Vespa Club Wiehengebirge

The Vespa Club Wiehengebirge celebrated its 5th anniversary and Marco Niehoff shared these great photos with us, which testify to the perfect organization of the event in Bissendorf,

“On July 08.07.2023th, 5, the Vespa Club Wiehengebirge eV celebrated its 100th anniversary with joyful company. Friends and keen Vespa enthusiasts from various clubs were warmly invited to this special occasion. The invitation was well received and more than 70 guests flocked to the event, over XNUMX of whom proudly arrived on their own Vespas.

For the first 50 scooters that arrived that day, there was an exclusive bag filled with attractive “Giveaways“. In order to have enough space for the event, we rented the DRK clubhouse in Bissendorf-Jeggen, which offered us generous space. An entertaining obstacle course for the fun games was set up in the parking lot. Here visitors were able to put their driving skills to the test and take advantage of the chance to win great prizes from our generous sponsors - including a high-quality Vespa helmet from the respected Schriewer company.


The obstacle course was given an additional pinch of excitement by a fully functional, old speed camera. After the visitors had completed the course, the speed camera offered the opportunity to take a souvenir photo if they exceeded a certain speed limit. For those who wanted even more snapshots of themselves and their Vespas, another flash unit was available that flashed along a marked route.

Another highlight was the Custom Show, in which each scooter was evaluated for its individual beauty and uniqueness. A homemade cell phone holder received the coveted trophy as an award at this show.


Of course, the physical well-being was also well taken care of. From bratwurst and delicious salads to tempting cakes and fragrant coffee – no one had to stay hungry. Given the scorching 35 degrees on this sunny day, our chilled soft drinks were particularly popular.

To live up to the spirit of Vespa, a refreshing 50 kilometer ride was organized at lunchtime. In case of emergency, a breakdown vehicle was available on the festival grounds, which fortunately was not needed.

After the exit, the winners were ceremoniously honored with generous prizes Prizes from our supporting sponsors. At this point we would like to thank all of our sponsors from the bottom of our hearts. You helped make this day an unforgettable event. Dallmann, Salon Dostal, The Village Shop, VGH, Small & Fine, Schriewer, Louis, SIP, Atelier Hartmann, Scooter Center.

A special thank you also goes to our valued visitors, the hard-working helpers, the speed camera collectors and the committed members of the DRK association. Without your support, this day would not have been able to shine in its full glory.

So this wonderful day, filled with lively petrol conversations and exciting activities, unfortunately came to an end far too quickly. Many thanks again to everyone who helped make this day an unforgettable experience.”

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The Vesparaba 2023 of the Vespa Club Vitoria took place on October 7th with great success. Fito shared with us this great experience on the beautiful streets of Vitoria-Gasteiz.

This year's Vesparaba 07.10.2023 outing took place in Vitoria-Gasteiz on Saturday October 2023th, XNUMX.

Held by the organizer Vespa Club Vitoria with the kind support of the municipality of Vitoria-Gasteiz, Alava province. As well as that Vespa Club Spain.

After meeting at the “Plaza de la Provincia” and having breakfast, we set off with just over 100 Vespas and Lambrettas.

The approximately 100km trip during which we felt like we crossed several weather zones, fog, rain and bright sunshine, in and around the area around Vitoria-Gasteiz was very beautiful.

After the exit, we had the opportunity to enjoy a delicious three-course menu in the Zapirón restaurant as well as the draw and distribution of trophies (most beautiful Lambretta and Vespa in original condition, furthest journey, etc.) as well as the merchandising items that we received from, among other things Scooter Center have received to distribute,

At this point we would like to thank you on behalf of the club Scooter Center thank you.

We are really looking forward to more beautiful trips

Many greetings and always have a good trip

Photos Vesparaba Vespa Club Vitoria

Julius Nagy and upgrading his Lambretta 125 special with the bgm PRO Lambretta range

It's the first weekend of February 2023 and finally the Scooterist Meltdown held again. As usual, there are plenty of dealers on site presenting new products, product developments and the classics in the range. Among other things, our friends from the Rimini Lambretta Center / Casa performance and friend and neighbor Andreas von Nagy tin roller.

We set up our stand visasvis to the Rimini Lambretta Center and next to the hot tuning goodies like the Sledge Hammer and the new twin engine our eyes keep falling on the scooters we brought with us and are for sale. In addition to an immaculate Lambretta J 125 4-speed, it is above all a fantastically beautiful Lambretta 125 Special that keeps drawing our enthusiastic glances. Both scooters with Italian papers and at more than fair prices.

