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Vespa sidecar

Vespa team with sidecar from Cozy

No scooter and no car: A Vespa team = scooter with sidecar / sidecar: Nevertheless, it offers a lot of storage space and driving fun once you have got used to driving on three wheels and can get used to it, because it's totally different!

Be different, one of the reasons why our customers buy a team, because one thing is certain: A Vespa team always attracts attention, especially when the passenger is a dog:


Vespa sidecar

Vespa sidecars have been around for a long time. We sell them proven Cozy sidecar for about 20 years.

Building a team is not rocket science. That Scooter Center offers you Vespa sidecars with mostly pre-assembled kits. With a little manual skill and after the demonstration at the TÜV, nothing stands in the way of driving a trailer.

With us you have the choice: im Scooter Center Shop you can find 2 different forms of the braked sidecar from Cozy: Vespa sidecar canoe & Vespa sidecar Zeppelin And of course the supply of spare parts is also taken care of.

Assembly Instructions:

Cozy sidecar

The Cozy sidecars come like the LML or Bajaj Chetak Vespa licensed builds from India. These sidecars are also popular around the world for classic motorcycles.

Our Cozys fit on all 10 inch Vespa models with 3-point seat mounts.
These are all Largeframes from year of construction around 1960. So the models with the narrow Vespa “PX-Traverse”: all PX / T5, Vespa Rally, Vespa Sprint, T4 and similar:

Suitable models:
  • Vespa (Piaggio) 80 PX (-1983, V8X1T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) 80 PX E Lusso (1983-, V8X1T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) 80 PX E Lusso Elestart (1984-1990, V8X1T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) 125 GT (VNL2T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) 125 GTR (VLB2T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) 125 PX (-1983, VNX1T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) 125 PX E Lusso (1984-1997, VNX2T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) 125 PX E Lusso (1998-2000, ZAPM09300)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) 125 PX E Lusso (2001-, ZAPM09302)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) 125 Super (VNC1T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) 125 T5 (VNX5T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) 125 TS (VNL3T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) 150 GL (VLA1T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) 150 PX (-1980, VLX1T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) 150 PX E (1981-1983, VLX1T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) 150 PX E Lusso (1984-1997, VLX1T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) 150 PX E Lusso (1998-2000, ZAPM09400)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) 150 PX E Lusso (2001-, ZAPM09401)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) 150 Sprint (VLB1T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) 150 Sprint Veloce (VLB1T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) 150 Super (VBC1T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) 160 GS (VSB1T - 1962) GS4
  • Vespa (Piaggio) 160 GS (VSB1T - 1963) GS4
  • Vespa (Piaggio) 180 Rally (VSD1T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) 180 Super Sport (VSC1T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) 200 PE (-1980, VSX1T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) 200 PX E (1981-1983, VSX1T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) 200 PX E Lusso (1984-1997, VSX1T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) 200 PX E Lusso (1998-, ZAPM18)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) 200 Rally (VSE1T - Ducati)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) 200 Rally (VSE1T - Femsa)

The Cozy Sidecar Vespa sidecar canoe | Vespa sidecar Zeppelin are spring-loaded and are mounted on the right-hand side, i.e. the engine side.

Assembly is easy as the sidecars are already pre-assembled. Are there too

  • Disc for a comfortable trip against the wind,
  • Trunk as additional storage space,
  • Steering damper for safe and comfortable driving characteristics,
  • a seat tarpaulin, in case the space in the sidecar remains empty,
  • and of course a complete assembly set and all the small parts you need.

Carriages must generally be entered individually for the vehicle and presented to the TÜV. The sidecars are therefore without a TÜV certificate or ABE.

Vespa Cozy Zeppelin sidecar

Buy Cozy Zeppelin for Vespa

Vespa sidecar cozy canoe

Buy Cozy Canoe for Vespa

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