The day of the event had come and the SC team came to organize their stand with all the news and developments of the bgm.

We thank you all for taking the time for us.

Casa Performance Twin

The engine of the Casa Performance Twin was with ours #ScooterisWeekenderCologne at the premiere, but the test drive of this 250cc 76hp was done in front of all impressed eyes... what a nice Sound that from 14.000 rpm!!!

Lambreta on the road

Custom & Trade show

The scooters are true representatives of the eccentric personalities of the visitors to Meltdown in Kalkar, although we also saw some very nice O-Lacquers and Classics.


Real Scooterists in Kalkar

And if we can find a place that concentrates these unique Scooter stories, it's at the Scooterist Meltdown, where visitors from England, Germany, the Netherlands and many other places gather to surround themselves with 'normal' people.

Real SC Gallery

And while we'd love to tell the story of each one, we believe the photos speak for themselves.

Thanks Scooterists!
We hope to see you soon and see lots of photos of your new t-shirts on the networks ;)

Save the date: Scooter Center Scooterists Weekender Cologne 2022

30 years Scooter Center

Scooterists Weekender Cologne 2022

Save the Date September 02-03.09.2022, XNUMX

Scooterists Weekender Cologne
30 years Scooter Center 

  • Big custom show
  • 2 Soul All Nighter
  • Huge parts market

#30 #scootercenter #sc #sck #scootercentercologne #international #guests #friends #vespa #lambretta #scootertuning #scootershow

Scooter Center Classic Day 2020

Scooter Center Classic Day Update 03/20:

Unfortunately we have to postpone Classic Day. Realism has triumphed over our optimism. We'll definitely see you on our Classic Day in autumn. Then even bigger and better, we all have some catching up to do. So stay at home, isolate and watch out so that the ghost ends soon.

Stay healthy!

Scooter Center Classic Day 25 April 2020

We currently assume that this event can take place despite the coronavirus COVID-19.

Scooter Center Classic Day April 25.4.2020, XNUMX, Bergheim

A great day with friends at friends

Great Vespa and Lambretta scooters and nice people from near and far are waiting for you: scooter drivers.

In addition, there are again our free test bench runs, private parts stands and the large one Scooter Center Bargain market with returns, samples and B-goods.

The physical well-being is provided in liquid and solid form. So the best conditions for a day with friends at friends.

Speaking of friends: please share our event here: Facebook event

Scooter Center Classic Day on April 25, 2020 on Scooter Center in Kurt-Schumacher-Straße 1 in 50129 Bergheim-Glessen:

Registration for the private or commercial parts market

Classic day videos 2019

Vespa & Lambretta @ Scooter Center Classic Day 2019 interviews / 58PS Vespa

custom show

The Scooter Center Classicday takes place without a custom show. After our phenomenal location in Cologne broke away, we were looking for something comparable for a long time. Now we have a great solution. So we hope that to our legendary Scootershopefully more positive news will follow soon! Be curious.

Scooter Center Classic Day Vespa Lambretta

11th Scooter Customshow 2018 in Cologne

We have selected some pictures from our custom show for you. Have fun with it. The video is still being worked on, but will also be coming soon!
You can find more here Pictures and the winners of the custom show.

Please participate!

Please also note ours Survey on the future of the Customshow:

[modalsurvey id = ”412688910 ″ style =” flat ”init =” true ”]

Pictures 11th Scooter Customshow 2018

12. Scooter Center Customshow 2019 or 2020? Party? Location?

The next custom show will be the 12th official one Scootershow be, the history of the legendary event is something Next Back. We want you to help plan the next one Scooter Center Customshow and we would be delighted if you answered these 3 short questions. Thanks a lot for this!

How do you imagine the future of the Customshow?

[modalsurvey id = ”412688910 ″ style =” flat ”init =” true ”]

Great weather - great people - great scooters

Wow, that was a weekend! On Saturday, May 5th, we invited the international scooter custom scene to Cologne again to celebrate the 11th. Scooter Center Celebrate Customshow!

