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Cool Things August!

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Mofafest 2022 - moped in all its glory

My adventures are not only related to the Vespas, but this time to their little sister: the mopeds.In a spontaneous plan, I accompanied some members of the technical team of Scooter Center: Marc, Frank and Roland are testing their Ciaos at the Mofa Fest 2022 by Iron Mofa.Platonika would stay parked because I had to be in a real ...

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Munich and its Vespa Clubs

During my visit to Robin Davy I took the time to get to know the city of Munich better, but it's not a complete trip without a Vespa ride!
So the good Mitschl Kelle lent me his Vespa T5 and organized a wonderful trip with Vespa Clubs from Munich, who were in front of the impressive ...


Cool Things July!

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Pyhrn-Priel Vesparallye 2022

The Vespa Club Eferding and the Vespa Bande Alkoven organized the Vesparally for scooters through the beautiful region of Upper, Lower Austria and Styria. www.ppvr.at

On both days of the rally, they started at intervals according to a self-created road book with a wide variety of stations to be mastered (skill driving, treasures, screws, etc.).
Gymkhana was particularly popular in the early days of motorsport, and was probably...

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The Lambretta Club Sardinia organized the 28th edition of the national meeting in eastern Sardinia, precisely in Ogliastra, a destination that all scooter riders, around 600 participants, enjoyed during these three days in May in the company of a crystal clear sea and great mountains.Mateo has us a few impressions of this great event in one of the most beautiful landscapes in Italy! ...

The (R)ollersack *original* now also in our store Scooter Center

We have the (R)ollersack *original* by Sabine brand new in our range. Sabine is a scooter rider herself and during her travels and meetings she discovered a need for specific travel bags for geared scooters. Now that she couldn't find an offer that satisfied her, she herself and with her sewing skills, developed a bag that caters to the needs of...


Visit from Argentina

An old friend of Scooter Center was here. Sebastian Alvarez from Argentina, he came especially for EuroLambretta 2022 in Belgium and Euro Vespa Days in Portugal and now that he was around he decided to stock up on spare parts for his shops, learn more about the facilities at the Scooter Centerto find out...


Scooter Center as a guest at Turismo en Vespa

Turismo en Vespa is a social media network for all Vespa, Lambretta, scooter riders and other nice people! We were allowed to be a part of the last show and had the opportunity to report firsthand what it's like to work in a scooter shop. So we could give the customers a face behind the ...

Two Strokes Loft and the #solibanner_vcou

The sense of community is a wonderful thing in the Vespa scene and when Alex told me he was going to visit Bengt and Mark on his way on holiday I couldn't pass up the opportunity to meet two passionate people who love so much have done to strengthen this feeling, especially in critical times like...

Cool Things April!

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Vespa Scene Colombia – Vespista

Every trip is a potential "Vespa trip" and that can certainly not be any different in my home country.
After three and a half years I met again with my dear Vespa friends, the Vespa Club Bogotá and my Vespas.
And just like in Germany, it's nice to see scooters on every corner.

Vespa friends
But I had to fill my short time between my...

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Installation instructions brake caliper mount bgm PRO Vespa CNC Touring, 4-piston, radial for type Piaggio/Grimeca or LML

Video Tutorial
Many bgm innovations were part of our Platónika project, in this video you can see the disc brake and the brake caliper mount in the bgm tutorial.



Our professional brake caliper mount from bgm PRO Made in Italy enables the radially mounted BGM PRO 4-piston brake caliper to be fitted, which, with fine dosing, enables braking values ​​at motorcycle level.

The brake caliper mount is for Vespa ...