We are all Real Scooterists

New year, new slogan and rediscovery of our philosophy

After 30 years, we can't help but look back a little and ask ourselves - where the differences lie to the beginnings - and to our customers.

The result is actually very simple...

In the beginning, the young founders never thought about what the future might bring.
The years have passed, suddenly three decades have passed and more than 60 employees have grown.

The world has changed…
but we don't

now we've achieved a lot, but we've stayed the same, who go to club meetings, exits and custom shows, so we've stayed close to the scene so as not to lose the fire.
And it's important that we never forget who we are and where we come from and that scooters are the focus for us.

we have never forgotten where we came from!

And not just us, but in such a colorful scene, you can find yourself in every story our customers tell.

because we all are scooterists,

With this new slogan we want to honor the big difference that makes us unique.