down heat-resistant sealant (please refer Accessories for the exhaust) between the manifold and the exhaust body keeps this place permanently clean.

PK 50 exhaust: Matching Vespa PK

The PK exhaust fits the following Vespa PK 50 and Vespa PK 80 - Models:

PK 125 exhaust: Matching Vespa PK

The PK exhaust fits the following Vespa PK 125 and Vespa PK 75 - Models:

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