The construction on Friday became part of the flesh and blood after 11 years and was done relatively quickly. In the evening the first guests from Munich and Hamburg came. On Saturday morning the well-rehearsed Scooter Center Team made the final preparations until we were able to welcome our international exhibitors at 9:00 am.

The adventure halls in Cologne Kalk offer a very special atmosphere every year: History was made in Cologne with the engine production of the Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz (KHD) company. Production of the four-stroke engine began in Cologne in 1876. Gottlieb Daimler, Wilhelm Maybach and Ettore Bugatti worked together on the development of the 4-T engine before they later went their separate ways. The basis of the 4-stroke engine was created in the Cologne KHD halls!

So it fits very well that we can exhibit our beloved scooters in these venerable halls today and show them to a wide audience. No matter if 2-stroke or 4-stroke, gearshift or automatic! So on Saturday there was again a wide selection of great scooters to be admired.

Spread over 2 halls and over 5.000 square meters, there was a wide range of over 1.000 different scooters for the more than 120 visitors. There were also premieres on site that were presented to the public for the first time. There were participants and visitors from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, England, Italy and even Colombia.

In the large outdoor area with a cozy beer garden, Tatort sausage roastery, wood-fired pizza, crepes and delicious coffee from the Expresso-Ape, the guests spent a relaxing time with friends.

Countless scooters were also parked in front of the halls, some of which definitely deserved to be recognized as custom scooters. It's great what NRW and the Rhineland has to offer as a scooter scene with all its clubs and events! We are already looking forward to the 12. Scooter Center Scooter Custom Show!

We thank the sponsors among supporters:

  • ACF-50
  • BELL
  • DCM
  • GIVI

Photos Scooter Customshow Cologne 2018

Here we have the first pictures for you. We are still looking and will be able to present you more pictures and the video in the next few days:

Gewinner Scooter Center Custom Show 2018

These are the 2018 winners in the categories:

