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Scooter leg shield clamp mirror for Vespa and Lambretta

the last chance to get the classic retro mirror for left side mounting

In your Scooter Center Shop you will find a large selection Spiegel and Auch Clamp mirror for the leg shield!

But do the mirrors fit your scooter? What is the size how does the color fit? What shape do the clamp mirrors have and what are the proportions in relation to the leg shield?

We have now installed all clip-on mirrors, also photographed from different perspectives! Now find your leg shield clamp mirror from a large one Selection in our shop.

Legshield clamp mirror Vespa & Lambretta

All legshield clamp mirrors at a glance


Legshield clamp mirror for Vespa and Lambretta

Mirror BUMM chrome, stainless steel, leg shield clamp mirror small

The classic clip-on mirror in kidney shape from BUMM for Vespa and Lambretta with a small mirror glass.
Trapezoidal shape. Visually very discreet and easy to adjust thanks to the universal mounting option on the leg shield.

This classic is available for:

Mirror BUMM retro leg shield clip-on mirror, colored plastic housing

Universal fitting retro clip-on mirror for classic scooters, mopeds, mopeds. The kidney mirror is Made in Germany by BUMM. Neatly processed mirror in trapezoidal shape with white plastic housing and colored, transparent edge.
Has a plastic housing with a ball head. The clamp is suitable for both round slotted tubes and bead profiles (standard on Vespa).

Article no.: Design
1050138 White, blue, left
1050141 White, blue, right
1050139 White, orange, left
1050142 White, orange, right
1050137 White, red, left
1050140 White, red, right

Mirror FAR leg shield clamp mirror round Ø = 105mm - E3 (E-mark)

Beautiful mirror from FAR in a circular shape and a diameter of 105mm. Available in chrome and black. The leg shield mirror has an E-mark (E3).

This round FAR mirror is available in:

Mirror FAR leg shield clamp mirror trapezoidal

This is a nice alternative to the round mirror from FAR. The trapezoidal FAR chrome mirrors are attached to the leg shield with a screw clamp.

Small grub screws also fix the mirror securely to the edge protection of the leg shield or a slotted tube. The mirror rod is adjustable, the mirror itself can also be slid on the rod and tilted. by means of a ball head.

The mirror is available for the left or right side as well as chrome-plated or in black!

Mirror SKY leg shield clamp mirror chrome round Ø = 105mm

Beautiful, classic round mirror to clamp on the leg shield.
The chrome-plated mirror is fixed with two clamps.
The solid aluminum clamp is ideal for attaching the mirror to the slotted tube of the leg shield. Thanks to the multiple alignment options, the mirror is always quickly brought into the correct position. The stylish cap nuts always clamp the mirror securely and tightly, while the clamp on the mirror body is cushioned in a rubber. The mirror diameter is approx. 10cm, the mirror surface is convex (curved outwards) and thus creates a wide angle. Thus, despite the relatively small mirror surface, a large field of vision can be covered.

Mirror SKY leg shield clamp mirror chrome rectangular 105 x 70mm

The SKY mirror is also available in the angular version: A very beautiful, classic rectangular mirror that can be clamped to the leg shield.
The chrome-plated clamp mirror is fixed with two clamps.
The massive aluminum clamp is ideal for attaching the mirror to the slit tube of the leg shield. Thanks to the multiple alignment options, the mirror is always quickly brought into the correct position. The pretty cap nuts always clamp the mirror securely and tightly, while the clamp is cushioned in a rubber on the mirror body. The mirror dimensions are about 10 x 6 cm, the mirror surface is not so convex compared to our SKY round mirror.


Mirror STADIUM leg shield clip-on mirror, chrome, rectangular

STADIUM mirror MADE IN ENGLAND direct from Caerphilly, Wales, UK.

A real British classic with a long tradition. These legendary clip-on mirrors are made of high-gloss polished stainless steel in top quality and heavy duty. The customers who have consistently rated the mirror at our sim shop top so far, praise the quality and stability of this mirror. Below you can also find a round version of the stadium mirror.

Article no.: Position
7675864 right-wing
7675863 left-wing



Mirror STADIUM leg shield clip-on mirror, chrome, round

Round version of the stadium mirror approx. 100mm in diameter. A real British classic with a long tradition. These legendary clip-on mirrors are made of high-gloss polished stainless steel in top quality and heavy duty. Our customers have so far only rated this mirror positively and love the good adjustability, the optics and the quality of the mirror. Angular version like this


Article no.: Position
7675940 right-wing
7675939 left-wing


Mirror -VICMA leg shield clip-on mirror- chrome

This inexpensive mirror with a top price-performance ratio from VICMA is available from us in 2 sizes and for left and right: 80mm and 105mm, the large 105mm version also has an E-mark.


Article no.: PAGE & SIZE
7676653 right Ø = 80mm
7676656 right Ø = 105m
7675853 left Ø = 80mm
7675854 left Ø = 105mm



Information about Spiegel and the StVZO in Germany

Do i need a mirror on my scooter?

