The day of the event had come and the SC team came to organize their stand with all the news and developments of the bgm.

We thank you all for taking the time for us.

Casa Performance Twin

The engine of the Casa Performance Twin was with ours #ScooterisWeekenderCologne at the premiere, but the test drive of this 250cc 76hp was done in front of all impressed eyes... what a nice Sound that from 14.000 rpm!!!

Lambreta on the road

Custom & Trade show

The scooters are true representatives of the eccentric personalities of the visitors to Meltdown in Kalkar, although we also saw some very nice O-Lacquers and Classics.


Real Scooterists in Kalkar

And if we can find a place that concentrates these unique Scooter stories, it's at the Scooterist Meltdown, where visitors from England, Germany, the Netherlands and many other places gather to surround themselves with 'normal' people.

Real SC Gallery

And while we'd love to tell the story of each one, we believe the photos speak for themselves.

Thanks Scooterists!
We hope to see you soon and see lots of photos of your new t-shirts on the networks ;)

…and the Scooterist Weekender Cologne was indeed an unforgettable weekend, it seems to us what happened when we see the pictures, it is true!
We want to share all of these memories with you, so enjoy!


The variety of ways to enjoy scootering is impressive and we see it from the hundreds of Real Scooteristswho took the time to visit us.

Even after 30 years we would like to thank you for being with us, for building this wonderful scene together! And we hope to see you for at least 30 more years!

It's in the details!

Scooters, scooters and more scooters!

Nighters with our DJ team

Let the corks pop and celebrate together!

Music provided by: Flappo, Michael Peltzer, Félix Dominguez, Michael Wink, Dynamic Eric, Bread Sinclair, Faulker Fuller, Leo Erns and Andi Aspossible.

Thank you to them and everyone who attended!


Your Scooter Center Team

And as you can imagine, we are very happy to function well as a team outside of the SC and to work so well together to spend some time with you. We hope to see you again soon!

Thanks to our photographers:

Crisis Studio®

& Zoe Leon

It's almost been a month since our weekend party, but we're still totally thrilled that you all came and made the event what it was: A huge custom show highlight with a consistently great atmosphere in every respect ! The complete Scooter Center Team says: THANK YOU!!!

After presenting the winning scooters of the custom show here, today we will show you which clubs, aftermarket dealers, influencers, youtubers, magazines and of course dealers and workshops have come to Cologne. Here, too, we politely curtsey and say: THANK YOU!


Bella Ig

2004 since the Bella IG a registered association with the purpose of enabling the preservation, restoration and care of historic scooters from the Zündapp works.

The Bella-IG was founded in 1984 by two Bella enthusiasts. Together with its sister clubs in Great Britain and North America, it now has over 250 members. The "Bella Family" runs a colorful club life with the club magazine, forum, supply and replenishment of Bella parts and the annual Bella meeting organized by IG members in different regions. 

Hidden power

Not only because of the local proximity, we have a particularly good relationship with the club founded in 1990 as Hidden Power Scooter Club Hagen. It emerged from the Hagen Modvereinigung, which was founded in 1986 Volme Parka Society Hagen.
The custom shows organized by Hagen at the beginning of the 2000s set standards that we were happy to use as a guide. With the holidays in
Sauerland, the HiH then also set standards in the run calendar. 


Celtic Roller Club

Another traditional club from northern Germany whose club stand made us very happy. Founded in 1994 and always at the forefront. At the custom show, the guys across from our bar served ice-cold circulatory stimulants on the rocks with their Jägermeister machine. There were also three trophies for the scooters they brought along.


Lambretta Club Espana

Felix is ​​a real jack of all trades and as such also president of the Spanish Lambretta Club! Words are really not enough to describe his zest for action and inventiveness! At our weekender he threw himself on the stand of the Spanish Lambretta Club, offered his wonderful book about the Serveta / Lambretta production in Spain and let the small 45s circling out of his record cases on both nights. 

Lambretta Club Germany

Lambretta Club Germany gives you SX appeal. If we have to explain, you wouldn't understand! The usual sympathetic appearance, here in the picture parts of the always cheerful former board member. 