Class Name of owner Projects Vehicle
Best Club Display
1 Flatliners
Best Automatic 50cc
1 Automatic scooter Benjamin Kirchhöfer 0 Yamaha Aerox
Best Lambretta
1 Classic scooter Felix Richter Barracuda Lambretta GP
Best Automatic Maxi
1 Automatic scooter Bernd Heil 0 Vespa GTS 300 super sport
Best Vespa
1 Classic scooter Marek Nachlik (playroom) 0 Wasp
best of all
1 Classic scooter Marek Nachlik # 24 DuPont Racer Lambretta GP500Z
Class Name of owner Projects Vehicle
1 Classic scooter Peter Iseringhausen 0 SX 200 Lambretta
2 Classic scooter Jens Kruse (drooling heads) 0 TV175 Lambretta
CRAZIEST CONVERSION - without words (A)
1 Other Fabian Prangenberg; Fabian Lorscheid Reborn Beast -OTHER- Hercules MK2
2 Automatic scooter Benjamin Grimm Cow doctor Piaggio Quartz
BEST ENGINEERING - best technical implementation (C)
1 Classic scooter Felix Richter Barracuda Lambretta GP
2 Classic scooter Marek Nachlik # 24 DuPont Racer Lambretta GP500Z
BEST ENGINEERING - best technical implementation (A)
1 Automatic scooter Marieke Neubauer Red RT Rox Yamaha Aerox
2 Automatic scooter Jan Eric Vetter Mbk stunt MBK stunt
BEST BODYWORK - best bodywork conversion (C)
1 Classic scooter Marek Nachlik (playroom) 0 Wasp
2 Classic scooter Marek Nachlik # 24 DuPont Racer Lambretta GP500Z
BEST BODYWORK - best bodywork conversion (A)
1 Automatic scooter Martin Novak Custom Street Rox 43 Yamaha Aerox
2 Automatic scooter Christian Funke Black Customize Vespa Gilera DNA
BEST SPRINTER / RACER - racing machine (C)
1 Classic scooter michele bagnoli padrone, costruttore.elaboratore Vespa vespa hurricane
2 Classic scooter Matthias Dahl Sharknado Vespa 50n
BEST SPRINTER / RACER - racing machine (A)
1 Automatic scooter Jan Eric Vetter Mbk stunt MBK stunt
2 Automatic scooter Jan Eric Vetter Yamaha jog Yamaha jog
BEST PAINT / AIRBRUSH - best painting and / or airbrush (C)
1 Classic scooter Michael Zander the boat Vespa P 80 X
2 Classic scooter Kevin Wintergreen PRINCE PORN Vespa PX 200
BEST PAINT / AIRBRUSH - best painting and / or airbrush (A)
1 Automatic scooter Christian Funke Black Customize Vespa Gilera DNA
2 Classic scooter Christian Funke Blue Gilera DNA 50
BEST CUSTOM - best finishing (C)
1 Classic scooter Tobias Staschik la chimere Vespa ACMA V51
2 Classic scooter Christopher Bettler 0 DL 125 Lambretta
BEST CUSTOM - best finishing (A)
1 Automatic scooter Anel Kustura Bad Gyal Yamaha Aerox
2 Automatic scooter Martin Novak Custom Street Rox 43 Yamaha Aerox
BEST ORIGINAL CONDITION - show your oldie (C)
1 Classic scooter Marcel Novacek 0 P80X
2 Classic scooter Enno Sipli SX200 Wasp
1 Automatic scooter Patrick Doll 0 GTV
2 Automatic scooter Arthur Konieczny Gts 300 Vespa GTS 300
BEST 8 "- Best 8" classic scooter (C)
1 Classic scooter Bent Lange 0 douglas 51
2 Classic scooter Mirko Breitkopf Lamp below Vespa VM2T
BEST DISPLAY - best presentation (A)
1 Automatic scooter Benjamin Grimm Cow doctor Piaggio Quartz
2 Automatic scooter Anel Kustura Bad Gyal Yamaha Aerox
BEST 10 "- Best 10" classic scooter (C)
1 Classic scooter Stephan Schmale 0 Vespa Vnb1t
2 Classic scooter Marc Buescher blue special Vespa V50n Special
BÄHM - Ask Andi (A)
1 Classic scooter Carnot advised Coca-Cola Vespa P80X
2 Automatic scooter Heiko Reier 0 Aprilia SR50 Viper



(A price)
BEST OF ALL - best scooter on the show
BEST LAMBRETTA - the best Lambretta
BEST VESPA - best Vespa
BEST AUTOMATIC SCOOTER - best automatic scooter 50
BEST MAXI SCOOTER - best Automatic Scooter Maxi
BEST CLUB DISPLAY - coolest club stand


(First and second place)
BEST ENGINEERING - best technical implementation
BEST RACER - racing device (ESC, DBM or similar)
BEST CUSTOM - best refinement "Chrome & Flames"
BEST PAINT / AIRBRUSH - best painting and / or airbrush
BEST 8 "- Best 8" classic scooter
BEST 10 "- Best 10" classic scooter
BEST BODYWORK - best bodywork conversion


(First and second place)
BEST MODERN VESPA - GT / GTV / GTS / LX / LXV / 946 etc.
BEST CUSTOM - best refinement "Chrome & Flames"
BEST SPRINTER / RACER - racing device (DSSC, DM or similar)
BEST ENGINEERING - best technical implementation
BEST PAINT / AIRBRUSH - best painting and / or airbrush
BEST BODYWORK - best bodywork conversion
BEST DISPLAY - best presentation
BÄHM - Ask Andi


Roller Scooter Custom Show 2018

Wide range of scooter models

At the weekend the time has come for our 11th Scooter Center Customshow starts in Cologne. We are pleased to be able to show you a wide and large range of scooters again this year. There are also premieres that can then be admired for the first time. We know that some exhibitors are currently still sweating in the workshop in order to have the scooter ready on time. It remains exciting ...

