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SCWEEK23 – From November 17.11th – November 27.11th save!

With big steps we are approaching our "Red Friday" - from 25.11. until 27.11

save up

11.11 wasn't enough fun for us ;)

The long-awaited discount season is here and yours Scooter Center is in.
We have SC WEEK 23, 11 days (17-27.11.2023) With 11% discount on all products for our two-wheelers.

Simply in the “voucher code” field in the shopping cart SCWEEK23 Enter and you will receive your discount!
*Only valid for end users. Cannot be combined with other discounts and promotions.

Look forward to ours too Super Sale with great discounts from Up to 50%, and do not forget: From 99 Euro throughout Germany free postage!

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Drop bar Vespa GTS, Sprint

The customization of scooters has taken over the scene, and if you are looking for the ultimate custom touch for your Vespa Sprint or Primavera, you will find it with the drop bar handlebars from MOTO NOSTRA. 

With a 15° inclination, our current dropbar handlebar lies exactly between sport and touring.
All original add-on parts fit in or on the included handlebar covers.
The handlebar end weights are also installed in the same way as the original.
This means that the popular handlebar end mirrors can also be installed without any problems.

An upgrade in style:

The true charm of the dropbar handlebars unfolds on the road. The new handlebar shape not only gives an impressive appearance, but also improves the riding position and handling. Every curve becomes a sensual experience and the ride becomes an expression of personal style.

What about the GTS series?

The MOTO NOSTRA dropbar handlebar is not only a stylish option for the Vespa Sprint, but also opens the door for future GTS custom projects.

This idea has been floating around in our heads since we introduced our Vespa GTS demonstrator five years ago.

We are now taking on the challenge of developing a drop bar handlebar that meets the legal standards for public road traffic.

Dropbar GTS tool pattern

GTS demonstrator SC

We already have a first sample and the next step is to develop a second sample or prototype in order to incorporate the final ideas and improvements into the series.

Wouldn't a dropbar handlebar be the missing piece of the puzzle to give your GTS an individual touch?

We are looking forward to your thoughts and opinions on the MOTO NOSTRA drop bar for the Vespa GTS!


Real Deals November 2023

In Real Deals November We present great classics: the indicator for the Vespa PK, the classic seat for the Lambretta, a drop bar for the modern Vespa Sprint, DMP also brings several products for mopeds into the shop and Malossi takes care of the maxi scooters with a selection of cylinders.

Real Deals Vespa

With a 15° inclination, our current dropbar handlebar lies exactly between sport and touring.
All original add-on parts fit in or on the included handlebar covers.
The handlebar end weights are also installed in the same way as the original.
This means that the popular handlebar end mirrors can also be installed without any problems.

Lambretta seat, as it was always originally installed on the Lambretta GP 200 electronic. On the English market the dl 200 was advertised as the GP 200 and was given its own bench in England. This is characterized by a special waffle pattern on the flanks and quilting on the top.

The frame is also special and slightly extended in the rear area.

The seat can be installed on all models of the Li family.

  • CL: The water-cooled Malossi is THE cylinder for all large LC engines from Piaggio. Significant increase in performance despite the slightly smaller displacement on the 180 engines. M3111139 (without cylinder head) and M3111140
  • AC: The Malossi offers a considerable increase in displacement, which not only increases the power but also significantly increases the torque. : M318236 (without cylinder head), and M318237

November - New brand DMP

Since 1997, the Dutch accessories and spare parts specialist has been developing and producing high-quality spare parts for mopeds and scooters, for which the vehicle manufacturer has often stopped supplying spare parts.

Moped DMP parts
Engine bolt Boxer-Citta-EC1

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Ilario Lavarra – the longest journey ever on a Vespa

“210.000 km and 100 countries made (by now) by VESPA since September 2017 NON STOP”. This is how the social media of Ilario Lavarra welcomes all the Vespa fanatics who dream of long-distance trips. But long-distance here gets another huge meaning, briefly explained: The entire world!!!

He celebrated the 100th country of his journey on October 2023, and sent us this beautiful postcard, so we wanted to pay tribute to him by telling a little of the story of a #RealScooterist, in this case: the traveler! ;)

“To my friends from SC, who are supporting this Grand Tour around the world on a Vespa! A big hug from this incredible country, my #100 non-stop”

Ilario Lavarra

"First" long trip

"21 Americhe" - solo trip on an old vespa-

How do we meet Ilario?

