MANDATORY winter tires also for scooters! Now winter tires at SCOOTER CENTER buy

Winter tires for Vespa

Shock: compulsory winter tires also for scooters Vespa and Co.!

On Friday, the Federal Council approved the Federal Ministry of Transport's submission on mandatory winter tires.

Winter tires have been compulsory since  Monday, 29 of November 2010, in force.
The regulation applies to all motor vehicles, so also for motorcycles and Motor scooter / scooter.
See also NTV.

Is there a penalty without winter tires?

Probably yes, but only if you are active on the scooter. In the event of a violation, there is a risk of an increased fine, because if you drive (and get caught) with summer tires under winter road conditions, you will be asked to pay a fine of 40 euros. In case of obstruction to road traffic caused by the wrong tires, even 80 euros plus one point are due in Flensburg!
If you just park your scooter somewhere on snow and ice with summer tires, you don't have to fear any consequences.

Is it controlled?

What is certain is that the police can distinguish a winter tire from a “summer tire” at first glance based on the profile.

What about insurance coverage?

The comprehensive insurance for your scooter can partially or completely refuse to pay in the event of an accident if the missing M + S tires were the cause of the accident.

winter tires for your scooter can be found at SCOOTER CENTER we carry, for example:
Heidenau K58 SnowTec
Schwalbe HS544 Iceman
Sawa MC 32
IRC Urban Snow SN23

Here you can find our complete tire selection with a practical selection menu!

  1. Stef
    Stef sagte:

    Since we are currently being bombarded with inquiries, I like to refer you to the ADAC website again and again, because there is interesting news about winter tires:
    for example:
    What applies to motorcycles?
    Motorcycles are also motor vehicles in the sense of the regulation and must therefore be equipped accordingly when there is ice and snow. In practice, however, only a few M + S tires are available for motorcycles. While the use of off-road motorcycles and scooters with M + S tires is permitted, journeys with heavy (street) motorcycles on snowy and icy roads are not permitted due to the lack of available tires.

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