Vespa World Days Day 1


Cimg0982After a stopover in Munich and a fantastic schnitzel in the Ayinger Brauhaus, we arrived in Zell am See today.
The diesel is almost 10 cents cheaper in Austria - so the transit combination was driven down to a range of 13 km. It's just a shame that there was still this mountain between the gas station and us - and suddenly it was just there 0km range ;-) ...

Just a tip: if you stay 10 meters in front of the gas pump - you can get there with the starter ;-)

Quickly helped the tent builders set up the event tents and we could start setting up our stand. Our Hoffmann Vespa Rostauration Project At that time, the most photographed scooter was already at the place ;-)

Zell am See rocks! Just turned another night lap through the old town - we didn't think there would be so much going on here - tomorrow evening the air will definitely burn here! (During the day of course ;-))

Apparently there is no obligation to wear a helmet in Austria (!) At least not after 22.00 p.m. ...

So, now one more nightcap and we'll see you tomorrow on the


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