As thousands of kilometers turn out to be thousands of friends, and I was one of the lucky ones to cross his path :)

Back in 2010, when he was on the middle of his journey: “21 Americans” on a 40-year-old Vespa (Fast Sprint), 82.000 kilometers from the Arctic to the Antarctic and back (here the video). He entered Colombian territory, and for us, he was one of the first travelers that visited us. As it usually happens, we all gathered to hear the countless stories that he accumulated along with his kilometers and our friendship was set.

7 years later, was my turn to make a bigger Vespa trip, unfortunately not in my Vespertine (my PX over there). But thanks to him, we rode through Modena, Bologna, Verona, and Rome. That's how I knew his plans for a new trip, but this time a “little farther”…

Current trip

"Le Grand Tour'" - The longest journey ever on a Vespa

“Le Grand Tour" was the name given to the educational journey that became fashionable in the late 17th century. An excellent name if you ask me, because there is no better way to know the world but to experience it! and he describes it perfectly like this:

“It is a personal journey of knowledge across cultures and latitudes. And this knowledge makes me happy.”

He is now in the 2/3 part of the trip. Europe and Africa is already done! and now he finds in Bhutan, the country number 100 as part of the Asia and Oceania phase, later he will repeat America.

The Vespa chosen could not be another of course that a Granturismo, the GT 1968  with the name: Ardimentosa

The first 100.000 km

and as in a small summary of his 100 thousand km, ilario tells us the wonders he has seen:

“I love this Vespa, called Ardimentosa, which is gliding over the world meter by meter. Slowly, joyfully. And me with her. On the icy Scandinavian tundra with the aurora borealis lights. On the autumn warmth of the African deserts of Western Saharan. On the dirt roads of Bissau and Conakry. On the Atlantic coast to Nigeria. On the Cameroon war and the rainforests of Gabon and the two Congos. On the colors of Namibia's deserts and on the reefs of South Africa. On the burned savannahs of the eastern part, on the villages of huts and on the banana plantations of the thousand hills. On the warm silences of lava stone of the Horn of Africa, on the Coptic monasteries, on the pyramids. On the fairy chimneys and on the peaks to almost 5000 meters of Central Asia. On the snow of the kingdom of Persia and now on the gulf in front of the Arabian peninsula. One hundred thousand kilometers. Ole!”


A new chapter - INDIA

At that time, in India, Ilario was informed that Scooter Center was there some time ago making some buying for his ONGOING section and when some engine problems arose, he did not doubt to reach us. But what a surprise for both of us when I received his email, because he didn't know that I work here.

He has a philosophy of no sponsors, so he can travel free, but we responded, not as sponsors, but as partners, and the best way we can contribute to fulfilling his dream is with the parts he needs.

In the middle of the Indian jungle he sends me a message, tired of the hard trip:

“I am preparing to cross Tibet, I will leave from Nepal to get to Laos. As Tibet is a Chinese problem area, it will take me some time to get my visa.
In Tibet I will be driving for a week at about 5000m altitude, probably October/November.
The Chinese authorities want winter tires, compulsory in winter in Tibet.”

So we send him some other parts in need:

And believe me, India is not big, it is huge!!! INDIA IS A WORLD, the country with such a diversity and density of cultural, religious, ethnic, geographical aspects, etc. which in another country is IMPOSSIBLE to find. From Ladakh in the heart of the Himalayas at 8000m high, to the Buddhist Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim so close to Tibet, East India and its tribals with bamboo villages among mountains difficult to reach (that already seems to be in East Asia), to the Sickh Punjab and the infinite super populated plain of the Ganges, to the rural and the fascinating rural Hindu States of central India, and then the Muslim majority regions near Pakistan or Bangladesh, up to the high tea plantations of the Christian Kerala, to finally jump into the southern apex which is Kanyakumari. An infinite puzzle with billions of pieces different from each other, to enjoy one by one. Slowly.

We wish him the best of luck, although we know that he is surrounded by it thanks to the magic of the Vespa, his charisma and his wonderful story.

He will keep us updated on his journey. In the meantime you can catch up on his story with his videos and posts, which are not only amazing, but also entertaining.

you'll find the latest news of his trip on his website: Vespanda.com

and his Instagram: @vespanda_ilario.lavarra
and facebook: wasp

EICMA 2023


Vespa always puts on a colorful and well-done trade fair appearance. The new colors for GTS, Primavera and Sprint fit the picture well. Which can also be customized with a number of decors and color and finish details in the Vespa configurator.

