Get to know Robin Davy's Vespa collection in detail

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Rovin Davy and Maryza

I had the opportunity to meet one of the biggest Vespa collectors in Germany and maybe even in the world!: Robin Davy's Vespa collection.
And he's on the today Scooter Center Couch, in this exclusive video, like no other, he tells us the details of his collection, the amazing stories behind each find. 
As a Vespa fan, I'm totally fascinated, not just by the Vespas, but by all collectibles related to the Vespa community.
Here's a video you shouldn't miss!

Robin Davy's Vespa collection

The collection is full of treasures because, as he says, the value of his collection is not in the quantity but in the incredible quality of these unique pieces. It's nice that both are more than adequately represented in Robin's collection. 

Today Robin opened the doors of his museum and home to us and we from Scooter Center are infinitely grateful for wonderful joint projects.