Real Deals February

We all want only the best parts for our scooters, which is why we present them to you Real Deals February  a few very fine parts.

Real Deals Vespa

sticky book

Stickys Manual now for Vespa!

After the sneak preview with autograph session in Scooter Center Last Friday, February 02.02.24nd, XNUMX and the world premiere of the book at the Scooterist Meltdown, the manual is now available with everything you need to know and more about Wideframe-Buy engines.'

The manufacturer no longer makes left side mirrors. We therefore recommend getting the mirror now as this could be your last chance.

Oil drain plug with cooling fins for additional engine oil cooling.
With cross holes for race-style safety wire.
Made of high-strength, milled aluminum including a new sealing ring.

back in stock
Lambretta seat, as it was always originally installed on the Lambretta GP 200 electronic.

Vintage Black: BGMGP200E
Black with white stitching: BGMGP200EV

Sports exhaust system in unpainted race look with twin aluminum silencers.

Wireless mini compressor with rechargeable lithium battery.
With digital screen for quick and accurate reading of pressure, selected inflation mode and battery life.

Vespas Pakistan

Oops, we did it again

With the price of scooters in Europe going through the roof, we remembered that we have friends in Pakistan and asked them for a new container of Vespa scooters. Something got lost in translation and the words 'Beautiful'and'restorable' took on a new meaning when the scooters arrived today.

From nice Vespa Sprint Veloce in original paint to some real wrecks, we have received a mixture of scooters, all waiting for new owners. We are currently preparing the paperwork for the legislation and will let you know as soon as we are ready to sell.

Prices will start at 750€ for the shitholes that can only be used for savings up to 2000€ for the beauties with most being sold at around 1200-1500€. Cheap enough to leave enough room for a full shopping basket at your scooter center . All buyers will get a 10% discount on their restoration.

Once upon a time in 2015

All you need to know about Vespas from Pakistan

Pakistanis are REAL Scooterists

In the last two decades, motorcycle ownership rates have surged in Pakistan, witnessing a proliferation of locally assembled Chinese and Japanese bikes that now dominate the roads.

But there is still a scene of Italian scooter enthusiasts who organize group rides, and every owner cherishes the memories they associate with their Vespas, some of whom have even inherited them.

There are Vespa clubs around the world and Pakistan is no exception: Vespa Club Pak

A beautiful report with photos that tell more about this story is found in the article:  The Vespas Of Pakistan (

source: The Vespas Of Pakistan (



We all want only the best parts for our scooters, which is why we present them to you Real Deals January a few very fine parts. This is about the new one Brake adapter for the Keyless GTS, the STINGWORKS clutch basket Be Giorni. for the Wideframe, which has not been available for a long time Side stand for the Bravo and the Luggage compartment with integrated air filter box for Lambretta.

Real Deals Vespa

240mm brake for GTS 2023

Oversize disc Ø 240mm, adapter bgm PRO for conversion to Ø 240mm brake disc for Vespa GTS 125-300 from 2023 with Nissin brake system

Sport clutch STINGWORKS Be Giorni GP for Vespa Wideframe 1953-1959

Ultra-compact CNC clutch with 6 KTM pads.
The coupling was deliberately kept small in size and height.
This means it fits into the Wideframeengines from 1953 to 1959.

Finally available again
The side stand used to only be available from Buzzetti and has not been available for a long time, now only from Scooter Center You can buy the side stand for the Bravo models in two versions.
Black: 6661745
Chrome: 6661746

Lambretta – Serveta Jet 200- steel, unpainted

Real Deals Universal

The PUTOLINE Contact Cleaner is a cleaning agent for electrical components.
A special additive prevents corrosion.

Scooter leg shield clamp mirror for Vespa and Lambretta

the last chance to get the classic retro mirror for left side mounting

In your Scooter Center Shop you will find a large selection Spiegel and Auch Clamp mirror for the leg shield!

But do the mirrors fit your scooter? What is the size how does the color fit? What shape do the clamp mirrors have and what are the proportions in relation to the leg shield?

We have now installed all clip-on mirrors, also photographed from different perspectives! Now find your leg shield clamp mirror from a large one Selection in our shop.