Scooter Customshow 2018 Cologne Poster

New Scooter Center Roller

We don't want to make you curious now, really not - but we have not been idle in the last few months and will be our own new one at our own custom show Scooter Center Present project!
Will it be a Lambretta, a Vespa? Classic with gearshift? Automatic - or something completely different? Let yourself be surprised ... see you at the Scootershow 2018.

Best weather & great atmosphere

The forecast announces the best scooter weather! Plenty of sun with a cloudless sky and well over 20 degrees. So feel free to come by scooter and enjoy the legendary atmosphere during petrol talks among scooter drivers. Our gastro awaits you in the cozy outdoor area:


Over 150 scooters at the custom show

Over 150 scooters await you in the two large halls of the Cologne Adventure Halls.

You still have no idea what scooters you can expect there? Here we have a small selection of scooter pictures that the exhibitors sent us in advance:

Lambretta meets Kawasaki - the # 24, DuPont Racer

Marek from the Hamburg playroom is known in our house for his blatant conversions. At the Scooter Customshow he also presented his Vespa 10 Inch Terror. If you haven't seen them live, here are a few pictures:

# 24, DuPont Racer

The previous Vespa project, now Lambretta:
Lambretta meets Kawasaki - style meets reliability and the two-stroke world collides and harmonizes like never before with four strokes.
DuPont Lambretta

Starting point is a Lambretta LI3 Frame that with the frame of a Kawasaki GPZ500S was connected. We asked Marek for a few words about his latest project from Hamburg. Now read here what he says about his latest project:
“After doing my last renovation 10 inch terror Having successfully got rid of the teething troubles, it was time for something new. I came across them more or less by accident Kawasaki GPZ 500. The engine has a reputation for being very solid and 60 PS are not very much for a motorcycle, but with a short reduction they should pull the wrists a lot. And the project has to be put down briefly, because 200 km/h I didn't want to ride on 10 "tires.
Another LI3 frame hung under the ceiling of the playroom, which my friend Andre quickly talked about. The donor moped was bought at the auction house for little money. "

Huge engine with 60hp

“It quickly became apparent that the rear frame of the Lambretta had been widened by 4 cm and by 13 cm extended had to be to get everything under the disguises. The original GPZ swing arm was shortened to the maximum, but the motor itself is so big that despite the conversion work, space under the frame loop is a problem.

Vespa glove box as a tank

Aerocatch fasteners from automobile racing hold the hoods. A Vespa glove box was adapted, converted into a tank and provided with a Newton fuel cap.
The electrics, the ignition lock, the speedometer and the indicators come from Motogadget.

bgm PRO shock absorber & Casa Perfomance brake

Lambretta dupont Racer with bgm Pro chassis and Casa Lambretta brake

Bgm is our own brand and Casa Performance Germany is happy about that Scooter Center Of course, also that Marek has installed a Casa Performance brake and also relies on a bgm PRO Lambretta suspension for the fork with this weight under an output of 60PS: “The front brake is from Casa Performance, a Honda CB400 hub is installed at the rear.
The fuel supply is ensured with a Hardi pump, which is mounted under the fender at the front. The cooling water tubing was realized with flexible steel hoses and AN fittings, the cooler is located under the floor panel and has to be placed a little higher because in its current position it limits the angle of the curve too much.
The gearshift takes place via a Powershifter from Translogic, the clutch is only required for starting. The # 24 from the Nascar / Winston Cup racing series served as a template for the paintwork. The construction time was only 18 months. "

I am impressed and happy with Marek Custom Lambretta welcome to Cologne!
You too can experience the # 24 DuPont Racer live: on May 5th at the Scooter Customshow in Cologne.

Vespa globetrotters at the Scooter Customshow in Cologne

The Scooter Center custom show will be one again World travel Vespa to stand. With his discarded Postvespa "Elsi" dares Scooter Center Client “Atze” Alexander Eischeid the adventure and sets off to America.

