Woodlost Cannonball Classic Scooter Run title picture

Woodlost Cannonball Classic Scooter Run was held through the weekend of 26 -29 May in southern Sweden.
It was organized by Lambretta Club Malmo and we had a total of 71 participants divided into 30 teams.

Instead of just pure speed the concept this time for the Woodlost Cannonball was about gaining points. The participants had to navigate smart, performance nice in manned checkpoints and deliver right answers at unmanned checkpoints.
Congratulations to the team “What's Normal Then?!” with Isa and Erk Westberg, Morgan Strandberg and Jörgen Larsson who after two days of driving and performing was the team who went home with victory, glory and the challenge prize.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed this weekend and a big thank you to Scooter Center for your support.

Olaf Fransson
President Lambretta Club Malmo

Photos by @lambrettapics

Switch scooter meeting Vesbeachi 2021 Sponsored by Scooter-Center

Successful premiere of Vesbeachi

On October 09.10.2021th, 10 the gates opened for the premiere of the vesbeachi, the brand-open metal roller meeting on the beach of the beach club Nethen.

VESBEACHI 2021 - The brand-open tin scooter meeting on the beach - Aftermovie

And early on, the beach filled with tin scooter enthusiasts and their companions.
The visitors came from all over Germany, even a visitor from Denmark came to see this spectacle.
The mood was relaxed, the weather couldn't have been better and the gasoline conversations to the fine tones of soul music from the record player were lively.
No wonder, because the scene had some catching up to do; no event of this kind could take place for almost two years. Lots of time to screw things around, but little personal exchange. This was made up for at Vesbeachi.
The trophy ceremony took place at around 15 p.m., awards were given in the following categories:
Best Smallframe, Best Largeframe, longest journey on a two-wheeler and best of the day.
The cup for Best Smallframe went to a completely modified Simson Star in Iron Man design with lots of gold-plated details.
Best Largeframe a visitor from the Vespa Club Hannover was able to secure his Vespa 150 (VBB).
Visitor Philipp completed the longest journey on two wheels Bad Oldesloe on his Vespa PX
and the somewhat out of competition price best of the day Hamburg-based Marek Nachlik secured himself for his Lambretta conversion with a Kawasaki engine.
At the end of the day were more than 500 visitors traveled to Vesbeachi and thus contributed to a wonderful event.
The mood was unbroken in the best sunshine and one thing is already certain, that Vesbeachi Blechrollertreffen will definitely go into the next edition in 2022.
Text, video and pictures were made available to us by the organizer. Many thanks to Jelto Gerdes
ROLLERSHOP Vespa catalog 1987 with red Vespa Primavera 125 and Zirri engine with water cooling

Scooter shop cover Vespa

If you've been driving a scooter for a while, you may still know the scooter shop!

Roller shop sticker

Scooter youth icons

The scooter shop was the scooter shop for us young scooter drivers in the 80s and early 90s. Whether Scooterboy, Popper or Mod: With its catalogs, the scooter shop pulled our pocket money and our first salary out of our pockets. But some of us knew how to defend ourselves: Philipp, for example, always ordered the PK disc brake for 540 DM with every order, so he was always above the postage exemption limit and he was sure of free delivery, but the disc brake was never available until the end .

For many, the catalog was like a Bible. A bright red shone on the cover of the 1989 catalog Smallframe Vespa with water cooling with Zirri engine. The connoisseur may have recognized straight away that the model is a Primavera, but did you know which parts were built in in detail? What performance did they have or what the Vespa looks like from the front?

And did you know that there was a cover Vespa in black as early as 1987? In general, have you ever wondered what of these forgotten ones Dream scooters of our youth has become? The scooter shop as a company did not manage to survive, we took over customer support in 2007 and bought the domain. Vehicles and stocks were spread over the whole republic. Did the cover rollers survive?

Christian and Ronny from the Scoot Devils Seevetal have not forgotten, have found the legendary scooters and carefully restored them!

