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Scooterist Meltdown 2024 10th Anniversary

The first February weekend of the year is an absolute one
Mandatory appointment for everyone Real Scooterist at. The scooterist Meltdown in Kalkar
is an all-inclusive weekender in a class of its own. Depending on what is booked
Packages range from five days to just one nighter or the big one
Custom and dealer show on Saturday.

The program is designed in the best Scooterist tradition. Friday from 20 p.m. and
The nighter starts on Saturday at 19 p.m. In 3 locations (Main Room,
Indie Room & Ska Bar) can dance at its best until 3.00 a.m
Northern Soul, R'n'B, Ska, Reggae, Madchester & Brit Pop as well as Alternative
Tunes can be swung. You can also chill out in the hotel bar or

Bands on both Friday and Saturday round off the program.


On Saturday there is traditionally the big custom and trade show during the day.
And this year the framework is complete with 70 exhibitors from all over Europe
blown up. There has never been so much going on and we can judge it quite well
We were able to attend nine out of ten Meltdowns with our SC stand.

We were able to spend the day with around 2.000 visitors, customers and friends
exchange the hottest news and the latest gossip from the scene. And one
It's already clear: next year is definitely booked!


a lot of
Thanks and congratulations to the Scooterist of 84 crew on turning ten! 

Converting a lui 50 to lui 75 specification – with dyno testing of Casa's 80 cc and CP's ONE05 kits

The lui range is not just a ground-breaking design, it is also a hell of a lot of fun to ride. At least as long as the engine is not to original specs. The original 50 cc engine is a pain with 1.5 hp at the crankshaft and a top speed said to be 38.5 km/h / 24 mph.

Compared to the lui 50 the 75 models are a much more grown up affair. The big headlight unit with hi and low beam, a rear brake light and other features make it look much more grown up. And also work like that.

Thanks to the hype and craze about the lui range probably started with the first Lui Dolomiti Experience the spare and tuning part situation is better than ever. And you can easily turn your 50 into the specs of the 75 one.

For more details here is the model history for both models in one link:

We started a wish list with the major components to carry the conversion out:

Also in this listing is the new Casa Lambretta 80 cc kit. We did something on that before ->


Finally, we had it on the dyno with the SH20 original carb, air filter box and the lui 75 original exhaust. The SH20 was jetted like this for best performance and reliability:

Main jet:             65
Idle jet:                48
Atomiser:            5899-5

A very good result with the Innocenti prototype turned into reality by Casa Lambretta. Especially considering this test earlier with the 75 cc cylinder kit give a maximum of 4.9 hp at the rear wheel. At here we have on a fresh -not settled in- engine and kit 5.5 hp straight away. 

If you fancy more power on a 50 cc or 75 cc lui engine the Casa Performance ONE05 kit is the way to go. We also tested it with on the lui 75 with original exhaust and the SH20 carb.

With the standard 75 air filter box the jetting of the SH20 was:

Main jet:             76
Idle jet:                45
Atomiser:            5899-5

With a modified 75 air filter to 6T's Tuning Manual spec the jetting of the SH20 was:

Main jet:             85
Idle jet:                50
Atomiser:            5899-5

And on the dyno with the later setup it looked like this:

So some choices here and we have -sadly- not yet tested the ONE35 kit!

So stay tuned!

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Back with a bang! Scooter Rally Toscano – Isola d'Elba 2024 – 3/5 May

Rumors had been circulating for some time that the Green Onions would return to Elba in 2024! In mid-November the time had come and it was finally official! The international Rally will take place on the beach of Morcone near Capoliveri on the first weekend of May. Below is the official information from our friend Gegio from Scooterismo.it, including recommendations for accommodation.

Here is a small picture gallery from 2007 from the Scooter Center archives. Including the presentation of the first bgm products and the back as new Lambretta catalog. 

Scooter Rally Toscano 2024

Morcone Bay – Isle of Elba – 3/5 May 2024 – Back with a bang!

For the people involved into classic scooters during the last 20 years the name Scooter Rally Toscano stands for one of the most important events in Europe! The youngest ones meanwhile can only dream about it hearing the tales from the veterans….

