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Real deals January 2023

REAL DEALS is our monthly selection of recommended, new, best selling or just products, among the thousands of items for classic and modern Vespa, Lambretta and mopeds that Scooter Center in its online shop.

rear shock absorber


lamp grid -OEM 

Piaggio Ciao




We are all Real Scooterists

New year, new slogan and rediscovery of our philosophy

After 30 years, we can't help but look back a little and ask ourselves - where the differences lie to the beginnings - and to our customers.

The result is actually very simple...

In the beginning, the young founders never thought about what the future might bring.
The years have passed, suddenly three decades have passed and more than 60 employees have grown.

The world has changed…
but we don't

now we've achieved a lot, but we've stayed the same, who go to club meetings, exits and custom shows, so we've stayed close to the scene so as not to lose the fire.
And it's important that we never forget who we are and where we come from and that scooters are the focus for us.

we have never forgotten where we came from!

And not just us, but in such a colorful scene, you can find yourself in every story our customers tell.

because we all are scooterists,

With this new slogan we want to honor the big difference that makes us unique.

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Danger! Please note that Scooter Center on January 13, 2023 due to inventory closed Telephone hotline and Click & Collect on Friday, January 13.01.23, 16: not possible! From Monday, January 2023th, 24 we will be back for you! Our online shop is of course still available for you 7/XNUMX and your order will be processed quickly as usual: […]

Bye bye 2022, hello 2023!

What a great year!!
As the year closes, we take a look at 2022, a very important year for sc as we celebrate our 30th anniversary with you.


and here a look at  all events of the yearthat we have participated in, starting with our custom show. We never tire of seeing photos and videos and remembering the beautiful moments we had with you guys.

but also events where we saw the new scooters at Eicma, events where we shared the joy of the “moped” scene and ride outs in fantastic places…


New Products

If they're not new products, they're evolutions of existing products, but bgm always surprises us with new things


Our technicians are always guided by their insatiable curiosity and vast knowledge.


closed factories, dream collections and collaborating and supporting a great scene

To an exciting 2023 together!
Your Scooter Center Team

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HT parts maxi scooters

I am Heiko Fröse, owner of HT Motors (HTPARTS.EU), born 1980 in Dordrecht, The Netherlands. My passion for mopeds and motorbikes was there when I was still in diapers but took serious shape from the age of 14. My first moped was a Puch Maxi, which I liked to drive, but I soon tweaked more than driving it. It wasn't so much because it was always broken, but because I just wanted to get more performance out of it.

The mopeds, scooters and manual mopeds that followed never drove the specified factory speed 😊. From the age of 16 I worked in my parents' garage or in a client's backyard. My customer base grew through word of mouth from friends and acquaintances in Dordrecht and the surrounding area, advertising on the Internet led to a customer base throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.

At the age of 21 I took part in the 150m scooter sprint for the first time and immediately got a 5th place. I wanted to have my engine and cylinder tuned and I went to Freddy Koopmans with my story of being the fastest in the Netherlands. He then immediately said that this was not feasible.

I left my stuff and over the next few days I kept thinking that according to Freddy it wasn't feasible. But I wanted it so much that I picked up my stuff and started “tuning” myself. And so it started on the coffee table in my 40m2 apartment with the well-known Dremel.

Of course, not everything happened by itself, but in the following years I developed more and more knowledge and skills, which I and later my driver and good friend Henk van den Heuvel (Henk from the Hill DSSC) used to achieve many titles and records with the scooter sprint won.

In the years that followed, the company grew with customers all over the world. In 2018, HT Engineering started shifting from tuning, overhaul and maintenance to the development and production of maxiscooter, moped and classic car parts. The focus is mainly on the production of Plug and play quality products for the road, all made in the Netherlands.

Now, 4 years later, we find that most of our orders come from abroad and no longer from the Netherlands where we are based. Mainly customers from Europe, mainly from Germany, Italy, UK, Austria and Spain, but also from New Zealand, United States, Mexico, Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, St. Maarten etc.

We manufacture CNC turned and milled parts in series for customers and colleagues at home and abroad, although we want to focus more and more on business-to-business sales from 2023.

In addition to some other international providers, this also has Scooter Center our products in theirs Web shop recorded.

I would like to thank you for this Scooter Center and especially to Michael, Daniel, Alex, Uwe and Frank!