At the Scooter Center The two scooters could be admired for the first time on OpenDay. So of course I used the opportunity and Christian and Ronny got the unbelieveable story let tell. Check out the video now! You can find out below Details about the vehicles and receive more Insights and detailed pictures.

Scooter shop Vespa scooter Zirri 80s and 90s at Scooter Center Open Day


Many thanks to Christian, who was not only available to us for the video, but also sent this information about the two scooters afterwards:

Both are the original frames and motors that were built by Bruno Zirri!

Roller shop red:

ROLLERSHOP Vespa catalog 1987 with red Vespa Primavera 125 and Zirri engine with water cooling

Loom: Vespa Primavera ET3
Engine: Vespa Primavera ET3

  • Tau TVR 30 H2o cylinder 127ccm about 25PS
  • Zirri full-flanged crankshaft with Tau TVR connecting rod stroke 50,6 mm
  • 2/64 primary
  • Original 4-speed gearbox
  • 4 disc clutch
  • Exhaust cable TVR welded around
  • Tau TVR cooler
  • Water pump / service water caravan
  • Carburetor / Dellorto PHBE 36 sz magnesium with power jet
  • Ignition / Motoplat 6v electronic
  • PK XL clutch cover
  • Welding and spindle work on the engine block (back then)
  • Chassis / Bitubo rear the hose version / front original

The frame was reinforced by us, as it has already become soft over the years due to the many falls.
Sanding and filling work.
Working hours approx. 250
Energy cans approx. 400

Roller shop black:

ROLLERSHOP Vespa catalog 1987

Loom: Vespa 50 n special
Engine: Vespa 50 Special

  • Eurocilindro Parabellum H2o 133ccm converted to membrane about 18 HP
  • Mazzuchelli racing crankshaft stroke 51mm
  • 2/64 primary
  • Original 4-speed gearbox
  • 4 disc clutch
  • Eurocilindro exhaust
  • IPRA cooler
  • Ignition PK 12 V turned off
  • Original clutch cover
  • Carburetor / Dellorto 34 PHBE magnesium
  • Chassis / Bitubo at the rear with expansion tank / original at the front
  • Welding and spindle work on the engine block (back then)

A few holes were welded shut on the frame itself and the original ones for the cooling water hoses were opened again.
Sanding and filling work
Working hours approx. 120
Energy cans approx. 170


Thank you!


Big thanks to the following people who supported us:

  • Luis and Klaus from the Scoot-Devils for sanding, filling and cleaning work
  • Manuel our painter
  • Angelo / Stefano Zirri for the original photos and information
  • Arne Uhlhorn Rollershop Original Sticker (For the red one)
  • Dennis Neumann who made the sacrifice to part with the red roller shop frame.
  • Kingwelle company (Christoph) for pressing over the crankshaft of the Red Rollershop
  • Company O-ring.de who had or measured all seals for the TAU TVR cylinder
  • Company artwork for the stickers and their production
  • Thanks to everyone and their many tips from the scenes for these vehicles
  • And a big thank you to everyone who had to endure us and our madness during the restoration ...
    be it partners, friends, etc.



What are the next steps?

Do the “partners who had to endure madness” know that there is already a new project? Again the guys go to work for a while Smallframe to revive the German scooter scene:

Scauri tuning

Preview: This is the former vehicle of our friend Mathias Scherer, who beat the red Vespa with a water-cooled Scauri engine on international racetracks and even then scratched the 30 HP mark. Scauri Racing, have you heard this before? Stefano Scauri co-founded BSG Corse, BSG is now BFA and Stefano Scauri now develops cylinders for Parmakit. We keep you here in the Scooter Center Blog up to date.

Scooter Center Open day 2021

Scooter Center Open Day 2021 with almost 1.500 Vespa and Lambretta drivers

A day with friends at friends

This is not just an empty marketing phrase, it is the quintessence of our Open Day!
We live scootering and the cult around it and maintain intensive contact with the scene and are part of this culture around our beloved scooters. We live that and have been with us for more than 30 years.

