Vespa races in Mirecourt - France

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Vespa races MirecourtESC goes France

For the third time we visited our friends from scoothole (the French GSF) with whom an ESC run will be held in Mirecourt / France this year.

As usual we had it SCOOTER CENTER Test bench here and arrived at the racetrack this year even in the most wonderful weather.

Some had used the bridge day and had already arrived on Thursday in order to have enough preparation time on the track for the races on Saturday.

The event was again very well organized, the ambience wonderful and in my eyes one of the most beautiful but also a very exhausting route of the ESC.

On Saturday the sun was shining all day and luckily nothing worse happened for the rest of the day except for a violent collision.

The starting field was the largest since the ESC was founded and with around 150 starters France, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands a colorful mix to it.

Dennis drove his Polini EVO with 51 Polini rotary valve shaft & Franz exhaust.
Alex ditto with Polini EVO with 51 Mazzucelli shaft and 105 BGM connecting rod, membrane intake manifold & fire magic exhaust.
Torsten the Parmakit W Force with 54 BGM wave & Big Bertha exhaust.
All three racing scooters are with the MMW Hartz 4 coupling equipped and one Vespatronic.

We started this year for the first time in the ESC in classes 1 & 2 and were very satisfied with our results.

Fortunately, the bad weather only moved over the kart track towards evening and so we could go home on Saturday evening with a clear conscience.

Thanks again to our sponsors!
The results can be seen on the ESC page -> and we are looking forward to Liedolsheim (RUN & RACE)!

In this sense: you see each other / on the route
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