Sincerely yours,

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023

Christmas gift ideas

The Christmas season has officially arrived at the Scooter Center and the decorations were not long in coming.

The whole team worked together to decorate the Christmas tree and a few suggest productsthat any scooterist would enjoy this holiday season.

If you don't know what to give as a gift, here are some of our recommendations:

Castrol oil can

Oil mat “Saubermann”

Gas tank

tool bag

First aid kit


hand washing paste

Oil “bgm PRO STREET”

Motorcycle cleaner

safety vest

Oil measuring cup

Custom Show Calendar 2023 (Vespa / Lambretta)



winter tires

The whole Scooter Center-Team wishes you a great Christmas and have a good time with your loved ones !


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Changed opening hours 02.12.22


Please note our different opening hours and availability for December 02.12.2022nd, XNUMX:

Telephone hotline and Click & Collect

Friday, January 02.12.22th, XNUMX: 09:00 - 16h00

Our online shop is of course still available for you 24/7 and your order will be processed quickly as usual:

Click here to go directly to ours

Scooter Center Online-Shop

Please excuse the inconvenience!

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Scooterists weekender photo box

Pictures photo box

After hours of editing, the photos of our photo box are finally ready and we are happy to show you the pictures!
62 of 166 registered scooters have reported to the photo appointment and there are 128 pictures that you can see under this link can download!

Vespa ET3 - Petra

Evil Igor
Andreas Spiller – Frida & Carlo

exposed O-lacquer
Quattrini M200 engine

Lambretta special

Thomas Schulz

Vespa GTS team
Red Barons

Lambretta Li 150 Series 2

Lambretta TV 175 Series 2
mad farmer
Rimini Lambretta Center

Vespa V50N Special - Noah Winzen
Vespa V50S – Tim Bucklitsch

Vespa ACMA V56
Moritz Nagy
Pinasco engine

Lambretta DL / GP
Water-cooled Casa Performance
SSR270 engine

Johnny Love Motorsports No7
Martin - Celts RC

Lambretta choppers
Enola gay
Stoffi's garage

Vespa SS 50-90 Replica

Lambretta SX150
Airbrush arrow design

Freie Hansestadt Bremen
Peter-Zottel Zossen

Calendar 2023

The Scooterists Weekender Cologne left us a lot of great memories! The highlights were of course the beautiful scooters you brought and we liked them so much that we designed a limited edition of calendars. Twelve months for Vespa and Lambretta fans because the calendar is printed on both sides!

Thanks to everyone who came to the weekender with their scooters - you will find a few of them with a detailed description in our blog soon!



Stan wrote a great report on the event in Scootering Magazine's October issue, with a follow up in the next issue.

We are already looking forward to the next report!!!

Scooter & Classic

Cool Things October!

Discover the tips we recommend this month ;)


Vespa ET4 (ZAPM0400 - for vehicles without immobilizer or to convert) Piaggio Sfera 125 RST (ZAPM01000), Liberty 125 (ZAPM011000), Hexagon 125 4T (ZAPM15000), Aprilia Mojito Retro 125 (ZD4PM - Piaggio Motor)

bgm PRO Multitool V3.0

Puller -M26 x 1,0 (inside) + 28×1,0 (outside)- (Vespa clutch puller type Smallframe / Flywheel puller Vespa, Piaggio 125-180 ccm 2-stroke) + clutch compressor

LED headlamp

 19 LEDs McShine LES-193

Book - SCOOTERBOYS the lost tribe

by Martin 'Sticky' Round - 192 pages hardcover

Degree disc

POLINI - Aluminum - Black

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Magny Cours Project Paul

Challenge Scootentole – 10h race in Magny-Cours, Nevers (F)

The last long-distance race of the season took place in Magny-Cours last weekend. Scootentole invited to the 10-hour race on the 'PISTE CLUB', a 2,53 km long race track right next to the well-known GP track. As in previous years, we followedProject PAUL“ – along with 40 other racing teams from all over Europe – their invitation, because last year’s title had to be defended!

Despite some turbulence in the run-up - due to the organizer's postponement of dates and driver absences due to illness - we finally managed to win two teams with four drivers each in class SP1 ("Smallframe Proto") to name:

Team 1 consisting of Romain, Felix, Wolfi and Thomas went with the 40 hp strong M200 V50 racer (#6) at the start,

Team 2 with the Falc-PK (#176) with around 28 hp, driven by Volker, Markus, Julia and Dennis, who was also the boss and main mechanic of both teams (which should push him to his limits). But from the beginning...

