Espresso Ape in Cologne on the Rhine

Good coffee is always possible: After setting up your scooter at the Custom Show. After the meal (Pizza, Hot-dog stand or Crepe) or just in between. Enjoy the most delicious coffee from the trained barista on our Scootershow 2018:

Best coffee from the espresso ape

At our Scooter Customshow, you will also be served the best Italian coffee, of course, from an ape.

Olaf was already with us last year with his “Expresso-Mobil”. The trained barista explains what makes a coffee a good coffee - it's not just the type that decides: "It has to have the right degree of grinding, be precisely dosed and then achieve a throughput speed of 25 seconds". Well then, enjoy it - enjoy the Scooter Customshow Cologne with us.
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Delicious crepes at the Scooter Customshow

After the delicious Stone oven pizza or the hearty snack on the Cult sausage roastery do you like something sweet? Or instead of pizza, french fries and sausage, would you prefer the delicious crêpes? Whatever you like:

Crêpes make you happy!

Delicious crepe from Happy crepe directly from the iconic APE or one of the great Citroen oldtimers - we let ourselves be surprised - the main thing is delicious!

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Delicious pizza from Pizza Prinzip at the Scooter Customshow Cologne

In our gastro range for Scooter Customshow Cologne we present to you today The pizza principle .

Delicious stone oven pizza at the Scooter Customshow

Which food goes better with the scooter than pizza? Therefore, a delicious pizza should not be missing on our Scooter Customshow this year! Especially not when the pizza comes fresh from the stone oven, is fully organic and freshly prepared with the most delicious ingredients right in front of your eyes ... bon appetit!

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Cheap pizza prices


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Tator snack at the Scooter Customshow Cologne

Gastronomy at the Scooter Custom Show

For our Scooter Custom Show we wish that all your 5 senses get their taste! The best custom scooters for the eyes. Finest music from our live DJ for the ears. Without end scooter parts for Touch and touch. Our food trucks take care of you fine taste on the tongue and a full stomach.

The whole show in one cool ambience with many nice people and friends. We hope that you will find yourself in this all-round carefree program for scooter riders really feel good and have a great time with us!

Here is our catering program

In the coming days we want to introduce you to the Custom Show's gastronomy. Everything for the palate, tongue and stomach. Drinks are again available from the nimble bar team in the adventure halls. We start with the legendary sausage roaster from the Rhine:

Metztgerei Vosen crime thriller

The Metztgerei Vosen became known with its Rheinbrücken sausage roasting shop in Cologne's Tatort.
Experience this cult snack at our custom show with delicious dishes straight from the butcher Vosen. You can of course also get the right Kölsch from us.

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