Woodlost Cannonball Classic Scooter Run

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Woodlost Cannonball Classic Scooter Run title picture

Woodlost Cannonball Classic Scooter Run was held through the weekend of 26 -29 May in southern Sweden.
It was organized by Lambretta Club Malmo and we had a total of 71 participants divided into 30 teams.

Instead of just pure speed the concept this time for the Woodlost Cannonball was about gaining points. The participants had to navigate smart, performance nice in manned checkpoints and deliver right answers at unmanned checkpoints.
Congratulations to the team “What's Normal Then?!” with Isa and Erk Westberg, Morgan Strandberg and Jörgen Larsson who after two days of driving and performing was the team who went home with victory, glory and the challenge prize.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed this weekend and a big thank you to Scooter Center for your support.

Olaf Fransson
President Lambretta Club Malmo

Photos by @lambrettapics