After a long journey and a short night in a - let's call it - "cozy" 10-person mobile home, on Saturday, the day before the actual race, there was set-up, training and qualifying. Unfortunately, Peter showed no mercy, again and again it poured like buckets. With positions 6 and 19 on the grid after qualifying and the hope of drier conditions the next day, things went down early in the evening because the next day was supposed to start early!

Luckily, the race day started much drier than the day before, so we decided against rain tires. And then it finally started! The starting shot was fired at 8.45:XNUMX a.m. On slicks with the road still wet, Wolfi and Markus confidently drove the first stint. The track gradually dried out, which led to better and better lap times – until the first race was stopped after around three hours. A serious crash by a rider from another team kept the rescue team busy for a long time, with all riders stuck behind the safety car.



At this point, Team 2 was back in the box with its PK. The engine stalled during the third stint. The cause was quickly found: Massive tooth loss on the clutch sprocket gave us a four-hour break, during which Dennis, Volker and Markus disassembled the engine to search for the lost teeth. I quote pit neighbor Robert: "Sometimes you're the dog and sometimes the tree"...

Meanwhile, the race had picked up speed again - and so did our Romain: he drove his new best lap time of 1.28.116:6:2 and thus the third fastest lap time of the entire race. Starting from position XNUMX, we were now in position XNUMX just behind “Vespa Italy Team” from Crimaz and ahead of “Superbordel Deluxe”, our French battle partners from last year. The Lambrettas from Casa Performance and TD Customs were also in the front places and made for an exciting race!

Dropping back to 39th place, team 15 started to catch up around 2 p.m. Well, there can be no question of a real catch-up race, but at least a few laps could be collected, because the engine not only held up, it also ran like clockwork again. The guys did a great job and didn't give up and that's what it's all about in the end!

About two hours before the end of the race, team 1 was also hit. After the carburetor had slipped, a defective gudgeon pin bearing forced us to replace the engine. There were now too many laps between us and the very strong competition, which continued to battle for the top positions. And although a place on the podium could only have been achieved if one of the other teams dropped out, the fight continued until the checkered flag was waved exactly 10 hours later.

In the end, Project PAUL achieved 1th place (Team 4) and 1th place (Team 10) in class SP2, which meant 7th and 33rd place overall. Casa Performance burned the fastest lap time of 1.26.766, followed by Vespa Italy Team (1.27.527) and Projekt Paul (1.28.116).


We congratulate all drivers who made it across the finish line and thank each and every one of them, especially the organizer Scootentole, who made this exciting race weekend possible. Also our sponsors, the Scooter Center, KR Automation, FalkR and Egig Performance, we would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU, because only with you Project PAUL is what it is - a successful team of friends with a lot of heart for motorsport!


#vesparacing #scootercenter #KRautomation #falkR #EgigPerformance #Egig #Heitec

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Scooterist Weekender Cologne 2022 – Gallery

…and the Scooterist Weekender Cologne was indeed an unforgettable weekend, it seems to us what happened when we see the pictures, it is true!
We want to share all of these memories with you, so enjoy!


The variety of ways to enjoy scootering is impressive and we see it from the hundreds of Real Scooteristswho took the time to visit us.

Even after 30 years we would like to thank you for being with us, for building this wonderful scene together! And we hope to see you for at least 30 more years!

It's in the details!

Scooters, scooters and more scooters!

Nighters with our DJ team

Let the corks pop and celebrate together!

Music provided by: Flappo, Michael Peltzer, Félix Dominguez, Michael Wink, Dynamic Eric, Bread Sinclair, Faulker Fuller, Leo Erns and Andi Aspossible.

Thank you to them and everyone who attended!


Your Scooter Center Team

And as you can imagine, we are very happy to function well as a team outside of the SC and to work so well together to spend some time with you. We hope to see you again soon!

Thanks to our photographers:

Crisis Studio®

& Zoe Leon


Scooter Liada Rally 2022

We had the honor of sponsoring the Scooter Liada Rally 2022 event and Javier Peres tells us here a little about what such an incredible experience was.


thank you javier for sharing with us!!

