Vespa World Days 2009 Zell am See day 3 & 4

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Vespa World Days Zell am See

Vespa World Days Zell am See 2009



Go Vespisti, Go!

Tutto buono, hello, ciao!

An estimated 5.000 Vespa drivers have put Zell am See into a state of emergency over the last few days ...
The ride with about 2.000 scooters on the Großglockner (3.780m) was a highlight - but today Zell was rocked !!!

The main road was firmly in the hands of the scooter drivers and the drivers puked! Sure, Vespa has right of way ;-)
The local gastronomy provided the meeting with subtle après-ski music from 22.00 p.m. (by DJ Ötzi / Wolfgang Petri / AC-DC)
and so one tire after another was burned under the supervision of the local gendarmerie !!!!!

("... OK Burn - but you go to jail alone! ...")
(Chief to Enzo!)

Vespa World Days 2009 Vespa Burnout Rally 200 Vespa Meet in Zell am See

Buona Notte - Tanta Lotte!


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