IV Ruta Nocturna Vespa Club Costa del Sol – Malaga

Vespa Club Costa del Sol - Ruta Nocturna

Scooter Center had the opportunity to attend the event of Vespa Club Costa del Sol in Malaga, Spain and Jesús kindly provided us with the following photos.
With more than 200 participants, they are now preparing for the V. Ruta Nocturna (night route) 2024 before.

We wish you much success!

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29 July 2023 - IV Ruta Nocturna vc Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol Málaga

Everything went smoothly from Friday to Saturday evening. 🛵🛵🛵🛵 "It doesn't get any better" Fun, laughter, curves and landscapes were not neglected.

We mustn't forget our numerous sponsors, who year after year open their doors to us almost without knocking. You are part of this "THANK YOU".

VC Costa del Sol

- Malaga

III Ruta Nocturna - 2022