dropable vespa

The customization of scooters has taken over the scene, and if you are looking for the ultimate custom touch for your Vespa Sprint or Primavera, you will find it with the drop bar handlebars from MOTO NOSTRA. 

With a 15° inclination, our current dropbar handlebar lies exactly between sport and touring.
All original add-on parts fit in or on the included handlebar covers.
The handlebar end weights are also installed in the same way as the original.
This means that the popular handlebar end mirrors can also be installed without any problems.

An upgrade in style:

The true charm of the dropbar handlebars unfolds on the road. The new handlebar shape not only gives an impressive appearance, but also improves the riding position and handling. Every curve becomes a sensual experience and the ride becomes an expression of personal style.

What about the GTS series?

The MOTO NOSTRA dropbar handlebar is not only a stylish option for the Vespa Sprint, but also opens the door for future GTS custom projects.

This idea has been floating around in our heads since we introduced our Vespa GTS demonstrator five years ago.

We are now taking on the challenge of developing a drop bar handlebar that meets the legal standards for public road traffic.

Dropbar GTS tool pattern
GTS demonstrator SC

We already have a first sample and the next step is to develop a second sample or prototype in order to incorporate the final ideas and improvements into the series.

Wouldn't a dropbar handlebar be the missing piece of the puzzle to give your GTS an individual touch?

We are looking forward to your thoughts and opinions on the MOTO NOSTRA drop bar for the Vespa GTS!

With the idea of VWD 23 Visiting Switzerland had been on our minds for a long time, but only decided the day before, and Platónika and I set off from Cologne to Interlaken to finally do what Platónika was created for: Attending events and telling stories.

Day 1 on the way to the Vespa World Days 2023

Being a scooter with absolutely everything "new" (2021), it did not require major maintenance, nevertheless it is not superfluous, at least one spare, Olive oil, Train set Universal and spark plug to have.

After work at 18:30 I set off and after five and a half hours of motorway driving and 442km I arrived in Freiburg to meet Vespistas who were on the road.

And one of the problems with going out at night is the lack of light, but the LED headlights make a big difference.

Day 2 Interlaken country road

Already again with the Warrior Scooter Club united, we decided to drive the remaining 180 km through the beautiful countryside to Interlaken.

SC at the Vespa World Days 2023 Interlaken

VWD 2023

Vespa Museum

Here the crown jewels stood as one Vespa 98 (1946) and a 125 (1947) and the "Speedy service“, who looks at me Scooter Center remembered. 😉

The Vespa Gymkhana is a skill test consisting of a course with various obstacles that have to be overcome in the shortest possible time and was my personal highlight. what fun! but the friendliness and commitment of the volunteers dated Vespa Club Italy are second to none!

Real Scooterist!

Each club has its own history and I had the opportunity to know first hand clubs I never thought I would know: Vespa Club Hong Kong, Russia, Thailand and many others where I also found the honor, my beloved Vespa Club Colombia to represent!

The escadrille des cigognes

VESPIPAS da Capital do Vinho-Cartaxo

Vespa Club Albania


VC Colombia and Vespa Club Borinage

Vespa clubs

Vespa World Club – General Secretary

Board of Vespa Club Switzerland

Vespa Club Albania

Indonesia team

Vespa Club Zurich

Vespa Club Zurich

Vespa Club Palermo

Vespa Club Ticino

Vespa Club Italy

Vespa Club Ostend, Belgium

Austria Gleisdorf


Vespa Fan Club

Vespa Club Bern

Vespa Club Napoli

Vespa Club Loerrach

Vespa Club La Cote

Escadrille des cigognes

Vespa Club L'Aquila

SC was there!

We couldn't go empty-handed in the hunt for souvenirs, so we renewed the passion of some who have followed us closely over these 30 years and gained new enthusiasts!


Meeting friends, making new friends, representing Colombia at the presidential meeting for the first time, expanding my collection of treasures and, above all, strengthening the relationship of trust with Platónika are just a few of the many experiences that I remember.

but the return trip will be less and less fun. Almost 9 hours on the Autobahn home. Even though I have the best speed I've ever had! (I drive almost 120 km/h continuously) 🤩

Thank you everyone for this great experience!