While the Stelina unfortunately goes back to Italy, the Nagy family proves its connoisseurship and the 125 Special stays in the Rhineland. Julius Nagy, the younger of Andrea's two sons, bought his first Lambretta at the age of 16 and a fantastically beautiful one. On Sunday after a perfect Meltdown number 9 the Rimini Lambretta Center makes a detour to Grevenbroich to Nagy Blechroller and delivers. Julius gets direct instruction from Marco with the 125 Special and can do the first lap.

Scooterist Meltdown

Our personal interim conclusion of the story up to here: super nice!

Since Julius still goes to school and the Lambretta is to be used as a daily driver, it was clear from the start that the engine had to be optimized. Technically, Rimini Lambretta Center had already repaired the scooter and it was ready for use anyway.

The tuning was done with bgm components is wonderfully summarized by Andreas after the first 2.000 kilometers completed.


“Before the holiday, the overhaul and increase in performance of the original 125 Lis engine was due. Since Julius uses the scooter as a daily driver, it was clear from the start that a touring-capable setup was needed for everyday use.

Since I myself was one of the first many years ago bgm Race Tour cylinders on my 2nd series without any problems, the choice was clear:

  • RT195 on 60 stroke with bgm Racing wave
  • bgm Superstrong clutch
  • vape ignition
  • bgm Clubman V4
  • 30mm Dellorto carburetor


The father/son project was supported by Philipp, who compiles the order list and advises us intensively on the selection of parts. Since the pocket money of a 16-year-old is not particularly generous, the selection was based on the motto:

 "What is necessary must come, what is good remains unchanged!"

 In this way we were able to keep the costs under control and still build a powerful touring engine.

family Nagy

The bgm Kit also leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to assembly. Nothing is missing! All necessary small parts are included in the kit. This is exemplary and shows the perfection that this product has achieved over the years! This also applies to the supplied manual.

 The assembly was done with the help of the Spanner's Manual from Sticky and the support of Philipp without any problems, so that the engine could be completed five days before the start of the holiday. Thanks to the bgm included in the assembly instructions spraying tips the carburetor could be easily configured and ran smoothly immediately.

 In the meantime, the motor has covered 2.000 km, partly on extreme mountain tours, without failure and no adjustments were necessary apart from a change in the needle position.

 The engine is characterized by high torque both in the mountains and on long-distance journeys on the flat. The maximum speed with the BGM Clubman V4 is around 120 km/h. The engine feels most comfortable at a cruising speed of 95 - 100 km/h and consumes around 5,5L/100km!

 All in all, an absolutely recommendable tuning concept that is characterized by high quality and durability at an adequate price! 

 A 100% recommendation!"

Andrew -

Nagy tin roller

After the conclusion it was clear that Julius and Andreas had to come by for a few test bench runs. The delivery condition was quite decent with 16,7 hp at 6.700 rpm.

We started the runs from 3.000 rpm and the throttle response from the relatively low revs was slightly stuttering and with light four-strokes.

After a bit of attention from Julius to the carburetor, the throttle response is significantly improved, the engine revs up more freely and almost 2 hp more peak power has also jumped out. So much for the theory on the test bench.

Much more important, however, is the feedback from Julius Test on the road and you can clearly see the better - perhaps not yet perfectly tuned - carburetor. The better throttle response is a significant increase in the fun factor, especially when accelerating out of curves and roundabouts. In addition, the consumption values ​​should also improve further.

Upgrade Lambretta 125 special with the bgm PRO range
Vespa Club Costa del Sol - Ruta Nocturna

Scooter Center had the opportunity to attend the event of Vespa Club Costa del Sol in Malaga, Spain and Jesús kindly provided us with the following photos.
With more than 200 participants, they are now preparing for the V. Ruta Nocturna (night route) 2024 before.

We wish you much success!

facebook VC.CdS

29 July 2023 - IV Ruta Nocturna vc Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol Málaga

Everything went smoothly from Friday to Saturday evening. 🛵🛵🛵🛵 "It doesn't get any better" Fun, laughter, curves and landscapes were not neglected.

We mustn't forget our numerous sponsors, who year after year open their doors to us almost without knocking. You are part of this "THANK YOU".

VC Costa del Sol

- Malaga

III Ruta Nocturna - 2022

Elmar Real SC

At "Real Scooterists” is all about stories that are not shown in spectacular videos but shared in conversations between us because the stories are part of our daily scooter passion and our lives. Today we had the opportunity to tell the story of Elmar, a scooterist from Cologne.

About me:

Elmer from Cologne
Bj. 1967

Elmer and Royal Alloy


Vespa PX 80 (135DR)              
1983 - 1986 with 43000 km driven in these three years 😎 ( "Apparently you had time”)

What 200

("You have to be unlucky in life 😖😉") The absolute nightmare - how could I ❓

Vespa Sprint 150 Veloce       

( "The Daily Oldi with which even the way to work was fun for years - and not everyone can say that 🤭") 

Swing saddle, PX 200 engine with 210 Malossi, Cosa clutch, sports crankshaft and modified translation. 