According to StVZO §56, every motor vehicle in Germany, which also includes mopeds, needs at least one mirror attached to the left side of the vehicle.


How many mirrors do I need on my scooter?

The number of mirrors depends on the first registration (EZ):

  • EZ before 01.01.1990 1 mirror on the left
  • Single room from 01.01.1990 up to 100 km / h 1 mirror on the left
  • Single from 01.01.1990 over 100 km / h 2 mirrors


How big does the mirror on my scooter have to be?

The size of the reflective surface must be

  • before EZ 17.06.2003 at least 60cm² (with round mirrors the diameter greater than or equal to 88 mm)
  • according to EZ 17.6.2003 at least 69cm² (with round mirrors the diameter greater than or equal to 94 mm)



Do mirrors on my scooter require a certification mark?

Marked mirrors automatically meet all of the above conditions.

  • For vehicles that are approved according to EC law (from October 01.10.2005st, XNUMX) mirrors with certification marks must be installed.
  • Vehicles with ABE approval (before October 01.10.2005st, XNUMX) only have to use mirrors that meet the above criteria.


With the idea of VWD 23 Visiting Switzerland had been on our minds for a long time, but only decided the day before, and Platónika and I set off from Cologne to Interlaken to finally do what Platónika was created for: Attending events and telling stories.

Platonic on the way

Day 1 on the way to the Vespa World Days 2023

Being a scooter with absolutely everything "new" (2021), it did not require major maintenance, nevertheless it is not superfluous, at least one spare, Olive oil, Train set Universal and spark plug to have.

After work at 18:30 I set off and after five and a half hours of motorway driving and 442km I arrived in Freiburg to meet Vespistas who were on the road.

And one of the problems with going out at night is the lack of light, but the LED headlights make a big difference.

Day 2 Interlaken country road

Already again with the Warrior Scooter Club united, we decided to drive the remaining 180 km through the beautiful countryside to Interlaken.

SC at the Vespa World Days 2023 Interlaken

VWD 2023

Vespa Museum

Here the crown jewels stood as one Vespa 98 (1946) and a 125 (1947) and the "Speedy service“, who looks at me Scooter Center remembered. 😉

The Vespa Gymkhana is a skill test consisting of a course with various obstacles that have to be overcome in the shortest possible time and was my personal highlight. what fun! but the friendliness and commitment of the volunteers dated Vespa Club Italy are second to none!

Real Scooterist!

Each club has its own history and I had the opportunity to know first hand clubs I never thought I would know: Vespa Club Hong Kong, Russia, Thailand and many others where I also found the honor, my beloved Vespa Club Colombia to represent!

The escadrille des cigognes

VESPIPAS da Capital do Vinho-Cartaxo

Vespa Club Albania


VC Colombia and Vespa Club Borinage

Vespa clubs

Vespa World Club – General Secretary

Board of Vespa Club Switzerland

Vespa Club Albania

Indonesia team

Vespa Club Zurich

Vespa Club Zurich

Vespa Club Palermo

Vespa Club Ticino

Vespa Club Italy

Vespa Club Ostend, Belgium

Austria Gleisdorf


Vespa Fan Club

Vespa Club Bern

Vespa Club Napoli

Vespa Club Loerrach

Vespa Club La Cote

Escadrille des cigognes

Vespa Club L'Aquila

SC was there!

We couldn't go empty-handed in the hunt for souvenirs, so we renewed the passion of some who have followed us closely over these 30 years and gained new enthusiasts!


Meeting friends, making new friends, representing Colombia at the presidential meeting for the first time, expanding my collection of treasures and, above all, strengthening the relationship of trust with Platónika are just a few of the many experiences that I remember.

but the return trip will be less and less fun. Almost 9 hours on the Autobahn home. Even though I have the best speed I've ever had! (I drive almost 120 km/h continuously) 🤩

Thank you everyone for this great experience!

Maryza & Platonica!

bgm Smallframe Gear wheels

The bgm Smallframe Gear wheels, main and auxiliary shafts are manufactured in Europe under high quality requirements. In addition to the high-quality material used, the remuneration of the components also plays a major role. Therefore, all transmission parts such as gear wheels, auxiliary shaft, main shaft as well as the shift dog are individually remunerated at Thyssenkrupp. The high-quality material, the dimensional accuracy due to the precise production and the "know how" in the treatment create an extremely resilient gear part.

stress test

In order to ensure that the gear wheels can withstand high loads over the long term, the components were subjected to a load test in a German test laboratory for gear drives.

In this so-called pulsator test, the gear wheels are clamped across several pairs of teeth and hydraulically loaded with a pulsating force on the tooth flanks.
This test is deliberately carried out until the material fails, so that the durability can be determined and compared.


To explain this roughly with an example:

The bgm Gear III was subjected to a pulsating load of 64.000kN with 8 load changes until the provoked failure. With a lower test load, i.e. less than 8kN, no failure could be generated during the test. For comparison; a third gear from a Piaggio transmission failed in this test after 33.000 load changes. This means that the fatigue strength of third gear is at bgm about 90% higher than the original Piaggio component.