Maryza & Platonica!

Munich Vespa Club


During my visit to Robin Davy I took the time to get to know the city of Munich better, but it's not a complete trip without a Vespa ride!
So the good Mitschl Kelle lent me his Vespa T5 and organized a wonderful trip with Vespa Clubs from Munich, who met in front of the impressive architecture of the Königsplatz.

I ran lucky enough to have members from three of the most representative clubs in Munich and more broadly Germany participating in the round:

With a long tradition since the 50s and resumed in 2013, the Vespa Club Munich deals exclusively with Vespas that correspond to the classic origin of the first hour. 

The Vespa Cowboys Germany was founded in 2013 and already had 2018 connected countries in 14 with a great sense of community. Even Colombia, my home country, has its chapter Vespa Cowboys Colombia.

And with the performance of historical Vespa acrobatics: the Vespa classic car friends Munich which both Robin Davy and Kelle belong to and whose show I was lucky enough to see at the Vespa World Days in Celle 2017.

And in case you're wondering what it's like to ride with the members of the Vespa Oldtimerfreunde München who are part of the acrobatics team...

Standing man on a red Vespa

As always, it's a dream to share my hobby with such nice people and see their wonderful scooters, plus I'm very honored because it's not very common for clubs to organize rides together.

Thanks guys and see you next time!!!


Rovin Davy's Vespa collection

I had the opportunity to meet one of the biggest Vespa collectors in Germany and maybe even in the world!
And he's on the today Scooter Center Couch, in this exclusive video, like no other, he tells us the details of his collection, the amazing stories behind each find. 
As a Vespa fan, I'm totally fascinated, not just by the Vespas, but by all collectibles related to the Vespa community.
Here's a video you shouldn't miss!


The collection is full of treasures because, as he says, the value of his collection is not in the quantity but in the incredible quality of these unique pieces. It's nice that both are more than adequately represented in Robin's collection. 

Today Robin opened the doors of his museum and home to us and we from Scooter Center are infinitely grateful for wonderful joint projects.

Swing arm bearing axle brake pad bolt Vespa Largefram Wideframe BGM4311 BGM4310

HQ suspension components made in Germany by BGM PRO for Vespa Wideframe / Largeframe

Piaggio is known to many 'only' as the world's largest scooter manufacturer. The Vespa, as Piaggio's most outstanding brand, had a lasting impact on the image of the Pontedera-based company. Originally, however, Piaggio also manufactured railway wagons, ships and very successful aircraft engines (around 1940, double star 18-cylinder P.XV with multi-stage turbocharging, 1500hp takeoff power) as well as very innovative aircraft (1938, P.111 with pressurized cabin for a service ceiling of 12000m !) produced. The Piaggio Aerospace Group continues to build innovative aircraft such as the P180 Avanti on the beautiful Italian Riviera. The fastest twin turbo prop machine in the world with a cruising speed of 600km/h.


What does all this have to do with chassis parts for old Vespa scooters? Piaggio has always been high tech. You often hear disrespectful things like, 'the Italians just took what was lying in the corner'. Piaggio's greatest achievement, however, is the one that is almost completely unnoticed: the highest possible technical simplification with maximum efficiency, stability and the best economy. One of Piaggio's secrets, why the group is so successful to this day. Many things about Vespa scooters are brilliant technical solutions precisely because they are so simple. However, the structural performance behind it is usually significantly higher than with a more complex solution. The one-sided front wheel suspension, as used in a simple form on the Piaggio P148/149 training aircraft, is a good example of this.


