We're masters again!

2. Sport-Fröhling-Cup / Whitsun tournament in Wisskirchen

The SCOOTER CENTER GmbH sponsors the F-youth soccer team from the local sports club SC Glessen. The team is only last Become a hall master. At Pentecost, she celebrated her next success at a major Pentecost tournament:

Also this year the trip for the soccer team of the F-Juniors went from SC Glessen on the early Pentecost Sunday with a lot of luggage in the Voreifel to Wisskirchen.

Nachdem die first four preliminary round games all won were followed by a well-deserved draw in the game against the host's first team. Early on we were behind with 0-1, but in the course of the game Terence managed to equalize 1-1.

Unbeaten (since 5 games ;-)) it went into the last preliminary round match against Etzweiler I. With a double from Terence we achieved an undisputed 2-0 success here as well!

So after the preliminary round we were the sovereign leader of the table and went into the second half of the season on Whit Monday with a four-point lead. But before that there was still football, badminton, volleyball played, romped, visited the model airfield, showered ice cold and of course barbecued.

Before the last game, the Tournament victory already celebrated, but nevertheless they wanted to end the tournament with a win. We could play freely, and with a lot of fun Etzweiler II was defeated 4-2 in the end. The goals were scored by Darren (2 times), Roberto and: Philipp !! He turned a seven-meter ice cold into the left corner. His first goal for SC Glessen - congratulations!

And finally ... A great tournament for the entire team on both days. Pascal held everything he could hold. He didn't have much to do because, as already mentioned, the defense did its job 1A. Jan was always calm and fended off the enemy attacks with his head (literally taken). Philipp played his best tournament and crowned his great performance with the goal. As always, Luca played confidently and also had some good accents on the offensive. With Darren we have the most dangerous “6” of all F-Juniors. On the flights Basti, Roberto, Piet and Alessandro showed consistently good performances, repeatedly played dangerous passes into the top and were extremely dangerous for goals. In the storm, Lucas and Terence alternately showed their full abilities (both came together to a fantastic 10 goals in 11 games!). Our “player manager” Nicolas was also able to contribute to the tournament victory on Monday.


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