So it was all the nicer to finally meet normal people and friends again. People who are just as crazy about scooters as we are!

And for that we want to say thank you! Thank you for being there and making the day an unforgettable experience.

Open Day -2021 – That Scooter Center Team says thank you!

Finally normal people!

We hit the bull's eye with the subject of our Open Day newsletter. We actually heard it literally and heard it from you several times on our Open Day! Splendid!

Scooter Center Open Day 2021 – 1500 Vespa & Lambretta Scooterists

The scooter drivers are hot

We all know what has been going on in the last few months, restrictions, no or hardly any events. We knew you guys are hot, we are hot! And we were warned:
"The scooter drivers are hot, do you know what you're doing to each other?"
Yes! We thought we have optimized our concept, taken hygiene measures and simply bought twice as many drinks and food than usual - you still got us to fetch more supplies!




Our test bench, including Alex and Uwe, also ran hot - with the exception of a short break, there was test bench run after test bench run!


Alex and Uwe with an ACMA tubular handlebar on the dynamometer

Donation to the German Children's Cancer Foundation in the amount of 6.179,80 euros

The Children's Cancer Foundation is happy about your thirst and hunger! And Markus Mayer successfully completed his Gentleman Giro 2021 with us and diligently exchanged his buttons, patches together with our biscuits, posters and key fobs for donations. We have already raised 1.179,80 euros!

We have rounded up the entire income from our catering to a smooth 5.000 euros and can thus transfer 6.179,80 euros to the German Children's Cancer Foundation. We are so pleased and proud of you and your thirst!


Markus Gentleman Giro donation

International exhibitors and visitors

In addition to our own huge parts market, we again had small and large stands as guests. Our exhibitors came from all over Germany but also from Italy, South Tyrol and Tuscany. Thank you for coming and for the great products you exhibited!

M&R Handmade Vespa Bags (I)
Parts market and used scooters Garage Rosso (I)
Parts market Bernd
Parts market Hubert D.
Parts market Herbert S.
Parts market Milan design writer
Acki and Mika parts market
Markus Mayer Gentleman Giro
évoRetrofit electric kits for classic Vespa
Crazy Monkey Development & Savage Scooters
Tom Super Lui (I)
McCloudt's Originals
Parts market Kölle
DeZonk parts market
Scooter paradise Vespa dealer Cologne
Christian S. Rollershop Zirris Scoot-Devils

Èvo Retrofit, for example, was able to offer over 60 test drives with their electrical conversions. Here we have an interview with the team and also with the impressions of the testers. Maryzabel and I have also tested the electrified Vespas, look forward to the video!

Our visitors were a colorful mix on classic Vespas and Lambrettas and modern GTS, Primavera and Co. Super. It's great that so many came in style with the scooter!


We were able to get clubs and drivers out

  • Austria
  • Luxembourg
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands

greet. We spotted the following clubs:

  • Viennese rogue
  • Flatliners
  • Filthy & Sly
  • Toast riders
  • Minus screwdriver
  • Vespa Club Roude Leiw Letzebuerg
  • Vespen Nest Düren
  • Vespa Club RheinSchalter Cologne
  • Tin vespa Vespa joy
  • Vespa Club Mainz
  • Kulturbanausen Roller Club Rhineland
  • Vespa cowboys
  • Scoot Devils
  • Blues SC Munich
  • Vespa Club Bogota

Have we forgotten someone? Please report?


My personal highlight

I was very happy to see the many old faces and made many friends. I especially liked the two ROLLERSHOP - Zirri-Smallframes pleased. The dream of my youth. Many of you are probably feeling the same way!

There will be a special with an interview shortly. This is a great story that you shouldn't miss. Soon here in the blog.