If you translate this laboratory test as driving performance on the road, this test load corresponds to an engine with over 50Nm torque on the crankshaft, which is driven at full throttle for a little more than 1000km at a time.


The bgm Smallframe Gear wheels are available in the familiar gradation of 58, 54, 50, 46 and 48 teeth. The tooth profiles of bgm Gears are based on the Piaggio gear wheels of the gear type with the marking "42" and thus have the bgm Gears also have the same range of use as the Piaggio original gearbox. An exception is the fourth gear with 48 teeth. This gear may only be combined with countershafts with 22 teeth on the fourth gear.

Secondary shafts bgm01720

The bgm Each auxiliary shaft is supplied with a high-strength nut for fastening the clutch. In order to ensure the highest possible strength of this screw connection, the secondary shafts are manufactured with a fine thread M10x1.

We offer matching auxiliary shafts with three different gradations for the gear wheels:

bgm01822: 10-14-18-22

the original gradation,

Everyone can be on this secondary wave bgm, as well as gear wheels that correspond to the type 42 gearbox. So also gear wheels, for example from Benelli, Fabbri, OEM which are suitable for the original Piaggio gearbox.


bgm01821; 10-14-18-21

The “Short Fourth Course”

Here the jump between third and fourth gear on fourth gear is one tooth shorter. The speed difference when shifting from third gear to fourth gear is reduced by approx. 400 rpm and helps to achieve a better gear connection. If the same top speed is to be achieved in fourth gear at the same engine speed, a primary 27/69 (2:56) with a primary wheel z28 can be used. The top speed remains the same, but with the advantage of a better connection when shifting from gear three to gear four. This countershaft can only be used with the fourth gear with 46 teeth on the mainshaft. By reducing one tooth in fourth gear, this countershaft is the most sensible way to shorten the gear jump. By distributing only 21 teeth on the same diameter of the auxiliary shaft, the tooth bases are significantly wider and therefore more stable. The combination with this auxiliary shaft in fourth gear (46:21 = 2.19) roughly corresponds to the use of the short fourth gear with 48 teeth on the main shaft with an original auxiliary shaft
(48:22 = 2.18), but is much more durable.

bgm01720: 10-14-18-20

The gradation short third gear, short fourth gear

The jump from gear two to gear three and from gear three to gear four is significantly reduced. Can also only be used for type 42 gear wheels. Compared to the original gradation, the third gear is one tooth shorter and the fourth gear two teeth shorter. As with the auxiliary shaft with the short fourth gear, this makes the teeth on the third and fourth gear more stable due to wider tooth bases. "THE" auxiliary shaft for fast and high-torque engines, which are equipped with a long primary reduction or are clearly speed-oriented with a short primary reduction.

The bgm Pro side shafts

The bgm Pro side shafts are just like that bgm Pro gear wheels manufactured and tested under high requirements. For example, in direct comparison to a Piaggio auxiliary shaft, the third gear is the bgm Per auxiliary shaft in the durability test with 150.000 load changes and the Piaggio auxiliary shaft with 58.000 load changes in the pulsator test.

In comparison, the third gear is the bgm Countershaft more than 150% longer than an original Piaggio countershaft. A significant increase in safety for engines with an increase in performance.

Here the usability of the various auxiliary shafts on the respective gear wheels

In the future, the gearboxes will also be fully assembled with shoulder rings, reinforced shift springs, our new one bgm Pro Sport shift dog available. The game of the gear wheels is through the matching ones bgm Pro shoulder rings precisely adjusted and the main shaft can be mounted directly.

Transmission (gear wheels incl. main shaft)

With the bgm Pro gearbox for the Vespa Smallframe, we provide you with an extremely resilient solution for your gearbox. This is possible thanks to the available variants bgm Individually tune each transmission to almost all engine concepts and personal preferences in the ride shops.

bgm shift claw

bgm PRO SPORT - 4 speed, H=50mm,

VESPA PK50, PK80, PK125, V50 (V5A1T from 69444), Special (V5B3T from 94315), Elestart (V5B4T from 1514), PV125 (VMA2T from 150203), ET3 (VMB1T from 8161)

BGM PRO has given the successful BGM6550 shifter an update. The successor BGM6555 has a completely redesigned locking profile. This means that the gears are even more precise and the dreaded gear jumping is completely prevented.

The BGM Pro shift claw is made of high quality 15CrMo5 (SCM415) chrome molybdenum steel and is therefore very durable. The flanks have very narrow tolerances compared to the shifting claws otherwise available on the market. This guides the claw precisely in the main shaft and effectively prevents it from twisting/tipping.


Lambretta Spain

Bring on the little Spaniards

It's 1954 and in the Spanish city Eibar Licensed production of the Lambretta begins in Lambretta Locomociones SA. The result of negotiations between the already existing Spanish company ALFA and Innocenti.

The result is the second scooter built under license in Spain. Production ended in 1989 and during that period the Lambrettas were produced under different names.