Legshield clamp mirror Vespa & Lambretta

All legshield clamp mirrors at a glance


Legshield clamp mirror for Vespa and Lambretta

Mirror BUMM chrome, stainless steel, leg shield clamp mirror small

The classic clip-on mirror in kidney shape from BUMM for Vespa and Lambretta with a small mirror glass.
Trapezoidal shape. Visually very discreet and easy to adjust thanks to the universal mounting option on the leg shield.

This classic is available for:

Mirror BUMM retro leg shield clip-on mirror, colored plastic housing

Universal fitting retro clip-on mirror for classic scooters, mopeds, mopeds. The kidney mirror is Made in Germany by BUMM. Neatly processed mirror in trapezoidal shape with white plastic housing and colored, transparent edge.
Has a plastic housing with a ball head. The clamp is suitable for both round slotted tubes and bead profiles (standard on Vespa).

Article no.: Design
1050138 White, blue, left
1050141 White, blue, right
1050139 White, orange, left
1050142 White, orange, right
1050137 White, red, left
1050140 White, red, right

Mirror FAR leg shield clamp mirror round Ø = 105mm - E3 (E-mark)

Beautiful mirror from FAR in a circular shape and a diameter of 105mm. Available in chrome and black. The leg shield mirror has an E-mark (E3).

This round FAR mirror is available in:

Mirror FAR leg shield clamp mirror trapezoidal

This is a nice alternative to the round mirror from FAR. The trapezoidal FAR chrome mirrors are attached to the leg shield with a screw clamp.

Small grub screws also fix the mirror securely to the edge protection of the leg shield or a slotted tube. The mirror rod is adjustable, the mirror itself can also be slid on the rod and tilted. by means of a ball head.

The mirror is available for the left or right side as well as chrome-plated or in black!

Mirror SKY leg shield clamp mirror chrome round Ø = 105mm

Beautiful, classic round mirror to clamp on the leg shield.
The chrome-plated mirror is fixed with two clamps.
The solid aluminum clamp is ideal for attaching the mirror to the slotted tube of the leg shield. Thanks to the multiple alignment options, the mirror is always quickly brought into the correct position. The stylish cap nuts always clamp the mirror securely and tightly, while the clamp on the mirror body is cushioned in a rubber. The mirror diameter is approx. 10cm, the mirror surface is convex (curved outwards) and thus creates a wide angle. Thus, despite the relatively small mirror surface, a large field of vision can be covered.

Mirror SKY leg shield clamp mirror chrome rectangular 105 x 70mm

The SKY mirror is also available in the angular version: A very beautiful, classic rectangular mirror that can be clamped to the leg shield.
The chrome-plated clamp mirror is fixed with two clamps.
The massive aluminum clamp is ideal for attaching the mirror to the slit tube of the leg shield. Thanks to the multiple alignment options, the mirror is always quickly brought into the correct position. The pretty cap nuts always clamp the mirror securely and tightly, while the clamp is cushioned in a rubber on the mirror body. The mirror dimensions are about 10 x 6 cm, the mirror surface is not so convex compared to our SKY round mirror.


Mirror STADIUM leg shield clip-on mirror, chrome, rectangular

STADIUM mirror MADE IN ENGLAND direct from Caerphilly, Wales, UK.

A real British classic with a long tradition. These legendary clip-on mirrors are made of high-gloss polished stainless steel in top quality and heavy duty. The customers who have consistently rated the mirror at our sim shop top so far, praise the quality and stability of this mirror. Below you can also find a round version of the stadium mirror.

Article no.: Position
7675864 right-wing
7675863 left-wing



Mirror STADIUM leg shield clip-on mirror, chrome, round

Round version of the stadium mirror approx. 100mm in diameter. A real British classic with a long tradition. These legendary clip-on mirrors are made of high-gloss polished stainless steel in top quality and heavy duty. Our customers have so far only rated this mirror positively and love the good adjustability, the optics and the quality of the mirror. Angular version like this


Article no.: Position
7675940 right-wing
7675939 left-wing


Mirror -VICMA leg shield clip-on mirror- chrome

This inexpensive mirror with a top price-performance ratio from VICMA is available from us in 2 sizes and for left and right: 80mm and 105mm, the large 105mm version also has an E-mark.