Overall, Piaggio's Centro Stile didn't let up and worked hard on the finish, introduced new materials and tinkered with the details. Especially with the Vespa Primavera and Vespa Sprint S models. Quite obviously on the steering head, which has new handles as well as new switches. The inside of the leg shield is now much easier on the eyes.

The Vespa Primavera comes with a new logo on the fender, so it will be interesting to see whether this catches on.

The tech version of the Primavera also features the keyless start system and the TFT instruments through which the functions of the Vespa MIA multimedia platform can be controlled. In the other versions, the analogue/digital speedometer has also been redesigned and equipped with LED lighting.

Vespa Primavera and Vespa Sprint S are available with state-of-the-art Euro 5+ engines with 50, 125 and 150 cc displacements with three-valve control and electronic injection.

The Vespa Elettrica will be replaced by the electric versions of the Vespa Primavera and Vespa Sprint S. The range is given as 125 km in Eco mode and there is a 45 km/h and a 75 km/h variant.

The new rims are also interesting.

It will be exciting to see whether Vespa has any news up its sleeve that will be presented at the Vespa World Days 2024 in Pontedera.


Andrea Pinasco sold the traditional company to Betella in 1999, but they continue the tradition convincingly. Traditionally, there is a colorful array of new products here every year. Like the PX cylinder with the new and popular displacement class of 244/252 cc. Although the one from last year doesn't seem entirely unfamiliar to us.

Pinasco PX 260cc

seems to be the prototype from last year

Pinasco Smallframe

PinascoSmallframe-Twin rotary intake

Pinasco 100cc for Vespa Smallframe PK v50

Pinasco Vespa Smallframe Racing Shot clutch 


Pinasco Ciao

New Parmakit cylinder prototype for Smallframe

Parmakit teases everyone Smallframe Driver with a promising cylinder. The GT PROTO 23 comes with a 60 mm bore and 53 mm displacement to 150 cc. And the channel areas are larger than some boreholes.

VAT/Fiscal Code

CIF is the abbreviation for Costruzioni Ingranaggi Ferrigno. Here you can find everything from shock absorbers, engine and transmission parts, sheet metal parts, lettering, electrical components right down to the smallest screw. The program was further expanded and refined and we were pleased to visit the traditional Milanese company.


Another traditional company that offers excellent quality tuning parts for all scooters and mopeds. From the classic to the modern Vespa and here again the ever-popular Ciao theme.



Primavera Modern

Primavera Modern

Polini Smallframe


Polini 133cc Smallframe

Polini Evolution Smallframe

PX 200

PX200 – Polini cylinder kit alloy nicasil 

PX200 cast iron cylinder kit fitted

CIAO Polini

Ciao evolution


Polini ignition system ciao

Polini ciao – engine transmission parts

Polini Ciao – engine transmission parts

Polini Ciao Engine


In terms of cult factor, Ciao has been catching up a lot in recent years. And many of the big tuning companies are also joining in on the fun.

CIAO Malossi


Complete overrange gear set 


Lambretta Elettra

Very futuristic design that will definitely bring tears to some people's eyes.

Lambretta 2024

Here our friends from Casa performance contributed and gave the new Lambretta a befitting @bgm chassis.


Here the focus is on standard and simple sports shock absorbers. Nice to see two Lambretta parts.


Uma Racing

Yamaha racers

Italjet 300

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Lambretta Club Modena – “Lambretta & Extra Oil – Capitolo VIII”

On Saturday September 30th the Lambretta Club Modena at its annual event –Lambretta & Extra Oil - Chapter VIII recorded a record number of visitors: over 170 scooters!!

Luca had us during his visit Scooter Center We were told about this great event on the way to Lincoln, so we were immediately encouraged to take part.

We would like to thank Luca for the photos and wish you many more successful events in the future.

You can find more information here:  Facebook Lambretta Club Modena

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Vespa Club Lörrach Black Forest II

We congratulate that Vespa Club Loerrach Happy 70th anniversary! A club full of Vespa history and stories that has helped shape the German Vespa scene.

The club celebrated the festivities - how could it be otherwise - with an outing. On October 7th we drove over 1946 km through the beautiful and breathtaking Black Forest with tubular handlebar / Faro Basso models built between 1958 and 300

You can find more information here: Website VC Lörrach

We look forward to the next 7 decades!


