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Tools not only please the heart of a screwdriver, with the right tool the work is also easier to do.

Contrary to the usual myth that you need tons of special tools for the Lambretta, only a few tools are really essential.

ESSENTIALS CATEGORY It doesn't work without them

Allen key bgm PRO 3.5mm

Unusual size and used for the clamping nipples on the gearshift and clutch. The bgm key comes with a practical ball head. This means that the rear shift cable can also be reached when the clutch cable is attached and without a special control block.



Rotor puller M27x1,25

(A – D, LI, LIS, SX, TV, DL, GP, J, Lui) 

Rotor puller M30 x 1,5

(motor place ignition)

Flywheel holder 2+3 windows

LI, LIS, SX, TV, DL, GP, Lui, J50-125

Flywheel holder for flywheel bgm PRO

LI, LIS, SX, TV, GP, DL with 29cm

Rotor holder Casatronic (IDM ignition) 


Rotor holder Casatronic (Ducati ignition


Flywheel puller and suitable holders are the only way to remove the flywheel from the cone of the crankshaft. This is required for all work on the ignition system. But also if you want or need to penetrate deeper into the innards of the engine.

The flywheel holder 2+3 windows is intended for all original Innocenti and Indian flywheels with the corresponding recesses.

The bgm PRO pole wheel has an external hexagon on which the corresponding holder is attached. The holder is supported on the nut of the large silent blocks to hold it up.

There are two variants of the Casatronic ignition, one based on the IDM ignition and the current variant manufactured by Ducati Energia. The pole wheels are blocked with two or three pins on the pole wheel with the appropriate holder.


Clutch compressor bgm PRO 

LI, LIS, SX, TV (Series 2-3), DL, GP, J, Lui 

Clutch compressor

LI, LIS, SX, TV (Series 2-3), DL, GP, J, Lui 

Coupling holder 

LI, LIS, SX, TV (Series 2-3), DL, GP 

Both of them are irreplaceable. The compressor is used to relieve the circlip on the Lambretta clutch. After removing the ring, the coupling can be removed.
The clutch nut is tightened with 66 - 74 Nm. For both loosening and tightening the nut, the clutch basket should be blocked with the appropriate tool/holder.

brake drum puller


LI, LIS, SX, TV, DL, GP             





In the mid-1960s the design of the brake drum was changed. At this point, the Series 2 will have three M7 threads instead of the two M6 threads previously used. This goes hand in hand with the use of the retaining ring for the cap nut on the main shaft/brake drum. Our pullers come with both M6 and M7 screws to hold the puller in place. If it is attached to the brake drum, the brake drum is pressed by the main shaft via the large central screw.

The OEM quality of the puller works, but is not the best in terms of haptics.

Casa Lambretta offers the tool in a beautiful workshop quality and it corresponds to the original Innocenti tool.

MBD has optimized the original design and features knurling on the outer edge and a ball in the tip of the central screw. This fits into the recess on the mainshaft and is intended to prevent any damage.

Headset mounting wrench MBD

LI, LIS, SX, TV, DL, GP, J, Lui 

The MBD key for the headset bearing is perfectly adapted to the Lambretta. The holder for countering is separated according to the conditions of the Lambretta.

fork spring compressor


LI, LIS, SX, TV, DL, GP             





The compressor for the springs in the fork is used to overhaul the fork. Neither the fork links nor the springs and their spring guide rods can be removed from the fork without compressing the springs. 

Both the Casa Lambretta and the MB compressor are based on the original design of the tool. This is sometimes a bit difficult to handle and a third or even fourth helping hand is usually not bad.

The OEM design, on the other hand, is screwed to the fork and handling is very easy and time-efficient. So here: clear purchase recommendation for OEMs.

Silent block assembly tool bgm PRO


The silent blocks can only be changed with the appropriate tool and with a sufficiently heated engine housing. The bgm tool for this is a solid turned construction.


crankshaft pulling sleeve 

LI, LIS, SX, TV, DL, GP             

Crankshaft removal tool -MBD


Crankshaft pulling tool 


It is best to pull the crankshaft into the bearing on the drive side. The original drive sleeve with the screw for the front sprocket can be used for this.

The pull-in sleeve is a length-optimized version of the original drive sleeve and offers comfort and speed when screwing. In both versions, the crankshaft must be fixed (e.g. with a connecting rod locking tool.

The Casa Performance version is a rather ingenious further development, in which the crankshaft does not have to be blocked and the shaft is drawn particularly gently into the bearing seat.

The MB tool is still the first choice for dismantling the crankshaft. It is screwed onto the motor housing and then the shaft can simply be pushed out of the bearing seat

Video CP tool

BUZZWANGLE from Sticky

The buzzwangle tool is a brilliant idea from the sticky. A digital degree disc can be clamped onto the threads for the flywheel puller using an adapter with four mounts. Thus, the digital angle dial gauge is immovably attached and both the ignition point and the control times can be determined and adjusted to an accuracy of 0,1°.

Fits all Lambretta Innocenti models and their derivatives. Just like on most Vespa and Piaggio models.

It's best if you just watch the video

NEW the video is also available with a German soundtrack


Spark plug wrench bgm PRO SW21mm/13mm

LI, LIS, SX, TV, DL, GP, Lui, Junior

The Li family's spark plug accessibility isn't the best. The original spark plug wrench fits, of course, but has the disadvantage that removing a hot spark plug can result in burnt fingers. With the bgm part, the candle can easily be completely unscrewed by hand after loosening. And not only that, an integrated magnet holds the candle securely in the key. There are guaranteed no burnt fingers here.


Assembly stand bgm PRO

Lambretta Series 1-3

Replaces the engine for assembly work. The assembly stand is screwed to the frame via the shock absorber attachment and the engine bolt. The scooter can then be maneuvered as if the engine were inside. Suitable both for keeping the scooter mobile and upright while the engine is on the operating table or for setting up the Lambretta after the preparation or painting when the engine is not yet ready.