However, for everyone the wait is finally over! The Original Scooter Rally Toscano Organized by Green Onions Scooter Club with a little partnership from Scooterismo.it is back with a bang!

When? From 3 to 5 May 2024!

Where? @ Mandel Club – Morcone Bay – Capoliveri – Isle of Elba (LI)ud.it


Imagine the daily ferries to the Isle of Elba from Piombino overwhelmed by hundreds Scooterists from all over Europe, hundreds of Vespa and Lambretta parked towards the beach of Morcone or buzzing around the breathtaking streets around Capoliveri!

Beers and food stalls directly on the rally site, all-day long beach dj set + 2 All-Nighters @ Mandel Club with the best Italian Selecters in Soul, Jamaican and Scooterist's finest sounds, market area with records, spare parts, vintage and classic streetwear clothes & accessories.

custom show for the best scooters and massive prizes for the winners, a raffle and The Cleopatras live concert on the beach!

Choose between more then 10 accommodation facilities with special prices: hotel, camping, bungalow, B&B or apartments (see the list below and ask for Scooter Rally Toscano Discount)!

Plus Saturday massive scooter run, free ride-out and partner restaurants for your best Scooter Rally Toscano experience!

IMPORTANT! Pre-Registration will be available very soon and until 31 March 2024 on the official website: www.scooterrallytoscano.it !

It includes the complete Scooter Rally Toscano package at a discounted price, only 30€ instead of 33€, and the exclusive features are:

Friday and Saturday all-nighter tickets, Official rally patch, Weekend wristband for rally site entrance, Saturday scooter run and will give access to special prices for ferry's tickets!

Then, no worries, it is possible to subscribe directly on the Rally site with standard prices!


More info TBA!

FB: Green Onions Scooter Club

Email: 🇮🇹 🇬🇧 info@scooterrallytoscano.it

Website: www.scooterrallytoscano.it

Selected accommodation facilities are:

Eugenio Degli Innocenti
Boss ▪︎ Scooterismo.it – Distretto Ruote Piccole

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New electronic ignition for the Lambretta lui & Junior series from Vape!

Now New!

There are only two original ignitions for the Lambretta lui and Junior series: one for all models with 50 cc displacement 4-pin ignition system from Dansi and for the models with more displacement (lui 75 and J100-125) one 6-pin Ducati ignition.

The power output of both ignitions is very manageable: the Dansi ignition is included 6V / 18 watts and the Ducati version at least with it 6 V / 33 W .

The 50s models have - in a negative sense - absolutely minimal electrics, which usually don't even have a brake light. An upgrade is impossible due to the non-existent performance of this Lambretta alternator.

Comparison of the power output of the ignition systems

Ignition Ducati 6-pin J 100, J 125                  6V / 33W

Ignition Ducati 6-pin lui 75                        6V / 33W

Ignition Dansi 4-pin J 50, lui 50                  6V / 18W

Ignition Vape lui 50-75, J 50-125           12 V / 110 W

vape 80 watts, consider 2.000 U / min

vape 110 watts, consider 6.000 U / min

This means that the new lui and Junior Vape ignition is a more than contemporary update 12V and 110 watts Perfomance. In addition, there is the unbeatable advantage of everyone electronic ignition: There are neither capacitors that burn out nor breakers that are subject to wear. Maintenance work and a weak ignition spark are a thing of the past.
Due to the very high ignition energy at low starting speeds, the vape ignition offers better starting behavior. The CDI is suitable for all original and tuned engines with a static ignition timing.

Thanks to the 12 magnets in the magnet wheel and the 9 coils on the ignition base plate, a high current output is available even at low speeds and the flickering of the light when idling is no longer present. The maximum output of the alternator is 110 watts.

This means that the models with 50 cc displacement can also be perfectly upgraded to the features of the larger models such as high and low beams and a brake light. Additional consumers (USB socket, exhaust gas temperature and the like) are of course no problem either.

