Vespanest Aachen season finale

Since the Vespanest were often asked to drive in a different corner of Aachen in the past, the meeting point this time is at Blausteinsee in 52249 Eschweiler-Dürwiss meeting to comply with this request.

The meeting point is the Blausteinsee parking lot at the first roundabout (cannot be overlooked). We have worked out two routes and will decide at short notice which one we will drive based on the weather!

The routes are approx. 65 km long and lead through the eastern and north-eastern district of Aachen. Depending on the route, the break takes place at a viewing platform with a view over large parts of the surrounding area or in a tank hall of a disused barracks. There is a free hot drink to warm you up.

After the corso, the season is comfortably ended with grilled food in the heated Dürwiss barbecue hut!

Since the area has a slide, swings, pit train and other play facilities, families, friends, acquaintances and everyone who wants to are welcome, as always.

The grill hut is located behind the Dürwiss outdoor pool. The route will be signposted from the roundabout.

Pictures of the grill hut at: dates /pictures-grill-hut /


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