Vespa Quartet Now available - The Tin Scooter Quartet IV

Sheet metal roller Quarettt IV

Great gift idea: Quartet IV sheet metal scooter for scooter drivers

"The Scene Special - Clubs, Shops & Colorful Dogs"

Edition: switch scooter from 1947 - 2015

Announced here - Now in time for Christmas available from us
The Vespa Quartet is hand-numbered and limited to 2015 sales copies.

Quartet -DAS BLECHROLLER QUARTETT 4- switch scooter from 1947 to 2015

Article no. 3331389

Vespa quartet

Fourth edition of the Vespa Quartet

For the fourth time, the quartet artists from Kerresinhio are dedicating themselves to our favorite toys: the old Vespa and Lambretta scooters, with their Quarett tin scooter.

"The Scene Special - Clubs, Shops & Colorful Dogs"

And this time Kerresinhio not only presents 32 unique Vespa and Lambretta scooters, but also the “Scooter Scene”

  • The lovers
  • the freaks
  • the tuners
  • the clubs
  • and the shops

All the scooter freaks who stand behind the rare models and who represent a significant part of the scooter scene.

Sheet metal roller Quarettt IV

Great fun with a great variety of scooters

In this game you will find 32 scooter models for example

  • Extremely elaborate custom roller with CNC motor, gold and airbrush
  • Old Vesps with original paint - the current hype is also called O-Lack Resto / rescue and fills pages of forums ...
  • Complete restorations in the original condition
  • Rats, which are characterized by their characteristic patina
  • Vespen, whose engine tuning moves beyond the 30 hp mark
  • or scooters that have already made club history.
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For a good cause

Like the other one Quartets beforehand, 50 cents per copy sold for this edition also go to: Support Foundation Children in Hamburg



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