Viva Espana - Lambretta Edition

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Lambretta Spain

Bring on the little Spaniards

It's 1954 and in the Spanish city Eibar Licensed production of the Lambretta begins in Lambretta Locomociones SA. The result of negotiations between the already existing Spanish company ALFA and Innocenti.

The result is the second scooter built under license in Spain. Production ended in 1989 and during that period the Lambrettas were produced under different names.

If you want to know all the details, and I mean really all the details, you can't avoid Jaime Supereibar's encyclopedia on the subject:

1954 - 1989- by Jaime de Prat Salomone (English), 368 pages, 4-color

Coming soon ...

Club Lambretta Spain

We only recently had the Lambretta Club de Espana in connection with the brilliant Tank dipstick:

There is a beautiful one from the Lambretta Club Spain Book on the plant in Eibar and everything related to it.

Both books are not only absolutely required reading, but also an enrichment for every coffee table.

The history of the Lambretta built in Eibar can be roughly divided as follows:

  • Lambretta made in Eibar 1954 – 1989
  • Lambretta Locomociones SA (LL) (1954)
  • Serveta Industrial S.A. (1972)
  • Lambretta SAL (1982)
  • ORBAR (1986)


Since the Spanish modular system is quite compatible with the Italian one, almost all technical and tuning parts are compatible with each other. Of course there were some peculiarities. And we already offer you a lot:
Air Filter – Lambretta Serveta 8006864 28,90 euros
Suction -LAMBRETTA- Serveta (Series 3) 8006955 16,12 euros
Ignition contacts -MOTOPLAT- Serveta (Lambretta Spain) 8012350 20,90 euros
Capacitor -MOTOPLAT- Serveta (Lambretta Spain) 8012421 11,90 euros

Rear light lens -LAMBRETTA- Serveta (year 1974-1981) 8860035 17,90 euros

 Doormat LAMBRETTA- Serveta (4 parts)

Black  53,90 Euros


Kaskade -LAMBRETTA- Serveta Emblem – Serveta (Series 2-3) €20,90

legshield -LAMBRETTA- LI 150 – LI 150 (Series 2, Serveta/Eibar, Spain) 8050113 12,59 €

Lettering below the seat
LAMBRETTA- Serveta LI (Series 3 – Scooterlinea) 
Black 8860015
13,90 € 

Lettering legshield -JOCKEYS- Lambretta – LI 125, LI 150 (Series 2, Serveta/Eibar, Spain) 7675025 25,99 €

type label -JOCKEYS- Serveta Eibar (Spain) Lambretta (60x38x0,5mm) 7676141 9,80 €

type label -JOCKEYS- Serveta Eibar Lince/Exclusive (132×24,75×0,5mm) 7676146 9,80 €

Indicator glass -JOCKEYS- Serveta

And also one or the other special part in an extra design for the little Spaniards:

Brake pump set, light switch housing -MMW Two in One- Lambretta Serveta Jet - aluminum 7675447 249,00 euros

for all hydraulic disc brakes as the:

Or this one:
Suction -JOCKEYS- Serveta 125-200cc (Series 3) - SH2/22 - connection width carburetor AW=47mm 8006955N 24,99 euros

with which carburetors such as the Mikuni TM24, the Dellorto SH22 but also the Keihin PWK28 and the Polini 28 mm and 30 mm can be connected to the original Serveta air filter box.