Real Deals October 2023

REAL DEALS October is our monthly selection! In this edition the grows bgm tire family further, we are expanding our portfolio for 4t and 2t scooters, we are presenting new indispensable ones Tools for Lambrettas and Vespas and the distinctive saddle bag for Ciao in new colors.

The bgm PRO tire family now launches the 300-10 for tubeless tires.

Easy to use, practical and the perfect size to carry in the glove compartment.

Real Deals Lambretta & Ciao

Finally a spring compressor that is completely easy to use on its own.
Simply protect the area of ​​the fork where the compressor is to be mounted from damage with rubber or adhesive tape, position the compressor and compress the fork spring using the nut (SW 17).

Beautiful saddle bag from Moto Nostra - available in many colors!


With both feet on the ground! With our MIZU rear lowering you can get your scooter to a seat height that is optimal for you. This means more driving fun and more safety for you - because driving is only really fun when you have the right stance!

GT, GTS, GTV 125-300cc
Primavera, Sprint 125-150cc

101 Octane spare parts are a very good and, above all, inexpensive alternative to the more expensive original parts. The large selection Scooterteile offers spare parts and accessories for many modern automatic scooter, in particular these are vehicles with 139QMB, 139QMA, GY6, 1E40QMB or 1PE40QMB, Piaggio or Minarelli engines.

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Vespa Club Wiehengebirge 5th anniversary

The Vespa Club Wiehengebirge celebrated its 5th anniversary and Marco Niehoff shared these great photos with us, which testify to the perfect organization of the event in Bissendorf,

“On July 08.07.2023th, 5, the Vespa Club Wiehengebirge eV celebrated its 100th anniversary with joyful company. Friends and keen Vespa enthusiasts from various clubs were warmly invited to this special occasion. The invitation was well received and more than 70 guests flocked to the event, over XNUMX of whom proudly arrived on their own Vespas.

For the first 50 scooters that arrived that day, there was an exclusive bag filled with attractive “Giveaways“. In order to have enough space for the event, we rented the DRK clubhouse in Bissendorf-Jeggen, which offered us generous space. An entertaining obstacle course for the fun games was set up in the parking lot. Here visitors were able to put their driving skills to the test and take advantage of the chance to win great prizes from our generous sponsors - including a high-quality Vespa helmet from the respected Schriewer company.


The obstacle course was given an additional pinch of excitement by a fully functional, old speed camera. After the visitors had completed the course, the speed camera offered the opportunity to take a souvenir photo if they exceeded a certain speed limit. For those who wanted even more snapshots of themselves and their Vespas, another flash unit was available that flashed along a marked route.

Another highlight was the Custom Show, in which each scooter was evaluated for its individual beauty and uniqueness. A homemade cell phone holder received the coveted trophy as an award at this show.


Of course, the physical well-being was also well taken care of. From bratwurst and delicious salads to tempting cakes and fragrant coffee – no one had to stay hungry. Given the scorching 35 degrees on this sunny day, our chilled soft drinks were particularly popular.

To live up to the spirit of Vespa, a refreshing 50 kilometer ride was organized at lunchtime. In case of emergency, a breakdown vehicle was available on the festival grounds, which fortunately was not needed.

After the exit, the winners were ceremoniously honored with generous prizes Prizes from our supporting sponsors. At this point we would like to thank all of our sponsors from the bottom of our hearts. You helped make this day an unforgettable event. Dallmann, Salon Dostal, The Village Shop, VGH, Small & Fine, Schriewer, Louis, SIP, Atelier Hartmann, Scooter Center.

A special thank you also goes to our valued visitors, the hard-working helpers, the speed camera collectors and the committed members of the DRK association. Without your support, this day would not have been able to shine in its full glory.

So this wonderful day, filled with lively petrol conversations and exciting activities, unfortunately came to an end far too quickly. Many thanks again to everyone who helped make this day an unforgettable experience.”

Facebook Vespa Club Wiehengebirge eV

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Vesparaba Vespa Club Vitoria

The Vesparaba 2023 of the Vespa Club Vitoria took place on October 7th with great success. Fito shared with us this great experience on the beautiful streets of Vitoria-Gasteiz.

This year's Vesparaba 07.10.2023 outing took place in Vitoria-Gasteiz on Saturday October 2023th, XNUMX.

Held by the organizer Vespa Club Vitoria with the kind support of the municipality of Vitoria-Gasteiz, Alava province. As well as that Vespa Club Spain.

