Vespa Style wooden balance bike from Janod

Vespa balance bike wood Janod

New Vespa style impeller

Vespa balance bike wood Janod

Kiddymoto Lambretta Style balance bike

We have had the great ones for a long time Lambretta style wheels by Kiddymoto on offer. These are in great demand and always sell out quickly. We have just received another larger shipment, so they currently available are.


One too very interesting alternative in terms of price for all Vespa fans do we have now New Releases:

Janod wooden balance bike for less than 80 euros

janod vespa balance bike
Great balance bike for the scooterists of tomorrow!

ScooterWooden impeller in a retro Vespa design, and nice details such as

  • Vespa modeled speedometer (print)
  • Similar to Vespa color
  • Headlight (dummy)
  • Inflatable tires
  • Height-adjustable seat from 32-36,5 cm
  • Handles with impact protection
  • Solid wood construction
  • Quality from Janod


Longer enjoyment of the balance bike

With the height-adjustable seat, the scooter will still fit tomorrow and parents and children will have longer fun with it.

Security and comfort

The inflatable tires give to the young scooter drivers Driving comfort and safety.

Great scooter style balance bike

Thanks to the great resemblance to Mommy's / Daddy's Vespa, driving is a lot of fun.

Motor skills training

The balance bike for toddlers promotes the natural urge to move at an early stage of the child. By the way, it is also ideally suited for the Motor skills and the sense of balance to train children in a playful way. This makes switching to bicycles quick, easy and safer later on.

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