The one-sided wheel suspension enables quick wheel removal, has fewer parts than a two-sided wheel control and is also designed to be so stable that even generations later can continue to use the material and also often put much more stress on it than originally intended. Who would have thought during the construction of the front swing arm in Piaggio's engineering office that 60 years later(!) people would still be driving around twice as fast with this material and sometimes with 5-6 times the engine power? It's hard to imagine that someone will be driving around with today's Vespa GTS300 in 60 years with 100 hp and 240 km/h, isn't it? The fact that all of this works wonderfully is thanks to the technical foresight of the Piaggio designers, who still worked with the product quality standards of the time and multiple guarantees with regard to the component dimensions. So the old original Piaggio parts are still a 'bench' in terms of dimensional accuracy and resilience (a fact that unfortunately can no longer be fully applied to today's original parts).


But what to do if the original part is damaged, worn out or even missing? Clear case, a new part is needed. However, many parts for early Vespa models are no longer available from Piaggio. Fortunately, the Vespa fever is a worldwide phenomenon and therefore the sources for spare parts are limitless in the best sense of the word. A fact that also raises problems at the same time... True to the motto 'many cooks spoil the broth', the qualitative selection of a product is also blessed with many pitfalls. Regardless of whether a repro component comes from Italy, the Far East or Germany, the quality has to be right.
However, some parts are often only available from a single source and then it's 'take it or leave it'? Shouldn't you offer a product at all because it doesn't quite match the quality of the original? Or do you sell it and point it out, at the risk that the pointer will not be noticed and a bad product review will follow?
A situation that is unsatisfactory for all parties. This also applies to the highly stressed components on the old Vespa steering tubes and swing arm.


Our solution: We analyse, measure and draw new components exactly according to the original Piaggio model and have them precisely manufactured in Germany by a specialized company. In doing so, we go one step further than Piaggio did back then. Not only do we use higher quality material, we also have it heat treated...

Swing arm bearing axle brake pad bolt Vespa Largefram Wideframe BGM4311 BGM4310

SWINGARM PIVOT (BGM4310 for Vespa Wideframe/Largeframe 1953-1962)

Suitable for Vespa Wideframe VM, VN, VL, VB, GS 150 (VS1-5T), Largeframe VNA, VNB1-4, VNB5T (-026920), VBA, VBB1T, VBB2T (-212455), Vespa GL (VLA1T, -067468)

A difficult word to read and yet so important. This component connects the steel steering tube (also known as the head tube or fork) with the aluminum swing arm. The latter guides the wheel and also connects the damping/suspension to the steering tube. Any wheel force, any steering movement, any up and down movement of the wheel is transmitted via this axle.
In order to not only do justice to all of this, but also to take care of today's demands, we have the BGM PRO swing arm bearing axles made of high-strength premium steel (1.4112 alternative designation X90CrMoV18). We attach great importance to precise compliance with dimensional accuracy. The axes are precision turned to a surface finish of 0.2-0.4RA:

The material quality, surface and corrosion resistance would already make the axle stand out from any mass-produced product and even from an original Piaggio part.
However, we also have the axles plasma-nitrided. This gives the axles a harder surface and the bearing points will certainly not run in over the life of the scooter. The nitration also gives them their characteristic matt coloring (however, this can also be polished away). In summary, the BGM PRO swing arm bearing axles are without exaggeration the best on the market and, with their high quality, offer great security, especially for performance-enhanced vehicles.
The dynamic loads on a vehicle often do not increase linearly with speed, but often even quadratically. If you drive a vehicle twice as fast as originally intended by the manufacturer, you can generate loads that are four times as high. Another reason to be on the safe side with the BGM PRO swingarm bearing axle.

BRAKE PAD BOLT (BGM4311 for Vespa Wideframe/Largeframe 1949-1962)

Suitable for Vespa Wideframe V1, V11-15, V30-33, VM, VN, VL, VB, GS 150 (VS1-5T), Largeframe VNA, VNB1-4, VNB5T (-026920), VBA, VBB1T, VBB2T (-212455), Vespa GL (VLA1T, -067468)