Rivet hammer for lettering

Lambretta A, B, C, LC, D, LD, LI, SX, TV, DL, GP, J, Lui

All lettering with pins on the back for attachment can be professionally attached. The pins on the lettering should be shortened so that they protrude by only 2 mm. A top tip from Dean from the Sticky Manual is to drill out the pins of the lettering. For reference page 203 Sticky Manual.


Rivet hammer for rivet luggage compartment lock


All lettering with pins on the back for attachment can be professionally attached. The pins on the lettering should be shortened so that they protrude by only 2 mm. A top tip from Dean from the Sticky Manual is to drill out the pins of the lettering. For reference page 203 Sticky Manual.


Mounting tool shifter claw bgm PRO 'ball crusher'


The ball crusher is a cleverly designed tool. With it, the shift balls and spring can be easily and conveniently installed in the main shaft. Without this tool, installing the shift dog can be a real game of patience. Simultaneously get the balls in position on both sides and enough preload without being shot into the endless expanses of the workshop by the switching spring?

Tool bag without tools CASA LAMBRETTA    



Tool bag including on-board tools  CASA LAMBRETTA




LI (Series1-3)


Lambretta tool bag retaining clip    

The Innocenti icing on the cake of a beautiful restoration is the original on-board tool kit in the right bag with Lambretta Innocenti ribbons and then fixed with the correct retaining clip.

A nice reading recommendation on the subject of tools is the reprint of the Innocenti tool catalogue.


Lambretta and Lambro (1960s models)     

And since the right tool is useless without knowing how to use it, here is the ultimate Lambretta reading tip! Since its release in 2004, the Sticky Manual has been the definitive repair manual for the Lambretta. The work steps are explained throughout with color illustrations. In addition to the pure repair instructions, the Sticky Manual is also an indispensable aid for identifying and distinguishing between parts.

Book -Complete Spanner's Manual Lambretta -Third Edition

by Sticky

Thanks to our friend Dean Orton, the Sticky Manual has also been available in Italian for over two years: 8100072IT

Woodlost Cannonball Classic Scooter Run was held through the weekend of 26 -29 May in southern Sweden.
It was organized by Lambretta Club Malmo and we had a total of 71 participants divided into 30 teams.

Instead of just pure speed the concept this time was about gaining points. The participants had to navigate smart, performance nice in manned checkpoints and deliver right answers at unmanned checkpoints.
Congratulations to the team “What's Normal Then?!” with Isa and Erk Westberg, Morgan Strandberg and Jörgen Larsson who after two days of driving and performing was the team who went home with victory, glory and the challenge prize.

A big thank you to all who contributed this weekend and a big thank you to Scooter Center for your support.

Olaf Fransson
President Lambretta Club Malmo

Photos by @lambrettapics

It's always nice to meet friends and that was when Scooter Center-Team on the EICMA 2022 the case. Here is some news that caught our attention:

New Vespa models

Piaggio proudly presented the new 2023 model years, which will win many new fans with some new, visible and invisible features. 
The most prominent model is of course the GTS300.
We can already say in advance: It drives better than ever! Piaggio has finally dedicated itself to the subject of chassis and has now made it much more stable and active. This is accompanied by a new front wheel suspension including a new supplier for the brake components. Nissin from Japan is now on board here and is responsible for a befitting delay. The front shock absorber of the GTS models differs again from the previous models, which brings us to the third stage of evolution. Interestingly, Piaggio has retained the previous fork/brake type for the new GTV models (recognizable by the headlight on the fender). In line with the spirit of the times, a keyless go system has now been rolled out on the GTS/GTV platforms. With that, the conventional key is history. It was replaced by a pure transponder (key fob) that can be used to start and unlock the vehicle when approaching via a rotary knob in the position of the former mechanical steering lock. The engine corresponds to the Euro5 engine which is already known from the previous model years. The models generally known as HPE, which brought a decent increase in performance compared to the Euro4 models, are used unchanged, i.e. with full power (23,8 hp at 8.250 rpm), in the 2023 models. 

Externally, the new GTS models can only be distinguished from last year's models with a trained eye. However, Piaggio has hardly left a part untouched, so that the term facelift at this point would not do justice to Piaggio's effort. The clear identification feature of the GTS300 Bj.2023 are the switch units separated from the handlebars and the slightly exposed license plate light. The well-known division into GTS, GTS Super, GTS SuperSport and GTS SuperTech has been retained. While the first three versions are more to be understood as color variants, the SuperTech models also stand out technically with a large TFT display instead of the classic instrument landscape. In order not to lose touch in times of mandatory constant communication, Piaggio offers its new connectivity system MIA as an option. A concession to activate new target groups and to give the vehicle class further features, away from the purpose of a pure means of transport. Certainly a good idea to be able to place the GTS models even more fully and comprehensively on the market. 

Vespa 946 10° Anniversary

The famous 946 models were also presented in a new guise. Always designed less as a technology and more as an image bearer, the 946 is both extroverted and a homage to the company's own history. The fact that with the 946 models Piaggio has strayed very far from the original idea of ​​the simple but robust everyday vehicle is not at all an issue here. On the contrary, the 946 embodies that archetype scooter that any child would paint. This is more than any marketing department of other manufacturers even dares to dream of. Appropriately, Piaggio has dipped the 946 in a beautiful shade of green that is distantly related to the first paintwork of the models from over 70 years ago. In contrast to the GTS models, the 946 models therefore appeal more to artistic finesse, to whom an individual vehicle concept means more than explicitly good driving performance. For this reason, Piaggio has not yet given the 946 models a keyless go, but still relies on the good old key technology. To compensate, it has a modern LCD display and an LED headlight. The 946 models are offered with 125cc and 150cc.