Article no.: PAGE & SIZE
7676653 right Ø = 80mm
7676656 right Ø = 105m
7675853 left Ø = 80mm
7675854 left Ø = 105mm



Information about Spiegel and the StVZO in Germany

Do i need a mirror on my scooter?

According to StVZO §56, every motor vehicle in Germany, which also includes mopeds, needs at least one mirror attached to the left side of the vehicle.


How many mirrors do I need on my scooter?

The number of mirrors depends on the first registration (EZ):

  • EZ before 01.01.1990 1 mirror on the left
  • Single room from 01.01.1990 up to 100 km / h 1 mirror on the left
  • Single from 01.01.1990 over 100 km / h 2 mirrors


How big does the mirror on my scooter have to be?

The size of the reflective surface must be

  • before EZ 17.06.2003 at least 60cm² (with round mirrors the diameter greater than or equal to 88 mm)
  • according to EZ 17.6.2003 at least 69cm² (with round mirrors the diameter greater than or equal to 94 mm)



Do mirrors on my scooter require a certification mark?

Marked mirrors automatically meet all of the above conditions.

  • For vehicles that are approved according to EC law (from October 01.10.2005st, XNUMX) mirrors with certification marks must be installed.
  • Vehicles with ABE approval (before October 01.10.2005st, XNUMX) only have to use mirrors that meet the above criteria.


lui 50 to 75

The lui range is not just a ground-breaking design, it is also a hell of a lot of fun to ride. At least as long as the engine is not to original specs. The original 50 cc engine is a pain with 1.5 hp at the crankshaft and a top speed said to be 38.5 km/h / 24 mph.

Compared to the lui 50 the 75 models are a much more grown up affair. The big headlight unit with hi and low beam, a rear brake light and other features make it look much more grown up. And also work like that.

Thanks to the hype and craze about the lui range probably started with the first Lui Dolomiti Experience the spare and tuning part situation is better than ever. And you can easily turn your 50 into the specs of the 75 one.

For more details here is the model history for both models in one link:

We started a wish list with the major components to carry the conversion out:

Also in this listing is the new Casa Lambretta 80 cc kit. We did something on that before ->


Finally, we had it on the dyno with the SH20 original carb, air filter box and the lui 75 original exhaust. The SH20 was jetted like this for best performance and reliability:

Main jet:             65
Idle jet:                48
Atomiser:            5899-5

A very good result with the Innocenti prototype turned into reality by Casa Lambretta. Especially considering this test earlier with the 75 cc cylinder kit give a maximum of 4.9 hp at the rear wheel. At here we have on a fresh -not settled in- engine and kit 5.5 hp straight away. 

If you fancy more power on a 50 cc or 75 cc lui engine the Casa Performance ONE05 kit is the way to go. We also tested it with on the lui 75 with original exhaust and the SH20 carb.

With the standard 75 air filter box the jetting of the SH20 was:

Main jet:             76
Idle jet:                45
Atomiser:            5899-5

With a modified 75 air filter to 6T's Tuning Manual spec the jetting of the SH20 was:

Main jet:             85
Idle jet:                50
Atomiser:            5899-5

And on the dyno with the later setup it looked like this:

So some choices here and we have -sadly- not yet tested the ONE35 kit!

So stay tuned!


Please note that this Scooter Center will remain closed for inventory on January 26, 2024

Telephone hotline and Click & Collect on Friday, January 26.01.24th, XNUMX not possible!

From Monday, January 29th, 2024 we will be back for you!

“Click & Collect” orders that fall during this period can unfortunately only be picked up on Monday, January 29.01.2024th, XNUMX.

Our online shop is of course still available for you 24/7 and your order will be processed quickly as usual:

Here you go directly to our:


Please excuse the inconvenience!

Finally the Piaggio Bravo side stand is available again

Previously the side stand was only included Buzzetti available and no longer available, now only at Scooter Center You can buy the side stand for the Bravo models in two versions.

Black: 6661745
Chrome: 6661746

Mounting side stand Piaggio Bravo

When installing, make sure that the original V-belt tensioner is present.
If not, please use a washer 3336801 Use and order at the same time to ensure the distance between the base and the side stand.