What sounds relatively harmless here is also a component that deserves closer attention. The pad bolt is much more than its name would suggest. It forms the support for the chassis spring on the swing arm. Where relatively soft springs were used at the factory, today there are taut sport springs and greatly increased speeds as well as often one or the other stunt, such as riding on the rear wheel. The often rough touchdown of the front wheel after such a wheelie makes it difficult for the brake pad bolt. It is not particularly large ex works, but it has a grease nipple. This can be used to regularly lubricate the highly stressed point between the spring retainer and the brake pad bolt. This should also be done as far as possible, but how many people with such vehicles do you know who even have a grease gun that is necessary for such purposes?
That is why the same effort was put into this as with the swingarm bearing axle; Extremely high-quality material whose surface has been further refined to be even more durable than the original component. In the case of the bolts for the later models with clamping plates (from around 1969) we have also eliminated another annoyance of many replica bolts; The lack of dimensional accuracy with regard to the length of the bolts and the inappropriate shape of the recess in the clamping plate. Many bolts are often a few tenths of a millimeter too long or short. This is solved once and for all with the BGM PRO brake pad bolt:

This is always the right length*. Actually everything is a matter of course, but in the case of cheap reproductions, they go over the edge for cost reasons. Like the swingarm bearing axle, the brake pad bolt is also finely turned from high-strength premium steel (1.4112 alternative designation X90CrMoV18) and then plasma-nitrided. With these products, we want to give a new face to the sometimes overused phrase 'Made in Germany'. That this is not possible at prices like in the Far East can certainly be understood. In return, we can offer a product that is unique and of extremely high quality, and we are sure that every customer will enjoy it as much as we do.

*NOTE: Spanish (Motovespa) and French (ACMA) vehicles have a slightly different length measurement at the pad stud. Here the fastening nut can be lined with an M8x1mm washer to guarantee a perfect frictional connection.


The swing arm pivot and brake pad bolts for the later models (Largeframe 1963-1979) will follow in the coming weeks!


BGM4310- swingarm pivot Vespa 1953-1962


BGM4311- Pad bolt Vespa 1949-1962

Vespa GTS oil pan with sight glass GTS up to 2019 socket fox


These are the Jack fox Oil pans with sight glass for the older Vespa GTS models until around 2019, recognizable by the filler neck directly on the oil pan.

For the newer GTS models we also have oil pans with sight glass: Vespa GTS 300 HPE oil pans with sight glass

Vespa GTS oil pan with sight glass GTS up to 2019 socket fox

Never run out of oil again

If you follow the forums, you have probably already noticed one or the other engine failure as a result of a lack of oil.

This practical oil pan is a must for every GTS because it has several advantages. In addition to the spectacular look, the oil pan with sight glass is above all very functional:

  • It enables the oil level to be read off quickly through the oil window
  • With the level of the oil you also have the control whether the engine is horizontal when reading the dipstick, 6mm inclination already make a big difference between MAXIMUM and MINIMAL oil level!
  • In addition to these features, which give you a significant plus in safety, the oil pan is a visual highlight and a bit more individualization on your Vespa GTS!

We get the oil pans directly from Jack foxwho only Original Piaggio oil pans used for the renovation. Quality craftsmanship made in Germany!

We can offer you the oil pans in 3 colors:

  • Silver / unpainted like original
  • Black MATT powder coated
  • GLOSSY black powder coated


Compare the oil level on the oil sight glass with the oil level on the dipstick, then you will have a feeling for it and can quickly and reliably read off whether you should refill some more oil.

Optical engine oil check through a sight glass instead of the dipstick!

This eliminates the annoying and sometimes complicated and imprecise checking of the oil level using the dipstick. A simple look at the oil sight glass before every trip and you know whether you can start or, better still, add a sip of oil.
It is also noticeable here how important it is that the Vespa is absolutely horizontal when checking the oil level – 6mm inclination make the difference between MAX and MIN.
With this oil pan you are on the safe side!
Only NEW ORIGINAL PIAGGIO oil pans are used for the production, which are laboriously reworked on the CNC milling machine for the installation of the oil sight glass.