After meeting at the “Plaza de la Provincia” and having breakfast, we set off with just over 100 Vespas and Lambrettas.

The approximately 100km trip during which we felt like we crossed several weather zones, fog, rain and bright sunshine, in and around the area around Vitoria-Gasteiz was very beautiful.

After the exit, we had the opportunity to enjoy a delicious three-course menu in the Zapirón restaurant as well as the draw and distribution of trophies (most beautiful Lambretta and Vespa in original condition, furthest journey, etc.) as well as the merchandising items that we received from, among other things Scooter Center have received to distribute,

At this point we would like to thank you on behalf of the club Scooter Center thank you.

We are really looking forward to more beautiful trips

Many greetings and always have a good trip

Photos Vesparaba Vespa Club Vitoria

Photobox Open Day SC September 2023

At Open Day SC we had a photo box and photos were taken of 44 scooters, here are the stories of some and their most representative photos.
You can download the remaining photos using the following button.

Vespas on Open Day

Vespa GTS Super 

Vespa Sprint 

Vespa Special 

Vespa 98

Vespa PX 80 Lusso with 177cc engine

This year I have owned the Vespa for 10 years. The 80 engine was swapped for a 125 block and with a Polini 177cc cylinder, Malossi membrane, Mazzucchelli racing shaft and a 30 Dellorto carburettor refined. The results of the tuning are constant 18 PS.
After a crash with the PX, I also started modifying the optics. This gave the Vespa a PX Alt look, hump seat, drop handlebars, disc brake, short-stroke throttle grip and a new paint job.
I'm exactly right with the renovation Scooter Center Open Day finished and had a nice trip from Koblenz.

Max Stürd

Vespa Sprint 150 veloce

German extradition
Built in 1977, owned by me since 1987.
Engine PX200 old
With Malossi Sport
Long stroke shaft Pinasco
BGM shock absorbers
no O-varnish :-)
Airbrushed by Ulrich Lau in 1990
There she looked like this:

Picture from the Scooter Run in Aachen 1992
Behind it is my DL200 violator

Paintwork in 2000 then renewed in Eridess blue silver. Leg shield airbrush came new. The other images remained. Now everything has been overhauled as a daily driver.
Greetings from Neuwied

Peter Werhand

Px 80 old built in 1982 

Original blue paint with a rust look
On the front of the Cascade stickerbomb
Px 80 housing spindle
Cylinder 177cc Stelvio, transfer adapter adapted to the housing.
57 crankshaft from the Px 125
24 Si carburettor, float chamber drilled
138 HD
160 air correction
Nd 52/140
Vesptec filter cover
Polini Venturi
Fast flow fuel tap
Ignition at 18 degrees
Polini Big Box
Runs great, unfortunately no test bench measurement yet

Udo Langanke

Vespa T4

I bought the T4 in the color “Indian Bamboo” in 2016 as the second scooter after I re-entered the scooter scene. Before that I got a PX like the one I had in the 2s and the access to the scene made me want older scooters. After the T80 I have two more Smallframe (round light) and an Acma and a VB1T. So you won't get bored...

The T4 was available in luxury and basic, I have the basic version with 3 speeds, but the chrome trim on the cheeks that the luxury model actually had.

Inexperienced as I was, I bought the T4 “restored”. This means that after the purchase we had to completely rebuild both the engine and the bearing seats in the steering head. But the original engine remained in it. I drove it from 2017-2022, with a 177 DR (on 2 channels). It had almost 10 hp and ran without any problems. I always took the T4 with me on vacation together with the PX, so it has already covered many km for me.

Last winter the engine was from Andreas Nagy Has been reworked, has had a 3rd channel milled and a 190 Pinasco Magny Cours on long stroke. I put it to the test for the first time at your Open Day. I'm not completely satisfied with the performance yet, it's only 13 HP, but at 16,6 NM. I hope a little more can be done to improve the carburettor tuning.

Andreas Frie

Motovespa 150 sprint

GM MV 150 Little paint, lots of sheet metal😂
I don't think there's much exciting stuff to report about the scooter, other than weeks of paint stripping in the evening.

Christian Kuhnt

Technically I have completely overhauled the scooter. In addition to all the standards and conversion to 12V, the scooter was mainly built with BGM components. Hence that too BGM under the lettering on the leg shield ;) The engine was classic BGM-Stuff built. 187 cylinder, long stroke shaft, 26 Si carburettor, Superstrong, 65/23 gear ratio and box exhaust. Chassis too BGM. Drives very nicely.

