Vespa Club Regensburg – This is how the summer party was 29-31.07.23

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Vespa Club Regensburg

The Vespa Club Regensburg enjoyed its summer festival and even if it wasn't quite as summery, it didn't spoil the mood of the visitors. Joachim Meister reports on the details, challenges and results of this great event!

VC Regensburg preparations


How great was the euphoria just a few weeks before the eagerly awaited event. The various team leaders had committed their helpers to 3 hard-working days. Every nook and cranny has been filed and improved. All heads bowed over the construction plans... "If we moved this stand another 2 meters in this direction, then it would be...."

As the weekend approached, it soon became clear that we had to react spontaneously and throw the construction plan overboard again, because the weather forecast didn't look good at all and the predicted rain had to be counteracted with tents and pavilions.

Said and done. More than 40 hard-working helpers did their best, but the bar, grill and bar should still be ready for the warm-up on Friday evening. Because at least Friday it stayed dry so far.

In the early afternoon, the first guests began to arrive...and the number kept growing.

What was intended a few years ago as a nice gesture for individuals who didn't stay overnight so that they don't feel lost in the evening is now being accepted more and more. With their own members, a good 100 people were already in the best of party moods on Friday.

The summer festival begins!!!!

Saturday started a bit more cautiously. Gray sky, it dribbled again and again. A lap around the square showed once again how loyal the Vespa family is to us. Austria, Switzerland, North Rhine-Westphalia, Schleswig-Holstein – no…. The summer festival of the Regensburgers is no longer a small local meeting in the Bavarian province.

This is also shown by the dealer mile. In addition to the local heroes Roller Schmid, Rollerladen and MEM Motors, Vesbar from Munich and Scooter Pezzi from Ludwigshafen are also at the start.

Only the weather - yes, that should still present us with challenges and, above all, decisions.

The first thing he fell victim to was the guided tours. A dozen tour guides were suddenly unemployed. A few days before that, the routes had been driven...

bouncy castle? Test bench? Too wet for the technique. So they didn't work either.

The mood? Even with the third morning rain shower, it still held out. So our guides spontaneously decided to offer individual tours to the Liberation Hall in Kelheim or to the Walhalla in Donaustauf during the short dry periods. Our guests shouldn't just sit around in the square all day, they should also see something of the beautiful area around Regensburg. Regensburg actually lived up to its name until the early afternoon. But that stopped only a few from coming to us. Over 330 vehicles we counted until then.

But unfortunately none of them should take part in the parade this year. On the advice of our friends from the fire brigade, we had to cancel this for the first time with a heavy heart. And that although, meanwhile, it had even dried up a bit. But this decision should also be absolutely correct. We would have driven straight into a heavy thunderstorm front with our eyes wide open.

Raffle Vespa Club Regensburg

Unusual tours, parade canceled, test bench not even set up. So the thought was quite obvious that maybe the raffle, the proceeds of which were supposed to support the Lengfeld fire brigade and the BRK standby Bad Abbach, would fall into the water.

We do not know whether it is due to the numerous donations in kind from our supporters such as dem Scooter Center, The scooter shop, POLO motorcycle or the VCVD was or because of the incredibly beautiful and familiar atmosphere. In this year's significantly reduced number, our guests managed what more than 800 people had not been able to do the year before: shortly before the end of ticket sales, the Losstand announced that all 1.000 tickets had been sold. Proof that it's not the number of guests that matters, just how WHO is there.

The weather gods had some mercy on us for the rest of the evening, which immediately gave us a new tradition with the spontaneous “Sundowner Tour” to Prunn Castle in the Altmühltal. The unplanned circumstances have given us some ideas for 2024 anyway. One can be curious.

Vespa party

But what is sure to remain is the evening party – whether outside, in the vine arbor or in the bar tent. If you only see each other once a year anyway, a little water from above can't spoil the partying.

So everyone can be curious about the highlights of the summer festival in 2024. We're still a long way from running out of ideas.

Block the appointment now: From 26.07. until 28.07.2024/XNUMX/XNUMX see you on the island!

Joachim Meister -

Vespa Club Regensburg