Big in Japan: Vespa & Lambretta Scooter Meeting

Scooter Meeting Japan

Scootering Scene Japan

Our good friend Taka Kitagawa organized a nice rally in a family atmosphere in the ISE SHIMA National Park in Japan.

After the first attempt was thwarted by a Typhoon, the time had finally come last weekend. Although winter is just around the corner in Japan, our friends were spoiled with mild temperatures and wonderful sunshine.

After the BIG RUMBLING meeting, the Skooter Ride Out is the second largest event in Japan. The response to the event was so positive that there will definitely be more people next year. And the prognosis is that it will become an integral part of the Japanese rune calendar.

Here is Taka's conclusion: "We are obtaining the feeling that SCOOTERING SCENE of Japan began to move. I have really moved deeply! Thank you SCOOTER CENTER!!! In the rias coast, SHIMA-CITY by which we did Rally is beautiful city. Nice Road, nice food and beautiful scenery! Scooter Scene of Japan received the off-season with our rally. "

If you look at the pictures, you will definitely want to sign it 100% and look forward to the rides and rallies of the next season.

Thanks for the pictures to Nao Sumii!

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