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Best scooter shop 2015

COMPUTER BILD awards a seal of quality to the 750 best web shops.

Easy, secure and comfortable online sales are not granted by every online scooter shop. Scooter Center Scootershop offers

  • PURE SCOOTERING - Top Service from scooterists to scooterists
  • High availability with affordable prices
  • Huge variety in accessories, spare parts and tuning parts for almost all kinds of scooters
  • Secure and flexible payment possibilities, just as you wish
  • Very quick and affordable delivery by DHL or UPS, because you urgently need these parts
  • own dynamometer, because you want performance
  • Own products - BGM is a brand by Scooter Center, real innovation & performance

We already won the Computer Bild award Topshop 2014 last year and we did it again this year!

Rumage in the Scootershop

Put through its paces

The Top-Shop-exam tests almost 250 criteria for all the candidates, making it to the currently most extensive online shop test in Germany. Pleasing result:

Top shop best Scootersoops 2015

Scooter Center is the best scooter shop 2015

We are glad to have received this award a second time in a row. Just a few weeks ago we voted best scooter shop by the German Scooter Forum (GSF), as well as by insiders of the scooter scene. But the award from Computer Bild and Statista, two institutions from other industries, are the finishing touch and a great award for our work.

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