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Vespababbo Rhine switch

 The has been organizing since 2014 Vespa Club RheinSchalter Cologne the so-called Vespa Babbo. A tradition from Italy in which Vespisti dress up in Christmas outfits and with decorated Vespas to spread Christmas magic in cities and towns while also handing out small gifts and collecting donations for charitable causes.

This year the Cologne VespaBabbo took place for the 10th time. At the same time, this year's VespaBabbo anniversary heralds the club's anniversary in 2024. The Vespa Club Rhein Schalter was founded in 2014 by three friends on their way back through the Alps from the Vespa World Days in Mantova (IT) and now has around 100 members in Cologne and the surrounding area.

VespaBabbo prices

 For a donation there was a Christmas package consisting of a bag, chocolate lice, SC stickers and a ticket for the raffle. You had the chance to win one of 23 prizes, which were awarded by, among others Scooter Center, Cologne Industries, Cologne schnapps from jörg's wine shop and some club members were sponsored.

In addition, there were 3 special prizes awarded by the club's executive committee:
1. For the most beautifully decorated Vespa
2. For the most unusual costume.
3. For the best combination (best costume and most beautiful Vespa)

Most creative costume and best combination 

And since we sell accessories, we decided to stay true to that concept and dress up as Christmas accessories, which earned us the Best Costume award. ;)

Best decorated scooter

This Vespa, which, judging by its license plate, came from Monschau, was the sensation of the whole event and understandably won the prize for the most beautifully decorated Vespa.


The Cologne VespaBabbo collected around 1.000 EUR for all participants, this time from the Cologne club Association for bittersweet Cologne eV., will benefit. Zartbitter campaigns against sexual abuse of boys and girls.

Have fun and spread pre-Christmas cheer in the city!

Around 80 classic scooters took part in this Switch Edition tour, including two Apes who accompanied us. The route was organized so that the group covered the most important Christmas markets. And thanks to the donation, each Vespa received a bag of chocolate Santas to spread sweet Christmas cheer along the route.

We would like to thank the VC Rheinwechsel for allowing us to be part of this fun and great campaign.
St. Nicholas Day trips like this have inspired many clubs and we look forward to taking part in the “Moped X-Mas Tour” to participate.

Info: Piaggio Club Leverkusen

Moped X-Mas Tour