 Vespa GTV

The new GTV models have undergone major visual changes than their GTS brothers. The handlebar fairing as well as the handlebar itself have been completely redesigned. Together with the sports seat including the new cover made of plastic (screwed/removable) and the decorative stripes, a beautiful nostalgic race look is offered, almost retro sport from the factory. With the front wheel fork, Piaggio stayed with the previously produced type so that the retrofit parts (shock absorbers) already available for these models also fit. However, keyless go is also already on board here and makes the GTV a reliable and easy-to-use commuter with a touch of avant-garde. The USB connection, LED headlights and the digital speedometer round off the picture of the modern oldie perfectly.

GTS Supersport 300 HPE ABS ASR

New SpecialModel: Primavera Color Vibe 

The color vibe special models of the Primavera models impress with a modern appearance that Piaggio has created with a simple but very effective trick. A completely different vehicle line is implied by a horizontally applied decorative color tone, which deliberately contrasts strongly with the rest of the vehicle paintwork. This makes the Primavera models appear much sportier and more pleasing. Attached to the side, the engine displacement is also a nice gimmick. The color vibe models are available in 50cc, 125cc and 150cc versions.

Vespa Primavera Color Vibe 125 i-get ABS 


Pinasco is still busy and always inspires with new products. The latest hit is the 244/252cc cylinder which was designed for a standard engine housing. Undoubtedly, the already legendary Quattrini M244 was the inspiration here, with its huge success in 2015 no one expected would have; Too expensive, too exclusive. Pinasco has now also dared to interpret the topic of maximum cubic capacity for the series housing. Here, too, a cylinder is used that no longer has a cylinder base that has to dip into the motor housing. This allows the size of the cylinder bore to be increased to a whopping 72mm (series 66.5mm) without having to rework the engine housing. However, a crankshaft with a significantly longer connecting rod (130mm vs. 110mm series) is absolutely necessary for this, as the channels are located significantly further up in the cylinder. A big difference to the Quattrini M244 cylinder is the intake control. The Pinasco cylinder has a large cylinder inlet which is fired by an intake manifold with a membrane. This makes you completely independent of an intake control via the engine housing. Pinasco will offer matching crankshafts with 60 and 62mm stroke. The connecting rod length is 130mm. According to Pinasco, if a Pinasco engine housing is used, there is no need to spin the crankcase for the crankshafts. This step would only be necessary for original Piaggio motor housings.

New PX200 cylinder kit 252cc 

The cylinder with side outlets is also shown here. These are probably omitted in series production.

Piston 72mm diameter

Clutch bell for Ciao/SI

Cylinder kit for Honda SH300

Motor housing Pinasco Smallframe

Now with a multi-drilling pattern suitable for many cylinders 'out of the box'

Pinasco Eureka

A special feature at the Pinasco stand was the E-conversion kit for the Vespa, dubbed Eureka Smallframemodels.
The solution patented by Pinasco envisages replacing only the crankshaft and the cylinder. The cylinder is replaced by an electric motor with a vertical output shaft. The replacement for the crankshaft, on the other hand, absorbs the power of the engine via spur gearing and transmits it conventionally to the clutch. The scooter can be operated as usual (coupling, shifting, accelerating, uhh, giving electricity).


New ECU for GTS 300 Euro 5

Polini offers a new cylinder kit including ECU unit for the GTS300 Euro5 models. With this, the injection quantity/time can be adjusted within a certain framework to the installation situation (modified exhaust, air filter, etc.) by simply adjusting a potentiometer.

New exhaust Vespa Sprint

Polini now also offers their popular 'original box' exhaust system for older engine generations such as the Vespa Sprint. With these models, the exhaust is only fixed to a screw on the engine block. Polini has therefore modified and strengthened the bracket. The end tube was also lengthened. This appears to be smaller than in conventional systems. As soon as we have the new systems in the program, we will mention this detail in the shop. It is also unclear whether the main stand of the Sprint models can fold in unhindered. An often voiced point of criticism of the previous Polini systems which were used on the Sprint/Rally models. Apparently Polini only offers the modified exhaust for the small engine blocks (125-150cc).



New Lambrettas

Lambretta celebrates its 75th anniversary at EICMA 2022. It is presented with a modern range in different shifts and trendy colors.

Lambretta G350 Special

Lambretta X125

Lambretta V Special


Sport Scooter Dragster 500 GP

Italjet has presented its new GP500 model to the public for the first time and shows that motorcycles and scooters are getting closer and closer. A full 450ccm with 43 hp and a six-speed foot switch were paired with a squat and very attractive-looking raw frame including scooter-typical fairing and, for the range of services, rather small tires. According to Italjet, the GP500 should be fast at a whopping 185km/h. For us a real cracker that could certainly take on the legacy of the Gilera Runner 180.

 and some more italjet beauties

The Lambretta Club Sardinia organized the 28th edition of the national meeting in eastern Sardinia, precisely in Ogliastra, a destination that all scooter riders, around 600 participants, enjoyed during these three days in May in the company of a crystal clear sea and great mountains.

Mateo sent us some impressions of this big event in one of the most beautiful landscapes in Italy! Thank you Mateo!

Scooter leg shield clamp mirror for Vespa and Lambretta

Clamp mirror for leg shield on Vespa, Lambretta & Co.

In your Scooter Center Shop you will find a large selection spiegel and also Clamp mirror for the leg shield!

But do the mirrors fit your scooter? What is the size how does the color fit? What shape do the clamp mirrors have and what are the proportions in relation to the leg shield?

We have now installed all clip-on mirrors, also photographed from different perspectives! Now find your leg shield clamp mirror from a large one Selection in our shop.

