Gift idea for scooterists - Wire rope cutter


Individual gift ideas for scooterists by the Scooter Center team

Name: Ulf

cable pliers-ulf

How long have you been working for? Scooter Center:

Almost from the beginning, so for 22 years

What is your task at Scooter Center:

Purchase Asia, almost anything linked to management

What's your relation to scooters:

And ride scooters since 1984. I started with a Zundapp R50 (former police scooter). At the age of 18 I got my first Vespa, a 200 Rally, and two years later my first Lambretta (Lui 50). My oldest scooter is a Lambretta B from 1950, my youngest a Piaggio ZipSP with 172 Malossi engine.
My greatest scooter experiences were the ride with my Rally 200 to Italy aged 19, meetings in England and custom shows in the mid 80s and 90s and every Eurolambretta. Visiting vintage markets before the age of the internet and journeys with friends to Italy and England to look for scooter bargains.

Gift idea for scooterists

Wire rope cutter -TOPTUL Pro Series-

Part no. DNCA227E

wire rope cutter


There is nothing worse than bad tools. We sell Toptul tools, because we are using them every day. The cost-benefit ratio is positive and our garage guru Alex, who hates bad tools, swears by it. The wire rope cutter makes frayed cables a story of the past. Everyone, who uses this cutter for the first time, asks: "Why didn't I have this earlier?" Personally, you are often too stingy or you don't see the necessity - therefore I think this is the ideal gift.

Wire rope cutter for scooterists

Shortening a bowden cable or wire cable, no matter if braided or made of thick wire, will no longer cause trouble. the professional wire rope cutter by Toptul cuts any wire cleanly and effortlessly. Hardened blades, which embrace the cable, prevent the cable from fraying and leave a neat cutting edge behind. Unlike a diagonal cutting pliers, the wire won't be crushed between the blades but sheared.

Thanks to a high transmission, cutting thick wires is easily possible, even when an ordinary diagonal cutting pliers would have long been given up.

Perfect tool for a scooter garage!

  • Special cutting shape
  • Very high transmission ratio
  • Effortlessly and neatly cut
  • Low energy input
  • For bowden cables and wire cables (i.e. V2A) up to Ø 4.0 mm
  • Spring wire up to Ø 1.5mm
  • Blades also inductively hardened
  • Crescent-shaped blades embrace the cables and prevent the wire cable from fraying
  • With opening spring and safety catch

TOPTUL manufactures high quality tools for more than 20 years and is best in terms of cost-benefit ratio. We use TOPTUL products on a day-to-day basis for years now and are entirely convinced.

gift-cable pliers-toptul

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