Real Deals December

Im Real Deals December let's start the winter projects with this bgm --Wheel shaft dismantling tool Front wheel and the indispensable Front gripper, or we can use our scooters under one this season Cover to store. For the Lambretta we can rely on Stuart Owen books Let us inspire you and we are introducing the new one for the GTS Vario cover .
And all of this while we look at the 2024 calendar with the most important dates in the scene and the scooters of the #realscooterists participants at the #OpenDaySC

Real Deals Garage

Wheel shaft front wheel dismantling tool perfect for our projects in winter

If the plan for this winter is to spend some time with our scooter, we can't miss this front gripper

In order to better care for our scooters, we can store them under a scooter cover this season.

The perfect gift for our GTS, this Christmas it will be the Vario cover from Motonostra

Real Deals Lambretta

Get inspired by Stuart Owen's books.


In addition to the ONE35 with 135 cc displacement, CASA PERFORMANCE also offers the ONE05 cylinder. Both cylinders are aluminum cylinders with Nikasil coating. The inlet is via a 4-flap membrane. The two main transfers are supported by two secondary transfers. The outlet channel is in one piece.

The main difference between the two kits is that the ONE05 can be used with the standard 44mm stroke that all 50cc and 75cc engines have.
In the 50 cc engines, the crankshaft has a smaller crank web width and a racing crankshaft is highly recommended for these engines.
The ONE35 kit requires a crankshaft with 48 mm stroke, as installed in the Cento and J125. And then also the correspondingly longer cylinder studs and a Cento, J125 or CASA PERFORMANCE cylinder cover.

Calendar SC 2024

SC Scooter Calendar 2024. This year the stars are the #RealScooterists. #Vespas, #Lambrettas, #Ciaos

This year the stars of the SC calendar are the RealScooterists.
Vespas, Lambrettas, Ciaos, Mopeds and Automatics that took part in our #openDaySC23.

In our calendar you will find the most important dates in our scene marked ;)

And only in December you get the calendar for free with a purchase over €99!

Rumors had been circulating for some time that the Green Onions would return to Elba in 2024! In mid-November the time had come and it was finally official! The international Rally will take place on the beach of Morcone near Capoliveri on the first weekend of May. Below is the official information from our friend Gegio from, including recommendations for accommodation.

Here is a small picture gallery from 2007 from the Scooter Center archives. Including the presentation of the first bgm products and the back as new Lambretta catalog. 

Scooter Rally Toscano 2024

Morcone Bay – Isle of Elba – 3/5 May 2024 – Back with a bang!

For the people involved into classic scooters during the last 20 years the name Scooter Rally Toscano stands for one of the most important events in Europe! The youngest ones meanwhile can only dream about it hearing the tales from the veterans….

However, for everyone the wait is finally over! The Original Scooter Rally Toscano Organized by Green Onions Scooter Club with a little partnership from is back with a bang!

When? From 3 to 5 May 2024!

Where? @ Mandel Club – Morcone Bay – Capoliveri – Isle of Elba (LI)


Imagine the daily ferries to the Isle of Elba from Piombino overwhelmed by hundreds Scooterists from all over Europe, hundreds of Vespa and Lambretta parked towards the beach of Morcone or buzzing around the breathtaking streets around Capoliveri!

Beers and food stalls directly on the rally site, all-day long beach dj set + 2 All-Nighters @ Mandel Club with the best Italian Selecters in Soul, Jamaican and Scooterist's finest sounds, market area with records, spare parts, vintage and classic streetwear clothes & accessories.

custom show for the best scooters and massive prizes for the winners, a raffle and The Cleopatras live concert on the beach!

Choose between more then 10 accommodation facilities with special prices: hotel, camping, bungalow, B&B or apartments (see the list below and ask for Scooter Rally Toscano Discount)!

Plus Saturday massive scooter run, free ride-out and partner restaurants for your best Scooter Rally Toscano experience!

IMPORTANT! Pre-Registration will be available very soon and until 31 March 2024 on the official website: !

It includes the complete Scooter Rally Toscano package at a discounted price, only 30€ instead of 33€, and the exclusive features are:

Friday and Saturday all-nighter tickets, Official rally patch, Weekend wristband for rally site entrance, Saturday scooter run and will give access to special prices for ferry's tickets!

Then, no worries, it is possible to subscribe directly on the Rally site with standard prices!