If you want to know all the details, and I mean really all the details, you can't avoid Jaime Supereibar's encyclopedia on the subject:

1954 - 1989- by Jaime de Prat Salomone (English), 368 pages, 4-color

Coming soon ...

Club Lambretta Spain

We only recently had the Lambretta Club de Espana in connection with the brilliant Tank dipstick:

There is a beautiful one from the Lambretta Club Spain Book on the plant in Eibar and everything related to it.

Both books are not only absolutely required reading, but also an enrichment for every coffee table.

The history of the Lambretta built in Eibar can be roughly divided as follows:

  • Lambretta made in Eibar 1954 – 1989
  • Lambretta Locomociones SA (LL) (1954)
  • Serveta Industrial S.A. (1972)
  • Lambretta SAL (1982)
  • ORBAR (1986)


Since the Spanish modular system is quite compatible with the Italian one, almost all technical and tuning parts are compatible with each other. Of course there were some peculiarities. And we already offer you a lot:
Air Filter – Lambretta Serveta 8006864 28,90 euros
Suction -LAMBRETTA- Serveta (Series 3) 8006955 16,12 euros
Ignition contacts -MOTOPLAT- Serveta (Lambretta Spain) 8012350 20,90 euros
Capacitor -MOTOPLAT- Serveta (Lambretta Spain) 8012421 11,90 euros

Rear light lens -LAMBRETTA- Serveta (year 1974-1981) 8860035 17,90 euros

 Doormat LAMBRETTA- Serveta (4 parts)

Black  53,90 Euros


Kaskade -LAMBRETTA- Serveta Emblem – Serveta (Series 2-3) 20,90€

legshield -LAMBRETTA- LI 150 – LI 150 (Series 2, Serveta/Eibar, Spain) 8050113 12,59 €

Lettering below the seat
LAMBRETTA- Serveta LI (Series 3 – Scooterlinea) 
Black 8860015
13,90 € 

Lettering legshield -JOCKEYS- Lambretta – LI 125, LI 150 (Series 2, Serveta/Eibar, Spain) 7675025 25,99 €

type label -JOCKEYS- Serveta Eibar (Spain) Lambretta (60x38x0,5mm) 7676141 9,80 €

type label -JOCKEYS- Serveta Eibar Lince/Exclusive (132×24,75×0,5mm) 7676146 9,80 €

Indicator glass -JOCKEYS- Serveta

And also one or the other special part in an extra design for the little Spaniards:

Brake pump set, light switch housing -MMW Two in One- Lambretta Serveta Jet - aluminum 7675447 249,00 euros

for all hydraulic disc brakes as the:

Or this one:
Suction -JOCKEYS- Serveta 125-200cc (Series 3) - SH2/22 - connection width carburetor AW=47mm 8006955N 24,99 euros

with which carburetors such as the Mikuni TM24, the Dellorto SH22 but also the Keihin PWK28 and the Polini 28 mm and 30 mm can be connected to the original Serveta air filter box.

Vespa Spain

La Vespa in Spain

The scooter market in Spain is very strong and has a long tradition. Spain is one of the largest markets for scooters in Europe and in addition to new vehicles there is also a lively market for scooters in Spain used Vespas. Many lovers of classic Vespas are looking for restored or well-preserved older models to revive the charm of bygone times.

Here are some of the parts that will keep Vespas on the road for many years:

Moto Vespa Spain

Motovespa 160GT
The Motovespa 160 is one of the most sought-after vehicles from Spanish production.
The leg shield is vaguely reminiscent of the iconic Vespa SS50 and SS90 and, in conjunction with the trapezoidal headlight, gives the 160GT an elegant, sporty look.
The engine of the 160 and 160GT already shows some technical features similar to the big sister SS180 from Piaggio.
For this engine type, we had bgm reproduce some components that were no longer available or difficult to obtain.

motovespa VAPE ignition system

Vape for the 160 GT the chic Spaniard can be equipped with a modern and very reliable ignition system. Powerful 12V light included.
Other items already available for the 160, 160GT

A perfect complement is the bgm Wiring harness set conversion


Moto vespa españa are Scootersthat for bgm increasingly important and has for some time started developing specific products for the Spanish market.
Here are some of the most notable products

Direct intake, stroke = 57mm, connecting rod = 105mm
BGM057105MV: Motovespa 125, Motovespa 150S – Piston pin Ø15mm (needle bearing), clutch type Vespa PX (Ø 15mm), also for converting Vespa VNA1T-VNA2T
BGM057105: Vespa GS150 (VS1-5T), Motovespa 150GS (04M engine), 150S (VTT, V13502C), 150 Sprint (04M engine) – piston pin Ø15mm (needle bearing)

Direct intake, stroke = 60mm, connecting rod = 105mm
BGM060105: Vespa GS150 (VS1-5T), Motovespa 150GS (04M engine), 150S (VTT, V13502C), 150 Sprint (04M engine) – piston pin Ø15mm (needle bearing)

Motovespa GT 160 (09C) engine (M09)
Direct intake, 57mm stroke

BGM057MVX: (for coupling type PX) 

Direct intake, 60mm stroke
 (fits only with spindles)

BGM060MV  and BGM060MVX

some MotoVespa highlights

Vespa España classic look

And for a perfect classic look and performance, the bgm classic tyres, for shock absorber and the bgm train set not missing the 

Vespa T5

For a long time there were no more suitable seats for the T5, which was only produced in small numbers compared to the PX.

