Julius Nagy and upgrading his Lambretta 125 special with the bgm PRO Lambretta range

It's the first weekend of February 2023 and finally the Scooterist Meltdown held again. As usual, there are plenty of dealers on site presenting new products, product developments and the classics in the range. Among other things, our friends from the Rimini Lambretta Center / Casa performance and friend and neighbor Andreas von Nagy tin roller.

We set up our stand visasvis to the Rimini Lambretta Center and next to the hot tuning goodies like the Sledge Hammer and the new twin engine our eyes keep falling on the scooters we brought with us and are for sale. In addition to an immaculate Lambretta J 125 4-speed, it is above all a fantastically beautiful Lambretta 125 Special that keeps drawing our enthusiastic glances. Both scooters with Italian papers and at more than fair prices.

While the Stelina unfortunately goes back to Italy, the Nagy family proves its connoisseurship and the 125 Special stays in the Rhineland. Julius Nagy, the younger of Andrea's two sons, bought his first Lambretta at the age of 16 and a fantastically beautiful one. On Sunday after a perfect Meltdown number 9 the Rimini Lambretta Center makes a detour to Grevenbroich to Nagy Blechroller and delivers. Julius gets direct instruction from Marco with the 125 Special and can do the first lap.

Scooterist Meltdown

casa performance 125

Our personal interim conclusion of the story up to here: super nice!

Since Julius still goes to school and the Lambretta is to be used as a daily driver, it was clear from the start that the engine had to be optimized. Technically, Rimini Lambretta Center had already repaired the scooter and it was ready for use anyway.

The tuning was done with bgm components is wonderfully summarized by Andreas after the first 2.000 kilometers completed.


“Before the holiday, the overhaul and increase in performance of the original 125 Lis engine was due. Since Julius uses the scooter as a daily driver, it was clear from the start that a touring-capable setup was needed for everyday use.

Since I myself was one of the first many years ago bgm Race Tour cylinders on my 2nd series without any problems, the choice was clear:

  • RT195 on 60 stroke with bgm Racing wave
  • bgm Superstrong clutch
  • vape ignition
  • bgm Clubman V4
  • 30mm Dellorto carburetor


The father/son project was supported by Philipp, who compiles the order list and advises us intensively on the selection of parts. Since the pocket money of a 16-year-old is not particularly generous, the selection was based on the motto:

 "What is necessary must come, what is good remains unchanged!"

 In this way we were able to keep the costs under control and still build a powerful touring engine.

family Nagy

The bgm Kit also leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to assembly. Nothing is missing! All necessary small parts are included in the kit. This is exemplary and shows the perfection that this product has achieved over the years! This also applies to the supplied manual.

 The assembly was done with the help of the Spanner's Manual from Sticky and the support of Philipp without any problems, so that the engine could be completed five days before the start of the holiday. Thanks to the bgm included in the assembly instructions spraying tips the carburetor could be easily configured and ran smoothly immediately.

 In the meantime, the motor has covered 2.000 km, partly on extreme mountain tours, without failure and no adjustments were necessary apart from a change in the needle position.

 The engine is characterized by high torque both in the mountains and on long-distance journeys on the flat. The maximum speed with the BGM Clubman V4 is around 120 km/h. The engine feels most comfortable at a cruising speed of 95 - 100 km/h and consumes around 5,5L/100km!

 All in all, an absolutely recommendable tuning concept that is characterized by high quality and durability at an adequate price! 

 A 100% recommendation!"

Andrew -

Nagy tin roller

After the conclusion it was clear that Julius and Andreas had to come by for a few test bench runs. The delivery condition was quite decent with 16,7 hp at 6.700 rpm.

We started the runs from 3.000 rpm and the throttle response from the relatively low revs was slightly stuttering and with light four-strokes.

After a bit of attention from Julius to the carburetor, the throttle response is significantly improved, the engine revs up more freely and almost 2 hp more peak power has also jumped out. So much for the theory on the test bench.

Much more important, however, is the feedback from Julius Test on the road and you can clearly see the better - perhaps not yet perfectly tuned - carburetor. The better throttle response is a significant increase in the fun factor, especially when accelerating out of curves and roundabouts. In addition, the consumption values ​​should also improve further.