The ignition magnet wheel is one-piece, manufactured to a high quality and balanced. The fan blades are CNC milled. The design of the fifteen fan blades has been optimized for higher cooling performance. The weight of the magnet wheel with fan blades is 1,2 kg.

Weight of the pole wheels in comparison

Flywheel Ducati 6-pole (Innocent number 00840134) J 100, J 125 1,35 kg

Polrad Ducati 6-pole (Innocenti number 00860038) lui 75 1,35 kg

Polrad Dansi 4-pole (Innocenti number 00860030) J 50, lui 50 1,4 kg

Polrad Vape with CNC milled fan blades lui 50-75, J 50-125 1,2 kg

Here we have put together the essential components - in addition to the ignition - for converting the on-board electrical system from J 50 to J 100 / J125:

A special feature of the J50 models is the limited space available with the original 50 rear light. A flat LED universal rear light can be the solution here.

When upgrading the lui 50 to lui 75 electrics it looks like this:

The lui 75 terminal board is - so far - only available for the original contact ignitions. When converting to electronic ignitions, all plug connections should be bridged together so that regulated 12 V is available across all of them.

Only green must not be combined with the other colors; here the engine is switched on and off.

The 6 volt horns/buzzers can be retained on all models. However, it is important to avoid honking in the future, otherwise the component will be damaged.

Lui and Junior Vape Ignition:

Holding plates:


Parts market Novegro – Mostra Scambio from November 3rd – 5th, 2023

It's the end of October and in just a few days it will be ready Parts market in Novegro 2023, Milan. Always a nice trip to look for parts and scooters.

Audacity loses!

A week before, an unpleasant report made the rounds on Facebook and in some Whatsapp groups.

In the Bologna area, two Lambretta lui 50s are stolen from Roberta and Simone. Pictures and the frame numbers of the white and turquoise Lambretta are doing the rounds.

After heavy rain from Thursday to Friday November 3rd, the gates to a well-soaked Novegro area opened. Suddenly there is a bit of a hustle and bustle between the usual suspects: Lambretta nuts. It quickly turns out that a delivery truck with several Lambretta scooters was also loading Roberta and Simone's lui scooters in the parking lot. Sam from Lambrettafinder, Marco from Rimini Lambretta Center, Carlos from Swiss Tony Scooter Spares, Jon Gilbert from JG Scooters, our friend Dean Orton and a few others clarify the situation and inform the rightful owners, Novegro security personnel and the police. 

In addition to the lui scooters, the corresponding bags, license plates and keys were also found in the B*****'s delivery van. So if that's not enough, another stolen Lambretta turns up in the form of a Model D.

Happy end! Scooters are back and hopefully the brazen idiot will get the appropriate punishment!

Unclear ownership number two

Some people have noticed a yellow lui 50 on the market. A color reserved for the Innocenti family's vehicles. On the steering head the sticker from Vittorio Tessera's Casa Lambretta. Most people thought nothing of it or thought the Lambretta was a reproduction, fake or whatever.

It later turns out that the scooter actually comes from Vittorio's Museo Scooters & Lambretta comes from. Vittorio loaned the lui for an exhibition to a friend who died in the meantime and his widow sold the lui without knowing the ownership structure.

But here too, a happy ending is in prospect. The buyer and Vittorio are in contact with each other and last week Vittorio bought a perfectly preserved lui 50 in orange to swap.

Here are a few more impressions from Novegro!

Gallery Novegro 2023

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Breaking news! Lambretta lui / vega 75 exhaust finally available as a repro!

While news for the more modern scooters is currently being presented at the EICMA, last weekend at the Mostra Scambio (November 3rd - 5th, 2023) there was long-awaited news for many Lambretta friends.

The lui 75 is by far the most complex Lambretta exhaust to produce, but also by far the one that works best on the lui models. (Resonance systems are left out.)

Lambretta lui exhaust – the structure:

And here again in a beautiful drawing from the classic:

In addition to the complicated interior, there are two heat shields screwed onto the outside and a chrome finish on the exhaust itself. An effort that is second to none and really makes reproduction a challenge.

Our surprise in Novegro was all the greater that two Italian manufacturers presented the exhaust as a reproduction.

