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Challenge Scootentole – 10h race in Magny-Cours, Nevers (F)

Stickers on the Paul Vespa

The last long-distance race of the season took place in Magny-Cours last weekend. Scootentole invited to the 10-hour race on the 'PISTE CLUB', a 2,53 km long race track right next to the well-known GP track. As in previous years, we followedProject PAUL“ – along with 40 other racing teams from all over Europe – their invitation, because last year’s title had to be defended!

Despite some turbulence in the run-up - due to the organizer's postponement of dates and driver absences due to illness - we finally managed to win two teams with four drivers each in class SP1 ("Smallframe Proto") to name:

Team 1 consisting of Romain, Felix, Wolfi and Thomas went with the 40 hp strong M200 V50 racer (#6) at the start,

Team 2 with the Falc-PK (#176) with around 28 hp, driven by Volker, Markus, Julia and Dennis, who was also the boss and main mechanic of both teams (which should push him to his limits). But from the beginning...

After a long journey and a short night in a - let's call it - "cozy" 10-person mobile home, on Saturday, the day before the actual race, there was set-up, training and qualifying. Unfortunately, Peter showed no mercy, again and again it poured like buckets. With positions 6 and 19 on the grid after qualifying and the hope of drier conditions the next day, things went down early in the evening because the next day was supposed to start early!

Luckily, the race day started much drier than the day before, so we decided against rain tires. And then it finally started! The starting shot was fired at 8.45:XNUMX a.m. On slicks with the road still wet, Wolfi and Markus confidently drove the first stint. The track gradually dried out, which led to better and better lap times – until the first race was stopped after around three hours. A serious crash by a rider from another team kept the rescue team busy for a long time, with all riders stuck behind the safety car.



At this point, Team 2 was back in the box with its PK. The engine stalled during the third stint. The cause was quickly found: Massive tooth loss on the clutch sprocket gave us a four-hour break, during which Dennis, Volker and Markus disassembled the engine to search for the lost teeth. I quote pit neighbor Robert: "Sometimes you're the dog and sometimes the tree"...

Meanwhile, the race had picked up speed again - and so did our Romain: he drove his new best lap time of 1.28.116:6:2 and thus the third fastest lap time of the entire race. Starting from position XNUMX, we were now in position XNUMX just behind “Vespa Italy Team” from Crimaz and ahead of “Superbordel Deluxe”, our French battle partners from last year. The Lambrettas from Casa Performance and TD Customs were also in the front places and made for an exciting race!

Dropping back to 39th place, team 15 started to catch up around 2 p.m. Well, there can be no question of a real catch-up race, but at least a few laps could be collected, because the engine not only held up, it also ran like clockwork again. The guys did a great job and didn't give up and that's what it's all about in the end!

About two hours before the end of the race, team 1 was also hit. After the carburetor had slipped, a defective gudgeon pin bearing forced us to replace the engine. There were now too many laps between us and the very strong competition, which continued to battle for the top positions. And although a place on the podium could only have been achieved if one of the other teams dropped out, the fight continued until the checkered flag was waved exactly 10 hours later.

In the end, Project PAUL achieved 1th place (Team 4) and 1th place (Team 10) in class SP2, which meant 7th and 33rd place overall. Casa Performance burned the fastest lap time of 1.26.766, followed by Vespa Italy Team (1.27.527) and Projekt Paul (1.28.116).


We congratulate all drivers who made it across the finish line and thank each and every one of them, especially the organizer Scootentole, who made this exciting race weekend possible. Also our sponsors, the Scooter Center, KR Automation, FalkR and Egig Performance, we would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU, because only with you Project PAUL is what it is - a successful team of friends with a lot of heart for motorsport!


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In 2011 we have our friend Taka at SKRO again! Rally supports. Taka is with Heart and soul scooter driver and delights our Lambretta driver again and again with top news in his

The 2011 SKOOTER RIDE OUT was also the event at which the check was officially presented to the Vespa Ring. With the action Scooterist 4Japanese Scooterist With your help we try to bring some joy back to children in the disaster area.

The proceeds are with ours thanks to your help Open day 2011 come together. The action is still going on and if you want, you can use them Stickers help. The proceeds will be donated in full to the Vespa Ring.

Here is Taka's report from the great SKOOTER RIDE OUT @ Ise-Shima. We just pass it on and wish we had been there:


19th NOV - 20th NOV

The first day was a very cold rainy day. However, Lot of SCOOTERISTS from various areas in Japan gathered in the Ise Shima international park.

Sadly, the touring run of the first day was stopped because of bad weather. But, we enjoyed the party with much alcohol and a delicious dish! ISE-SHIMA is a specialty place of a fresh seafood. We greatly enjoyed it with many many alcohol!

At the party, the ceremony of the donation which charitable project “SCOOTERISTS 4 JAPANESE SCOOTERISTS” of the SCK contributed to VESPA CLUB MIYAGI was also held. And -of course- the donation was presented also from all entrants of SKRO !.

And the entrants scrambled for the fantastic premiums (parts, clothing, decal, accessories etc ..) which entrants and many SHOPS in the world supported happily in the game!

After the party drank alcohol, and night advanced and it went in the room of each hotel by SCOOTER TALK ……

The 2nd day was fine weather from the morning. Temperature is not cold, either. We collected the candidate and went out for the early morning run. The wind of early morning Ise Shima was comfortable, and the exhaust sound of 2stroke sounded pleasantly.

After the Japanese breakfast, we went out for a short touring run by all the entrants. So we enjoyed the good road and seaside view in Ise Shima National Park!

I feel that Japanese Scooter Scene is changing in several years. The Scooter friends in the world joined hands through evolution of communication of the Internet.
Thank you for the always big support. SCK !!!


Cheers, my friend!


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Scooter Meeting Japan

Scootering Scene Japan

Our good friend Taka Kitagawa organized a nice rally in a family atmosphere in the ISE SHIMA National Park in Japan.

After the first attempt was thwarted by a Typhoon, the time had finally come last weekend. Although winter is just around the corner in Japan, our friends were spoiled with mild temperatures and wonderful sunshine.

After the BIG RUMBLING meeting, the Skooter Ride Out is the second largest event in Japan. The response to the event was so positive that there will definitely be more people next year. And the prognosis is that it will become an integral part of the Japanese rune calendar.

Here is Taka's conclusion: "We are obtaining the feeling that SCOOTERING SCENE of Japan began to move. I have really moved deeply! Thank you SCOOTER CENTER!!! In the rias coast, SHIMA-CITY by which we did Rally is beautiful city. Nice Road, nice food and beautiful scenery! Scooter Scene of Japan received the off-season with our rally. "

If you look at the pictures, you will definitely want to sign it 100% and look forward to the rides and rallies of the next season.

Thanks for the pictures to Nao Sumii!