Winter tires for Vespa Winter tires for scooters

Winter tires for Vespa: It has been clearly regulated since 2010: the winter tire requirement also applies to us!

Winter tires for scooters and winter tires for Vespa

Motorcycles and scooters such as Vespa are also subject to the Winter tires compulsory:

Winter tires for Vespa

So if you are a scooter driver on black ice, slush, ice and slippery frost with the scooter, you have to legally adapt the tires of the scooter to the current weather situation as well as with the car. This means that Vespa drivers also have to use official winter tires for scooters with M + S (mud + snow) marking or mountain pictograms with snowflakes and Alpine symbols.

Buying winter tires for Vespa now?

Some think "I don't drive in snow and black ice anyway, what should I do with winter tires for scooters". But far from it, because winter tires for Vespa and Co. already stick because of their high silicon content better when wet. And when the cold is added, they are far superior to normal Vespa tires.

Ape drifting in the snow

Our current tip: postage free in one sentence

Under tip regarding Winter tires for Vespa are currently the new ones Contimove 365, which, as an all-season tire, also has the M + S marking and should score points in all weather conditions.

With the new ContiMove365 scooter tire, Continental presents a scooter tire for all weather conditions. The ContiMove365 achieves this considerable range between summer and winter tires thanks to its highly innovative tread design. the deep-reaching pairs of lamellas ensure a secure grip - even on a snowy road.
When it rains, the wide drainage grooves guarantee optimal water displacement.

In summer and when the weather is nice, the ContiMove365 scores with its excellent dry performance. The new Vespa tires Not only does it allow a sporty driving style, but its optimized Silka compound enables better grip without long warm-up times.

Contimove 365 postage free at Scooter Center: The winter tire Contimove 365 is usually used in the sentence for front and rear postage free in Germany. Order here

contimove365 Vespa

Winter tires for Vespa cheap at Scooter Center scooter shop


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