More info TBA!

FB: Green Onions Scooter Club

Email: 🇮🇹 🇬🇧


Selected accommodation facilities are:

Eugenio Degli Innocenti
Boss ▪︎ – Distretto Ruote Piccole

Now New!

There are only two original ignitions for the Lambretta lui and Junior series: one for all models with 50 cc displacement 4-pin ignition system from Dansi and for the models with more displacement (lui 75 and J100-125) one 6-pin Ducati ignition.

The power output of both ignitions is very manageable: the Dansi ignition is included 6V / 18 watts and the Ducati version at least with it 6 V / 33 W .

The 50s models have - in a negative sense - absolutely minimal electrics, which usually don't even have a brake light. An upgrade is impossible due to the non-existent performance of this Lambretta alternator.

Comparison of the power output of the ignition systems

Ignition Ducati 6-pin J 100, J 125                  6V / 33W

Ignition Ducati 6-pin lui 75                        6V / 33W

Ignition Dansi 4-pin J 50, lui 50                  6V / 18W

Ignition Vape lui 50-75, J 50-125           12 V / 110 W

vape 80 watts, consider 2.000 U / min

vape 110 watts, consider 6.000 U / min

This means that the new lui and Junior Vape ignition is a more than contemporary update 12V and 110 watts Perfomance. In addition, there is the unbeatable advantage of everyone electronic ignition: There are neither capacitors that burn out nor breakers that are subject to wear. Maintenance work and a weak ignition spark are a thing of the past.
Due to the very high ignition energy at low starting speeds, the vape ignition offers better starting behavior. The CDI is suitable for all original and tuned engines with a static ignition timing.

Thanks to the 12 magnets in the magnet wheel and the 9 coils on the ignition base plate, a high current output is available even at low speeds and the flickering of the light when idling is no longer present. The maximum output of the alternator is 110 watts.

This means that the models with 50 cc displacement can also be perfectly upgraded to the features of the larger models such as high and low beams and a brake light. Additional consumers (USB socket, exhaust gas temperature and the like) are of course no problem either.

The ignition magnet wheel is one-piece, manufactured to a high quality and balanced. The fan blades are CNC milled. The design of the fifteen fan blades has been optimized for higher cooling performance. The weight of the magnet wheel with fan blades is 1,2 kg.

Weight of the pole wheels in comparison

Flywheel Ducati 6-pole (Innocent number 00840134) J 100, J 125 1,35 kg

Polrad Ducati 6-pole (Innocenti number 00860038) lui 75 1,35 kg

Polrad Dansi 4-pole (Innocenti number 00860030) J 50, lui 50 1,4 kg

Polrad Vape with CNC milled fan blades lui 50-75, J 50-125 1,2 kg

Here we have put together the essential components - in addition to the ignition - for converting the on-board electrical system from J 50 to J 100 / J125:

A special feature of the J50 models is the limited space available with the original 50 rear light. A flat LED universal rear light can be the solution here.

When upgrading the lui 50 to lui 75 electrics it looks like this:

The lui 75 terminal board is - so far - only available for the original contact ignitions. When converting to electronic ignitions, all plug connections should be bridged together so that regulated 12 V is available across all of them.

Only green must not be combined with the other colors; here the engine is switched on and off.

The 6 volt horns/buzzers can be retained on all models. However, it is important to avoid honking in the future, otherwise the component will be damaged.

Lui and Junior Vape Ignition:

Holding plates:


With big steps we are approaching our "Red Friday" - from 25.11. until 27.11

save up

11.11 wasn't enough fun for us ;)

The long-awaited discount season is here and yours Scooter Center is in.
We have SC WEEK 23, 11 days (17-27.11.2023) With 11% discount on all products for our two-wheelers.

Simply in the “voucher code” field in the shopping cart SCWEEK23 Enter and you will receive your discount!
*Only valid for end users. Cannot be combined with other discounts and promotions.

Look forward to ours too Super Sale with great discounts from Up to 50%, and do not forget: From 99 Euro throughout Germany free postage!

dropable vespa

The customization of scooters has taken over the scene, and if you are looking for the ultimate custom touch for your Vespa Sprint or Primavera, you will find it with the drop bar handlebars from MOTO NOSTRA. 