Legshield clamp mirror Vespa & Lambretta

All legshield clamp mirrors at a glance


Legshield clamp mirror for Vespa and Lambretta

Mirror BUMM chrome, stainless steel, leg shield clamp mirror small

The classic clip-on mirror in kidney shape from BUMM for Vespa and Lambretta with a small mirror glass.
Trapezoidal shape. Visually very discreet and easy to adjust thanks to the universal mounting option on the leg shield.

This classic is available for:

Mirror BUMM retro leg shield clip-on mirror, colored plastic housing

Universal fitting retro clip-on mirror for classic scooters, mopeds, mopeds. The kidney mirror is Made in Germany by BUMM. Neatly processed mirror in trapezoidal shape with white plastic housing and colored, transparent edge.
Has a plastic housing with a ball head. The clamp is suitable for both round slotted tubes and bead profiles (standard on Vespa).

Article no.: Execution
1050138 White, blue, left
1050141 White, blue, right
1050139 White, orange, left
1050142 White, orange, right
1050137 White, red, left
1050140 White, red, right

Mirror FAR leg shield clamp mirror round Ø = 105mm - E3 (E-mark)

Beautiful mirror from FAR in a circular shape and a diameter of 105mm. Available in chrome and black. The leg shield mirror has an E-mark (E3).

This round FAR mirror is available in:

Mirror FAR leg shield clamp mirror trapezoidal

This is a nice alternative to the round mirror from FAR. The trapezoidal FAR chrome mirrors are attached to the leg shield with a screw clamp.

Small grub screws also fix the mirror securely to the edge protection of the leg shield or a slotted tube. The mirror rod is adjustable, the mirror itself can also be slid on the rod and tilted. by means of a ball head.

The mirror is available for the left or right side as well as chrome-plated or in black!

Mirror SKY leg shield clamp mirror chrome round Ø = 105mm

Beautiful, classic round mirror to clamp on the leg shield.
The chrome-plated mirror is fixed with two clamps.
The solid aluminum clamp is ideal for attaching the mirror to the slotted tube of the leg shield. Thanks to the multiple alignment options, the mirror is always quickly brought into the correct position. The stylish cap nuts always clamp the mirror securely and tightly, while the clamp on the mirror body is cushioned in a rubber. The mirror diameter is approx. 10cm, the mirror surface is convex (curved outwards) and thus creates a wide angle. Thus, despite the relatively small mirror surface, a large field of vision can be covered.

Mirror SKY leg shield clamp mirror chrome rectangular 105 x 70mm

The SKY mirror is also available in the angular version: A very beautiful, classic rectangular mirror that can be clamped to the leg shield.
The chrome-plated clamp mirror is fixed with two clamps.
The massive aluminum clamp is ideal for attaching the mirror to the slit tube of the leg shield. Thanks to the multiple alignment options, the mirror is always quickly brought into the correct position. The pretty cap nuts always clamp the mirror securely and tightly, while the clamp is cushioned in a rubber on the mirror body. The mirror dimensions are about 10 x 6 cm, the mirror surface is not so convex compared to our SKY round mirror.


Mirror STADIUM leg shield clip-on mirror, chrome, rectangular

STADIUM mirror MADE IN ENGLAND direct from Caerphilly, Wales, UK.

A real British classic with a long tradition. These legendary clip-on mirrors are made of high-gloss polished stainless steel in top quality and heavy duty. The customers who have consistently rated the mirror at our sim shop top so far, praise the quality and stability of this mirror. Below you can also find a round version of the stadium mirror.

Article no.: Position
7675864 right-wing
7675863 left-wing



Mirror STADIUM leg shield clip-on mirror, chrome, round

Round version of the stadium mirror approx. 100mm in diameter. A real British classic with a long tradition. These legendary clip-on mirrors are made of high-gloss polished stainless steel in top quality and heavy duty. Our customers have so far only rated this mirror positively and love the good adjustability, the optics and the quality of the mirror. Angular version like this


Article no.: Position
7675940 right-wing
7675939 left-wing


Mirror -VICMA leg shield clip-on mirror- chrome

This inexpensive mirror with a top price-performance ratio from VICMA is available from us in 2 sizes and for left and right: 80mm and 105mm, the large 105mm version also has an E-mark.


Article no.: PAGE & SIZE
7676653 right Ø = 80mm
7676656 right Ø = 105m
7675853 left Ø = 80mm
7675854 left Ø = 105mm



Information about Spiegel and the StVZO in Germany

Do i need a mirror on my scooter?

According to StVZO §56, every motor vehicle in Germany, which also includes mopeds, needs at least one mirror attached to the left side of the vehicle.


How many mirrors do I need on my scooter?

The number of mirrors depends on the first registration (EZ):

  • EZ before 01.01.1990 1 mirror on the left
  • Single room from 01.01.1990 up to 100 km / h 1 mirror on the left
  • Single from 01.01.1990 over 100 km / h 2 mirrors


How big does the mirror on my scooter have to be?

The size of the reflective surface must be

  • before EZ 17.06.2003 at least 60cm² (with round mirrors the diameter greater than or equal to 88 mm)
  • according to EZ 17.6.2003 at least 69cm² (with round mirrors the diameter greater than or equal to 94 mm)



Do mirrors on my scooter require a certification mark?

Marked mirrors automatically meet all of the above conditions.

  • For vehicles that are approved according to EC law (from October 01.10.2005st, XNUMX) mirrors with certification marks must be installed.
  • Vehicles with ABE approval (before October 01.10.2005st, XNUMX) only have to use mirrors that meet the above criteria.


Lambretta 100mph Bonneville World of Speed ​​Record

Chasing records with the Lambretta on the salt slope

Our customer Todd Rogers from the USA set out with his 225 Lambretta to hunt for records in Bonneville.

Do you still remember the film "with heart and soul" with Anthony Hopkins? Burt Munro (Anthony Hopkins) travels to Bonneville with his Indian Scout to take part in the annual high-speed race on the Utah Salt Flats. One of my favorite films, below you can find a teaser for the film.