The structure looks plausible:

We have ordered the systems and as soon as they have received their chrome bath, they will come to us and will be available in the shop.

The competing product from Tutto Lambretta was available for purchase and our exhaust is currently still in Dortmund. (Thanks Corina & Marco for the transport.)

As soon as the others are here, it will be put to the test.

A big thank you also to Dottore Markus for his translation skills in Novegro!!!

Stay tuned!

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Lambretta GP 200 electronic seat by bgm PRO

Of the Lambretta dl 200 or called GP 200 in England there were roughly 9.400 units built. Unknown is the quantity of the dl and GP 200 electronics that left the factory.

In our history for every model, we can find this quote in the dl / GP model history section:

“But the ultimate improvement for the DL 200 was the introduction of an electronic ignition, which was developed in co-operation with Ducati. The DL 200 Electronic is easily recognized by a sticker on the legshields. The GP 200 electronic for the English market also has a specific seat. This newly shaped seat with its structured cover is a clear reminder of the 70s sports car interiors. Unfortunately no production numbers of the Electronic are known, as it was produced from 1970 onwards alongside the standard version with points ignition.”

Vittorio Tessera of CASA LAMBRETTA and MUSEO SCOOTER & LAMBRETTA fame takes a closer examination of the quantities of the dl and GP 200 electronic build in the brilliant: 

A must read for any Lambretta nut!

Our red bgm CDI unit was meant as a homage to the original electronic ignition. But the seats for the Lambretta GP 200 electronic had always been rare as hen's teeth.

With a growing demand, we started to look into having these seats remade. Easy was to source the company to do that. Whom else to trust than our Italian artisans to have them Handmade in Italy.

The hard task was to get the project started with one good sample. Luckily we find help from our friend Martin Robinson from England who dropped off on his way to the Milano-Taranto Race not one sample, but three original seat frames and two seat covers. Now the detective work in England, Italy and Germany started and we looked into sizes, measurements, angles and materials.

We are more than happy with the outcome and can offer complete seats and seat covers directly from the SC shelf. We had them made with the factory original black stitching and a vintage version with white stitching. The original black cotton lisle fades out over the decades. Something we looked into earlier in the SC blog: 

Available NOW OR SOON

Seat bgm PRO Lambretta GP 200 electronic

Black                                                  BGMGP200E


  Vintage black with white stitching                           BGMGP200EV

 Seat cover bgm PRO

Lambretta GP 200 electronic

Black           BGMGP201E

 Vintage black with white stitching                BGMGP201EV


For almost every application, there is the right, period correct and perfect looking Lambretta seat available. Standard seats for the spot-on restoration, sport seats to go with the racing style or just a personal touch. The Pegasus, the standard seats, and their derivation should leave nothing to be desired.







England was the only market where Lambretta sales exceeded Vespa sales. The main reason for this is the excellent marketing strategy of the Lambretta Concessionaires. The success story of the Lambretta is documented in Stuart Owen's book about the Lambretta Concessionaires extensively and in great detail (SC article no. 3332513). Besides special models, special color combinations, there was also the Pegasus seat. This was used on the Rallymaster, Series 2, TV 175 and GT (TV) 200 models. During the production, there were different versions and specifications. All our Pegasus seats are handmade in Italy. The frame is pressed from metal, the upholstery is made from high quality foam and also otherwise corresponds to the original. The Pegasus with its metal frame and sponge is regarded as one of the most comfortable seats by many.


The standard seats that we offer are all handmade in Italy. They came as complete units consisting of frame and cover fitted. Beside the standard seats there are also slightly variations available. Like the bgm one with Alfatex sides that is clearly a homage to one of the existing Lambretta SX 200 Twincylinder prototypes. The seat cover for this is also available on it's own to fit on Series 3 standard seat frames.




All our seat covers are sourced from Vittorio's Casa Lambretta or exclusively made for us in Italy. Fitting these to an existing frame is easy, but you should be prepared to take some time and a helping hand can also be an advantage.