From Vancouver it goes north. When the land ends and the ocean is reached, Elsi receives her last mission in life: "Bring the water from Prudhoe Bay in Alaska to the South Atlantic to Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego."

Forests, deserts, tropics, mountains, rain and storms, tar, gravel and sand had to be in 19 countries and 22 months be conquered until the oceans unite.

This trip brought unimaginable encounters, unexpected situations and breathtaking landscapes with it.

  • Eight pistons,
  • two cylinders,
  • He used up three brake drums 71.000km.

Blood, tears, sweat, adventure and pure joie de vivre. 

His motto: Life is for living - life is to live. And that's what he recorded in his book. Info here.

Experience Atze and Elsi live on May 5th, 2018 at the Scooter Customshow in Cologne.
Tickets there here or at the box office.

Vesparicana – Probably the toughest trip on a Vespa ever made!




CNC Lambretta Barracuda

Before the Lambretta BARRACUDA was Vespa EL-SIDNEY

Our customer Felix and his new project: Lambretta Barracuda! He's coming to our premiere with this impressive scooter custom show. But let's take a quick look back first:

A previous project by Felix is ​​the Vespa PX “EL-SIDNEY”. This scooter tells a story: it was the first Vespa with a CNC engine.

The Vespa PX EL-SIDEY has been the development vehicle for various developments since May 2006, not least for the one that is available today Vespa CNC motor from GP-ONE and KR-Automation GmbH, as we do in our Vespa Smallframe demonstrator XI GENERATION have installed.

Of course, the scooter was also in various newspapers and magazines such as Scooterring, Rollerjornal, etc.

With this Vespa PX, Felix has won some “Best Engineering” awards and has also proven in practice on quartermiles what the scooter is capable of via 50PS plugged. As is currently the case in the new Lambretta project, that brought it bgm PRO chassis Even with the Vespa, the 50PS is safe on the road.


  • 38mm Keihin carburetor
  • V-Force membrane
  • Rotax 248cc cylinder
  • 61mm KR CNC crankshaft
  • S&S coupling
  • KR CNC gearbox
  • S&S wide tire kit
  • 120/90 rear tires
  • KR CNC engine block with support of the main shaft with 3rd ball bearing
  • Exhaust in-house development with Viton flange after the manifold and suitable right hand routing
  • Silent bushes from ClaussStudio
  • Adapted MVT ignition

Frame and chassis:

  • Stainless steel pipe in the hatch
  • Fully hydraulic disc brake on the front wheel
  • Jaws widened by 40mm on each side (gills on spare wheel cheek made of carbon fiber)
  • Carbon fiber spoiler with a satin finish, tested twice in the wind tunnel of the University of Stuttgart
  • Chassis bgm PRO
  • Short-stroke throttle
  • Speedometer SIP
  • Exhaust gas temperature measurement Stage6
  • Clear glass turn signals
  • Xenon headlights dipped beam
  • High beam halogen
  • Taillight LED
  • Harley tank in the passage (rotated and modified)
  • Water cooler (KTm Duke) arranged under the side hood in a V-shape.
  • 2pcs. SPAL fan can be switched on separately if necessary


The Lambretta BARRACUDA story

After selling the EL-Sidney in 2014, Felix fell into a deep hole ;-). Well at least he was looking for a new challenge and comforted himself with a Lambretta frame.
Over time, the vision arose to build another vehicle with a CNC motor. With the idea of ​​further developing the ideas from the El-Sidney project and integrating new features. The Lambretta BARRACUDA should surpass the Vespa EL-SIDNEY.
So at the end of 2015, Felix gave a Lambretta motor to Topometric for 3D measurement. The tried and tested cylinder and membrane from the Vespa engine should also be used in the Lambretta. The decision to integrate an injection is new. So we can be excited and hope that our dynamometer will do the same ...