Todd Rogers Lambretta Club USA

So our customer Todd Rogers has set off for Utah with his Lambretta World of Speed made. Here in Bonneville he wants to set a record with his Lambretta on the salt slope.

Todd Rogers from the Lambretta Club USA with his Lambretta


The right tires

During the preparations for the record attempt, there were problems with the tires. Todd has so far ridden tires with a “P approval” on his Lambretta.
But P corresponds to only 93 mph or 150 km / h and with these tires he would not have received approval for an official record attempt at over 100 mph.

Choosing the perfect tire was then relatively easy, after all, ours are ours bgm PRO SPORT tires, the only 10 x 3.50 tires with a Approval of 180km / h or 112 mph! In addition, Todd did not want to expose himself to any risk and so relied on the bgm PRO  Quality tires MADE IN GERMANY.




World of Speed ​​the film for a record attempt

Fastest Lambretta 100mph 162km / h in Bonneville Utah / USA bgm PRO Sport tires

The 100mph record in Bonneville with the Lambretta

Todd drove his 225 Lambretta (not a Streamliner !!), a very impressive 100,4203 mph, which corresponds to about 162 km / h. Todd holds the record for the fastest Lambretta in Bonneville!

Congratulations from all Scooter Center & bgm - team!



With heart and soul Trailer Bonneville

With heart and hand (The World Fastest Indian) 2007 speed record Bonneville




Scooter Center CATALOG 2021 2022

Modern Vespa, Classic Vespa, Mofa Ciao and Lambretta

This is our new brochure with new parts and the highlights from our range of spare parts, tuning and accessories for

  • modern Vespa models such as GTS, Primavera Sprint
  • classic Vespa: Smallframe, Largeframe and Wideframe
  • Moped Ciao
  • Lambretta

Scooter Center Browse the catalog here

bgm PRO touring CDI for IDM retrofit ignitions

-Original optics in conjunction with a optimized ignition curve for Vespa and Lambretta touring engines-

Our solution for IDM CDIs in touring engines

Use all IDM based ignitions (Vespatronic, Malossi VesPower, Polini IDM, Varitronic, Pinasco Flytech, Parmakit etc.) the same CDI.

The ignition curve of this CDI is based on high performance engines with a late use of power and high speeds designed.
On touring engines, with an early and high torque, this ignition curve is rather counterproductive. Here it often leads to engine jerks in the partial load range due to an ignition point that is too early for the low engine speed.

However, due to the large adjustment range (8 °) of the original CDI, the ignition point must be selected early. Otherwise, the performance in the upper speed range suffers, as the CDI already reduces the ignition point significantly here. We have addressed this problem and a solution developed:


Advantages of our bgm PRO CDI for IDM in tour setup

The bgm PRO CDI has a modified, optimized ignition curve. It offers high-torque touring engines that have a similar power / torque curve as an original engine, ideal working conditions. The adjustment of the ignition point is significantly less, the engine runs quieter and smoother and also develops more efficient, especially in the area above the peak performance (Overrev). As a result, you have an engine that much more tour-friendly is and usually something faster Is on the way.

  • Plug & Play
  • for Vespa & Lambretta
  • replaces the original IDM CDI
  • fits on the original mounting brackets from PK & PX
  • Tour-optimized ignition curve
  • no partial load jerking
  • higher performance
  • original optics
  • screw-in ignition cable

More efficient

Performance diagram measurement bgm PRO CDI for IDM ignitions

Power measurement diagram as PDF

Modern technology in a classic look

The technology of the bgm PRO CDI is housed in the vehicle-specific ignition coil housing from the time it was built. This means that the beautiful old look for classic Vespa and Lambretta is retained despite modern technology.
Compared to an original IDM CDI, that is Ignition cable can be screwed in. Ideal if the CDI should be positioned differently or simply the ignition cable should be replaced.


The perfect addition to high-torque tuning motors that are supposed to get even better.

How do I adjust a carburetor? Tip set tip

Adjust the carburetor with the precision part carburetor nozzle

For the Setting the ignition there are now excellent tools like that buzzwangle or Whalethat allow a precise ignition position and make work extremely easy. Adjusting the carburetor, on the other hand, is the most difficult part of tuning a scooter for many.

If setting the air mixture and the idle gas is still child's play, it becomes more time-consuming to determine the correct nozzle sizes for the individual engine setup. Here, the carburetor needles, nozzle assembly, main and auxiliary nozzles interact and, perfectly coordinated, result in a clean setup.

If you choose a nozzle that is too small, the engine runs too lean, gets too hot and major damage is inevitable.
Too large a nozzle and too rich adjustment can lead to engine damage. Quite apart from the fact that the capacity of the engine is not exhausted and working time and money for elaborate tuning literally fizzle out.

How do you adjust a carburetor?

As an example for a Lambretta, we have prepared the PDF, which is described in detail and illustrated, with suggestions for the setup for you.
Free download here: Lambretta carb jetting by Scooter Center

From the tutorial - when does which nozzle come into play?

Adjust the carburetor

Precision product carburetor nozzle

DellOrto nozzles, for example, are stamped with a number that refers to the size of the hole. A 100 nozzle has a diameter of 1 mm, a 115 nozzle is 1,15 mm (!!) only a tiny amount 0,15 mm larger!

If you want to be on the safe side here and rely on high-precision tuning, we recommend using the nozzles bgm PRO or KMT to fall back on. These nozzle sets are characterized by

  • high-precision drilling
  • minimal tolerances
  • meticulously precise graduation of the nozzle sizes
  • easy to read numbers
  • high quality of workmanship and material
  • Quality control
  • including storage box


Precision nozzles from bgm PRO or KMT for clean engine tuning

You have invested a lot of love, time and money in your engine tuning. But the most expensive and complex tuning, with the best components, is of little value if the engine does not run smoothly or if a poorly adjusted carburetor does not allow optimal combustion. In order to be able to tune the engine correctly, high-precision carburetor nozzles are a very important prerequisite and make adjustment a lot easier!