A good idea on standard seat covers is to incorporate the seat cushion foam from bgm, this makes the seats more comfortable and nicer to use on long distance riding.




The next thing from Italy are the seat straps. They come in the same shade of the specific seat cover / seat color.


Also made in Italy and like the originals. If your frame is rotten by rust, this is the right choice. Easy replacement part.




We think that we stock all the parts to restore a seat frame properly. From the locking hook to the complete spring set and rubber components. And –sorry if this gets boring- all sourced in Italy.


Complete kits for fixing a seat are available as each single part on its own.


All seat brackets are available as spare parts, just in case they got lost. On new seats or seat frames these are always included in the delivery.




The badge with INNOCENTI was used until the year 1968. From 1968 until the dl / GP range turned up the reading showed LAMBRETTA INNOCENTI. With the dl / GP range there was a big writing of LAMBRETTA on it.

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Lambretta rear shocker bgm PRO V3 by Rob Gray

In 2008 –fifteen years ago- we released one of the very first bgm PRO Lambretta products our rear shocker.

Over the years it got some upgrades and refinements, like rubber bushes for the mounting points. And also some first off ever things like the very clever height adjustment. Copied by many others. The second version of the BGM7772 Black edition was introduced already in 2010 and was so good that we left it untouched until last year.

We had been in contact with Rob Gray of @kickbackgarage fame anyway, then and now. As he offered us his help on redefining the settings of our rear shockers, we did not hesitate one fraction of a second.

The combination of a Lambretta riding suspension technician was hardly to beat, so we provided samples, drawings and everything else he needed and Rob started his mission in improving the setup.

Some new shims and new rebound needle later…

… Rob was happy and did a back to back test against the previously favored rear shocker. And this is Rob's direct comparison:

This super-clever refinements of a real suspension professional lead to a strictly limited edition:

Rob Gray Kick Garage

“The other shock is good but the bgm sample I have followed the road better than it.

 The other is slightly overdamped and still skips and jumps on the road even when set up correctly as high speed compression is too harsh.

 The new bgm has gained some really nice mechanical grip with my mods.

 These are the highlights of the new shock:

  •   Can be set up quite firm without being harsh for faster engines or 2 up.
  •  Rebound control is not just better, but also easier to set up.
  •  The damper shaft might be thinner than on other dampers, but this is good because it doesn`t displace as much oil. This means the oil will not overheat and there is more space for more oil. (win win)
  •  Can be used on Series 1 and 2 and Series 3 without compromising on the stroke length.
  •  The use of more but thinner shims gives more control and the added bonus of pyramid shim stack is that they are progressive. This means that if you hit a hard square edge you automatically have firmer high-speed compression control. A faster movement on the shock gives more support through-out the shock stroke.
  •  We have cured the top-out issue! Yay! No funny noise and better rebound damping.
  •  Because of the shim stack configuration, we do not need to use progressive spring rates. This gives the illusion that the stroke is longer than it is and although we can use the full stroke, it doesn`t bottom out harshly.
  •  I recommend 15-20% say when setting up the shock, and I also recommend just 2-5 turns on the spring preload. 2 =75kg rider 5 =110kg rider. A spring always behaves better under less preload. I used 3 turns but backed it down to 2.5 (82kg with gear) I also have rebound set at 14 clicks from fully open.


At the time of writing five of these only are left and all of them come or came with this note from Rob:

“Thank you for purchasing, what I believe is the best off the shelf, rear shock for your classic Lambretta scooter.

I have combined my knowledge as a suspension technician and scooter rider to enhance and improve the overall ride characteristics.

Only after countless hours of real world, riding on some of the worst Scandinavian back roads was I happy with the final result.

The magic carpet ride quality is sporty but with fantastic small bump compliance.

This gives great mechanical grip, comfortable and confidence inspiring handling.


Enjoy and Happy Scootering.