Vespa Si carburetor air mixture adjustment screw

Vespa Conversion mixture adjusting screw bgm PRO for SI carburettors Dell'Orto & Spaco

Mixture adjusting screw bgm PRO for conversion of Dell'Orto SI carburettors with long hexagon mixture adjusting screw to short slotted screw. This bgm PRO conversion air mixture adjustment screw is used to use carburettors with long hexagon mixture adjusting screw also in older engines (with stud bolts for carburettor mounting). It replaces the too long adjustment screw on new Spaco and Dell'Orto SI carburettors and allows a trouble-free installation of the carburettor. Due to the shorter screw, the carburettor bowl can be left original! Fits all carburettors with long hexagonal mixture adjustment screw. (Used ex works in PX models from approx. 1989 and all new Dell'Orto / Spaco SI carburettors)

Vespa SI carburetor air mixture adjusting screw bgm PRO, short- SI20 SI24 Dell'Orto Spaco

Carburettor air mixture adjustment screw too long?

A carburettor is also a wearing part and sometimes it is simply not enough to clean a carburettor, you need a new one. Especially if you want a bit more power and adjust your engine setup, you usually need a new, bigger carburetor. Below you will find instructions on how to install the SI carburettor. Vespa SI carburetor

SI Carburettor for Vespa

Today all new carburettors come from SPACO, even if it says Dell'Orto on it. New SI carburettors, whether from Dell'Orto or Spaco, are always supplied with a long (brass-colored) hexagonal mixture adjustment cap. The exception is our bgm PRO Faster Flow carburettors - but more on that below.

Problem with too long air mixture adjusting screw

For carburettor sumps for engines without separate lubrication, this presents us with a bit of a problem, because:

  • the carburettors no longer fit properly in the swamp
  • if you have somehow managed to get it in, there is no longer a rubber seal on it
  • and it is difficult to get at it

With the mixture adjustment screw too long, it looks like this:

And this is how it should actually look:

bgm PRO conversion air mixture adjustment screw

Now you could get the idea and simply screw the old, short air mixture screw into the nine carburettor. Unfortunately this does not work, because the threads of the new Lusso carburettors are different. Please do not try to force it, the different thread pitch will destroy the fine thread in the new carburetor and make tuning impossible. Our conversion screw provides a remedy: With our short mixture adjustment screw for slotted screwdrivers you can solve the problem cheaply, easily and quickly.

bgm Faster Flow carburettor

Alternatively, you can use a bgm Faster Flow carb urettor directly if you are already ordering a new one anyway, here we have already provided the update. The bgm carburettors come, for the models without separate lubrication, directly with the short conversion screw. bgm Faster Flow carburetor

Carburettor installation tutorial

Vespa PX tutorial SI carburetor bgm assembly Scooter Center

Vespa GTS Euro5 exhaust

Vespa GTS Euro 5 Exhaust

The new Euro 5 standard has put the accessory manufacturers in a tight spot. From 2021, the new Vespa GTS models will only be available with Euro 5. We now show you which exhaust systems are already available for the new models. Marc from Scooteria, together with our partner in Berlin, presents the changes to the new models in this video Cafe Racer 69in this video.

New Vespa Gts 300 Presentation of models 2021 Vespa GTS Euro 5

Vespa GTS Euro 5 tuning

Even in the past, the first thing we did with our Vespa was to change the exhaust, and that's still the case today, and not without good reason! I personally believe that Piaggio has a deal with the tuning manufacturers and therefore always makes the exhaust as ugly as possible. But that's just a personal assumption ... With a new Euro5 GTS, there was no way to get a legal exhaust until now. But now something is happening: we have 3 exhaust systems on offer for you. First of all, there is one thing that applies to exhaust systems with approval: they are essentially optical and sound tuning. Of course, a major change in performance cannot be achieved with these exhaust systems. Therefore, you have the choice: just buy the exhaust that you like best - or that is currently available or fits into your budget ... To make it easier for you to choose, we have included pictures of the exhaust systems and the exhaust sound in the videos, which were made available to us by the manufacturer.