Since then, the scooter has accompanied me very reliably in everyday life, as well as on some tours with my boys from Flatliners SC

Stefan Eichhorn

Bajaj Chetak

It's a Bajaj Chetak from '84. So the beautiful one with trapezoidal handlebars and actually quite rare in this condition (even if she is usually rated as "just an Indian").
I got the scooter a few years ago from a nice gentleman in Cologne. The Bajaj was imported via Hamburg in '84 and was driven by the gentleman as its first owner for several years.

I deliberately didn't "dress up" the scooter into a Vespa Sprint, but left it as a Bajaj. Only a few things had to be adjusted for visual reasons.

Acma v56 

Year 57 

It was brought from France 2 years ago and then completely taken apart. Everything was cleaned and the paint was kneaded, cleaned, sanded, polished and sealed.
A year ago the revision came from Enderle solution.

Sebastian May Bauer

Italy, Dolce Vita and Vespa touring and cornering paradise

My Tuscany Vespa tour was planned. Before that there was a visit to Scooter Center on the plan.

I got a few spare parts and stored them in the one I newly designed Vespa Bags

and was able to set off towards home with my Vespa VNB, built in 1961, without any worries.

In beautiful weather, I drove past many towns on my Vespa and felt happy and free.
When I arrived at the top of the Gotthard Pass, I was already a third of the way through my journey.
Italy wasn't far away. The smell of freshly baked cornetti and freshly brewed coffee lured me into an espresso bar. This scent cannot be described in words.

As a child I would probably have said "that's what happiness must smell like".
Of course a second Cornetto found mine Vespa Bag Place.

I drove on towards the sun through the idyllic hills, the pine and cypress-lined country roads of my Tuscany, past magnificent villas and old castles.
In front of me was a beautiful landscape characterized by olive trees and vineyards from which top wines such as olive oil are made.

The leaning tower of Pisa was already visible and the silhouettes of other famous cities such as Florence and Siena slowly appeared one after the other.

Now I had arrived at my destination. I strapped mine Vespa Bag from the leg shield of my beloved classic car and took it with me.

Mauro Mulas

- Vespabags M&R


Bought a year ago in Augsburg, it had been deregistered and stood in a barn for 22 years.
Purchase price 2022 (€250)
You only get lucky like that once and my lucky find was an original P200E outer jaw 200cc in O-lacquer

Everything was redone over the winter, the paint was sanded, polished and sealed several times to preserve everything. Completely turned inside out and every screw replaced.
Accordingly, the engine was optimized and more power was added.


PX drop bar

VM1T 125

I bought the Faro Basso (VM1T) from 1953 in May '22 and completely restored it. Unfortunately, the floor panel had to be re-welded in because the previous owner did not repair it professionally. The Vespa was painted in the original color Grigio 15048. Side jaws and headlights are made of aluminum. They provide a little more steam Pinasco 160cc cylinder, a Pinasco racing shaft, a 12V Pinasco Flytech ignition, a modified primary gear ratio and a CP23 Polini carburettor. It is coupled with a Cosa2 clutch. It ensures beautiful driving bgm PRO SC/R1 Sport shock absorber. The original Italian letter (blue booklet) from 1953 from the first owner is still there.

Felix Weishaupt

Vespa GT

Hot-dip galvanized T5 

Philipp Blumenberg

Motovespa Sprint Veloce

160cc from 1966

Pascal Bauer

Lambretta's - September Open Day 23

Spanish Lambretta Series 2

I've had the scooter for about 12 years now and have just overhauled it again with a new motor setup.

A Granturismo 250ccm with Nordspeed exhaust is installed 35 Mikuni. 

Disc brake Dirty Sanches, BGM shock absorbers front and rear 

Christian Mikl

Lambretta Series 2 Li 150

Lambretta Series 2 Li 150

Marcus Bullock

NSU Prima D


The NSU Prima D was produced as a successor to the Lambretta after the licenses had expired. This scooter has been in the family since 1957 and was purchased from Zweirad Lindlau in Cologne. Starting in 2014, it was gradually restored and has run a good 4000 km since then. It's just fun 🤩 to drive along the country roads with such an old treasure and listen to the two-stroke engine at work.


Stefan Gerdes

Piaggio Ciao, Bravo...

