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Top Lambretta parts from India UNI AUTO INTERNATIONAL

UNI AUTO Lambretta parts from India We have been using Lambretta parts from India for a long time. Do you remember? Right at the beginning there were two options: browse parts markets in Italy or the Benelux countries and hope for good used or NOS parts or use parts from India. For the dl / GP series, [...]

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New hubcaps for Vespa 10 ″

The Vespa hubcap - a classic Vespa accessory One of the simplest, cheapest and most eye-catching ways to customize your Vespa has always been: the hubcap. For a long time there wasn't that much choice. We have now added 4 new hubcaps to our range, which we particularly liked. Available now: So we have a [...]

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Cylinder hood Quattrini M244 new GRP cylinder cooling hood from BSK

Cylinder hood too short? We have the right Quattrini cylinder cooling hood made of GRP In the course of our engine project with the Quattrini M244, we created a cylinder cooling hood for the M232 and M244 cylinders in cooperation with the GRP specialist BSK. Quattrini cylinder too long for the original cylinder cooling hood. The basic structure of the M244 cylinder is long. The Piaggio cylinder hood of the Vespa [...]

Candele a valore termico e conversione by Vespa, Lambretta

Candele per scooter Vespa, Lambretta & Co. L'universo personale delle candele di Heiko era abbastanza piccolo e semplice: Motori originali: BOSCH W5CC Accordatura della luce: BOSCH W4CC Messa a punto ambiziosa: BOSCH W3CC ea volte anche: BOSCH W2CC Per lui è semper stato so, ma purtroppo da qualche tempo il suo universal è andato […]

Bujías valuable thermico y conversion para motonetas Vespa, Lambretta

spark plugs for scooters Vespa, Lambretta & Co. El universal personal de bujías de Heiko era bastante pequeño y sencillo: Motores originales: BOSCH W5CC Sintonización de la luz: BOSCH W4CC Sintonización ambiciosa: BOSCH W3CC ya veces también: BOSCH W2CC Así ha sido siempre para él, pero por desgracia, desde hace algún tiempo su universal se […]

Spark plug heat value and conversion scooter Vespa, Lambretta

Spark plugs for scooters Vespa, Lambretta & Co. My personal spark plug universe is quite small and simple: Original engines: BOSCH W5CC Easy tuning: BOSCH W4CC Ambitious tuning: BOSCH W3CC and sometimes: BOSCH W2CC It has always been like that for me and Unfortunately, it cannot stay that way, because my universe has been crumbling for a long time! BOSCH - spark plugs [...]

VESPA, Düsen & Brezn visiting Patrick Adam CTP KMT Düsen News

KMT Jets News 2022 We have already presented the KMT nozzles to you here in the blog. We visited Patrick in his beautiful workshop in Chiemgau. With Vespa, nozzles and pretzels, he not only gives us an insight into his workshop, but Patrick also announces some news about KMT nozzles. Especially the Vespa faction, and here [...]

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Vesbeachi metal roller meeting on the beach - Beachclub Nethen

Successful premiere of the Vesbeachi On October 09.10.2021th, 10 at 00:2021 a.m. the gates opened for the premiere of the Vesbeachi, the brand-open tin scooter meeting on the beach of the Beachclub Nethen. VESBEACHI XNUMX - The brand-open tin scooter meeting on the beach - AftermovieWatch this video on YouTube And early on the beach was filled with tin scooter enthusiasts and their companions. Traveled from all over Germany […]

Scooter Racing EST Jüterbog 2021 race report on the final race

Race report on the final race of the EST 2021 in Jüterbog on October 09.10.2021th, XNUMX Das Scooter Center is a sponsor of EST and the organizers of the EuropeanScooterTrophy and the EuropeanPitbikeTrophy called all participants together for the season finale in Ju? terbog. Due to the corona, it was a short and therefore even more exciting season. In a full field of drivers, the season's motto was: Every point counts [...]

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ESC season finale 2021 Harzring Aschersleben

European Scooter Challenge 2021 season finale at the Harzring On Saturday, September 25.09.2021th, 2021 KR Automation invited to the ESC season finale 10 at the Harzring in Aschersleben. The training day On training day (Friday) you could keep your knee on the ground from 18 a.m. to XNUMX p.m. when the sky was overcast, get to know the route and improve your own lap time. [...]

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Convert a classic Vespa to an electric scooter ÉvoRetrofit conversion sets for your Vespa -> electric Vespa

ÉvoRetrofit Hated & bashed by die-hard 2-stroke fans, enthusiasm increases among those who were allowed to test drive them - we're talking about classic Vespa scooters, which are equipped with electric motors from EvoRetrofit Scooter Center Open day for test drives were available. EvoRetrovit has managed to design an electric motor that is plug & play in the original framework of a classic [...]

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Project Paul at the 10-hour race in Magny-Cours | Challenge Scootenthole 2021

Challenge Scootenthole Projekt Paul at the 10-hour race in Magny-Cours Finally it was that time again! After what felt like an eternity, during which various long-distance races had to be canceled, the Scootenthole team invited to the 12-hour race in Magny-Cours on September 10th. Full of anticipation, we followed their call from Project Paul - along with around 30 other teams. Since the last [...]

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Scooter Center Cup September 2021 Nurburgring

SC Cup at the Nürburgring 2nd run Scooter Center Cup on September 26, 2021 Scooter Center Cup Nürburgring September 2021 - Scooter races at the NürburgringWatch this video on YouTube True to the motto "fun is the priority", the second took place last weekend as part of the German Endurance Championship of the Dortmund Motorbike Club Scooter Center [...]

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Vespa scooter shop Smallframe Catalog covers from 1987 and 1989

Scooter shop cover Vespa If you've been driving a scooter for a while, you may still know the scooter shop! Icons of the scooter youth The scooter shop was the scooter shop for us young scooter drivers in the 80s and early 90s. Regardless of whether it's Scooterboy, Popper or Mod: with its catalogs, the scooter shop took our pocket money and our first salary from us [...]