Real deals February 2024

Real Deals February

We all want only the best parts for our scooters, which is why we present them to you Real Deals February  a few very fine parts.

Real Deals Vespa

Stickys Manual now for Vespa!

After the sneak preview with autograph session in Scooter Center Last Friday, February 02.02.24nd, XNUMX and the world premiere of the book at the Scooterist Meltdown, the manual is now available with everything you need to know and more about Wideframe-Buy engines.'

The manufacturer no longer makes left side mirrors. We therefore recommend getting the mirror now as this could be your last chance.

Oil drain plug with cooling fins for additional engine oil cooling.
With cross holes for race-style safety wire.
Made of high-strength, milled aluminum including a new sealing ring.

back in stock
Lambretta seat, as it was always originally installed on the Lambretta GP 200 electronic.

Vintage Black: BGMGP200E
Black with white stitching: BGMGP200EV

Sports exhaust system in unpainted race look with twin aluminum silencers.

Wireless mini compressor with rechargeable lithium battery.
With digital screen for quick and accurate reading of pressure, selected inflation mode and battery life.