Vespa screw set Vespa Smallframe V50, V90, PV, ET3

Vespa screw set

Vespa screw set for Vespa V50, Primavera and Co.

Why is our Vespa screw set so practical? During a restoration, you usually replace all the screws on the scooter. One takes new nuts and bolts for the sake of it Safety and optics. “Hardware store screws” are definitely the wrong choice here! Often there is a lack of the necessary quality, hardness, material, correct threads, lengths and also the original look.

Buy practical screw set Made in Italy here

With our screw kit you don't have to laboriously find every single Vespa screw for your scooter. That Scooter Center now offers you a high quality Screw set for Vespa Smallframe like V50, 50N, 50 Special, PV125 (Primavera), ET3 etc.

All screws for engine and body

The screw set for your Vespa contains all engine studs and tie rods including washers, circlips and nuts (M7).
In addition to the screws for the Vespa engine, this practical set includes screws, nuts and washers that are required for the frame and attachments.

The scope of delivery includes, for example, the steering head screw with square nut, wheel nuts, screws for the motor sheet metal (fan wheel cover), adjusting screws for the clutch and gear cables. The screws for the seat, fenders and main stand attachment.

Even the split pins as well as the oil filler and drain plug belong to this great set!

Buy practical screw set Made in Italy here

Screw kit for Vespa

The screw kit fits the following Vespa

  • 125 Nuova (VMA1T)
  • 125 Primavera (VMA2T)
  • 125 ET3 (VMB1T)
  • 50 Sprinter (V5SS2T - 1975)
  • 90 Super Sprint (V9SS1T)
  • 50 L (V5A1T)
  • 50 N (V5A1T)
  • 50 (V5A1T - 1963)
  • 50 S (V5A1T - 1964)
  • 90 (V9A1T)
  • 50 Special (V5A2T)
  • 50 Special Elestart (V5A3T)
  • 50 Special (V5B1T)
  • 50 Special Elestart (V5B2T)
  • 50 Special (V5B3T)
  • 50 Special Elestart (V5B4T)
  • 50 SR (V5SS2T - 1975-)

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You can also find other screw sets in our scooter shop: Schauben Since in the Vespa Scooter Shop


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