Real Deals December 2023

Real Deals December

Im Real Deals December let's start the winter projects with this bgm --Wheel shaft dismantling tool Front wheel and the indispensable Front gripper, or we can use our scooters under one this season Cover to store. For the Lambretta we can rely on Stuart Owen books Let us inspire you and we are introducing the new one for the GTS Vario cover .
And all of this while we look at the 2024 calendar with the most important dates in the scene and the scooters of the #realscooterists participants at the #OpenDaySC

Real Deals Garage

Wheel shaft front wheel dismantling tool perfect for our projects in winter

If the plan for this winter is to spend some time with our scooter, we can't miss this front gripper

In order to better care for our scooters, we can store them under a scooter cover this season.

The perfect gift for our GTS, this Christmas it will be the Vario cover from Motonostra

Real Deals Lambretta

Get inspired by Stuart Owen's books.


In addition to the ONE35 with 135 cc displacement, CASA PERFORMANCE also offers the ONE05 cylinder. Both cylinders are aluminum cylinders with Nikasil coating. The inlet is via a 4-flap membrane. The two main transfers are supported by two secondary transfers. The outlet channel is in one piece.

The main difference between the two kits is that the ONE05 can be used with the standard 44mm stroke that all 50cc and 75cc engines have.
In the 50 cc engines, the crankshaft has a smaller crank web width and a racing crankshaft is highly recommended for these engines.
The ONE35 kit requires a crankshaft with 48 mm stroke, as installed in the Cento and J125. And then also the correspondingly longer cylinder studs and a Cento, J125 or CASA PERFORMANCE cylinder cover.

Calendar SC 2024

SC Scooter Calendar 2024. This year the stars are the #RealScooterists. #Vespas, #Lambrettas, #Ciaos

This year the stars of the SC calendar are the RealScooterists.
Vespas, Lambrettas, Ciaos, Mopeds and Automatics that took part in our #openDaySC23.

In our calendar you will find the most important dates in our scene marked ;)

And only in December you get the calendar for free with a purchase over €99!