Rob Gray

- Kick Garage

As the limited Series is gone or will be gone shortly we are happy to announce that this improved inners are available from now on in serial production:

For all the lui – vega – cometa afficinados, we offer the silver / chrome ones in a set with the reduction bushes by our friends from Casa Performance / Rimini Lambretta Center:

Rear shock absorber bgm PRO R12 V3
Silver Edition RGS 300-310mm - Lambretta LUI, VEGA, LUNA, COMETA 

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Real Scooterist family style

Julius Nagy and upgrading his Lambretta 125 special with the bgm PRO Lambretta range

It's the first weekend of February 2023 and finally the Scooterist Meltdown held again. As usual, there are plenty of dealers on site presenting new products, product developments and the classics in the range. Among other things, our friends from the Rimini Lambretta Center / Casa performance and friend and neighbor Andreas von Nagy tin roller.

We set up our stand visasvis to the Rimini Lambretta Center and next to the hot tuning goodies like the Sledge Hammer and the new twin engine our eyes keep falling on the scooters we brought with us and are for sale. In addition to an immaculate Lambretta J 125 4-speed, it is above all a fantastically beautiful Lambretta 125 Special that keeps drawing our enthusiastic glances. Both scooters with Italian papers and at more than fair prices.

While the Stelina unfortunately goes back to Italy, the Nagy family proves its connoisseurship and the 125 Special stays in the Rhineland. Julius Nagy, the younger of Andrea's two sons, bought his first Lambretta at the age of 16 and a fantastically beautiful one. On Sunday after a perfect Meltdown number 9 the Rimini Lambretta Center makes a detour to Grevenbroich to Nagy Blechroller and delivers. Julius gets direct instruction from Marco with the 125 Special and can do the first lap.

Scooterist Meltdown

Our personal interim conclusion of the story up to here: super nice!

Since Julius still goes to school and the Lambretta is to be used as a daily driver, it was clear from the start that the engine had to be optimized. Technically, Rimini Lambretta Center had already repaired the scooter and it was ready for use anyway.

The tuning was done with bgm components is wonderfully summarized by Andreas after the first 2.000 kilometers completed.


“Before the holiday, the overhaul and increase in performance of the original 125 Lis engine was due. Since Julius uses the scooter as a daily driver, it was clear from the start that a touring-capable setup was needed for everyday use.

Since I myself was one of the first many years ago bgm Race Tour cylinders on my 2nd series without any problems, the choice was clear:

  • RT195 on 60 stroke with bgm Racing wave
  • bgm Superstrong clutch
  • vape ignition
  • bgm Clubman V4
  • 30mm Dellorto carburetor


The father/son project was supported by Philipp, who compiles the order list and advises us intensively on the selection of parts. Since the pocket money of a 16-year-old is not particularly generous, the selection was based on the motto:

 "What is necessary must come, what is good remains unchanged!"

 In this way we were able to keep the costs under control and still build a powerful touring engine.

family Nagy

The bgm Kit also leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to assembly. Nothing is missing! All necessary small parts are included in the kit. This is exemplary and shows the perfection that this product has achieved over the years! This also applies to the supplied manual.

 The assembly was done with the help of the Spanner's Manual from Sticky and the support of Philipp without any problems, so that the engine could be completed five days before the start of the holiday. Thanks to the bgm included in the assembly instructions spraying tips the carburetor could be easily configured and ran smoothly immediately.

 In the meantime, the motor has covered 2.000 km, partly on extreme mountain tours, without failure and no adjustments were necessary apart from a change in the needle position.

 The engine is characterized by high torque both in the mountains and on long-distance journeys on the flat. The maximum speed with the BGM Clubman V4 is around 120 km/h. The engine feels most comfortable at a cruising speed of 95 - 100 km/h and consumes around 5,5L/100km!

 All in all, an absolutely recommendable tuning concept that is characterized by high quality and durability at an adequate price! 

 A 100% recommendation!"

Andrew -

Nagy tin roller

After the conclusion it was clear that Julius and Andreas had to come by for a few test bench runs. The delivery condition was quite decent with 16,7 hp at 6.700 rpm.

We started the runs from 3.000 rpm and the throttle response from the relatively low revs was slightly stuttering and with light four-strokes.

After a bit of attention from Julius to the carburetor, the throttle response is significantly improved, the engine revs up more freely and almost 2 hp more peak power has also jumped out. So much for the theory on the test bench.