Here a good reproduction of the original seat of the Vespa T5 models, made in Vietnam

More highlights for the T5

Vespa España waiting for new and upcoming products:

and product development continues, the following items are currently planned


(23mm and Ø=28mm)
In set
(23mm and Ø=28mm)
In set membrane
(23mm and Ø=28mm)

set membrane upper part (23mm and Ø=28mm)

 set membrane lower part

Gasket set engine bgm

For Motovespa 160, 160GT, 160GTI (09M-E70), 150S (V201M-S61, 502M-S64,
Sprint 150 (04M-S66),
150L (V202M-2L62),
150GS (04M-G67)

and in silicone

and Gasket for spacer clutch cover for Wasp Wideframe VM1T, VM2T, VN1T (-60000), VU1T, ACMA 125 (1951-1955), Motovespa 125N (1953-1958) – Ø=128×0.5mm

The ABE booklet and the bgm brake system with TUV logo

bgm brake levers with ABE? What is an ABE anyway?

ABE stands for the general operating permit, which must be available for attachments to the vehicle.
If the attachments do not have an ABE, the vehicle may not pass the TÜV.

Appropriate tests, which the components must pass, are required for approval.

Three pairs of the bgm brake lever sets

bgm brake lever sets with ABE - Next Level!!

The story goes on…
Now our Vespa drivers can be completely relaxed on the road with our ergonomic brake lever sets.

Detail picture of a Vespa from the manual brake lever
Brake lever set bgm PRO

CNC, drum brake
Wasp Largeframe: 1957-1998 - PX, T5, Sprint, Rally, GT, GTR, TS, VNA, VNB, VBB, VBA, GS, SS180, Smallframe 1963-1989 V50, 50N, V90, PV125, ET3, PK S, PK XL1

Black: bgm4560
Black Matt: bgm4561
steel gray: bgm4562

Three bgm brake levers in all colors with ABE
Brake lever set bgm PRO

Disc brake (Heng Tong)
Vespa PX: (year 2004-)

Black: bgm4540
Black Matt: bgm4541
steel gray: bgm4542

Three pairs of the bgm brake lever sets
Brake lever set bgm PRO

CNC, sport, short (130mm)
Vespa GT, GTL, GTS 125-300

Black: bgm4500
Black Matt: bgm4501
Chromium: bgm4502

 long (165mm):

Black: bgm4503
Black Matt: bgm4504
Chromium: bgm4505

installed brake levers in a Primavera with ABE
Brake lever set bgm PRO

cnc sports, 
Vespa LX, LXV, S, Primavera 50-150, Sprint 50-150

short (130mm):
Black: bgm4506
Black Matt: bgm4507
Chromium: bgm4508

short (130mm):

Black Matt: bgm4510
Chromium: bgm4511

Leaf through ABE and installation instructions for brake and clutch levers online here

This is our new ABE + installation instructions.
You can already browse here, all article numbers are linked and you can go directly to the current price and current availability display in the shop!

Plug and play coupling

Available now

You may have already found an Easter egg in one of our videos ;-) but now you can find it in our webshop

Here we go!

It is questionable how long the supply of spare parts from Piaggio will be secured for some components. Unfortunately, the quality of the clutch cover from the original manufacturer has also fluctuated in recent years.

The clutch covers from LML were sometimes a resilient alternative, but unfortunately there is LML no more. and various attempts by other companies can be smiled at as a well-intentioned interpretation. The manufacturers Ramp and Silking should definitely be avoided here. Apart from the basic material, these clutch covers have nothing in common with the original.

Based on this drive, we have dedicated ourselves to creating our own clutch cover.


Specifications were that the cover, as always with many of our own developments, can be used with original parts and shows further improvements.

The clutch cover for Largeframe from BGM PRO Superstrong CNC therefore fits all couplings currently available on the market. Whether with 6 springs or 7 springs of the old design or the latest models with 4-disc CR pad material and enlarged CNC clutch basket.

One of the reasons was that the bar in the clutch cover had to be removed if the original cover for the CNC clutches had to be machined. Therefore, the BGM PRO SUPERSTORNG clutch cover has an adapted contour that allows the web again and thus supports the oil supply for the separator and the protected Ultralube principle of the bgm Superstrong clutches.

The inner contour was therefore determined and defined very quickly. A bigger challenge, however, was determining the position of the bleed screw.

The worldwide scooter riders network keeps hearing reports that the engines are pushing out oil through the vent screw. So we thought about whether there was a better position for the vent. Always under the condition that it fits on an original vehicle. The first attempt was to orientate the hole with the direction of rotation. A fatal misconception.

Although the slanted hole is in the opposite direction to the oil, significantly more oil is pumped out of the vent here.

