Video bgm shock absorber Vespa

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Vespa Video shock absorber installation

Vespa video shock absorber installationWe are really proud of the new BGM shock absorbers, because they are the ultimate Vespa shock absorbers!

How easy it is to change a front shock absorber on a Vespa Smallframe is what we show in this short video.

The new shock absorbers are available in the shop.

BGM7780 | front -BGM PRO F16 V50, PV 125, ET3
BGM7781 | front -BGM PRO F16 PX, T5

BGM7782 | rear -BGM PRO R12 PX, T5, Rally, Sprint, TS, GT, GTR, V50, PV, ET3


[youtube] VEIvToA9OFE [/ youtube]
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