In order to have a theme around the vehicle, an individual design was developed around the Lambretta: BARRACUDA.
Why “BARRACUDA”? Predatory fish, long and slender. Fits 100% on this Lambretta!
Custom is the program here. Most of the parts are custom-made. The design was based on all of these self-made CNC components adopted in order to get not only a paint job, but also many small, finely worked details. This is how a Lambretta is currently being created with unique recognition features from the luggage rack, brake drums, to the step rails, brake pedal and the handles:

BARRACUDA Lambretta on the Scooter Center custom show

Premiere and to be admired live on the scooter Customshow on May 5th, 2018 in the adventure halls Cologne Kalk.
Tickets in  pre sales  or at the box office / Info.
Scooter Customshow 2018 Cologne Poster

Website Barracuda Lambretta

The project is broken down and documented in detail under
Vespa pictures

Great Vespa pictures by Renate Berghaus

Renate Berghaus has rediscovered her childhood love: The artist from the Rhineland drove a Vespa in her youth, now she has rediscovered the Italian cult scooters and paints her new old love on canvas.


Vespa vernissage

Renate shows the wonderful pictures live at the Scooter Custom Show am May 5th in Cologne. You can of course also purchase the great Vespa works of art on site.

Vespa painting

Theirs are disproportionately large Vespa picturesthat were created on canvas with the help of the spatula technique that is so typical for them.

You can find more information about Renate Berghaus on her website:

You can get tickets for the Customshow directly at Scooter Center Vespa shop!

Scooter Customshow 2018 Cologne Poster

Scooter Customshow 2018 Cologne tickets

Save 2 euros on tickets for the Scooter Customshow now

The tickets for the 11th international Scooter Center Customshow are now in Scooter Center Shop available. This year, tickets in advance are 2 euros cheaper than at the box office. You can find all information about the show here: Scooter Custom Show

Buy visitor ticket Customshow here

Scooter Customshow 2018 Cologne tickets

Free entry for exhibitors

Exhibitors at the Customshow have free admission. Please register your custom scooter here.

Register your custom scooter here for free

Free space for aftermarket, dealers & clubs

Pay dealers in the private parts market no stand fee, only the day entry of 7 euros per person is due.
Register your dealer stand, club stand, private parts stand now here:

Reserve your stand here

Customshow event

Scooter Customshow 2018 Cologne Poster

 Scooter Custom Show 2018

11th Scooter Customshow 2018

The date is: May 05th, 2018 Scooter Custom Show 2018

Our great passion, the international one Scooter Center custom show, the scooter season opens again.
We celebrate in 2018 11 years Scootershow + 26 years Scooter Center = Pure scootering.
The Scooter Custom Show 2018 takes place in the same ingenious location as in 2007 - in the AHK Cologne.

The classification of the categories from last year has proven itself, so we will adopt it for the Customshow 2018.

Scooter Custom Show 2018

Registration for the custom show

Customshow participants: You can do yours Register your scooter here for free.

Sign scooter

Parts market / dealer booth / club booth: Those interested in a stand at our custom show can also apply apply here.

Register your stand

Tickets will be available in good time Scooter Center Shop and give it to all known ticket agencies.

Click here to go directly to the Facebook event.

Custom show video 2017

Here we have the video from 2017 for you, you can find more pictures, videos and the winners of the show here Scooter Custom Show 2017.

Scooter Custom Show Scooter Center 2017


Flyer for the Scooter Customshow 2018

Scooter Custom Show 2018 (Download PDF)

Scooter Customshow 2018 Cologne Poster

That was the Scooter Customshow 2017

Wow. That was a party in Cologne!
Many thanks to all visitors, exhibitors, customizers and the weather gods.
We are still flashed now - you put on a great show!

1.500 visitors. 150 scooters. Kilos of crepes, pizza, french fries and currywurst. Liters of beer and the finest espresso from the stylish “Expresso-Ape” and lots of happy and friendly people from all over Germany, Austria, Italy, Holland, Belgium, France and Luxembourg ...