Minus screwdriver

Only a few days left until the 30th anniversary of the minus wrench with drag races as part of the DBM and Nighter in Worpswede. CLICK! With the club name you have to have a sense of humor and be personable! 

minus screwdriver facebook 

Scoot Devils

Christian and Ronny from Scoot-Devils SC Seevetal brought two rollershop Zirri demonstrators to our last Open Day. BLOG. The two brought a prominently owned Scauri racer to the custom show.

Greetings to Mathias Scherer ;-) We're curious to see what Christian and Ronny will present as the next project. 

Scootdevils Fb

Game room

Self Description: "Metal nonsense, mostly on 10 inches." Beautiful North German understatement! What's rolling out here, qualitatively and quantitatively, is just sick shit from another planet. 

Playroom Fb

Spirit of Scooterist 84

Marieke and Marcus have been hyper-active in the German and English scooter scene since the 84s. The '90' ​​in the name refers to the year the Scooterboy cult exploded and has grown in popularity since the XNUMX's. As the organizer of Scooterist Meltdown they have established an international event completely outside of the well-known run calendar in February. Registrations are open ;-) 

Half past the bar

…is in the Scooterszene is a popular slogan to meet friends and like-minded people at an open time on a run or niter and toast together with a cold drink. The resulting organization of the same name takes care of scooterists who have had an accident and – in the worst case – their dependents who are in need. Because some will never be at the bar again at half past.

Vandalizing drool heads Ostholstein


One of the first clubs in Germany. Founded in Lübeck in 1986, they started a run on Pentecost that same year, which was based on the English rallies and became a complete success and the start of a movement. Here, too, the club could probably equip a complete custom show alone with the club's own scooters.

VsrcHL Fb


Vesbeachi is the all-brand tin scooter meet-up on the beach. The Jelto organizes this and it was a super popular meeting right from the start. The second round will be held at the beginning of October on the beach of Beachclub Nethen and, by popular request, will be extended by one evening. He advertised the Vesbeachi a little with us and if you don't have your tickets yet, you can get help here ->

Vespa Club Germany

The Vespa Club of Germany eV (VCVD for short) has been around for almost as long as the Vespa has been inspiring the world.
The oldest Vespa clubs in Germany were founded in 1950. The voluntary Vespa Club of Germany is the umbrella organization of the official German Vespa clubs. If you add up the number of drivers organized there, then the Vespa Club of Germany represents the
Interests of over 4.000 Vespa friends and is therefore one of the largest brand clubs in Germany, so we were happy about the visit of the VCVD. 

Vespa boys Colonia

The Vespa Jungs Colonia are an association of Cologne Vespisti who tackle joint activities related to Vespas. The group is really big and the trips together are legendary. 


Shaggy Zossen

The Zottel Zossen Scooter Association has been around for 33 years and they have set up a number of runs, nighters and custom scooters during this time. You could probably easily set up your own custom show with their customs. That's not the only reason why it was a great honor for us that they came with a lot of cutlery and set up the two largest club stands together with the playroom. 


Parts market

Lambretta finder

The Sam hit the nail on the head with its business name. With more than 60 used Lambrettas and Vespas in stock in 2840, Rumst, Belgium. If you need or are interested, just contact us mail.


scooter station

Thilo & Sebastian

Magazines & Youtube Channels

Tin companions

In addition to his YouTube channel, Timo also has an online shop with selected products that he presented to us. Timo's fairly successful and well-made YouTube channel is all about Vespas. Whether individual conversions, restorations, repairs or tuning. Of course you will also find tutorials on all topics including all sheet metal work or tuning tips. This one Link to YT

Savage Scooters

Savage Scooters is fully committed to PX customizing and tuning. The Kevin knocks out super customs non-stop and his latest work is the CUDA. In addition to Kevin's own scooters, he also had a number of exhibits from his custom calendar project at the start. Kevin introduces customs, shops and everything to do with our scene on his YouTube channel.


