X-treme Big Stroke waves from AIRSAL

New crankshafts for Minarelli

They are finally here! The fat X-treme waves from Airsal. And when the guys from Airsal X-treme say it is that too: 45 mm stroke!!! That gives with one:

  • 50 bore a displacement of over 88,3 cc.
  • 47,6 bore over 77 cc!

Stroke it baby!

Today in the blog and on the phone: +02238(30)74 30 available and the days then also in Online-Shop:

AIR1019X | Crankshaft -AIRSAL X-treme 45mm stroke, 85mm connecting rod- Minarelli 50ccm horizontal (for 12mm piston pin) | 199,00 euros


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