A Royal Alloy story by one Real Scooterist

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Elmar Real SC

At "Real Scooterists” is all about stories that are not shown in spectacular videos but shared in conversations between us because the stories are part of our daily scooter passion and our lives. Today we had the opportunity to tell the story of Elmar, a scooterist from Cologne.

About me:

Elmer from Cologne
Bj. 1967

Elmer and Royal Alloy


Vespa PX 80 (135DR)              
1983 - 1986 with 43000 km driven in these three years 😎 ( "Apparently you had time”)

What 200

("You have to be unlucky in life 😖😉") The absolute nightmare - how could I ❓

Vespa Sprint 150 Veloce       

( "The Daily Oldi with which even the way to work was fun for years - and not everyone can say that 🤭") 

Swing saddle, PX 200 engine with 210 Malossi, Cosa clutch, sports crankshaft and modified translation. 

A little dream until the total loss followed in 2002. Accident - through no fault of one's own, 9 months away from work, child 2 years old and the decision: - never again two-wheelers -

Royal Alloy

2023        20 years later
This is my first hearing about British manufacturer Royal Alloy 
(Made in Thailand and China).

fall in love instantly Lots of sheet metal, removable hoods, ABS, the 300 Vespa GTS QUASAR engine built under license with 25 hp inside and already a cult in the UK. Haven't really arrived here yet, although I think it's a really successful replica of a Lambretta 2nd or 3rd series.

I then decide on the 2nd series (Royal Alloy TG 300 S) and am lucky that there is a dealer in Brühl.

Due to the position in the English market, many accessories and indeed some accessories fit the old original Lambretta.
Through research in TORQUAY (UK) I find the club “Torbay Mods Scooter Club” with 50 – 60 members.
The special feature: Although founded by older boys, every make is welcome. (Sure, Lammys and Vespas dominate). I like that and I'll get in touch. I get very friendly feedback.
As there was a tour to Wales planned for this year (by car) I make an appointment to meet some of the Torbay Mods in Paignton.

"This year I was with my new scooter at the "Open Day" of the Scooter Centers and was able to get to know Maryzabel from advertising, among other things”

So the idea:
I'll ask for some merchandise for the mods in the UK.
As a matter of course, an impressive merchandise package was put together for me, which the English were also more than enthusiastic about. Scooter Center and bgm is also a concept there.

Thank you again on behalf of everyone Scooter Center. An unforgettable day for me and certainly a special one for the English.

Everyone who met me and my wife there was super friendly and interested. By the way, there was also a Zundapp scooter, shiny chrome Vespas, original Lammys, a Royal Alloy....
A small delegation from an otherwise large club that goes out every Sunday and meets for a chat at the harbor every Wednesday (in bad weather in the pub ;).
Contact with Torquay will definitely be maintained. Dream would be to go there by scooter. Let's see.
Yes - I had never forgotten that the scooter was an important part of my life and – it has remained so – just now without the clutch ;)