After testing three alternative positions and designing the bore channels, we are almost back to the original position of the vent. However, the hole is located further out in the cover at a slightly different angle and therefore does not get as much of the flung oil. With this position it was possible to move a 221cc Malossi MHR engine with more than 9500rpm permanently with an oil filling quantity of 500ml without the oil being pushed out through the vent screw.

As a variant, there are also clutch covers for the older ones Largeframe models. Here the clutch cover is higher to create space for a PX clutch.

The old engine housings of the VNA to VGLB engines with their flat clutches are flatter in size than a Sprint or PX engine housing - the sealing surface for the clutch cover on the VNA to VGLB engines is therefore practically closer to the crankshaft. This residue is compensated by the BGM PRO SUPERSTRONG clutch cover and thus offers the advantage of using a normal PX clutch on these engines.

 Due to the dimensional adjustment in the clutch cover, there is no risk of the rear tire rubbing against the clutch cover. Due to the flat motor housing, there is enough space for the tire wall.

The matching clutch arm for the BGM PRO clutch cover has a double O-ring seal and the option of hanging the clutch cable in a position for shortened lever travel.

The inner position on the clutch arm is intended for the use of adjustable clutch levers on the handlebars, as these levers pull less than, for example, the standard lever on a PX.

The coupling arm is already provided with all clearances that are required for the use of reinforced couplings.

When manufacturing the clutch cover, we initially opted for CNC production from solid material. This means that we always have control over the material used and access to the material certificate. The high-strength material used and the CNC production, we can guarantee very low tolerances and consistent quality.

If you are now curious, you have to be patient. The final acceptance of the samples has been confirmed and we expect the delivery date to be in 2022.

Complete with clutch arm, the clutch cover will be under €200.

We will provide you with more information at the start of sales in the blog and in the shop.

Have a good trip

Catalog with "New Catalog" Spaulders

Our latest Vespa catalog is ready: Vespa Modern 2023. You can do the Vespa catalog for your next order in Scooter Center Simply order the shop for free.

Browse the catalog online here

This is our new Vespa Modern as a preview.
Here you can already leaf through the catalog, all article numbers are linked and come directly in the shop at the current price and current availability display!

Vespa catalog download

Once in yours Smallframe the original SHB has to give way to another carburettor, the question arises shortly before the engine is started for the first time: how do I operate the choke?

How do I convert the carburetor from a folding choke to a cable choke?

How do I connect the cable choke of a Dellorto PHBH, VHST, Mikuni, Keihin PWK or Polini CP carburetor to the choke lever of the Smallframe at?

Many carburetors are usually delivered with a so-called folding or pull choke. So that the carburetor can be operated with a cable pull, as is typical for Vespa, we offer the right adapter set for conversion for many carburetor types.

2599091  Dellorto PHBL, PHBH VHST (Shop)

2599098 Mikuni, Keihin, and Polini CP (Shop)


The bgm Pro choke lever is suitable for all carburetor types that are equipped or retrofitted with a cable choke.
Due to the special design of the bgm Pro choke lever, the choke cable can be easily detached in order to remove the carburetor. This saves time and protects your hands in the cramped carburetor room Smallframe. By using a clamping nipple, the choke cable is not kinked every time the choke lever is actuated and is therefore permanently durable and secure against tearing off. Due to the adapted contour of the lever, it can no longer jump out of the choke button guide.


The assembly of the bgm Pro choke lever is easy.


A YSN30 / Dellorto PHBH (YSN8570) carburetor serves as a model example and for the conversion to a cable choke (Blog)  with the matching cable adapter set (2599091 – (Shop).

The universal cable BGM6445 is used as the choke cable. This already has the right length for the outer shell in a Vespa Smallframe to find space.

Loosen the nut of the small inner choke lever with SW10 and make sure that the screw does not fall out towards the carburettor chamber. When removing the original choke lever, pay attention to the domed washer (3330468W) which lies between the choke lever and the bracket on the frame. This will also be needed again later.

Guide the screw through the retaining plate from below and then attach the spring washer and the choke lever.

The nut has a so-called clamping part to secure against self-loosening. This clamping part can be recognized by the imprints on the wrench flats of the nut. Depending on the design of the nut, this clamping part is on a front side or on the wrench flats.

When putting on the nut, make sure that the clamping part of the nut faces upwards so that the non-clamping part is screwed onto the choke bolt first.

First tighten the nut until the choke lever can still be moved easily.

The inner cable is first fed through the adjusting screw and the adapter, barrel first, and then pushed through the spring. The barrel of the train is hung in the choke piston.

When inserting the choke piston into the carburetor, make sure that the barrel does not jump out of the choke piston mount. The adapter is then screwed to the carburetor.

The clamp nipple is now placed on the loose end of the choke cable and fastened at a distance of 20mm from the shoulder of the end cap.

First thread the inner cable into the slotted guide of the choke lever and then hook the clamping nipple into the choke lever. Use the end cap to pull the outer shell back far enough (the choke in the carburetor is actuated in the process) so that the end cap can be hung in the retaining plate.