A little dream until the total loss followed in 2002. Accident - through no fault of one's own, 9 months away from work, child 2 years old and the decision: - never again two-wheelers -

Royal Alloy

2023        20 years later
This is my first hearing about British manufacturer Royal Alloy 
(Made in Thailand and China).

fall in love instantly Lots of sheet metal, removable hoods, ABS, the 300 Vespa GTS QUASAR engine built under license with 25 hp inside and already a cult in the UK. Haven't really arrived here yet, although I think it's a really successful replica of a Lambretta 2nd or 3rd series.

I then decide on the 2nd series (Royal Alloy TG 300 S) and am lucky that there is a dealer in Brühl.

Due to the position in the English market, many accessories and indeed some accessories fit the old original Lambretta.
Through research in TORQUAY (UK) I find the club “Torbay Mods Scooter Club” with 50 – 60 members.
The special feature: Although founded by older boys, every make is welcome. (Sure, Lammys and Vespas dominate). I like that and I'll get in touch. I get very friendly feedback.
As there was a tour to Wales planned for this year (by car) I make an appointment to meet some of the Torbay Mods in Paignton.

"This year I was with my new scooter at the "Open Day" of the Scooter Centers and was able to get to know Maryzabel from advertising, among other things”

So the idea:
I'll ask for some merchandise for the mods in the UK.
As a matter of course, an impressive merchandise package was put together for me, which the English were also more than enthusiastic about. Scooter Center and bgm is also a concept there.

Thank you again on behalf of everyone Scooter Center. An unforgettable day for me and certainly a special one for the English.

Everyone who met me and my wife there was super friendly and interested. By the way, there was also a Zundapp scooter, shiny chrome Vespas, original Lammys, a Royal Alloy....
A small delegation from an otherwise large club that goes out every Sunday and meets for a chat at the harbor every Wednesday (in bad weather in the pub ;).
Contact with Torquay will definitely be maintained. Dream would be to go there by scooter. Let's see.
Yes - I had never forgotten that the scooter was an important part of my life and – it has remained so – just now without the clutch ;)



An old friend of Scooter Center was here. Sebastian Alvarez from Argentina, he came especially for EuroLambretta 2022 in Belgium and Euro Vespa Days in Portugal and now that he was around he decided to stock up on spare parts for his shops, learn more about the facilities at the Scooter Centers to find out and to visit us.

And of course I had to be there to tell him all about it in his native language Scooter Center and Cologne to explain!!!

History of Vespa and Lambretta in Argentina

but we also took the opportunity to learn a little more about the incredible history of Vespa, Lambretta and the very special one: Siambretta in Argentina, because it is one of the South American countries with the longest Vespa and Vespa Club history, and how could different when the Vespa is represented by a legend: Juan Manuel FANGIO, the Argentine racing driver considered by experts as one of the most outstanding professional drivers in world motorsport of all time, having won five world titles in Formula 1.

With so much luck, Sebastian had access to beautiful treasures from his customers, like this piece with original papers signed by Fangio:

The origin of the Siambretta in Argentina begins in the 1950s, with the SIAM company, which imported all the parts, but then started building under the name: SIAM-Lambretta, the desire then took the name: siambretta, the success was such that it started production quite nationally.

The curious thing about the Siambretta is that the most famous models in Argentina were exactly the oldest Lambretta models, while in Italy the 200, 175, 150, etc. are the most "common" Lambrettas, while in Argentina the 125 was very successful. In Argentina there are circles of “siambreteros” who own motorcycles admirable for their level of originality.

Restauraciones Extremas - Official Dealer Scooter Center in Argentina

and Restauraciones Extremas are part of this important history in Argentina, reviving ancient beauties. Here are some examples of the "extreme restorations" he's done and some of them are possible thanks to the new parts he's from Scooter Center got.  

Siambretta 125 LD and Siambretta TV175

Congratulations for such dedicated work, nice to see how everyone in the Lambretta world knows each other and forms a nice community, have fun in the EuroLambretta and thank you Sebastian for visiting us, you are always welcome You can do more of his work see here:

Certificado Top Shop 2016 para la tienda online del Scooter Center

Una vez por año, la revista alemana COMPUTER PICTURE junto con los expertos del portal líder de estadísticas Statista someten a prueba a 8.500 tiendas alemanas online. The estas se eligen las 750 mejores.

El Scooter Center acaba de ser bado y el test era muy amplio: Con un total de more than 150.000 tests is one of more extensos aqui en Alemania. Algunos criteria eran:

  • Structure and manejo
  • Trust and safety
  • Experience durante la compra

¡Lo hemos logrado! Por third consecutive time hemos recibido el certificado tan anhelado. El certificado top shop de COMPUTER BILD significa:

The store of Scooter Center Has conseguido un nivel muy alto en los ámbitos seguridad y usabilidad y ha aprobado todas las pruebas del test.

scooter-center Top shop guarantee from COMPUTER BILD

¿Quizás is a razón más para comprar en nuestra tienda?