Heiko scooter shop Zirri


Photos from Scooter Center Open day 2021


This is how we experienced the Vespa AlpDays 2021 in Zell am See

Scooter Center at the Vespa Alp Days 2021 in Zell am See

Thursday - Day 1 - The start (800km / 160km)

After the 'Vorbereitungen im Scooter Center, it could finally start now. the Vespa Alp Days start much earlier, but the main days are Friday and Saturday. Many people combine this scooter meeting in the Alps with a vacation and book special trips into the mountains. We arrive on Thursday so that we can be fully there on Friday and Saturday:

After the early start in Cologne, there was for that Scooter Center Team, after about 650km, a stopover at my place in Munich. Strengthened by a good snack, Maryzabel's Platonika and MotoVespa were freed from the vans by Alex.
On the scooters we drove over fine country roads and over the legendary Sudelfeld and the Tatzelwurm in dream weather. At Kufstein we cross the Inn and come across the border to Austria. We continue past the Walchsee, through the valleys via Saalfelden / Leogang to Zell am See!


In the meantime, Marc and Marcus drove the vans to Zell am See as quickly as possible. We were amazed. not bad when the booth was already set up when we arrived!
We welcome friends and old acquaintances from near and far. As a team, we quickly take care of the rest of the little things at the stand. This is followed by a convivial team evening with good food in Zell am See.

You notice: our weekend started off really well! But it should get even better:



Friday - day 2 - Kitzbühler Horn (120km)

We have decided to keep the stand closed in the mornings. During this time all Vespisti (we were very happy to see three Lambrettas) are on the rides and we want to meet friends and customers there in action.



After a great breakfast, the scooters were filled up first. In bright sunshine we drove together to Areit, the meeting point for today's trip to Kitzbühel Horn.

Madness: a huge parking lot full of around 700 Vespa scooters, Year of construction from the beginning of the 50s until today - what a wonderful spectacle!

In 8 groups with a maximum of 100 scooters, it was then leisurely on country roads and narrow paths up to the Kitzbühler Horn. For some, the route was pure driving pleasure, others worked up a sweat. I've also seen riders turn into runners and push their scooters up the extremely steep passages.


TIPP: Did you already know the height correction for the carburetor pans or air filter boxes?

This little one Rubber stopper If the engine is running too rich, it is removed on the mountain, at a height. With this additional air supply, the carburetor can draw in more air and because of the leaner air at altitude it no longer runs as richly.
Caution: You must definitely start again in the valley, otherwise the Vespa is too lean here!


Example Largeframe:

Example Smallframe:



The wonderful mountain panorama quickly forgot the hardships for man and machine. On the descent I was happy about my bgm PRO chassis and the new brake pads on my 1962 Vespa T4. from Augsburg.



Other drivers who were on the road with a Vespa GTS today told me about overheating and failing brakes due to the lack of engine brakes on the automatic engine. So it was with us on Scooter Center There was also interest in ours Test winner suspension from bgm PRO and Vespa GTS brakes from Frank and Porco Nero very large.



So in the early afternoon we opened our stand and were able to welcome and advise a large number of nice scooter drivers. Many also tried our raffle, and in the end there was a winner who wasn't that far from the correct result. But we can't reveal that at this point, because we want to play the game again with a similar number of nuts in the future. For example next weekend on Scooter Center Open Day with us in Bergheim-Glessen, at the gates of Cologne.



Saturday - day 3 - Großglockner (80km)

Today we had to get up early. The day was packed with attractions and starts with Goosebumpst pure:

130 Vespa tubular handlebars and Faro Basso “lamp below” Vespa models from the early 50s line up for the Grossglockner Mountain Prize. This is a very rare opportunity like that lots of old Vespas to be able to admire in a heap. The spectacular Le Mans start in 4 groups, you can see the mixture of excitement, pride, ambition and above all joy in this challenge in the drivers.
“Tüte”, a participant from last year, told me how he had to push his Vespa Rally 180 up the Glockner a bit!
How does a machine cope with it that has a few more years under its belt and less under its hood?
To find out, we gave one of the daredevil pilots one of our cameras. Many thanks to Marc Schaffnit!


With the Ciao towards the summit

Our Marc has been on the road for a long time, he could hardly be stopped and drives the Grossglockner up first with his Ciao and then again with the Scooter Center Be Giorni. Another practical test for our new one, passed with flying colors CIAO bags.