Scooter Custom Show Scooter Center Vespa Lambretta 2017 HD

All pictures, videos and the results / winners:

We have prepared all the pictures, videos and winners for you here: 10th Scooter Customshow 2017

Scooter Custom Show 2018

We are already looking forward to the 11th show - probably again on the first Saturday in May. We are still waiting for an appointment confirmation. Save the Date: May 5, 2018 11th international Scooter Center Scooter Custom Show!

Open day 2017

Our big one is sure to take place on September 2nd, 2017, with a fixed date OpenDay for the 25th company anniversary. We look forward to your visit with us at Scooter Center Store in Bergheim Glessen.

Flyer Scooter Center Open Day 2017


Scooter Custom Show

Customshow tickets now available

Today it is exactly one month to our big anniversary custom show. All invitations for exhibitor registrations were sent out until yesterday. Registration is still possible. Registration here:



We offer you espresso from the “Expresso-Ape” and chips and co. From the “Curry-Flitzer-Ape” in proper style.

EXPRESSO Espresso Ape

Fresh pizza and delicious crepes complete the offer.

Firsche Pizza at the Scooter Customshow in Cologne

10. Scooter Center Customshow on May 6, 2017

With the coveted tickets to our international Scootershow do you save yourself queuing at the box office.

Order your personal admission ticket now. At the custom show, you can move smoothly past the queue at the ticket office like a VIP.

Admission ticket Scooter Customshow

Visitors only pay 5 euros to enter. Children and young people up to the age of 12 can come along for free and do not need an entrance ticket.


Register your scooter here for free for the Scooter Customshow and get free entry:

Brief overview of the program:

This will be presented to you on March 06.05.2017, XNUMX Scooter Center the big anniversary custom show. For the tenth time we are celebrating the best custom scooters at our custom show in the Adventure hall lime in Cologne.

  • Saturday, 06.05.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX
  • Opening times for visitors: 12 p.m. to 17 p.m.
  • Custom show for classic and automatic vehicles
  • Large private parts market
  • Fresh pizza, crepes, French fries & currywurst apes, espresso apes
  • live dj
  • Lots of prices, merchandise and bargains for visitors and exhibitors
  • Big trophy ceremony with moderation

All information about the custom show:

A small selection of exhibitor photos:

Update to the Customshow ROLLER REGISTER FOR THE SHOW We have optimized the registration for the Customshow: -> ALREADY REGISTERED? Have you already registered? Please check whether your registration arrived here: -> DEALERS / PARTS SALE Registration for dealer stands now possible: ->

Registration for the Scooter Customshow 2017

We have a little update for our custom show for you:

We have optimized the registration for the custom show:

Have you already registered? Please check whether your registration has arrived here:

Registration for dealer stands now possible:

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Scooter Customshow 2017 May 6th 2017

New date for Scooter Customshow 17 in Cologne

Because of several overlapping dates, we have the date of our big one Anniversary custom show postponed by one week:

New date: May 6, 2017

25 years Scooter Center let's celebrate now on Saturday 6th May 2017 on our 10th Scooter Customshow in Cologne.

Registration for the scooter custom show

Here you can use your scooter Scooter Custom Show 17 Sign in:

Tickets Customshow Cologne

Tickets will be available soon in Scooter Center Shop and at the box office on the first Saturday in May!

Scooter Customshow 2017 May 6th 2017

Scooter Customshow 2017 May 6th 2017


Scooter Custom Show 2018

New appointment Scooter Custom Show 17 : May 6, 2017

Just kidding!

The alleged flyers of the Scooter Center Scooter Custom Show 2017that we posted on Facebook in the last few days caused headshakes and confusion for many of you, and that's a good thing!

Of course, this parody of photo love stories was just for fun!

Who missed the strange campaign. Can look at the pictures here. But be careful - at your own risk:

Scooter Custom Show 2017

So here is the new flyer now! The new Scootershow website is already done - Registration is now possible! Customshow registration

Scooter Customshow 2017 May 6th 2017

It is going to be a party!