Arrow - available now

Vespa GTS Euro 5 Arrow The new Arrow GTS Euro 5 exhaust is already available. Unfortunately we don't have a soundcheck of the Arrow, but we have pictures in the shop. The Arrow systems are also among the favorites of the Cafe Racer 69 and are also one of our top sellers. All Arrow exhaust systems can be found here ARROWSHOP Sport exhaust system Arrow URBAN Alu BLACK Vespa GTS 300 HPE My. 2021 + Cat / e-approved / EURO-5 Exhaust -ARROW- Urban Dark Aluminum- Vespa GTS Super HPE 300 (Euro 5, ZAPMD3100, ZAPMD3101, ZAPMD3101) - with catalytic converterArrow article no .: AW536EXC

Arrow exhaust Euro5 Vespa GTS 300

LeoVince - already available now


Exhaust sound LeoVince Euro 5 VESPA GTS 300 / SEI GIORNI / HPE 2021 sound

Akrapovic - now available for pre-order - available from the end of August

Vespa GTS Euro 5 Akrapovic AK128679 - Exhaust -AKRAPOVIC Black Slip-On Line (SS) - Vespa GTS Super HPE 300 (Euro 5, ZAPMD3100, ZAPMD3101, ZAPMD3101) - stainless steel black

Tip: Use reminder function

The exhaust will only be available in a limited number of pieces. You can pre-order the exhaust by e-mail or phone and make a binding reservation or let the shop inform you as soon as the exhaust is available. To do this, use the reminder function in the shop. Of course, this works for all products that are not available at the moment:

reminders Scooter Center Shop

AKRAPOVIC promises more power at the same volume but with a much throatier sound.

Akrapovič Vespa GTS 300 exhaust Euro 5 sound comparison - presentation and assembly

AKRAPOVIC gives us the following data and also provides a nice comparison to the original exhaust:

maximum power kW 14.1 / 7150 rpm 14.6 / 7200 rpm + 0.6 / 7400 rpm
HP (m) 19.2 / 7150 rpm 19.8 / 7200 rpm + 0.8 / 7400 rpm
HP (i) 18.9 / 7150 rpm 19.5 / 7200 rpm + 0.8 / 7400 rpm
maximum torque Nm 19.7 / 7000 rpm 20.3 / 7100 rpm + 0.8 / 7400 rpm
lb-ft 14.5 / 7000 rpm 15.0 / 7100 rpm + 0.6 / 7400 rpm
Volume dB 84.2 / 4125 rpm 84.2 / 4125 rpm 0
bgm PRO Sport seat Vespa sport seat

bgm PRO “Sport” sports seat made by Nisa Italy

Based on the very popular Nisa 'Sport 20' seat, we have designed a sports seat for the classic Vespas in the bgm design and had the seat manufactured by the Italian seat manufacturer NISA as a bgm version. The new bgm PRO sports seat is available for Vespa Largeframe and Vespa Smallframe and is available in two versions:

Sport seat with authentic look

The BGM Pro Sport seat has a beautiful Alfatex cover (embossed waffle pattern) on the sides and rear and is also available with gray piping. The seat surface also has a smooth cover with parallel longitudinal seams. For a waterproof surface, these are embossed, not sewn. The appearance of the BGM Pro Sport is thus strongly reminiscent of the classic seat humps of the 70's and conveys a cool race flair even when standing.

Vespa Sport seat bgm PRO Made in ITALY by NISA Vespa seat

Vespa seat configurator

You can also find the seat in the Scooter Center Seat configurator, have a look at the seat on your Vespa model:

Sports seat suitable for everyday use

In practical use, it is very easy to ride, despite its sporty everyday look. The bench has a pleasantly sized foam padding on which even long tours are fun. A nice feature is the completely padded hump. This provides good support when riding solo, but can also be used as a pillion seat if necessary.

Modern magnetic closure

Another intelligent feature is the magnetic closure of the bench by means of an extremely powerful neodymium magnet. This means that the bench can be opened easily with one hand, but still holds better than many a classic hook fastener. The biggest advantage of the magnetic technology is that the bench rests rattle-free on the supplied fixing plate, which is firmly screwed to the frame. The magnetic force is so high that uninformed people who try to open the seat assume that it is locked.