Organizers of the iconic Scooter Liada Rally in Asturias (Northern Spain) brought the popular event back with a bang after a two year absence. The rally was canceled in 2020 and 2021 due to pandemic restrictions, with the last one taking place in 2019.

Asturias went retro and headed back to the 60's last Saturday, August 20th, as it played host to the long awaited 10th anniversary Scooter Liada Rally. Scooter enthusiasts of all ages converged at the Plaza Europa in the town center at 11am. From there, they rode out towards Muros del Nalón where they stopped for a drink and a live concert and then headed for lunch in a small village called Pillarno at 3pm. Around 5pm, a raffle took place anf the luckiest ones were awarded with gifts and prizes.


Back in 2019, around 75 scooters took part in a ride around the beautiful landscapes of this part of Asturias. To celebrate its 10th anniversary organizers managed to bring over 90 Vespas and Lambrettas. Enthusiasts traveled to Piedras Blancas from all over Spain to share their passion with fellow riders. The atmosphere was fantastic as the people who attended were such a great bunch, it was definitely a pleasant Vespa and Lambretta meeting. A great band, cool DJs, all always in a good mood and happy. It was great to be there at this family reunion of the LSC
(Liada's Scooter Club)

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Scooterist Weekender Cologne 2022 – Winners

best of all


Spectator's choice

1st place: Enzo for Marius Haller

V50 – “V200RS”


Quattrini C200 housing, Quattrini crankshaft 56,5mm stroke, Quattrini M200 cylinder, head machined - compression 11,5:1, exhaust FalkR M200 Touring, Crimaz CM5 clutch with multispring (6 springs), Bordi Corse clutch cover - fully hydraulic, Crimaz Grand Tour gearbox , Crimaz 28/67 primary, Overrev repair kit springs, Overrev ignition, KR Automation air number 12, LUZ 3D intake rubber, Smartcarb SC38, Marchald air filter 100×65, electronic Mitsubishi fuel pump

Painting: Porsche Miami Blue.

special parts: Carbon flip-tail, fully hydraulic disc brakes front and rear, fully hydraulic clutch, Superlow fork, Stage6 High-Low suspension, Polini Evolution rims 2,5×10, Hyperpro steering damper.

Thanks to: Enzo (!!!), Trisi, Tom and many others

2nd place: Kevin Wintergreen


Conversions: Replica of the Baracuda by Christian Clerici - Motorsport Rennwagen

Engine: 221 Malossi Sport

Painting: Airbrush

3rd place: Rene Roe's “RR custom”

Malaguti F12

special parts: Bluetooth controlled electronics
Engine: Evo70 mineralli
Painting: Candy Green + Airbrush Work

Best Vespa Largeframe (pre-P)

1st place: Tessa Abraham

Vespa rally

The inspiration for the name of the scooter goes back to Tessa seeing the scooters from Burnley and Pendle Scooter Club riding round the town where she lived and that scooter Club had the patch inspired from the trials of the Pendle Witches in 1612. The 70s and the scooter scene back then are the inspiration and that is also the reason why a Vespa Rally 180 with electronic ignition had been chosen. With Tessa's and Lee's connections they traced down info about how the period scooters of the Burnley and Pandle scooters looked, had been painted, what accessories had been fitted and even reproduced the wooden rear shield and club patches.

Built-by: Lee Abraham

Engine: Malossi 210

Painted by Gary Cooper @ MD Machine

2nd place: Zdesing


3rd place: Timo Pargmann for Jörg Hartmann


Zottel Zossen Scooter Association

Loom: Streamline seat with ZZ logo
Front disc brake Worb 5 fully hydraulic
LED rear light in org housing
SIP speedo
Completely laid DC electrics.

Engine: 252cc Quattrini.
Power 30hp and 36NM at 5800 rpm.

Paint: The rally was completely brushed for the first time in 2004 by the company Doppelpack. The basis is a flip flop lacquer. In 2020-2022 the paintwork was refurbished and further brushed. Gold leaf is incorporated into the lacquer. All attachments are either 24k gold plated or covered with gold leaf.

Best Vespa P range

1st place: Marc Weritz 

Vespa Px

Club BlechChaoten Rheingau

Tags: Cut and reinforced frame, Lambretta fork, drop bar, wide tires, BGM chassis, front/rear disc brakes

Engine:BFA 306 / 54Ps/52Nm /FalKR BFA 306 exhaust (custom made)

Paint: Porsche livery.