25 years Scooter Center – 10 years Scootershow

Of course the fun doesn't stop there, on the contrary! We look forward to a huge party with you!

So we would be happy if you took your old custom scooter out and put it off again. In the last few years we have often heard: “No, everyone already knows him” but the scene is growing every day and many are not Your customs scooter not yet - at least not live!

From today you can register with your scooter for our big anniversary custom show: Customshow registration 25 years Scooter Center and 10 Scooter Customshow in Cologne!

New in 2017

Customshow categories

We have revised the categories of the Customshow. In addition, when registering, you can optionally indicate where you are most likely to see your scooter without any obligation. You can find all information about the categories on the new one Customshow website

2 halls

With the custom show, we dared a novelty and for the first time presented classic and modern custom scooters together at a thoroughbred scooter custom show.

We are continuing to pursue this concept and want to mix the scooters more for the anniversary. That means it no separation will give more. Vespa and Lambretta should be on the cool skate ramps in addition to the scooter matics and automatic scooter customs should be mixed Stand on pedestals in the large halls with the Classic Scooters.


Now with delicious French fries, currywurst and more thanks to the iconic Ape food truck on the show.
Snack bar Ape Colognepicture of

Espress0 ape

Bella Italia: In keeping with style, we also serve the best Italian coffee from an ape.

espresso-ape-cologneespresso-ape-cologne-am-rhine espress-ape-koeln-insidepictures of ExpressoMobile


Delicious crepes are available from nice, otherwise Vespa driving, ladies from a great, classic sales van. We are really looking forward to it!

crepe weet and tiny Cologne


Scooter Center Customshow 2016 the video

Video Scooter Center Custom Show 2016

What a party! We recorded a 12 minute video here all day. We hope you like the video. Please give us a like and / or comment on the video on Youtube.

The Results the Scooter Customshow and many photos you find here Customshow 2016 photos

After the show is before the show - the preparations are already underway. 2017 will be a big year:

  • 25 years Scooter Center and
  • 10 years Scooter Center Custom show!

Scooter Center Customshow 2016 - No. 9

The video of Scootershow 2016 can be found here Custom show video 2016



On April 9th, 2016 the time had finally come again. The ninth custom show of the starts in the adventure halls in Cologne Scooter Centers.



In the most beautiful sunshine, almost 2.000 visitors come to admire well over a hundred exhibits that reflect the entire spectrum of the scooter scene.

The custom scooters are rounded off by the private parts market and dealer stands. The bar for the coming year was set very high and the unanimous tenor of visitors, exhibitors and the organizer is that this is the best of all SC custom shows so far.

The proportion of real custom scooters is also encouraging. Our friend Champ from the German scooter magazine puts it in a nutshell CLASSIC SCOOTERS:

“There was an impressive number of top scooters. It has been a custom show for a long time, which lived up to its name (and not just a classic car exhibition). "

There is no better way to put it. And the comeback of customs has been reminiscent of the weddings in the nineties. Scooters like the LEGIO X from Paul are definitely characteristic. The love that went into the details and the amount of work involved can be seen not least on the gold-plated rear bgm PRO Lambretta shock absorber.

The special charm is the mixture of the different styles.

From the hypothetical 1953 factory racer from the Hoffmann company by Andreas Nagy to one of the two existing 2-cylinder SX prototypes from Innocenti to the 80s dream ship from Yoleila, everything is represented.

A highlight is definitely the booth of our Italian friends from Parmakit, Casa Lambretta and the Rimini Lambretta Center. The Casa Performance catalog 2016 has its world premiere here and has been printed in an edition of 150 as a special edition for the custom show.

Vittorio Tessera from Casa Lambretta also likes the event: “You have prepared an incredible scooter show!”

The show is not limited to the exhibition halls. When the weather is beautiful, a hundred more scooters will be parked in front of the hall and there will be a lively exchange of ideas on the subject of tuning, restoration and optimization.


The bottom line is: great weather, great atmosphere and a successful start to the season that makes you want more!


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