Nozzle sets from bgm PRO

bgm PRO carburetor nozzle set

Nozzle sets from KMT

KMT jets made in england


Quality assurance bgm PRO carburetor nozzles tested under the microscope

We had the new bgm PRO carburetor nozzles checked at an institute. Here is a glimpse into a 118 nozzle, with a dimension of 1,1779 mm, the bore is in the green area with a deviation of only a thousandth of a millimeter and is therefore OK!

part of Scooter Center Being a team also means working with great people. Driving is even better than working! Passionate Lambrettisti sit in the office on both my left and right. So it was only a matter of time before I would go with one of them. Or rather with her, but she is not just any girl, she is: Yoleila (as she is known on Facebook) or Julia. She is president of the Lambretta Club in Germany, drives scooter races, collects old vehicles in their original condition, works as a graphic designer ... and I could go on with the list. That's why we interview them to find out their story, which we always love to hear.

The result was a very exciting project.

Stay until the end to find out what it's about;)


On the couch at Scooter Center | Interview Julia Spitznas - Marketing SC



Classic Castrol collection

Castrol Classic Merchandise

We offer a high quality range of classic items, from oil cans to magnets and wall signs, all with the iconic 1946 Castrol Classic Branding. Whether in the workshop or at home, our nostalgic range combines both retro style and functionality. Including workshop accessories, clothing and more, there is something for every classic car owner or lover.

Castrol Classic Merchandise not only for Vespa & Lambretta fans

Whether as a gift for an enthusiastic scooterist or as a gift for yourself, you will find the perfect something in our range!

The idea with the castor oil

Castrol was founded by Charles "Cheers" Wakefield under the name "CC Wakefield & Company". In 1899, Wakefield left his job at Vacuum Oil to start his own business selling lubricants for railways and heavy machinery.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Charles developed an interest in two new motorized vehicles: the automobile and the airplane. His company started developing oils for the new engines. These oils had to be thin enough for a cold start and at the same time thick enough to work at high temperatures. The company's researchers found that the addition of Castor oil a vegetable oil made from castor seeds. They called the new product " Castrol ". 1919 used John Alcock and Arthur Brown Castrol oil on the first non-stop transatlantic flight in history.

Heiko's idea with the Castrol sponsorship & fast too slow

CC Wakefield not only invented a new type of motor oil, but also a new way of attracting potential customers to its product: the sponsorship. The name Castrol appeared in flight competitions, car races, and speed record attempts Banners and flags.

Over time, the brand name of the motor oil has become far better known than that of the company's founder / company. This fact led to the renaming of "CC Wakefield & Company" in 1960 castrol ltd

I have been driving Vespa and Lambretta for over 32 years. It all started with a red Vespa PK50S that, bought used, was waiting for my driver's license in my parents' garage. But that was me fast too slow.  The first tuning measure was to mount an expensive 50km / h exhaust. But it didn't do that much, the moped boys were still flying past me to the right and left. So it was sold and I was interested in a black PX 80 Lusso, which was very expensive in insurance at the time. During the test drive, the gears have always been blown out. But I was happy to have my mother ready to buy me this scooter ... also, my father was on a business trip and didn't know anything about the new “80s”. So: now or never! So the scooter was bought with this “little hidden flaw”.

Scootershop, Scootering & Mods, Scooterboys and Scooter Scene

We all know what was wrong with the engine: the reason for the uncontrolled gear changes was the worn “round” gearshift cross. The next Vespa dealer wanted 700 DM for the change, but that was no longer in the budget when I sent my scooter update. I got in contact with other scooter riders.

One of them was still on the skateboard as a skater last week and now suddenly motorized on a brand new Vespa PX 80 Lusso. A month later I met him again, there he was sitting in a suit and polished leather shoes on his Vespa, which was now plastered with mirrors and chrome parts. The next time I met him, half was missing on his scooter and on his head too. Instead of fine leather shoes and a suit, he now wore red boots up to his knees, camouflage pants and a bomber jacket. All that was left of his “popper mane” on his head was a small curl of hair that fluttered listlessly in his face after he took off his helmet. Somewhat irritated, I asked him if he had an accident with the scooter and why he looks so strange. He said he was now a Scooterboy and the scooter was a CutDown!

He had probably discovered her before, she was new to me at the time: the MOTORETTA, the Scootermag and still in black and white. And so the evil took its course. Now the 80s became somehow for me too fast too slow, Schoolmates with DT, RD, MBX & Co and even some mopeds, were faster than me. So if I change the gearshift cross anyway and remove and dismantle the engine, I could make the box a little faster ... In the meantime, I had that too ROLLERSHOP catalog and the SCOOTERING discovered.

The custom paintwork from the glossy magazines fascinated me so much that I sat down in my 80s “children's room” and dreamed of great paintwork and scribbled a few of them on paper. Yes, laugh, these are my collected works:

Castrol sponsorship with the “Castrol Vespa Racer”

Somehow my dreams about custom paintwork didn't come true, so I later took the initiative and asked Castrol to sponsor it. To be honest, I'm a bit uncomfortable right now: I was quite sure that I did it at the age of 16. According to the date of the letter to Castrol, which I found in my “Scooter Scene box”, I was a bit older and already doing community service at the time.

Unfortunately I have the drafts of my "Castrol Racer”With 20 HP and targeted 130-140km / h no longer. I had enclosed the drawings with the letter to Castrol, Motorsport Department. From the letter I found this test print with corrections. But I definitely didn't write to UHU and NUTELLA, MÜHLEN KÖLSCH? Perhaps! I do not know anymore…

But the man from Castrol was very nice, invited me to the IFMA in Cologne and after a short chat in the Castrol truck gave me a few Castrol stickers.

