Real Deals November 2023

real deals november

In Real Deals November We present great classics: the indicator for the Vespa PK, the classic seat for the Lambretta, a drop bar for the modern Vespa Sprint, DMP also brings several products for mopeds into the shop and Malossi takes care of the maxi scooters with a selection of cylinders.

Real Deals Vespa

With a 15° inclination, our current dropbar handlebar lies exactly between sport and touring.
All original add-on parts fit in or on the included handlebar covers.
The handlebar end weights are also installed in the same way as the original.
This means that the popular handlebar end mirrors can also be installed without any problems.

Lambretta seat, as it was always originally installed on the Lambretta GP 200 electronic. On the English market the dl 200 was advertised as the GP 200 and was given its own bench in England. This is characterized by a special waffle pattern on the flanks and quilting on the top.

The frame is also special and slightly extended in the rear area.

The seat can be installed on all models of the Li family.

  • CL: The water-cooled Malossi is THE cylinder for all large LC engines from Piaggio. Significant increase in performance despite the slightly smaller displacement on the 180 engines. M3111139 (without cylinder head) and M3111140
  • AC: The Malossi offers a considerable increase in displacement, which not only increases the power but also significantly increases the torque. : M318236 (without cylinder head), and M318237

November - New brand DMP

Since 1997, the Dutch accessories and spare parts specialist has been developing and producing high-quality spare parts for mopeds and scooters, for which the vehicle manufacturer has often stopped supplying spare parts.

Moped DMP parts
Engine bolt Boxer-Citta-EC1