Self-made parts: Everything designed and manufactured in-house! CNC brake drum (designed for more than 400Nm torque) with interchangeable calottes for KR drive shaft or original toothing! Rear disc brake for BFA (internal) with self-developed brake caliper! Lambretta double disc brakes in front with 2x BGM calipers. 3D printed fender with integrated brake lines! Self-made CNC speedometer with Koso DB02... There's a lot more, but it's best to admire it yourself or contact me :-) Or Instagram #berndworscht

2nd place: Lars Kruse

Zottel Zossen Scooter Association

PX 225 Street Racer – Bj. 1982

Loom: M handlebars, Lambretta fork, self-made disc brakes front and rear, fully hydraulic

Engine:  Power about 35
Motor Malossi housing,
Malossi MHR 57,
60s bell shaft,
carburetor 30mm,
ignition vape,
Nordspeed exhaust with rear silencer under the side hood, PS.

3rd place: Elmar Grünert 


Best Vespa Wideframe

1st place: Marcel Schnee

Vespa GS3

Tags:Handlebar, seat built-in

Engine: Px200 engine with 210cc Malossi ,S&S exhaust.

painting: Modifications made by my own hand

2nd place: playroom

Vespa VL2T - The Stray Bullet

Tags: Homemade spoke wheel, disc brake with Stage 6 caliper and anti-dive.

Engine: Motorized with 177 Quatrini, 60 mm long stroke shaft and 28 Keihin PWK on membrane. 22.0 hp / 26.3 Nm under 6.000 rpm.

3rd place: Andreas Spiller 

Vyatka VP 150 – Evil Igor


Vyatka VP 150 – Evil Igor

Tags: Tank below Vjatka above Sei Giorni Style, fenders offset for tires and headlights integrated, Acma saddle offset, rear light conversion to full LED, beautiful rim lighting for presentation purposes, controls installed in a copper arrangement, of course the well-known carburettor interior lighting, various fork adjustments and a lot amore

Engine: PX with 172 Quattrini, 57 Mazzu shaft, 30 Polini carburetor, 22/64 BGM Superstrong on BGM 200 gearbox with Benelli secondary shaft 3 short 4 ultra short, pipe design Bullet with chic 265mm silencer at the bottom.

painting: '61 O paint mostly

Special parts: 13 / 12 inch prototype rims milled from the solid on self-made adapter, Ottopuntouno front brake system, SKR fork, Motogadget speedometer, button, aluminum mirror and indicators in connection with Axel Joost control, LSL handlebar assembly, and certainly a lot more that I don't have right now know more ;-)

Thanks to: Superkölle, Blechmann 74 and Bussy Wassereis

Best Vespa Smallframe

1st place: Marius Haller

V50 – “V200RS”

2nd place: Christian Schroeder 

Scauro Mathias Scherer

Loom: Matthias Scherer bought the engine along with the cooler, hoses, water pump, etc. and installed it in the current frame.
The complete vehicle had then completed a number of acceleration races along with test bench runs and scooter meetings.
I was lucky enough to be able to purchase the almost complete vehicle in a disassembled state three years ago.
At the beginning of 2022 Ronny and I (Scoot Devils/Smallframe-Factory) then started to restore them in such a way that it corresponds to the current DBM rules, it was clear to us from the start that the Scauri/Scherer belonged back on the track.
So we had to make a few cuts and couldn't restore it quite like the two Rollershops.
But I think we managed to maintain a high recognition value.


Engine: Cylinder Polini for the Cagiva SST (piston controlled)
Water-cooled head
Stroke 51 mm
Bore 57 mm
About 135 ccm
34 Dellorto
Scary exhaust
6V electronic Motoplat ignition
4 gearbox
The entire engine was built by Stefano Scauri about 30 years ago. The housing and cylinders were extreme
edited by Stefano. He was absolutely thrilled that this engine still existed and immediately offered his help that it was one of the very first engines he had built.
This engine was then rebuilt by Stefano in 2022 using today's materials and is absolutely suitable for quarter miles.

3rd place: Ferdinand Baratella


Conversions: Zip SP fork shortened, KR brake and rim in front, completely exposed O paint, custom seat based on Ancillotti, etc.