Top quality - handmade in Italy

The bench frame is made of impact-resistant and durable ABS plastic. The cover is stapled all around and thus very securely and permanently fastened (as opposed to just gluing it on as is usually the case). The frame is equipped with six rubber pads. This distributes the load very well over the entire frame and the bench gives a very solid and full seat feeling. The bench hinge is typically Nisa very solid and sturdy and therefore very resilient. It is also screwed in place and can be replaced (in the highly unlikely event of a defect). Available for Wasp Smallframe and Largeframe (Largeframe models with high tank (GS160, SS180, Rally180 / 200 need the flat tank of the Sprint / PX models without oil tank)

CONCLUSION: Beautiful flat seat with great racing look but touring qualities!

Note for the Largeframe version and Vespa PX For PX models only suitable for tank versions with hinged lid. Not suitable for Lusso models / vehicles with oil tank. Order seat:

Toptul tools for scooter drivers - tools for scooter repairs & workshops

Toptul tools for scooter riders

We have received a large delivery, so popular TOPTUL tools are available again.

TOPTUL tools for scooter riders

Scooter Center TOPTUL shop

TOPTUL has been manufacturing high-quality tools for over 20 years and is absolutely unbeatable in a price / performance comparison. TOPTUL products have been in daily use on Vespa, Lambretta & Co. for years and are always convincing.

As an example, let's just mention the finely divided toothing of the ratchets. The solid and robust design with 72 teeth achieves a stitching of only 5 degrees (1/72 turn). This means that work can be done precisely and without repositioning, even in very tight places, with little working distance for the ratchet. It goes without saying that TOPTUL tools meet or exceed the common standards such as DIN / ISO / ANSI. The in-house quality control is very strict and is expressed, for example, in an individual measuring protocol enclosed with each torque spanner with regard to the measuring accuracy and the release behavior. From our own experience, we can recommend TOPTUL products to every “intensive wrench user” with a clear conscience.
Buy TOPTUL now hereDirectly to the product in the Scooter Center Shop

These are the highlights from the video:

  • Socket set (ratchet box) -TOPTUL 1/4 ″ - 4mm-14mm + bits - 49 pieces Article-No .: GCAI4901

And nice are still the sets, like this one:

  • screwdriver set -TOPTUL Pro Series- 20 pieces Article-No .: GZC2005
  • Sea ring pliers set -TOPTUL- 4 pcs Article No .: GPAQ0401
  • All key set -TOPTUL- 1,5mm, 2mm, 2,5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm - 9 pieces Article-No .: GAAL0916

TIP: Then you have everything new, uniform and in an appealing look in one go! You can also find more recommendations for TOPTUL here on our Scooter Center Blog: https://blog.scooter-center.com/tag/toptul/ All Toptul tools for scooter riders are available in our TOPTUL store

Moto Nostra luggage rack Vespa GTS hpe

MOTO NOSTRA luggage rack Vespa GTS HPE front

This is our new innovative luggage rack for the new GTS models. This MOTO NOSTRA Vespa GTS front carrier offers you two big advantages:

  1. Mounting without drilling = reversible
  2. 90 ° support surface = deep luggage & headlight is not covered

Moto Nostra luggage rack Vespa GTS hpe

Simple installation without drilling

The luggage carrier is simply attached to the top of the leg shield with the two brackets and fixed to the frame with the enclosed special angle plate. In addition, the luggage carrier is supported by rubber buffers on the frame and thus offers a very high level of safety. When folded out, the carrier platform has a pleasantly flat angle. This means that even a larger piece of luggage can be transported without covering the headlight. We have produced the MOTO NOSTRA luggage carriers in three versions:

Assembly is easy and quick! Our assembly instructions are easy to understand and are included with the product. Of course, you can also get the tools from us: TOPTUL tool shop

MOTO NOSTRA is a Scooter Center fire!

