Real deals August 2023

Real deals August

REAL DEALS Aug is our monthly pick! In this edition we have the new gearbox for Smallframe, the pole wheels with the largest curved blades that are available again, shock absorbers in silver, the popular Longtail seat for the Lambretta and irresistible discounts for the GTS.

Deals Lambretta


A long quilted seat, gray piping and a harmonious integration into the vehicle silhouette make the BGM Longtail a real eye-catcher.

Real 2023

GTS discount

Real Vespa

Fully assembled and cleanly spaced gearbox - ready to install.
Gear gradations as original.
Shorter, sportier gradations possible by simply changing the secondary shaft (see accessories).

The bgm PRO flywheel is a perfect replica of the original PX200 and PX200 Elestar pole wheels. With its large curved blades, this has a high fan performance, ideal for large cast iron cylinders such as the Polini 210.