If the play in the choke cable is too large, this can be easily adjusted using the adjusting screw on the adapter on the carburettor. A safety clearance of approx. 1.5mm between the shoulder of the end cap and the abutment of the retaining plate on the frame should be maintained so that the cable is not tensioned during compression and the movements of the engine while driving and the choke is not activated.

If the necessary safety play of the cable cannot be achieved via the adapter, the adapter on the carburetor is turned back and the cable adjusted by tightening the clamping nipple.

Finally tighten the nut of the choke lever so that the lever can still be operated easily but the spring force of the spring for the choke piston cannot pull it back again.

It's always nice to meet friends and that was when Scooter Center-Team on the EICMA 2022 the case. Here is some news that caught our attention:

New Vespa models EICMA 2022

Piaggio proudly presented the new 2023 model years, which will win many new fans with some new, visible and invisible features. 
The most prominent model is of course the GTS300.
We can already say in advance: It drives better than ever! Piaggio has finally dedicated itself to the subject of chassis and has now made it much more stable and active. This is accompanied by a new front wheel suspension including a new supplier for the brake components. Nissin from Japan is now on board here and is responsible for a befitting delay. The front shock absorber of the GTS models differs again from the previous models, which brings us to the third stage of evolution. Interestingly, Piaggio has retained the previous fork/brake type for the new GTV models (recognizable by the headlight on the fender). In line with the spirit of the times, a keyless go system has now been rolled out on the GTS/GTV platforms. With that, the conventional key is history. It was replaced by a pure transponder (key fob) that can be used to start and unlock the vehicle when approaching via a rotary knob in the position of the former mechanical steering lock. The engine corresponds to the Euro5 engine which is already known from the previous model years. The models generally known as HPE, which brought a decent increase in performance compared to the Euro4 models, are used unchanged, i.e. with full power (23,8 hp at 8.250 rpm), in the 2023 models. 

Externally, the new GTS models can only be distinguished from last year's models with a trained eye. However, Piaggio has hardly left a part untouched, so that the term facelift at this point would not do justice to Piaggio's effort. The clear identification feature of the GTS300 Bj.2023 are the switch units separated from the handlebars and the slightly exposed license plate light. The well-known division into GTS, GTS Super, GTS SuperSport and GTS SuperTech has been retained. While the first three versions are more to be understood as color variants, the SuperTech models also stand out technically with a large TFT display instead of the classic instrument landscape. In order not to lose touch in times of mandatory constant communication, Piaggio offers its new connectivity system MIA as an option. A concession to activate new target groups and to give the vehicle class further features, away from the purpose of a pure means of transport. Certainly a good idea to be able to place the GTS models even more fully and comprehensively on the market. 

Vespa 946 10° Anniversary

The famous 946 models were also presented in a new guise. Always designed less as a technology and more as an image bearer, the 946 is both extroverted and a homage to the company's own history. The fact that with the 946 models Piaggio has strayed very far from the original idea of ​​the simple but robust everyday vehicle is not at all an issue here. On the contrary, the 946 embodies that archetype scooter that any child would paint. This is more than any marketing department of other manufacturers even dares to dream of. Appropriately, Piaggio has dipped the 946 in a beautiful shade of green that is distantly related to the first paintwork of the models from over 70 years ago. In contrast to the GTS models, the 946 models therefore appeal more to artistic finesse, to whom an individual vehicle concept means more than explicitly good driving performance. For this reason, Piaggio has not yet given the 946 models a keyless go, but still relies on the good old key technology. To compensate, it has a modern LCD display and an LED headlight. The 946 models are offered with 125cc and 150cc.

 Vespa GTV

The new GTV models have undergone major visual changes than their GTS brothers. The handlebar fairing as well as the handlebar itself have been completely redesigned. Together with the sports seat including the new cover made of plastic (screwed/removable) and the decorative stripes, a beautiful nostalgic race look is offered, almost retro sport from the factory. With the front wheel fork, Piaggio stayed with the previously produced type so that the retrofit parts (shock absorbers) already available for these models also fit. However, keyless go is also already on board here and makes the GTV a reliable and easy-to-use commuter with a touch of avant-garde. The USB connection, LED headlights and the digital speedometer round off the picture of the modern oldie perfectly.

GTS Supersport 300 HPE ABS ASR

New SpecialModel: Primavera Color Vibe 

The color vibe special models of the Primavera models impress with a modern appearance that Piaggio has created with a simple but very effective trick. A completely different vehicle line is implied by a horizontally applied decorative color tone, which deliberately contrasts strongly with the rest of the vehicle paintwork. This makes the Primavera models appear much sportier and more pleasing. Attached to the side, the engine displacement is also a nice gimmick. The color vibe models are available in 50cc, 125cc and 150cc versions.