Shortly afterwards we also make our way to the Glockner, the Mountain calls and wants to be conquered!



Today it was supposed to rain all day, what to me with the bgm PRO Sport tires but did not cause concern. We were lucky: it stayed dry until the afternoon, but it was up on the Grossglockner, but very foggy and cold. So after a fun descent we went straight to the town square to greet the AlpDays family at our stand and to advise them on our products.



In the afternoon it did start to rain, we were so engrossed in conversations and busy keeping our booth dry that we unfortunately had the great one Vespa acrobatics stunt show by NICOLA CAMPOBASSO missed. The “Concours de Elegance”, a kind of custom show, took place right at our stand.



While the Alpdays family was slowly coming to the congress center to take part in the evening program Live music, awards, honors, charity presentation and raffles To be present, we set about dismantling the stand and stowing the material safely in the transporters.



One group Ladies in dirndls from Waging am See, stopped us for a moment. A welcome and very nice change!


Vespa Alpdays Zell am See 2021 photos and videos


After dinner we go to the evening event. Maryzabel was immediately hired and was allowed to dance with the WURLI WURM.

Actually everyone was just waiting for the big raffle, in which the main prize was a Vespa rally. Congratulations to the lucky winner who was very happy!

But we were also able to give pleasure and announce the winner of our competition, who can now look forward to a bgm PRO shock absorber for his scooter. There were also three Scooter Center-Shopping vouchers worth 200 euros raffled off. Again, our congratulations to the lucky winners!


Journey home (800km / 160km)

The night was pretty short. After breakfast together, we parted ways again: I made my way back towards Munich with my Vespa, Marcus stayed a day longer to enjoy the landscape with Ciao and Vespa and Maryzabel, Marc and Alex set off for the 800km Journey home towards Cologne / Bergheim.

Alpdays 2022 a revolution? We are excited!

13th Vespa Alp Days 2022 Zell am See

13th VESPA ALP DAYS 2022 - REVOLUTION from 2-6. June 2022

Main days: 2-6. June 2022 / Complete program: 1.-8. June 2022
The info about the 13th Vespa Alp Days 2022 came in hot off the press from Nicole and Franz:
"We look forward to seeing you again in 2022, combined with the hope of a “normal” year again!
We are trying to create a very special program in 2022, with some completely new, revolutionary ideas ... smuggler tour, powder maker hut ...
But we are limiting the number of participants again tragically! If you want to be there, please register quickly from 01.01.2022!
All information on www.the-alp-days.at from 01.11.2021
Registration open from 01.01.2022"

The Scooter Center Team is already looking forward to the next event this coming weekend: Scooter Center Open day 2021 on Saturday, September 18.09.2021th, XNUMX.

Vespa Alpdays Zell am See 2021 photos and videos

Scooter Center at the Vespa Alp Days in Zell am See 2021


The Scooter Centers was with a team at the last weekend Vespa AlpDays in Zell am See.

The organizers describe the event as follows:

In Zell am See, the Vespa capital of Austria, the largest annual European Vespa meeting takes place every year! The whole VESPA ALP DAYS family meets for wonderful days in the historic city center of Zell am See! In 2019 over 1600 Vespisti / Scooteristi from 23 nations were peacefully united in Zell am See! - An experience for every participant!Nicole & Franz

When we were at the Vespa World Days in Zell am See in 2009 (see here and here), Franz presented us with his idea for the Vespa AlpDays and we were immediately on fire. It goes without saying that we support that and, if possible, go there ourselves. Meanwhile they find AlpDays took place for the 12th time and Nicole and Franz were actually able to honor participants who took part in all 12 events!

This year we write the year 2021 and events are still subject to strict guidelines. Many events were canceled this year or were not even planned.

Last year I was alone as a very small fraction of the Scooter Center Teams, at the Vespa Alpdays. Together with my wife I am with the Vespa in the car to take part there at least on Saturday. The result is two nice videos of the Alpdays and the Grossglockner Audax Exit.