With a 15° inclination, our current dropbar handlebar lies exactly between sport and touring.
All original add-on parts fit in or on the included handlebar covers.
The handlebar end weights are also installed in the same way as the original.
This means that the popular handlebar end mirrors can also be installed without any problems.

An upgrade in style:

The true charm of the dropbar handlebars unfolds on the road. The new handlebar shape not only gives an impressive appearance, but also improves the riding position and handling. Every curve becomes a sensual experience and the ride becomes an expression of personal style.

What about the GTS series?

The MOTO NOSTRA dropbar handlebar is not only a stylish option for the Vespa Sprint, but also opens the door for future GTS custom projects.

This idea has been floating around in our heads since we introduced our Vespa GTS demonstrator five years ago.

We are now taking on the challenge of developing a drop bar handlebar that meets the legal standards for public road traffic.

Dropbar GTS tool pattern
GTS demonstrator SC

We already have a first sample and the next step is to develop a second sample or prototype in order to incorporate the final ideas and improvements into the series.

Wouldn't a dropbar handlebar be the missing piece of the puzzle to give your GTS an individual touch?

We are looking forward to your thoughts and opinions on the MOTO NOSTRA drop bar for the Vespa GTS!

real deals november

In Real Deals November We present great classics: the indicator for the Vespa PK, the classic seat for the Lambretta, a drop bar for the modern Vespa Sprint, DMP also brings several products for mopeds into the shop and Malossi takes care of the maxi scooters with a selection of cylinders.

Real Deals Vespa

With a 15° inclination, our current dropbar handlebar lies exactly between sport and touring.
All original add-on parts fit in or on the included handlebar covers.
The handlebar end weights are also installed in the same way as the original.
This means that the popular handlebar end mirrors can also be installed without any problems.

Lambretta seat, as it was always originally installed on the Lambretta GP 200 electronic. On the English market the dl 200 was advertised as the GP 200 and was given its own bench in England. This is characterized by a special waffle pattern on the flanks and quilting on the top.

The frame is also special and slightly extended in the rear area.

The seat can be installed on all models of the Li family.

  • CL: The water-cooled Malossi is THE cylinder for all large LC engines from Piaggio. Significant increase in performance despite the slightly smaller displacement on the 180 engines. M3111139 (without cylinder head) and M3111140
  • AC: The Malossi offers a considerable increase in displacement, which not only increases the power but also significantly increases the torque. : M318236 (without cylinder head), and M318237

November - New brand DMP

Since 1997, the Dutch accessories and spare parts specialist has been developing and producing high-quality spare parts for mopeds and scooters, for which the vehicle manufacturer has often stopped supplying spare parts.

Moped DMP parts
Engine bolt Boxer-Citta-EC1

“210.000 km and 100 countries made (by now) by VESPA since September 2017 NON STOP”. This is how the social media of Ilario Lavarra welcomes all the Vespa fanatics who dream of long-distance trips. But long-distance here gets another huge meaning, briefly explained: The entire world!!!

He celebrated the 100th country of his journey on October 2023, and sent us this beautiful postcard, so we wanted to pay tribute to him by telling a little of the story of a #RealScooterist, in this case: the traveler! ;)

“To my friends from SC, who are supporting this Grand Tour around the world on a Vespa! A big hug from this incredible country, my #100 non-stop”

Ilario Lavarra

"First" long trip

"21 Americhe" - solo trip on an old vespa-

How do we meet Ilario?

As thousands of kilometers turn out to be thousands of friends, and I was one of the lucky ones to cross his path :)

Back in 2010, when he was on the middle of his journey: “21 Americans” on a 40-year-old Vespa (Fast Sprint), 82.000 kilometers from the Arctic to the Antarctic and back (here the video). He entered Colombian territory, and for us, he was one of the first travelers that visited us. As it usually happens, we all gathered to hear the countless stories that he accumulated along with his kilometers and our friendship was set.

7 years later, was my turn to make a bigger Vespa trip, unfortunately not in my Vespertine (my PX over there). But thanks to him, we rode through Modena, Bologna, Verona, and Rome. That's how I knew his plans for a new trip, but this time a “little farther”…

Current trip

"Le Grand Tour'" - The longest journey ever on a Vespa

“Le Grand Tour" was the name given to the educational journey that became fashionable in the late 17th century. An excellent name if you ask me, because there is no better way to know the world but to experience it! and he describes it perfectly like this:

“It is a personal journey of knowledge across cultures and latitudes. And this knowledge makes me happy.”

