Real deals june 2023

Real deals June

REAL DEALS June is our monthly selection! In this edition we have exclusive products for Lambretta lovers. Feet on the ground with a good tire at a better price and your head on the road with the helmet bag. and for our little mopeds a product that you can get going with a single pull!

Lambretta Real Deals June

AC version

New Lambretta V3 bgm rear shock absorbers. The setup of the damper was made by @RobGray by its nature suspension specialist and with the kick back garage quite successful Youtuber has been massively refined.
To do this, Rob worked deep into the inner workings of the damper and adjusted the spring rate.

The black damper is also available in a limited edition of 50 pieces @RobGray Exclusive edition available.

There is a beautiful one from the Lambretta Club Spain Book on the plant in Eibar and everything related to it.

Real Vespa

A special offer not to be missed
Practical nylon bag that fits in almost every storage compartment.


CNC machined from high quality aluminum
and black anodized.