This year, too, the event team around Franz and Nicole did not let it get down and, as in 2020, postponed the Alpdays to late summer due to the pandemic. Instead of the otherwise 1.500 participants, only around half of the scooter drivers were allowed in 2020 & 2021.

It was of course a bit emptier in the alleys, but that didn't detract from the fun of the tours on the street!


This time it should Scooter Center Be a bigger team, have a stand on site again and even drive more scooters. Said and done:


Scooter Center Booth Vespa Alp Days


The Scooter Center Exhibitors

We have been going to scooter meetings for 30 years, at the beginning we dragged half our shop with us to the meetings and still often did not have the things with us that you "broke" on the way to the meeting or on site. For years we have only been showing a selection of product highlights at events and no longer have any parts sales. Instead, we prefer to have a cold drink with us so that we can toast old and new stories with our customers.

Scooter Center Booth Vespa Alp Days



New this year: a competition! Visitors were able to estimate the number of nuts in the box and the winner, who is closest to their estimate, could win a shock absorber. The submitted amount ranged from 888 to 12.567 who won Thomas R. from Ludwigshafen, we will contact you. The next chance to take part in the competition is likely to be ours OpenDay - if the box with the 1.234 nuts survived the trip - oops - whether that's really true ... :-)


Scooter Center Competition

Donation campaign for the Children's Cancer Foundation with Markus André Mayer

In the last few weeks, Markus had traveled over 7.000 km in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland to get on his Vespa Gentleman Giro Collect donations for the national children's cancer foundations. See also here on our blog. We supported Markus and accompanied. He has one Stop in Scooter Center inserted and becomes ours too OpenDay be there, of his Scooter adventure tell around the world and especially donations for the Children's Cancer Foundation collect. In Zell am See, too, we gave him a point of contact at our booth, exchanged merchandise for donations and so we were able to do so 1.051,54 Euros that will be donated directly to the Austrian Children's Cancer Foundation.



And of course we also have a can for AROUND HALF AT THE BAR / COUNTER set up.




Scooter and driver

Maryzabel is of course on the road with her Platonika Vespa PX / LML. As a demonstrator, Platonika is of course packed with the finest bgm and Moto Nostra parts. You can find information about the Platonika project here

Maryzabel Platonica


Alex has its MotoVespa MV125 from 1960 just finished.

The alpine tour is practically the maiden voyage, if you can say that about a scooter that has been on Mallorca for over 50 years.

The brisk Spaniard can now spend her old age in the beautiful Rhineland. Externally by sealing the original color dress and internally, with great attention to detail, technically completely refurbished, she is now looking forward to her coming kilometers on the European mainland.

The bgm PRO 177 cylinder breathes new temperament into the Spaniard. The chassis and the brake drums from bgm passed the baptism of fire on the descent of the Großglockner from an altitude of 2.571m.

Moto Vespa Alex


Marc is with his Ciao and the Scooter Center SeiGiorni at the AlpDays. A spectacular conversion of a Vespa GTV, of course with the bgm PRO chassis, which allowed him to drive in a very sporty manner on the mountain. Many visitors were amazed that and how it drives, they thought that this is just a custom project that does not drive at all. Marc has impressively proven that it drives - and how! Here you can find out more about the project and how the Scooter Center Sei Giorni Vespa. On his Ciao, for example, he of course has the new bags from our configurator


Marcus, good customer and Marc's Flatliners club mate, offered us to support the team over the weekend. We are very happy that he is there. He's an otherwise inveterate Lambretta driver this weekend with his old one Vespa PX with Malossi Sport, who accompanied him confidently and reliably

Marcus Vespa PX


Heiko, I'm back with mine Vespa T4 on the move in the Alps. A scooter that has been with me for over 20 years. Since I've been using the bgm PRO suspension and the bgm PRO SPORT tires, I've had even more fun with the Vespa. An old 213 Pinasco and the bgm PRO Touring BigBox are installed. The engine was enough to get up to the top of the Glockner in 2nd gear and at the end in the first Ganz, in twos. Of course with the altitude correction, see below

Heiko Vespa T4




The Preparations

The effort and the preparation for such an event are immense, but mostly run behind the scenes and are therefore not directly recognizable. That's why we're going to let you take a look behind the scenes today.