The Scootering Magazine is the cult magazine from England. Scootering has been published continuously since 1985. Monthly news about customs, restorations, conversions, reviews, technical insights and backgrounds and a deep insight into the scooter scene make Scootering so worth reading. In the current October issue there is also a feature about our weekender.

Scooter Nova

When Andy told us about his plan to publish a print magazine at the Eurolambretta 2016 in Geiselwind, we frowned. And they were completely wrong. ScooterNova has firmly established itself as an independent scooter magazine. ScooterNova Magazine is mega-appealing both in terms of content and aesthetics. The focus is on Lambretta and Vespa scooters, but occasionally there are also reports on DKR, Ducati, IWL, Maico, Moto Rumi, Peugeot, Zundapp and other old scooters. With own words: "Produced in the UK, ScooterNova is a magazine we as scooterists are proud to put our name to, and a magazine that readers are proud to keep on their coffee table." Become!.


If you are into the topic of Modern Vespa and GTS, you will be interested in the Scooteria Youtube channel from Marc can not avoid . His love for Vespas and Lambrettas started as a mod in the late 70's, early 80's! And the influence is still clearly visible today. Together with the Cafe Racer 69 they drove to the custom show on their GTS Customs from Berlin!

Brands & Traders

We would love to introduce each of the thirty exhibitors in detail and all the highlights, special features, services and world firsts presented. Unfortunately, since this is beyond the scope, there are only a few highlights from the engine area. 

tin frind!

Cafe Racer 69

Crazy Monkey Development

Casa performance

Casa Performance / Rimini Lambretta Center of course stole the show with the world premieres announced well in advance. At 15:2 p.m. sharp, Mickey and Lorenzo unveiled and started their new XNUMX-cylinder on stage. After years of development work, it was a pretty good moment with potential for goosebumps for the two of them and many others.

More about the engine at SLUK written by the sticky

Rimini Lambretta

Flying Classics



king wave



Nagy tin roller



Pinasco has a full 251cc Smallframe engine presented. An old acquaintance is used as the cylinder, the cylinder based on the T5 design with a 73 mm bore and 60 mm stroke, which we already know from the PX motor set know CLICK. The test phase of the engines has been completed and another engine concept will soon be available Smallframe- Ring left. 

PCL Corse




roller sack



Now comes a little advertising on our own behalf. Development work on a new bgm Cylinder was completed in time for the show. And so, among other things, we presented the development work at our bgm stand.

The cylinder is for all MotoVespa 160 engines and can either be piston-controlled or driven with an additionally available diaphragm suction device. This means that the MotoVespa engines can finally be given a contemporary power output without having to install another engine directly.

Due to the 125 driver's license regulation, the cylinder will also be available with a downscaled bore.

The new cylinder series is rounded off by a tuning cylinder for the Vespa GS 150. More about that here soon! 

Superb Lambrettas

Super Lui Tom

Stoffi's garage


Wolke xnumx


Thanks to our photographers:

Crisis Studio®

& Zoe Leon


Take a look at the winners and their scooters who took the medals in each category at the Scooterist Weekender.

Best of all - Scooterist's Weekender


Spectator's choice

1st place: Enzo for Marius Haller

V50 – “V200RS”


Quattrini C200 housing, Quattrini crankshaft 56,5mm stroke, Quattrini M200 cylinder, head machined - compression 11,5:1, exhaust FalkR M200 Touring, Crimaz CM5 clutch with multispring (6 springs), Bordi Corse clutch cover - fully hydraulic, Crimaz Grand Tour gearbox , Crimaz 28/67 primary, Overrev repair kit springs, Overrev ignition, KR Automation air number 12, LUZ 3D intake rubber, Smartcarb SC38, Marchald air filter 100×65, electronic Mitsubishi fuel pump

Painting: Porsche Miami Blue.

special parts: Carbon flip-tail, fully hydraulic disc brakes front and rear, fully hydraulic clutch, Superlow fork, Stage6 High-Low suspension, Polini Evolution rims 2,5×10, Hyperpro steering damper.