If anyone from Castrol reads this: my offer is still available! This is, for example, my Augsburg Vespa T4:

Classic Castrol Store

You don't need to write any sponsorship requests for our Classic Castrol merchandise, you can now get the cool retro Castrol Racing products from us at cheap prices Classic Castrol Store:

Classic Castrol products

Classic Castrol products


New carburetor connection rubbers from bgm PRO

The 12mm wide hose clamps from ABA SAFE have proven themselves in countless long and short distance races and test kilometers.

The ABA Safe ™ clamp uses the elasticity of the suction rubber and protects this relatively soft rubber hose from damage. The tensioning force is increased on the profile beads, there are no sharp edges, which means that the 12mm wide clamps sit tightly without stressing the carburetor connection rubber.

bgm carburetor connection rubbers for 12mm ABA Save clamps carburetor rubbers Vespa & co.

We have new ones now bgm connection rubbers that are wide enough to neatly accommodate these 12mm wide hose clamps.

Carburettor connection rubbers bgm PRO

Carburettor connection rubbers bgm PRO

Another benefit is that our bgm connecting rubbers from the carburetor to the intake manifold from one very oil and gasoline tolerant material are made.
That makes the carburetor connector rubbers a top reliable and durable part on your scooter.

Available sizes & conversion rubber

  1. 28,5 mm Connection rubber carburettor / intake manifold -BGM PRO- AW = 28.5 / 28.5mm
    • Polini CP
  2. 30 mm Connection rubber carburettor / intake manifold -BGM PRO- AW = 30 / 30mm
    • Dellorto PHBL
    • MikuniTM 24
  3. 35 mm Connection rubber carburettor / intake manifold -BGM PRO- AW = 35 / 35mm
    • Dellorto PHBH 28/30
    • Dell Orto VHST 24-36
    • Dell Orto VHSH 30
    • MikuniTM 28
    • Mikuni TMX 27/30
    • Keihin PWK 28/30
    • Polini 28/30
  4. 40 mm Connection rubber carburettor / intake manifold -BGM PRO- AW = 40 / 40mm
    • Mikuni TMX 32-35
    • Keihin PWK 33-35
    • Koso 28-34
  5. 35 / 40mm Conversion rubber connection between carburettor and intake manifold -BGM PRO- AW = 35 / 40mm
    • 35 mm
    • 40 mm


  1. Carburetor and intake manifold should be thoroughly degreased before assembly.
  2. The 12mm ABA SAFE hose clamps should also not be over tightened.
Lessmann brushes Made in Germany

Not all brushes are the same!

You are sure to have a classic steel brush in your tool kit. Such a DIY all-round brush is practical and has many areas of application, but it can be much better with little effort:

I'll show you 4 small ones here Wire brushes from LESSMANN (Made in Germany) for special areas of application that make it easier for you to work on your scooter for repairs and maintenance!

LESSMANN brush logo


1. The file cleaning brush

Steel brush for cleaning files.

Steel brush for cleaning files. You don't need to buy a new file right away if it no longer has the expected effect; cleaning the file is often enough!
This special brush from Lessmann is suitable for cleaning the cuts of metal files so that the cutting effect is fully available again.
The file cleaning brush is particularly suitable for removing chips and strongly adhering metals such as: copper, brass, bronze and aluminum.



2. The rust eraser brush

Rust eraser with steel bristles from the German quality manufacturer Lessmann

High quality rust eraser with steel bristles.
The brush is ideal for a careful repair of your vehicle with original paint on which sheet metal is partially rusted. which should not be ground flat. Keyword: O-paint rescue.
With the rust eraser, oxide particles can be removed effortlessly, even on surfaces that have already been scarred. The bristles on both sides have different thicknesses for precise work. Then the area can be passivated with a suitable agent (e.g. multifilm).

CONCLUSION: Great little tool with a big impact and fun factor


3. The steel brush for the rough

Steel brush for removing coarse dirt such as rust.

This quality steel brush is particularly suitable for removing coarse dirt such as rust.
It is not suitable for use on surfaces made of plastic, aluminum, copper, etc.


4. The brass brush for cleaning spark plugs

Brass brush for cleaning the ground and center electrodes of spark plugs.

Brass brush for cleaning the ground and center electrodes of spark plugs.
Since brushes made of steel roughen the surface unnecessarily and new dirt adheres even better than before,
A brush made from a softer material than steel should always be used to clean spark plugs.



LESSMANN quality brushes | Made in Germany

Lessmann brushes

The Scooter Center you get Lessmann brusheswhich have proven to be particularly suitable and proven in our everyday workshop and repairing / tuning scooters. Such a small brush can be very helpful and really make it easier for you to work cleanly on your scooter / Vespa / Lambretta etc.!

Toptul tools for scooter drivers - tools for scooter repairs & workshops

Toptul tool for scooter riders

We got a large delivery, so the popular ones TOPTUL tools are available again.

TOPTUL tools for scooter riders

Scooter Center TOPTUL shop

TOPTUL has been manufacturing high-quality tools for over 20 years and is absolutely unbeatable in terms of price / performance. TOPTUL products have been in daily use at Vespa, Lambretta & Co. for years and are always convincing.

The finely subdivided toothing of the ratchets is just one example. The massive and robust design with 72 teeth achieves a stitching of only 5 degrees (1/72 turn). This means that you can work precisely and without repositioning even in very tight spaces with little travel for the ratchet.

TOPTUL tools of course meet or exceed the current standards such as DIN / ISO / ANSI. The in-house quality control is very strict and is expressed, for example, in the individual measurement protocol enclosed with each torque wrench with regard to the measurement accuracy and the release behavior.

From our own experience, we can recommend TOPTUL products to every “intensive screwdriver” with a clear conscience.