Ciao children's chocolate

Daniel Tennior

Ciao M&Ms

Carsten Weverinck

Piaggio Super Bravo

It's still a moped with the original engine.
All that was made was a larger carburettor, air filter and sports exhaust. This is how she achieves pride 40 kmh. And something completely restored. Wants to keep the original look.
Lamp grilles front and rear.
Then she has a self-made luggage rack with a cartridge case on the sides.

Julian Herzog

Piaggio Hi P

Motor housing MALOSSI MP One
Crankshaft MALOSSI
Ignition MALOSSI Power
carburettor 21er phbg
Air Filter Funnel MC PROPARTS
Exhaust Yasuni

Power Type
Transmission Mono 10,73:1 Milled
Converter MC PROPARTS Minarelli converter
Primary shaft MCPROPARTS
POLINI Speedcontrol variator
Clutch bell DOPPLER
Coupling Doppler
CNC machined McProparts pull starter kit

Frame Piaggio Ciao P
Painting 3 coats of Nissan paint
Frame reinforced and reworked to fit 110 converter
Saddle Alcantara leather
Rims 5 star 17 inches
all screws made of burnt titanium
Running board 3D print

There are a lot more things from McProparts installed and a number of details I think that would go beyond the scope. But everything together was created through the collaboration with Marcello Curro (McProparts) & Alexander Klassen (AK Costom-Moped-Garage)

Rene Klein

Michael Schmelzer

Actually it was supposed to be an old school project with a double carburettor (stuff still available, will come again when, because stuff from the 80s and 90s too) but then I came across a bundle with the Polini H2O and decided on it first, which is what I wanted back then already have.
In terms of spare parts, it looks pretty bad for such old stuff, for example cylinder head gasket, where I met an Italian through a Facebook group who makes his own gaskets specifically for this and still has a lot of nice things from that time.
Hoses and other little things in blue, should mentally go to Polini ☺️
The rims are also completely rebuilt, even wider with an Ost moped rim, as the hub diameter is the same as the Piaggio spoke rims.
The saddle was made by the local saddler, the gold from the Piaggio lettering is the same as the gold from the rim hubs.
It's not all old school, but I prefer the tires and brake levers and controls to be more modern.

Michael Schmelzer


Ciao BJ. 71

It's a Ciao that I built from scratch. I bought it as a garage find, it was offered to me by a neighbor who couldn't do anything with it. I then took on the Ciao and rebuilt it within 6 months. Documentation available, most of the parts from the SC where I have been a customer for over 25 years. Best regards 

Frank Zons


It's a Ciao that I built from scratch. I bought it as a garage find, it was offered to me by a neighbor who couldn't do anything with it. I then took on the Ciao and rebuilt it within 6 months. Documentation available, most of the parts from the SC where I have been a customer for over 25 years. Best regards 

Jack Pl

Knatterkopp Ciao P


Ciao G powder


Simson scooter SR50

Here's the little story
I used to drive a Zündapp Hercules and a Victoria when I was younger and always had fun tinkering
The screw shop then moved into the automotive industry
In his 21st year, my good friend had an SR50 Simson that was not in good condition and he wanted to build it, but he then bought another SR50 in better condition...and I took over the other SR50
That's what happened in the evening conversation (typical buddy; come on, let's rebuild both SR50s 😝.
Said and done …
The scooters were completely dismantled,
All parts sandblasted,
And all parts that were still usable were repainted/powdered
Then it was time to rebuild all the screws, rubber wear parts, wiring harness lights and were replaced... The engine was completely disassembled and overhauled with new and old parts
On September 09.2023, 50, an SRXNUMX was ready except for stickers and running in the new parts
I then traveled to your lovely meeting with 4 other people from Limburg Weilburg with 3 mopeds to be seen again
It was originally built except for the indicators, paint and the engine was converted to 60cc
Greetings 👋

Benjamin Gross

Knatterkopp Tiki

Simon's Star

Automatic photo box

Automatic Runner 

Anel Kustura

Lovingly constructed Big Bore Malossi Zip Sp in Metrakit design.
Zip Sp conversion
Malossi MHR BIG Bore 86ccm
Malossi spacers
Malossi 360° intake manifold
Malossi inner rotor ignition
Malossi air filter
Malossi crankshaft
Malossi variator
Malossi clutch
Malossi Kevlar V-belt
Malossi converter
Malossi shock absorber
Stage 6 28mm carburettor
Stage 6 multimeter
Stage 6 short-stroke throttle grip
Ktm 250cc twin radiator
Electronic water pump
Polini Torsen additional swing arm
Yasuni exhaust

Anel Kustura

Runner 125

Complete engine rebuild
Vehicle paintwork is original from 1998
The runner was put to the test on open day 24.08 PS to coordinated

Dennis Munster

mtc tuning

mtc tuning has been working on engines and cylinder machining for almost 20 years. 

