Real deal April 2024

real deals april

In this Real Deals April –For this edition we have made a very varied selection for you: the Vescoo book in its second edition, the VCM airbox for the classic Vespa, the new indicators for the GTS Keyless and the luggage racks for the modern Primavera/sprint, the new seat for him and a very interesting gimmick, the spark plug holder.

Real Deals Vespa Classic

272 pages of interesting stories about the Vespa with meaningful photos: events, collectors, trips, clubs, workshops, tests and new things, people and places - year after year, this book is about both old scooters and the current models .

Venturi VMC air filter box for Vespa Largeframe PX 80-125-150-200
The Venturi VMC Airbox is a filter box designed to improve the performance of the Vespa engine. The aluminum housing has a classic look that goes well with the style of the Vespa engine.

Real Deals Vespa Modern

The MOTO NOSTRA turn signals have individually controlled LEDs and thus create a fully dynamic running light, as is known from luxury class vehicles (e.g. Audi A7). The light effect created is very pleasing and offers a pleasant change from conventional indicators. As an additional special feature, the indicators at the front have a bright white daytime running light strip. The same technology is used as a position light at the rear.

Rear luggage rack for the Sprint/Primavera RST and Elettrica models


Stainless steel spark plug holder “Spark”.
With 14×1,25 thread, suitable for the spark plugs of classic two-stroke engines.
No drilling necessary.
A strong rubberized magnet on the back ensures a secure hold and protects the paint.