These are the highlights from the video:

  • Socket wrench set (ratchet case) -TOPTUL 1/4 ″ - 4mm-14mm + bits - 49 pieces
    Article no.: GCAI4901

And the sets are nice, like this one:

  • Screwdriver - screwdriver set -TOPTUL Pro Series- 20 pieces
    Article no.: GZC2005
  • Seeger ring pliers set -TOPTUL- 4 pcs
    Article no.: GPAQ0401
  • Allen key set -TOPTUL- 1,5mm, 2mm, 2,5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm - 9 pieces
    Article no.: GAAL0916

TIP: Then you have everything new, uniform and in an appealing look in one go!

You can find further recommendations for TOPTUL here with us at Scooter Center Blog:

All Toptul tools for scooter drivers are available from us at TOPTUL shop

Tool bag Moto Nostra oldtimer retro look

MOTO NOSTRA tool bag for e.g. Vespa & Lambretta

We have new ones Tool bags from MOTO NOSTRA on offer - and as usual at these times, there is a product presentation from the home office today!

Tool bag in retro style | Waxed canvas

For example, for classic vehicles and oldtimers that want to be on the move with style when storing tools, we offer this practical tool roll. Of course, they also go great with a modern Vespa GTS or a motorcycle.

Robust tool bag made of waxes canvas, a hard-wearing and water-repellent material. The tool bag has 5 spacious compartments with large sturdy zippers. So the tool stays where you left it. The many compartments create order and offer quick access in an emergency.

When rolled up, the bag can be securely closed with a wide strap and sturdy clip and compressed as easily as possible. The bag has three handles and two eyelets for fastening or hanging. Available in brown and black and soon also pre-packed with model-specific tools.


Tip: also order a bag for the lady in the house, because the bags can also be used stylishly as toiletry bags.

Vespa toilet bag

  • Tool roll with zippered compartments and buckle in Brown 
  • Tool roll with zippered compartments and buckle in black



You will find the appropriate emergency lamp here :
Video of the lamp:

Emergency LED flashlight / work light COB LED from MOTO NOSTRA



You will find matching bags from Moto Nostra here

Video MOTO NOSTRA bags:

New bags for scooters 🎥😮 Moto Nostra bags for scooters


Vespa & Lambretta Thailand Bangkok
Vespa & Lambretta Thailand Bangkok

Deliver Mission with Lambretta TV 175 and Vespa GTS in Bangkok

Travel report Thailand, Bangkok 2018


It's January 2021 the lockdown has just been extended and tightened. The presence in the shop is restricted by the obligation to work from home. And we miss a lot of what makes our lifestyle fun. No runs, no nighters, no weekenders, no races and also no barley juice sextets with friends in the workshop. Cazzo! Sometimes it feels like there's nothing left but Covid.


The other day we were discussing our travel activities for the during our Skype lunch break Scooter Center. We have already done quite a bit and mostly it ended up sweaty and dirty or with a well-groomed hangover on long journeys back in the van on the highway.

One of the ultimate highlights of all trips was the visit to Bangkok in 2018. We have already been to India and Vietnam and have looked at dealers, producers and visited LML several times. The plan for Bangkok was similar. There are plenty of dealers and we wanted to do cold acquisition with classic handle cleaning. And also get a better feel for the scene there, about which we admittedly knew little. With the little bit that we knew, it was somehow clear to us that the basic tenor of the western hemisphere “all copycats there” could not be right. To anticipate it and to spare one or the other a long break from reading: Seldom met such passionate scooterists who are so far ahead and live the whole thing!


Buddy Seat Lambretta Garage

Our first stop after landing was a visit to Buddy Seat Lambretta Garage. An incredibly cool workshop with frame and fork straightening benches on an incredibly high level. We had to give up our attempt to get there on our own, unsuccessfully. Even a taxi driver could only call us at Buddy Seat help. He then came to us to pick us up. And what a start! Hardly two hours in the city and we are escorted by a Lambretta TV 200. Not a bad start to the seven day business trip. The language barrier was unfortunately very high and the Lambretta talk was successfully conducted with hands and feet.

[modula id = ”100205 ″]

Lambretta Thailand Cafe

Before we start to get bored in epic breadth:

That was our second stop Lambretta Thailand Cafe, in which the Lambretta Thailand store of our very good friend Show is located. He speaks perfect English and took care of us for the rest of our stay, giving us insights that we would have gained without him. Thank you, Show !!! At least for Philipp - maybe even for Ulf - he made a business trip a more than perfect vacation.

[modula id = ”100211 ″]

Deliver scooter parts in Bangkok with Lambretta TV 175 and Vespa GTS

In addition to our daytime entertainment at the dealers to be visited showed us Show pretty cool places. Places that showed us how passionate and obsessed the Thais are with Vespa and Lambretta. One day we were even allowed to come along Show and Lert Deliver scooter parts on Lambretta TV 175 and Vespa GTS in Bangkok.

Delivery mission

[modula id = ”100214 ″]

Scooter collector

The collectors we were allowed to visit cannot go unmentioned. That was really big cinema that we were offered there. And we are always amazed when we look at the pictures.

[modula id = ”100216 ″]

Ratchada Night Market

Another highlight and a definite recommendation for every Bangkok visitor is the Ratchada Night Market. A place with a couple of little Lambretta shops, lots of vintage car shops, vintage things and clothes. Cafes, bars, including an old American gas station (dismantled, moved over and reassembled in the US) and loads of other things to see, eat and drink.

[modula id = ”100218 ″]

GO TO SCOOTER meeting in Bangkok

Our dream for after Corona: To the next GO TO SCOOTER meeting in Bangkok:

Goto Scooter V6 2019 ตลาดนัดรถไฟศรีนครินทร์ Ohhoโตล้อ10"




All fotos

Here you can find all pictures of the trip.

Modern Vespa dealer


Big Daddy Moto Club