Motor: Quattrini M200, Egig Boa Down & Forward one-off, Dellorto 39 VHSB carburetor.

Painting: O-Lacquer freed from 4 coats of 2K lacquer.

Thanks to: Vespower By Baratella, Fraternati SC

Best Modern Vespa

1st place: MarcCollins


  • Front shock absorbers: BGM Pro SC/F16 Competition
  • Rear shock absorber BGM PRO SC/R1 SPORT
  • Front luggage rack - Moto Nostra
  • Horn with compressor • Kübler Speedwheel
  • Front and rear brake calipers - PORCO NERO POWER 2.0
  • Rizoma ventilation grille
  • Vespa GTS HQ rear luggage rack
  • Rims Vespa 946
  • Oil pan with sight glass by Buchsenfuchs glossy black
  • LED indicators Moto Nostra
  • Speedometer insert Moto Nostra
  • Swingarm cover Moto Nostra
  • Seat with seat heater – seat doctor
  • Custom cruiser windshield
  • Vario cover painted black
  • Cuppini bumper fender
  • Mirror short Moto Nostra
  • Brake lever chrome BGM Pro CNC
  • Exhaust system ARROW E4
  • Wave brake disc front & rear

Color: Porsche Miami Blue (2019) full paint job

Special parts:

  • Rims & tires 13 inch Miami Blue
  • Rizoma air intakes
  • Fender Zellioni reworked to 13″
  • BGM chassis front & rear
  • Brembo 4 piston racing brake system in front.
  • Wave brake disc front & rear
  • Side rails black OEM, luggage hook BGM Alu CNC
  • Bracket black powder coat
  • Footpegs black high-gloss compacted
  • Variator cover painted
  • Oil pan black high-gloss compacted
  • Speedometer frame Vespa Notte
  • Sport lever aluminum CNC black, handles Moto Nostra
  • Bar end weight Mini
  • Rear light LED Power 1 3in1 brake/indicator/rear light
  • License plate self-illuminating (LED foil)
  • License plate offset with cover RIZOMA painted
  • Horn with compressor
  • Modification variator JCosta
  • Clutch Dr Pulley HIT
  • Cylinder & Piston Malossi
  • Kevla belt Malossi, spark plug iridium
  • Exhaust REMUS Dual Flow

2nd Place: Micha - Caferacer69

Martini Racing – Vespa GTS300 Super HPE Year 2019 ABS / ASR

3rd place: Carola – Caferacer69

Corsa Italia - Vespa GTS300 SuperSport Year 2018 ABS / ASR

Color: Tricolori

Modification: Variator JCosta, air filter, Kevlarbelt Malossi
• Clutch Dr Pulley HIT clutch
• Malossi Tourqe Master
• Malossi Cylinder Kit + Malossi V4 Head
• ECU tuning adapted to engine.

• Bodywork blinkers, rear lights welded shut
• Front fender Zellioni metal
• ARROW E4 exhaust system
• Rims & tires 12 inch Vespa 946
• Tires HEIDENAU K80
• Rear light indicator brake station wagon Kellermann Ato
• Front indicators Kellermann BL2000 Dark handlebar end indicators
• BGM Pro SC/F16 Competition front gas pressure
• BGM Pro SC/R1Sport rear
• Brembo 4 piston racing brake system in front
• Wave brake disc front & rear
• Black side rails, BGM Alu CNC luggage hooks
• Luggage rack, black, short
• Black footpegs
• Variomatic cover & oil pan black
• Vario cap “300 RIZOMA” – Oil dipstick RIZOMA
• Speedometer frame, Sport lever, Moto Nostra grips
• Front headlight H4 Daymaker (Phillips)
• Horn with compressor

Best automatic

1st place: Thomas Schulz

2nd place: René Ellenberger


3rd place: Thomas Schulz

Best Lambretta dl/GP

1st place: Paul Rieck

Legio X GP200 Lambretta 

Tags: Legio X. Monza 240, airbrush, engraving, gilding, many individual parts self-made. Revised since the last SC custom show

Engine: Legio X Monza 240, liedesholm clutch, BGM ignition, shaft, shock absorber. 34mm Dellorto, franspeed supertourer.

Painting: Legio X, airbrushed, overall English custom design. 

2nd place: Martin Z

JohnnyLove Motorsports #7