The scooter is currently in the racing series European Scooter Trophy used. Otherwise it currently has around 40 hp and we are constantly trying to find things to make it faster. :-)

Royal Alloy


Robert Essen

Vespa crazy riders – a Real Scooterist from Italy

We have had the opportunity to meet Mateo, an Italian #realscooterist who vibrates with the sound of the Vespa. With his YouTube channel Vespa crazy riders, with almost 6 thousand subscribers, he shares his adventures, both on the roads and with his Vespa, with hundreds of tips that help us fulfill the dream we all share, traveling with us Scooters!

Below we asked him a couple of questions so that you can also get to know him a little better.

How did you catch the Vespa fever?

My first Vespa was a PK 50 FL2 at 15 years old, given to me from an old uncle, she has a 75cc and I ride her carelessly for a lot, but after a crash I let her stopped in the garage. After some years, of renting a modern scooter during holidays, I find myself trying to brake with foot (that scooter didn't have a brake pedal) and a spark rebegin to fire in me… VESPA! I WANT a VESPA!
And so, after discovering that Piaggio was still producing the PX, I've decided to buy a new one to write our History from Zero together, “Vanda” my PX 125 E3.
Immediately I felt Vespa was the perfect solution to satisfy my desire to travel and explore the world. 


Norkapp winter

This brought me in 2018, together with my friend Mattia Stabio and his Vespa PX (twin of mine with sequential number plate), to be the first classic VESPAs in history to reach Nordkapp in Winter, after a so amazing and so hard road trip with 120km/h snowstorm, thousands of km on an ice pack and 30°C below zero.

Now the Vespa FL2 is under restoration and with bgm special parts I think it will become a cool monster on the road!

I have a friend from Vespa Clubs from all over the World and now I'm a member of Vespa Club Airola of my friend Salvatore.

Why Vespa crazy riders?

I decided to create the YT Channel because I've learned a lot of what I know about Vespa from other scooterists, so I think that sharing information, advices, and tips is essential in a passion and I want to do my part. With the power of internet, we can reach a lot of enthusiasts like us all over the world!

I'm not a mechanic, but I'm a Vespa traveler, and I think that a Vespa traveler should know enough about Vespa to prepare it for the ride, for eventually fix it during trips, and to maintain his Vespas after several KMs done . This for improve the safety and the pleasure of his ride.
And that's what I do on mine YT Channel and social media 

@vespacrazyriders on Instagram, Facebook et TikTok.

In my contents you can find tips about maintenance, tuning, and equipment you need for a better and safer ride, and obviously all my travels to discover beautiful places and amazing roads!

What's your next destination?

My future projects are to continue Exploring the world, by going to other continents, while also creating a solid community of friends addicted to Crazy Riders, from web to the reality during events and meetings.
My passion and my excitement for this is to continue to improve “vanda” tune equipment and with Scooter Center et bgm parts, I've found for years a step forward in quality and realiability.

So, the last modification will always be the next one!

Matteo Paone

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Veybach Racing and Ciao Custompaint

Veybach is already a friend of the house, but they have a long history behind them: “For over 25 years, we have been passionately tinkering and tuning classic Piaggio mopeds”

Therefore, this custom paint Ciao, presented as a premiere at the #opendaysc, was not his first tuning.

We saw his work in action first hand Nörvenich moped race witnessed Frank, Roland and Maryza taking their Ciaos on a tour of the event. and with the adrenaline of seeing all these little ones doing their best, we didn't hesitate for a second when Veybach Racing Team needed spare parts to continue the race and we sacrificed the Ciao from Roland.

That's why we wanted to take a closer look at one of their new designs: the Custompaint Ciao. This is what Dirk tells us:

Moped race Nörvenich by Scooter Center and Veybach racing. #mopedtuning

“What started out as an idea turned out to be our most complex paint project to date. 

Only through the support of the entire team, my business partners:

Powder Design Gibesch 
HaPe bikes 
Scooter Center 
and my friend Rolf Bubmann
The project was finally able to get to the @scootercenter on time Open Day on March 23.09.23, XNUMX to get presented! 💪