Assembly instructions in video

In this video we introduce you to our MOTO NOSTRA front luggage rack for the Vespa GTS HPE models.

Luggage rack FRONT Vespa GTS hpe MOTO NOSTRA assembly instructions 🔧 ❤

Download the manual

Of course you can also download it in our shop. Or right now here:

bgm PRO variator for Piaggio Quasar engines, e.g. Vespa GTS

The bgm PRO V2 variator for Vespa GTS in test

Our bgm PRO Vario for the Vespa GTS models is very popular. In this nice video, Marc from Scooteria Tests the bgm PRO V2 variator on his Vespa GTS.

“A cheap and effective tuning measure for all Vespa Gts 300 riders. I compare it with the performance of the standard variator on the Vespa Gts 300 in the city, on the country road and motorway. ”Marc, Scooteria

Conclusion of the test

  • Sportier: faster and higher in the rev range
  • Much higher revs
  • Much improved acceleration
  • Much more aggressive driving performance
  • Without annoying noise
  • +5 km / h top speed 125 km / h according to GPS with 13 ″ rims without discs

Buy bgm PRO vario kit here

Video variator test

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuVfCunEuWA BGM2311V2 variator

BGM2311V2 variator

How do I install the bgm PRO variator on a Vespa GTS?

Installation of the bgm PRO V2 vari ator in the Vespa Gts 300 hpe Supertech. Marc from Scooteria is at Cafe Racer 69 and Micha from the Cafe Racer 69 team explains in 25 minutes in a very sympathetic and detailed way what has to be considered when installing a Vario. There are also tips, such as the fact that with the bgm Vario on your new GTS you can ride the old one GTS Vario cover, which many people find more attractive.

buy bgm PRO Vario kit here

Variomatic test

Are you not sure yet? In this video Marc tests the variator in detail and shows the effect of the bgm PRO Sportvario during a riding test.

Video installation instruction Varioamtik Vespa GTS bgm PRO

BGM Pro Variomatik Vespa Gts 300 – installation

Vespa GTS 500

Vespa GTS 500

A Vespa GTS 500 is what many GTS riders dream of. An Italian engineer has given it some serious thought and visualized a 500cc model of the GTS, and the youtube video has been very successful. Every year there is speculation in the scene as to whether Piaggio will bring it this year. Now Björn Dressler from Berlin has beaten Piaggio to the punch. With his project “La Mutata”, Björn is bringing his conversions with up to 44 hp and 492 cc legally onto the road. Before you pull out your wallet: this conversion is not done easily! It takes about 4 months and costs a bit more than most people carry around in their wallets: it starts at 15,000 euros. Marc from Scooteria presents the project “La Mutata”, a converted Vespa GTS 500, in his

video lesson.

La Mutata Vespa GTS

The conversion of a Vespa Gts to a 500 Piaggio engine with German road approval and at least 39 hp! Italian for “The Mutated” - enables riding performance with a Vespa GTS that is beyond that of a 300. All installed components such as chassis and brakes are tuned to the higher torque and the significantly increased peak power. An absolute highlight for all Vespa tuning fans! A road test with the Vespa Gts 500 will be coming soon - subscribe to the Scooteria Channel and don't miss anything else!

Technical data GTS tuning conversion

  • Engine variants: 459cm³ with 29kw / 39hp at 7250rpm and 43Nm at 5500rpm 493cm³ with 30kw / 41HP at 7250 rpm and 46Nm at 5250 rpm 493cc with 32kw ​​/ 44hp at 7750rpm and 47.5Nm at 5500rpm
  • Topspeed: 148 km / h (governed)
  • Suspension: 120 / 70-13 front and 130 / 70-13 rear Front suspension by arrangement, eg matching Vespa GTS shock absorber bgm PRO with TÜV Rear suspension La Mutata adjustable
  • Brakes: Front Brembo P2 on 255 brake disc Rear Brembo P2 on 240 brake disc

VESPA GTS 500 cc tuning