Vespa Primavera Color Vibe 125 i-get ABS 


Pinasco is still busy and always inspires with new products. The latest hit is the 244/252cc cylinder which was designed for a standard engine housing. Undoubtedly, the already legendary Quattrini M244 was the inspiration here, with its huge success in 2015 no one expected would have; Too expensive, too exclusive. Pinasco has now also dared to interpret the topic of maximum cubic capacity for the series housing. Here, too, a cylinder is used that no longer has a cylinder base that has to dip into the motor housing. This allows the size of the cylinder bore to be increased to a whopping 72mm (series 66.5mm) without having to rework the engine housing. However, a crankshaft with a significantly longer connecting rod (130mm vs. 110mm series) is absolutely necessary for this, as the channels are located significantly further up in the cylinder. A big difference to the Quattrini M244 cylinder is the intake control. The Pinasco cylinder has a large cylinder inlet which is fired by an intake manifold with a membrane. This makes you completely independent of an intake control via the engine housing. Pinasco will offer matching crankshafts with 60 and 62mm stroke. The connecting rod length is 130mm. According to Pinasco, if a Pinasco engine housing is used, there is no need to spin the crankcase for the crankshafts. This step would only be necessary for original Piaggio motor housings.

New PX200 cylinder kit 252cc 

The cylinder with side outlets is also shown here. These are probably omitted in series production.

Piston 72mm diameter

Clutch bell for Ciao/SI

Cylinder kit for Honda SH300

Motor housing Pinasco Smallframe

Now with a multi-drilling pattern suitable for many cylinders 'out of the box'

Pinasco Eureka

A special feature at the Pinasco stand was the E-conversion kit for the Vespa, dubbed Eureka Smallframemodels.
The solution patented by Pinasco envisages replacing only the crankshaft and the cylinder. The cylinder is replaced by an electric motor with a vertical output shaft. The replacement for the crankshaft, on the other hand, absorbs the power of the engine via spur gearing and transmits it conventionally to the clutch. The scooter can be operated as usual (coupling, shifting, accelerating, uhh, giving electricity).


New ECU for GTS 300 Euro 5

Polini offers a new cylinder kit including ECU unit for the GTS300 Euro5 models. With this, the injection quantity/time can be adjusted within a certain framework to the installation situation (modified exhaust, air filter, etc.) by simply adjusting a potentiometer.

New exhaust Vespa Sprint

Polini now also offers their popular 'original box' exhaust system for older engine generations such as the Vespa Sprint. With these models, the exhaust is only fixed to a screw on the engine block. Polini has therefore modified and strengthened the bracket. The end tube was also lengthened. This appears to be smaller than in conventional systems. As soon as we have the new systems in the program, we will mention this detail in the shop. It is also unclear whether the main stand of the Sprint models can fold in unhindered. An often voiced point of criticism of the previous Polini systems which were used on the Sprint/Rally models. Apparently Polini only offers the modified exhaust for the small engine blocks (125-150cc).



New Lambrettas

Lambretta celebrates its 75th anniversary at EICMA 2022. It is presented with a modern range in different shifts and trendy colors.

Lambretta G350 Special

Lambretta X125

Lambretta V Special


Sport Scooter Dragster 500 GP

Italjet presented its new GP500 model to the public for the first time at the EICMA 2022 and shows that motorcycles and scooters are getting closer and closer. A full 450ccm with 43 hp and a six-speed foot switch were paired with a squat and very attractive-looking raw frame including scooter-typical fairing and, for the range of services, rather small tires. According to Italjet, the GP500 should be fast at a whopping 185km/h. For us a real cracker that could certainly take on the legacy of the Gilera Runner 180.

 and some more italjet beauties

The next date for the  EICMA 2023 is here, we're excited to see what next year brings.


A footboard cracked by the constant, unchecked folding of the main stand is something we all want to avoid.

Center stand -BGM PRO Soft Stop

The Soft Stop main stand comes with special stand plates. This means that there is no longer any contact between the base of the stand and the running board - cracks in the running board area are a thing of the past and the frame is also protected.

NEW Version V2

The soft stop is now available with an adjustable stop, the thread allows you to adjust how high the main stand can fold in.


When good things get even better!

Wasp Largeframe (10 ″) Chromium BGM4950N

Wasp Largeframe (8 ″) Chromium BGM4970

Wasp Smallframe Chromium BGM4960N

Wasp Largeframe (10 ″) Black BGM4951N

Wasp Largeframe (8 ″) Black  BGM4971

Wasp Smallframe Black BGM4961N

Wasp Largeframe (10 ″) galvanized BGM4952N

Wasp Largeframe (8 ″) galvanized BGM4972

Wasp Smallframe galvanized BGM4962N


Patrick tells us a little about what this great event was:

“From Gourlizon, if it rains, we go to Douarnenez to have lunch at a member of our scooter club's restaurant, where we are on the road with 38 motorcycles due to the bad weather forecast and drive to the sea at Penhors in the afternoon. On Sunday morning we ride 80 km along the sea towards “La pointe du raz”, stop in Audierne and eat at the “taverne des troll” in Pont Croix, during the meal we go up to the prizes of the rally, best route the street.

Have a very good weekend, thank you Scooter Center for the goodies!”


Thank you Patrick and greetings to all friends of: Vsck Vespa Kemper