Much more important, however, is the feedback from Julius Test on the road and you can clearly see the better - perhaps not yet perfectly tuned - carburetor. The better throttle response is a significant increase in the fun factor, especially when accelerating out of curves and roundabouts. In addition, the consumption values ​​should also improve further.

Upgrade Lambretta 125 special with the bgm PRO range

, ,

Viva Espana - Lambretta Edition

Bring on the little Spaniards

It's 1954 and in the Spanish city Eibar Licensed production of the Lambretta begins in Lambretta Locomociones SA. The result of negotiations between the already existing Spanish company ALFA and Innocenti.

The result is the second scooter built under license in Spain. Production ended in 1989 and during that period the Lambrettas were produced under different names.

If you want to know all the details, and I mean really all the details, you can't avoid Jaime Supereibar's encyclopedia on the subject:

1954 - 1989- by Jaime de Prat Salomone (English), 368 pages, 4-color

Coming soon ...

Club Lambretta Spain

We only recently had the Lambretta Club de Espana in connection with the brilliant Tank dipstick:

There is a beautiful one from the Lambretta Club Spain Book on the plant in Eibar and everything related to it.

Both books are not only absolutely required reading, but also an enrichment for every coffee table.

The history of the Lambretta built in Eibar can be roughly divided as follows:

  • Lambretta made in Eibar 1954 – 1989
  • Lambretta Locomociones SA (LL) (1954)
  • Serveta Industrial S.A. (1972)
  • Lambretta SAL (1982)
  • ORBAR (1986)


Since the Spanish modular system is quite compatible with the Italian one, almost all technical and tuning parts are compatible with each other. Of course there were some peculiarities. And we already offer you a lot:
Air Filter – Lambretta Serveta 8006864 28,90 euros
Suction -LAMBRETTA- Serveta (Series 3) 8006955 16,12 euros
Ignition contacts -MOTOPLAT- Serveta (Lambretta Spain) 8012350 20,90 euros
Capacitor -MOTOPLAT- Serveta (Lambretta Spain) 8012421 11,90 euros

Rear light lens -LAMBRETTA- Serveta (year 1974-1981) 8860035 17,90 euros

 Doormat LAMBRETTA- Serveta (4 parts)

Black  53,90 Euros


Kaskade -LAMBRETTA- Serveta Emblem – Serveta (Series 2-3) 20,90€

legshield -LAMBRETTA- LI 150 – LI 150 (Series 2, Serveta/Eibar, Spain) 8050113 12,59 €

Lettering below the seat
LAMBRETTA- Serveta LI (Series 3 – Scooterlinea) 
Black 8860015
13,90 € 

Lettering legshield -JOCKEYS- Lambretta – LI 125, LI 150 (Series 2, Serveta/Eibar, Spain) 7675025 25,99 €

type label -JOCKEYS- Serveta Eibar (Spain) Lambretta (60x38x0,5mm) 7676141 9,80 €

type label -JOCKEYS- Serveta Eibar Lince/Exclusive (132×24,75×0,5mm) 7676146 9,80 €

Indicator glass -JOCKEYS- Serveta

And also one or the other special part in an extra design for the little Spaniards:

Brake pump set, light switch housing -MMW Two in One- Lambretta Serveta Jet - aluminum 7675447 249,00 euros

for all hydraulic disc brakes as the:

Or this one:
Suction -JOCKEYS- Serveta 125-200cc (Series 3) - SH2/22 - connection width carburetor AW=47mm 8006955N 24,99 euros

with which carburetors such as the Mikuni TM24, the Dellorto SH22 but also the Keihin PWK28 and the Polini 28 mm and 30 mm can be connected to the original Serveta air filter box.

Refueling made easy with the Lambretta!

Fuel dipstick from CLUB LAMBRETTA DE ESPANA for Lambretta LI, SX, GP, D, LD

Anyone who drives a Lambretta knows the problem only too well:
How much more can there be? No idea!
You can't see anything... Oh no! Now the tank is more than full and there is no more room for oil..