Thanks to: Enzo (!!!), Trisi, Tom and many others

2nd place: Kevin Wintergreen


Conversions: Replica of the Baracuda by Christian Clerici - Motorsport Rennwagen

Engine: 221 Malossi Sport

Painting: Airbrush


3rd place: Rene Roe's “RR custom”

Malaguti F12

special parts: Bluetooth controlled electronics Engine: Evo70 mineralli Painting: Candy Green + Airbrush Work

Best Vespa Largeframe (pre-P)

1st place: Tessa Abraham

Vespa rally

The inspiration for the name of the scooter goes back to Tessa seeing the scooters from Burnley and Pendle Scooter Club riding round the town where she lived and that scooter Club had the patch inspired from the trials of the Pendle Witches in 1612. The 70s and the scooter scene back then are the inspiration and that is also the reason why a Vespa Rally 180 with electronic ignition had been chosen. With Tessa's and Lee's connections they traced down info about how the period scooters of the Burnley and Pandle scooters looked, had been painted, what accessories had been fitted and even reproduced the wooden rear shield and club patches.

Built-by: Lee Abraham

Engine: Malossi 210

Painted by Gary Cooper @ MD Machine

2nd place: Zdesing


3rd place: Timo Pargmann for Jörg Hartmann


Zottel Zossen Scooter Association

Loom: Streamline seat with ZZ logo
Front disc brake Worb 5 fully hydraulic
LED rear light in org housing
SIP speedo
Completely laid DC electrics.

Engine: 252cc Quattrini.
Power 30hp and 36NM at 5800 rpm.

Paint: The rally was completely brushed for the first time in 2004 by the company Doppelpack. The basis is a flip flop lacquer. In 2020-2022 the paintwork was refurbished and further brushed. Gold leaf is incorporated into the lacquer. All attachments are either 24k gold plated or covered with gold leaf.

Best Vespa P range

1st place: Marc Weritz 

Vespa Px

Club BlechChaoten Rheingau

Tags: Cut and reinforced frame, Lambretta fork, drop bar, wide tires, BGM chassis, front/rear disc brakes

Engine:BFA 306 / 54Ps/52Nm /FalKR BFA 306 exhaust (custom made)

Paint: Porsche livery.

Self-made parts: Everything designed and manufactured in-house! CNC brake drum (designed for more than 400Nm torque) with interchangeable calottes for KR drive shaft or original toothing! Rear disc brake for BFA (internal) with self-developed brake caliper! Lambretta double disc brakes in front with 2x BGM calipers. 3D printed fender with integrated brake lines! Self-made CNC speedometer with Koso DB02... There's a lot more, but it's best to admire it yourself or contact me :-) Or Instagram #berndworscht

2nd place: Lars Kruse

Zottel Zossen Scooter Association

PX 225 Street Racer – Bj. 1982

Loom: M handlebars, Lambretta fork, self-made disc brakes front and rear, fully hydraulic

Engine:  Power about 35
Motor Malossi housing,
Malossi MHR 57,
60s bell shaft,
carburetor 30mm,
ignition vape,
Nordspeed exhaust with rear silencer under the side hood, PS.

3rd place: Elmar Grünert 


Best Vespa Wideframe

1st place: Marcel Schnee

Vespa GS3

Tags:Handlebar, seat built-in

Engine: Px200 engine with 210cc Malossi ,S&S exhaust.

painting: Modifications made by my own hand

2nd place: playroom

Vespa VL2T - The Stray Bullet

Tags: Homemade spoke wheel, disc brake with Stage 6 caliper and anti-dive.

Engine: Motorized with 177 Quatrini, 60 mm long stroke shaft and 28 Keihin PWK on membrane. 22.0 hp / 26.3 Nm under 6.000 rpm.

3rd place: Andreas Spiller 

Vyatka VP 150 – Evil Igor


Vyatka VP 150 – Evil Igor

Tags: Tank below Vjatka above Sei Giorni Style, fenders offset for tires and headlights integrated, Acma saddle offset, rear light conversion to full LED, beautiful rim lighting for presentation purposes, controls installed in a copper arrangement, of course the well-known carburettor interior lighting, various fork adjustments and a lot amore

Engine: PX with 172 Quattrini, 57 Mazzu shaft, 30 Polini carburetor, 22/64 BGM Superstrong on BGM 200 gearbox with Benelli secondary shaft 3 short 4 ultra short, pipe design Bullet with chic 265mm silencer at the bottom.

painting: '61 O paint mostly

Special parts: 13 / 12 inch prototype rims milled from the solid on self-made adapter, Ottopuntouno front brake system, SKR fork, Motogadget speedometer, button, aluminum mirror and indicators in connection with Axel Joost control, LSL handlebar assembly, and certainly a lot more that I don't have right now know more ;-)

Thanks to: Superkölle, Blechmann 74 and Bussy Wassereis

Best Vespa Smallframe

1st place: Marius Haller

V50 – “V200RS”

2nd place: Christian Schroeder 

Scauro Mathias Scherer

Loom: Matthias Scherer bought the engine along with the cooler, hoses, water pump, etc. and installed it in the current frame.
The complete vehicle had then completed a number of acceleration races along with test bench runs and scooter meetings.
I was lucky enough to be able to purchase the almost complete vehicle in a disassembled state three years ago.
At the beginning of 2022 Ronny and I (Scoot Devils/Smallframe-Factory) then started to restore them in such a way that it corresponds to the current DBM rules, it was clear to us from the start that the Scauri/Scherer belonged back on the track.
So we had to make a few cuts and couldn't restore it quite like the two Rollershops.
But I think we managed to maintain a high recognition value.


Engine: Cylinder Polini for the Cagiva SST (piston controlled)
Water-cooled head
Stroke 51 mm
Bore 57 mm
About 135 ccm
34 Dellorto
Scary exhaust
6V electronic Motoplat ignition
4 gearbox
The entire engine was built by Stefano Scauri about 30 years ago. The housing and cylinders were extreme
edited by Stefano. He was absolutely thrilled that this engine still existed and immediately offered his help that it was one of the very first engines he had built.
This engine was then rebuilt by Stefano in 2022 using today's materials and is absolutely suitable for quarter miles.

3rd place: Ferdinand Baratella


Conversions: Zip SP fork shortened, KR brake and rim in front, completely exposed O paint, custom seat based on Ancillotti, etc.

Motor: Quattrini M200, Egig Boa Down & Forward one-off, Dellorto 39 VHSB carburetor.

Painting: O-Lacquer freed from 4 coats of 2K lacquer.

Thanks to: Vespower By Baratella, Fraternati SC

Best Modern Vespa

1st place: MarcCollins


  • Front shock absorbers: BGM Pro SC/F16 Competition
  • Rear shock absorber BGM PRO SC/R1 SPORT
  • Front luggage rack - Moto Nostra
  • Horn with compressor • Kübler Speedwheel
  • Front and rear brake calipers - PORCO NERO POWER 2.0
  • Rizoma ventilation grille
  • Vespa GTS HQ rear luggage rack
  • Rims Vespa 946
  • Oil pan with sight glass by Buchsenfuchs glossy black
  • LED indicators Moto Nostra
  • Speedometer insert Moto Nostra
  • Swingarm cover Moto Nostra
  • Seat with seat heater – seat doctor
  • Custom cruiser windshield
  • Vario cover painted black
  • Cuppini bumper fender
  • Mirror short Moto Nostra
  • Brake lever chrome BGM Pro CNC
  • Exhaust system ARROW E4
  • Wave brake disc front & rear

Color: Porsche Miami Blue (2019) full paint job

Special parts:

  • Rims & tires 13 inch Miami Blue
  • Rizoma air intakes
  • Fender Zellioni reworked to 13″
  • BGM chassis front & rear
  • Brembo 4 piston racing brake system in front.
  • Wave brake disc front & rear
  • Side rails black OEM, luggage hook BGM Alu CNC
  • Bracket black powder coat
  • Footpegs black high-gloss compacted
  • Variator cover painted
  • Oil pan black high-gloss compacted
  • Speedometer frame Vespa Notte
  • Sport lever aluminum CNC black, handles Moto Nostra
  • Bar end weight Mini
  • Rear light LED Power 1 3in1 brake/indicator/rear light
  • License plate self-illuminating (LED foil)
  • License plate offset with cover RIZOMA painted
  • Horn with compressor
  • Modification variator JCosta
  • Clutch Dr Pulley HIT
  • Cylinder & Piston Malossi
  • Kevla belt Malossi, spark plug iridium
  • Exhaust REMUS Dual Flow

2nd Place: Micha - Caferacer69

Martini Racing – Vespa GTS300 Super HPE Year 2019 ABS / ASR

3rd place: Carola – Caferacer69

Corsa Italia - Vespa GTS300 SuperSport Year 2018 ABS / ASR

Color: Tricolori

Modification: Variator JCosta, air filter, Kevlarbelt Malossi
• Clutch Dr Pulley HIT clutch
• Malossi Tourqe Master
• Malossi Cylinder Kit + Malossi V4 Head
• ECU tuning adapted to engine.

• Bodywork blinkers, rear lights welded shut
• Front fender Zellioni metal
• ARROW E4 exhaust system
• Rims & tires 12 inch Vespa 946
• Tires HEIDENAU K80
• Rear light indicator brake station wagon Kellermann Ato
• Front indicators Kellermann BL2000 Dark handlebar end indicators
• BGM Pro SC/F16 Competition front gas pressure
• BGM Pro SC/R1Sport rear
• Brembo 4 piston racing brake system in front
• Wave brake disc front & rear
• Black side rails, BGM Alu CNC luggage hooks
• Luggage rack, black, short
• Black footpegs
• Variomatic cover & oil pan black
• Vario cap “300 RIZOMA” – Oil dipstick RIZOMA
• Speedometer frame, Sport lever, Moto Nostra grips
• Front headlight H4 Daymaker (Phillips)
• Horn with compressor

Best automatic

1st place: Thomas Schulz

2nd place: Rene Ellenberger


3rd place: Thomas Schulz

Best Lambretta dl/GP

1st place: Paul Rieck

Legio X GP200 Lambretta 

Tags: Legio X. Monza 240, airbrush, engraving, gilding, many individual parts self-made. Revised since the last SC custom show

Engine: Legio X Monza 240, liedesholm clutch, BGM ignition, shaft, shock absorber. 34mm Dellorto, franspeed supertourer.

Painting: Legio X, airbrushed, overall English custom design. 

2nd place: Martin Z

JohnnyLove Motorsports #7

Engine: The engine tuning is based around a TS1 ported by Tobi from Nordspeed-Racing. And is rounded off by a Mikuni 35, bgm crankshaft and The Scooter Republic TSR exhaust

PaintingAfter two decades in matt-schwatt, Maddin from the Kelten Rollerclub Ostholstein has rebuilt its dl 150 with a super successful paint finish.

3rd place: Doc (Best Christian) 

Lambretta DL 125, year 69


  • Targatwin 275
  • 2in2 exhaust wrapped
  • -MR silencer
  • -Bergspeed membrane conversion
  • -CP Smoothmaster clutch
  • -CP Cyclone 5 transmission
  • -CP Multispline main shaft and drum
  • -CP chain tensioner
  • -CP gear cover
  • -Salemspeed CNC exhaust port

37 hp at 8574 rpm
31 Nm at 8170 rev

-10° drop
-LTH disc brake with 2in1 pump housing fully hydraulic
-BGM dampers front and rear
-BGM springs in front
-BGM stainless steel rim in front
-MB fork links
-Sava MC 35 S racer tires
-Ancillotti Bench Handmade
- XXL tank

Best Lambretta Series 3

1st place: Flappo Topp Mod

SX 200 / SST 265 Bj. 67

Robert Eder, who is better known all over Europe as a top '60s Mod DJ as Flappo, has been a dedicated Lambretta enthusiast since 1986, and owns this late '68 Innocenti Lambretta SX200 since the early '90s. After being one of his work horses for many years, he got one of the super-duper Rimini Lambretta restorations on this bike ready for our weekender. It is based on a two-tone paint scheme to combine a classic '60s look, along with modern technology that is build around a Casa Performance SST265 engine with all other goodies from the hi-flyers of Casa Performance.


2nd place: Christian 'Schniedel' Schnieder

time Machine

80's old school custom

Engine:Cylinder 225 Stage4, GP crankshaft, 34 Amal carburettor, electronic ignition, Mikeck exhaust

PaintingVW Golf2 Fire and Ice Purple, Gold Leafing and Pinstripes by Alexander Henkemeier AHA-Design Bielefeld.

engravings by Don Blocksidge, Pete Robinson. Chrome, Gold and Pike Nuts.

Thanks to: Jens Kruse, AHA Design, Jetson's Lambretta Club

Best Lambretta Series 1 & 2

1st place: Mad Farmer

TV 175 Series / BSG305

This TV175 Series 2 was finished in time by Rimini Lambretta Center for the Weekender. Their customer 'Mad Farmer' requested a 60's Custom scooter, with a huge modern slant. So combined is a RLC resto' but with lots of his ideas that needed to bring to life. Basically the paintjob goes along the lines of a 60's racing car in Aston Martin colours, Lambretta logos reworked with a 'Norton' font, centrally mounted hinged tank and a BSG305 engine to power the show. Both petrol tanks are custom made and are linked. The 39mm Dell'Orto carb on a BSG engine has an unusual exit point (behind the kickstart side engine mount) and an extended toolbox has been made to give a few more liters. Too many details to list them all here like Serveta Wintermodel mudguard with chrome crest to match with the paintjob, magic and secret Lucas brackets for legshield fitting, mechanically Rev Counter has started, lots of bling bling treatment and list goes on…

2nd place: Robert.ball

The Eclipse

Lambretta: reg RCA 447B, 1964 series 2, Mugglelo 240,5 speed 

Bob Ball's Eclipse Lambretta is obviously inspired by music and lowrider looks. It combines the 50's American lowrider look with a paint theme based on 'The Eclipse' the first legal all-night 'Rave' club. It all started in 2016 with an API Li150 Series 2 that was used as a blank canvas to create a one-off scooter. The panel work and modifications alone would go beyond the frame. 

So if you want to know. tHe complete story check this scootering backissue:

3rd place: Darren Creek

LI series 1

Tags: Water cooling, aluminum tank/airbox, exhaust + some more.

Motor: Casa is 265 fully water-cooled mb 5 speed, Aupuff conversion for torque.

special parts: Water cooling routing/funnel airbox conversion to spanish fenders double disc brake.

Thanks to: Myself, all work by owner.

Best Non Italian

1st place: Matthias Henze

FAKA Commodore

Fahrzeugwerke Kannenberg (FAKA) from Salzgitter-Bad
Type: Commodore
Year: 1955
This rare scooter (9 pieces are still known worldwide) impresses with its unusual design (comes from the world-famous designer Louis L. Lepoix) and also offers extravagance under the sheet metal dress.

Motor: ILO M 200 V (197 ccm; 9,5 hp; 4-speed gearbox; Siba Dynastarter)
Technical features (selection):

A fully hydraulic integral braking system from ATE, a powertrain swing arm made from electron cast (magnesium) with a central spring behind the nozzle and a number of other things demonstrate exceptional technical standards.
• Front fork with double tube telescopic fork and one-sided cast magnesium wheel carrier
• Cockpit with speedometer, timer, idle, high beam and charge indicator light
Details of the vehicle on display
• one of 9 worldwide known Commodore (around 500 were only built)
• The vehicle is in its original condition (incl. O paint)
• Conservational restoration with the greatest possible preservation of the substance
• the only Commodore that drives, is TÜV approved and has O paint

Conclusion: The Commodore is factory custom. Ordinary is neither external nor internal. It impresses with its unusual design and also offers extravagance under the bodywork.

The engine in this 1955 Commodore is an ILO M200 V with an electric dynastarter. 

2nd place: Michael Seifert Playroom


3rd place: Moritz Nagy

Acma V56 with 18hp SuperSlave on 190cc Pinasco