Event material was checked weeks beforehand, and our display was optimized and redesigned. We have designed and produced new merchandise such as posters and stickers. So that we could get all the material up to about 800km away in Zell am See, in the Alps, we had to organize sufficiently large vehicles and stow everything safely. But even the largest and longest transporter was not enough. So we are with two vans, full of scooters and event material, on Thursday morning at 5:00 am Scooter Center started. Apart from that, accommodation had to be found for 5 people, and arrival and departure had to be planned and organized ...

In the next post you will find out what we will do on the 3 days Vespa Alp Days 2021 experienced have a selection of images as a preview:

You can find all the parts for a safe journey in our Vespa shop

VESBEACHI - Tin Roller Meeting


UPDATE: It was like that Vesbeachi premiere 2021
The VESBEACHI sheet metal scooter meeting will take place on October 09.10.2021th, 10 from 00:2021 a.m. on the beach of the Nethen Beach Club. The ideal destination for rolling to end the tin scooter season XNUMX and have a cool drink on the beach with petrol.

The main thing is old and the main thing is sheet metal!

It doesn't matter what type of tin scooter you drive, from Simson, Heinkel, Zündapp, Hercules, Vespa and Lambretta, everything is welcome! The main thing is old and the main thing is sheet metal!
VESBEACHI - Tin Roller Meeting

 Expect you:

- Beach and water like in the Caribbean 
- two-stroke fragrance
- Cool drinks and delicious food
- Soul from the plate
- Relaxed atmosphere
- Bonfire 
- Trophy awards in different categories
  and many like-minded people!


The VESBEACHI will take place on October 09.10.2021th, 10 from 00:2021 a.m. on the beach of the Beachclub Nethen. The ideal destination for rolling to end the tin scooter season XNUMX and to have a gasoline talk on the beach with a cool drink or for a trip with the family.

Get your ticket now for a parking space on the beach or maybe even a supporter ticket including patch and sticker!



How to get there? Very easy! The VESBEACHI takes place on the beach of the Beachclub Nethen. Nethen is located almost exactly in the middle between Oldenburg and Wilhelmshaven, near the A29.
The address is: Beachclub Nethen - Bekhauser Esch 170, 26180 Rastede / Nethen
The coordinates: 53.297637, 8.138860

Hopefully the long wait will come to an end on September 18th and we can finally open our doors again for the Scooter Center Open Open Day. We are really looking forward to seeing you again after this boring time without you.

The event on Facebook:

Facebook event

Guests, visitors and exhibitors


Evo Retrofit

Hated & bashed by die-hard 2-stroke fans. Those who were allowed to try it out are mostly enthusiastic!
With us on Open Day you have the opportunity to try it out and then form your own opinion:

Evo retrofit electric scooter

The évo conversion kit for the Smallframe Vespa is the first electrical conversion kit with TÜV. Available in a complete kit for many models. The conversion is reversible, the frame is not destroyed, plug & play! The team is currently working on a version for the Largeframe-Models. Be curious what they show us, what an electrified Vespa puts on the test bench and test a converted Vespa yourself! Info requested in advance?


Animation Animation

Tuscany feeling in Scooter Center: M&R Vespa bags, used Vespas and paintings

The exclusive M&R bag is the perfect addition to any Vespa and offers plenty of storage space for this and that. It hugs the shape of the Vespa shield - both outside and inside. It is attached using integrated hooks and can be removed with a handle so that you can take it with you and use it as a shoulder bag. It was designed by the Italian designer Mauro Mulas for many Vespa models in collaboration with an experienced saddler who handcrafts the bags in his workshop in the middle of Tuscany with attention to detail.