Thank you very much for trusting us!

Major tienda de scooters 2015

Las 750 mejores tiendas online füron galardonadas con un sello de calidad de la revista alemana COMPUTER PICTURE.

Comprar de forma fácil, segura y cómoda en internet – no es posible en cada tienda de scooters on-line. ¡Aquí si! La tienda online del Scooter Center te asegura:

  • PURE SCOOTERING - servicio de alta calidad de aficionados a los scooters for aficionados a los scooters
  • great availability a bajos precios
  • alta gama de productos - accesorios, repuestos o piezas de tuning - para casi cada scooter
  • pago seguro y diverso, according to your preferences
  • Delivered quickly and at low cost with DHL or UPS, Porque sabemos que necesitas las piezas urgentemente
  • propio puesto de testeba de potencia, Porque es la potencia la que te importa
  • propios productos - BGM es la marca propia del Scooter Center - innovations and eficacia

After distinction in 2014 volvimos a ganar el sello Topshop 2015 de la revista Computer picture.

Visit the tienda online del Scooter Center

Examinado detenidamente

The computer image review, in collaboration with the Statistical Statistics portal, examined a total of 250 criteria for the test itself and should be considered for more extensive testing in a time online in Germany. Hello good news:

Top shop best Scootersoops 2015

El Scooter Center it's the best time scooters 2015

It resulted in an honor for nosotros. Hace poco, los miembros del German Scooter Forum (GSF), it decir los aficionados a los scooters, nos votetaron more tienda para repuestos de scooters. El sello de Computer Bild y Statista, ambos ajenos al sector, nos honra mucho ya que distingue nuestra labor.

Mejor tienda para repuestos de scooter - por cuarto año consecutivo

In the forum “German Scooter Forum” (GSF) se sometime a vote for the best part of the repuestos scooters y nosotros – el Scooter Center - hemos ganado otra vez.
Many thanks to everyone who participates in the vote and who has no votes.

Sentimos mucho orgullo and en vez de sleepirnos en los laureles, vamos a continuar working duro y mejorándonos. ¡Os lo prometemos!
Una cosa es segura: en 2015 vamos a desvelaros algunas grandes sorpresas - ¡así que estad atentos!

Best Scootersoops 2015

GSF Dealer of the Year Award 2014/15

Desde hace cuatro años, la mayor comunidad germanófona de Vespa y Lambretta (cuenta con casi 50.000 miembros) vota anualmente sobre el most proveedor de repuestos de scooters. Bill Scooter Center You can have it brought to your clients by el service prestado, quality of the products and innovation capacity.

1 location Scooter Center with 215 votes = 21,2%
2nd lugar FalkR with 161 votes = 16%
3. lugar LTH with 109 votes = 11%


Canteen del organizador de la votación:

“Estimados todos. La votación ha finalizado por lo cual os anuncio el resultado. El vencedor de 2014 / (15) es el Scooter Center, en segundo lugar queda FalkR y LTH queda tercero. Según los resultsados, these tiendas satisfacen particularmente a sus clients. You are the organizer and initiator of this vote, which is about to take place in a number of years, it is very high quality and creo that the GSF has 500 members who participate in the vote as representatives of the German community scooters classics. A los ganadores y también a todos los demás provenores y tiendas quiero pediros que sigáis así – amables y justos – para que siempre siga dando gusto ir en scooter.”M210/GSF


There is nothing wrong with the blessings.
Pronto vais a enteraros aquí en el blog ...


UPGRADE: Val del Scooter Center with a 10% discount





Scooter Center sigue siendo la most tienda de scooter

The shop Scooter Center convenience a sus clientes por

  • The product selection
  • The quality
  • The price
  • and the service

Como it logico queremos que te conviertas en cliente habitual de nuestra tienda de scooter.


Major la atencion al cliente

Trabajamos permanentemente para optimizar nuestros procesos internos, a fin de brindar a nuestros clientes el most service ydifenciarnos de la competencia. Los commentarios de nuestros clientes en portales independents y la distinction major tienda de scooter GSF You should go to the good camino.

.Valoracion high in the portal Scooter Center Trusted Shops Valoracion alta en Scooter Center eKomi

Aún así queremos más. Buscamos la innovation todos los days y entendemos que el processo no ha finalizado todavía.

Mejor distribuidor in the category Scooter by Trustpilot

El Scooter Center Please see the Trustpilot list scooter category. Version November 2014.

major de la category

Gracias por vuestra confianza. Trabajamos todos los days a todo gas para todos nuestros clientes.

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