He is now in the 2/3 part of the trip. Europe and Africa is already done! and now he finds in Bhutan, the country number 100 as part of the Asia and Oceania phase, later he will repeat America.

The Vespa chosen could not be another of course that a Granturismo, the GT 1968  with the name: Ardimentosa

The first 100.000 km

and as in a small summary of his 100 thousand km, ilario tells us the wonders he has seen:

“I love this Vespa, called Ardimentosa, which is gliding over the world meter by meter. Slowly, joyfully. And me with her. On the icy Scandinavian tundra with the aurora borealis lights. On the autumn warmth of the African deserts of Western Saharan. On the dirt roads of Bissau and Conakry. On the Atlantic coast to Nigeria. On the Cameroon war and the rainforests of Gabon and the two Congos. On the colors of Namibia's deserts and on the reefs of South Africa. On the burned savannahs of the eastern part, on the villages of huts and on the banana plantations of the thousand hills. On the warm silences of lava stone of the Horn of Africa, on the Coptic monasteries, on the pyramids. On the fairy chimneys and on the peaks to almost 5000 meters of Central Asia. On the snow of the kingdom of Persia and now on the gulf in front of the Arabian peninsula. One hundred thousand kilometers. Ole!”


A new chapter - INDIA

At that time, in India, Ilario was informed that Scooter Center was there some time ago making some buying for his ONGOING section and when some engine problems arose, he did not doubt to reach us. But what a surprise for both of us when I received his email, because he didn't know that I work here.

He has a philosophy of no sponsors, so he can travel free, but we responded, not as sponsors, but as partners, and the best way we can contribute to fulfilling his dream is with the parts he needs.

In the middle of the Indian jungle he sends me a message, tired of the hard trip:

“I am preparing to cross Tibet, I will leave from Nepal to get to Laos. As Tibet is a Chinese problem area, it will take me some time to get my visa.
In Tibet I will be driving for a week at about 5000m altitude, probably October/November.
The Chinese authorities want winter tires, compulsory in winter in Tibet.”

So we send him some other parts in need:

And believe me, India is not big, it is huge!!! INDIA IS A WORLD, the country with such a diversity and density of cultural, religious, ethnic, geographical aspects, etc. which in another country is IMPOSSIBLE to find. From Ladakh in the heart of the Himalayas at 8000m high, to the Buddhist Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim so close to Tibet, East India and its tribals with bamboo villages among mountains difficult to reach (that already seems to be in East Asia), to the Sickh Punjab and the infinite super populated plain of the Ganges, to the rural and the fascinating rural Hindu States of central India, and then the Muslim majority regions near Pakistan or Bangladesh, up to the high tea plantations of the Christian Kerala, to finally jump into the southern apex which is Kanyakumari. An infinite puzzle with billions of pieces different from each other, to enjoy one by one. Slowly.

We wish him the best of luck, although we know that he is surrounded by it thanks to the magic of the Vespa, his charisma and his wonderful story.

He will keep us updated on his journey. In the meantime you can catch up on his story with his videos and posts, which are not only amazing, but also entertaining.

you'll find the latest news of his trip on his website:

and his Instagram: @vespanda_ilario.lavarra
and facebook: wasp


Vespa always puts on a colorful and well-done trade fair appearance. The new colors for GTS, Primavera and Sprint fit the picture well. Which can also be customized with a number of decors and color and finish details in the Vespa configurator.

Overall, Piaggio's Centro Stile didn't let up and worked hard on the finish, introduced new materials and tinkered with the details. Especially with the Vespa Primavera and Vespa Sprint S models. Quite obviously on the steering head, which has new handles as well as new switches. The inside of the leg shield is now much easier on the eyes.

The Vespa Primavera comes with a new logo on the fender, so it will be interesting to see whether this catches on.

The tech version of the Primavera also features the keyless start system and the TFT instruments through which the functions of the Vespa MIA multimedia platform can be controlled. In the other versions, the analogue/digital speedometer has also been redesigned and equipped with LED lighting.

