Instructions and tutorial videos for your Vespa PX

In the next week we start with ours Vespa tutorial videos, a series from the Vespa Platónika bgm177 project from Scooter Center.

  • How do I install a Vespa cylinder?
  • How do I measure the pinch gap cylinder / piston / cylinder head?
  • How is a carburetor assembled?
  • Tips for cylinder studs on a Vespa!
  • How is a Vespa clutch fitted?
  • How do I install a new gearbox in my Vespa PX?
  • ...
New Vespa PX tutorials by Scooter Center inspired by the Platónika's project

Vespa Platonika (Platonika)

Platónika is the name of the scooter. A Vespa PX that we use with new parts from the Scooter Center Create a completely new warehouse. Of course we use our best BGM parts. Benefit from our know-how, get lots of tips and take a look behind the scenes.
Follow the project here in Scooter Centerblog: