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Scooterist Weekender Cologne 2022 – Custom Scooter – Part 2!

We also thought it was time for an update on our Scooterist Weekender in Cologne in the SC Blog.

You can register your scooter at

A first part of registered custom scooters was available here CLICK! And today the concentrated second part and there is more to come!

We post news almost every day in our Facebook event:

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Scooterist Weekender Cologne 2022 – small custom scooter teaser!

From September 2nd to 3rd, 2022 there will be our big weekender in Cologne. You can find the full program and registration options for your scooter at
Here in the blog there is a small intermediate status about the scooters that have registered and have already been presented in our Facebook event: tuned! 

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David Batschi from AT HALF AT THE BAR

We have already reported on UM HALB AT THE BAR. Daniel Drescher sits in the middle of the network and has an overview and coordinates the campaigns and fundraising throughout Germany, should the worst come to the worst.
We have been trying to support him in this for some time and are deeply impressed by Daniel's tireless commitment.

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Custom show SugarBees Augsburg 2022

After the Red Berets SC custom show had to be postponed to April 23.04.2022, XNUMX due to Corona, the ladies from Crazy Bumble Bees SC and Zuckerpuppen RK officially opened the season with their custom show followed by a nighter.

Due to our somewhat further journey, we will of course start on Friday. ...

Breaking News – SIL Lambretta factory close to be demolished

The end of an era is very near to come. There had been rumors in 2019 about the closure of the Scooters India Limited in 2019, in January 2021 it was official that the Indian cabinet made the decision for closing SIL indeed.

What was Scooters India Limited?

The SIL company took over the rights and tools ...

Bye Bye 2021 - Hello 2022

Scooterists Weekender Cologne 2022

Bye Bye 2021 - Hello 2022

Another year marked by the Corona Ups and Downs is drawing to a close and we say thank you! Thank you for your loyalty, your support and for sharing our common hobby! An exciting year is over and we are looking forward to 2022!

In 2022 we will be celebrating our 30th anniversary and...

Business partners for almost three decades - friends for life

Ulf Schröder and Oliver Kluger

Oliver Kluger leaves the Scooter Center .
Ulf Schröder continues what we have built up together.
It's the year 1992. In the central organ of the German-speaking scooter scene - the Motoretta - there is a message that Oliver will now officially run the scooter and parts trade professionally. He is not only known for his Vespa GS/4 ...

That too is Casa Lambretta - Part 2 The Museo Scooters & Lambretta

The Museo Scooters & Lambretta is located above the business premises of Casa Lambretta. In an inconspicuous building with an exposed aggregate concrete finish, Vittorio Tessera has created a collection that is unique in terms of the quantity and, above all, the quality of the scooters on display.

Founded in 2001 on its original site with the support of the City of Rodano…

This is Casa Lambretta - Part 1 What or who is Casa Lambretta?

Teachers and students

Part 1: What or who is Casa Lambretta?
That can be answered relatively soberly. Vittorio Tessera founded Casa Lambretta in 1980 to improve the supply of spare parts for the Lambretta. At a time when the Lambretta is treated like an absolute stepchild, and not just in Italy. Almost forty years later, the Lambretta is more popular...

Lambretta footboard stripes from Casa Lambretta

Plan / drawing for baseboards original Innocenti Lambretta

Casa Lambretta footboard strip sets Li family
The supply of spare parts for the Lambretta is probably better today than it has been for fifty years. The range of parts from various manufacturers is getting bigger and more colorful.

We remember with horror the supply of spare parts at the time we did it Scooter Center started in 1992. Even if the…

Lambretta seat covers from Casa Lambretta

Casa Lambretta Lambretta bench cover

Made in Italy: handmade bench covers by Casa Lambretta
We have been working very closely with Vittorio Tessera from Casa Lambretta for many years. Our cooperation is based on a friendly relationship and a love for the vehicles from Milan.

Casa Lambretta produces Lambretta parts for the Li family (Li, TV, LiS, GT, SX, dl and GP) the small Lambrettas...

Casa Lambretta Racing Team successful with bgm PRO parts

bgm PRO tuning parts from the Casa Lambretta racing team

Lambretta Racing

We supply the Casa Lambretta Racing Team of Vittorio Tessera with a selection of our high quality bgm PRO Lambretta products.

The racing team is very successful and is currently scooping up all the prizes across Europe. We are pleased that we can contribute to this with the bgm parts. The following parts are included…


Bargain hunt at the Novegro parts market

Novegro Vespa GS

Legendary classic car parts market in Italy
From November 6th to 8th, 2015, the parts market for mainly scooters and bicycles took place in Novegro again. Officially advertised as a market for cars, motorcycles, bicycles and spare parts and accessories for the same, the focus of the 64th Mostra Scambio is clearly on the scooter and bicycle sector.

In addition to the prospect of bargains lure ...


Scooter Center goes Italy - 4 Casa Lambretta & Lambretta Museum

Lambretta Museum Casa Lambretta Vittorio Tessera Itlaia

Lambretta, Lambretta, Lambretta ...
This is the fourth and last part of our trip to Italy:

1. Rimini Lambretta Center 20th Anniversary Open Day / Rimini
2. Try Cromate Scooter Club Ride Out / Rimini
3. Polini factory tour / Bergamo
4. Casa Lambretta and Lambretta Museum visit / Milan

After the morning for the Vespa drivers at Polini, there was the compensation program in the afternoon...


Exhaust test Lambretta bgm PRO Clubman on TS1 - part 2

Exhaust test Scooter Center Lambretta TS1 touring vs TS1 race tour tuned

Today we put a TS1 tuned by MB Development RaceTour to the test.
The trunk engine was the same as in the first part of our test.
The cylinder has been redesigned by Mark Broadhurst himself, equipped with Tassinari V-Force, MB forged pistons and a moderately compressed head. The Mikuni TMX30 carburetor was still used, the following was tested:

TS1 from Test1 …