Vespa Primavera and Vespa Sprint S are available with state-of-the-art Euro 5+ engines with 50, 125 and 150 cc displacements with three-valve control and electronic injection.

The Vespa Elettrica will be replaced by the electric versions of the Vespa Primavera and Vespa Sprint S. The range is given as 125 km in Eco mode and there is a 45 km/h and a 75 km/h variant.

The new rims are also interesting.

It will be exciting to see whether Vespa has any news up its sleeve that will be presented at the Vespa World Days 2024 in Pontedera.


Andrea Pinasco sold the traditional company to Betella in 1999, but they continue the tradition convincingly. Traditionally, there is a colorful array of new products here every year. Like the PX cylinder with the new and popular displacement class of 244/252 cc. Although the one from last year doesn't seem entirely unfamiliar to us.

Pinasco PX 260cc

seems to be the prototype from last year

Pinasco Smallframe

PinascoSmallframe-Twin rotary intake

Pinasco 100cc for Vespa Smallframe PK v50

Pinasco Vespa Smallframe Racing Shot clutch 


Pinasco Ciao

New Parmakit cylinder prototype for Smallframe

Parmakit teases everyone Smallframe Driver with a promising cylinder. The GT PROTO 23 comes with a 60 mm bore and 53 mm displacement to 150 cc. And the channel areas are larger than some boreholes.


CIF is the abbreviation for Costruzioni Ingranaggi Ferrigno. Here you can find everything from shock absorbers, engine and transmission parts, sheet metal parts, lettering, electrical components right down to the smallest screw. The program was further expanded and refined and we were pleased to visit the traditional Milanese company.


Another traditional company that offers excellent quality tuning parts for all scooters and mopeds. From the classic to the modern Vespa and here again the ever-popular Ciao theme.



Primavera Modern

Primavera Modern

Polini Smallframe


Polini 133cc Smallframe

Polini Evolution Smallframe

PX 200

PX200 – Polini cylinder kit alloy nicasil 

PX200 cast iron cylinder kit fitted

CIAO Polini

Ciao evolution


Polini ignition system ciao

Polini ciao – engine transmission parts

Polini Ciao – engine transmission parts

Polini Ciao Engine


In terms of cult factor, Ciao has been catching up a lot in recent years. And many of the big tuning companies are also joining in on the fun.

CIAO Malossi


Complete overrange gear set 


Lambretta Elettra

Very futuristic design that will definitely bring tears to some people's eyes.

Lambretta 2024

Here our friends from Casa performance contributed and gave the new Lambretta a befitting @bgm chassis.


Here the focus is on standard and simple sports shock absorbers. Nice to see two Lambretta parts.


Uma Racing

Yamaha racers

Italjet 300

While news for the more modern scooters is currently being presented at the EICMA, last weekend at the Mostra Scambio (November 3rd - 5th, 2023) there was long-awaited news for many Lambretta friends.

The lui 75 is by far the most complex Lambretta exhaust to produce, but also by far the one that works best on the lui models. (Resonance systems are left out.)

Lambretta lui exhaust – the structure:

And here again in a beautiful drawing from the classic:

In addition to the complicated interior, there are two heat shields screwed onto the outside and a chrome finish on the exhaust itself. An effort that is second to none and really makes reproduction a challenge.

Our surprise in Novegro was all the greater that two Italian manufacturers presented the exhaust as a reproduction.

The structure looks plausible:

We have ordered the systems and as soon as they have received their chrome bath, they will come to us and will be available in the shop.

The competing product from Tutto Lambretta was available for purchase and our exhaust is currently still in Dortmund. (Thanks Corina & Marco for the transport.)

As soon as the others are here, it will be put to the test.

A big thank you also to Dottore Markus for his translation skills in Novegro!!!

Stay tuned!


We congratulate that Vespa Club Loerrach Happy 70th anniversary! A club full of Vespa history and stories that has helped shape the German Vespa scene.

The club celebrated the festivities - how could it be otherwise - with an outing. On October 7th we drove over 1946 km through the beautiful and breathtaking Black Forest with tubular handlebar / Faro Basso models built between 1958 and 300

You can find more information here: Website VC Lörrach

We look forward to the next 7 decades!