In addition to these great bags from Tuscany, you will also find various used Vespa models from Italy to buy at this stand.
A friend of the two exhibits her paintings. Another highlight of our OpenDay!




Crazy Monkey Development

The Crazy Monkey. Rocks is the URL of Crazy Monkey Development! Here, too, the name says it all and we are happy that the crazy monkey is sending his R² & D² team out to the Open Day. This is what the colorful animal world from Gentle Goat to Raging Rhino to Whale presents to us!

McCloudt's Originals

"Because it works!" That is the motto of McCloudts Originals, who present their product range for the care and preparation of vehicles of all kinds at our Open Day. We are happy!

Private parts market

Our SUPERKOLLE was the first to secure a place in the parts market. The warehouse also filled up during the Corona period and we are curious to see which precious items will be presented to us.


In business for decades and luckily still not professional! Rene (on the right in the picture) from and with www.scooterstuff.de! The offered shirts, prints, stickers are usually only produced in small quantities and offered for sale on runs. Whether in a backpack or sidecar, there is always room for a small selection and no annoying van disturbs the harmonious picture on 'em Run. Usually as merrily tipsy as his customers, Rene, together with the Clubkombina filthy&sly behind them, has been bringing consistent fashion and no trends to the body for years. With us also still working on the turntables for real scooteristit sounds!

Powolotti 2 stroke tuning

And Austria is also sending envoys to the Open Day. We look forward to Michael Powolotti. Among other things, head of Powolotti 2-stroke tuning!

Great LUI

The first international acceptance for the Open Day came from Italy. Tom comes with his Super LUI and presents the project to us. With its motor housing you can plant the inner values ​​of the Li family in your LUI. The picture is at Scooter Center Cup emerged at the Nürburgring. Tom won the regularity rating in the rain with Michelin S1 tires. Dreadful!

Roller shop demonstrator

Our anticipation for the Open Day keeps growing! There are more and more registrations for the private parts market, dealer stands and other great visitors! Among other things, the cover stars of the roller shop catalogs. The red one was built 35 years ago by Angelo Zirri, sold to the scooter shop in 1989 and was and is simply a dream. Marvel at live & in color on September 18th.

Markus Mayer - Vespa Gentleman Giro

We are totally happy to be able to support Markus with his Vespa Gentleman Giro - Vespa Tour for Kids with Cancer. For our Open Day he will be there for the good cause. And on the weekend before the Open Day we are out and about with Markus at the VESPA ALP DAYS Zell am See.
We look forward to you, here or there!

…this is the beginning. More highlights are added here every few days.

SC parts market

It will be big! In the long time without Classic & Open Days, a lot has accumulated. In addition to bargains, remaining stock, B-goods, samples, a large and colorful range from the last India container awaits collectors and hunters:

India home of LML and SIL.

Private parts market

Anyone can sell on the private parts market (without fees, of course). Registration is all that is required. So now tidy up your workshop, basement and garage and make others happy with your parts.

Registration for the private or commercial parts market

Registration is no longer possible - we are fully booked!


• Groovy Scooterist Sound and Scooterstuff.de by and with René
• Free test bench use on our P4
• hot snack
• Cool on and off the counter
• Gasoline talks and scene news

An afternoon with friends at friends!

Location: Scooter Center
Kurt Schumacher Str. 1 in 50129 Bergheim-Glessen.

We will inform you in good time about changing measures of the Hygiene Protection Act.

We look forward to seeing you,

Your Scooter Center Team

Vespa Alp Days 2020 Zell am See

Photos and videos Vespa Alp Days 2020 Reloaded

First of all: we are already looking forward to next year Vespa Alp Days in Zell am See (01-08 June 21) and are confident that we will be able to celebrate “normal” Alp Days with you again. Registration and information can be found here soon: https://www.the-alp-days.at/


This year everything is different. Corona does it is also possible necessary. Like many other events, the June date was canceled. The vast majority of scooter meetings fell victim to the epidemic. But then, under these difficult conditions, the Vespa Alp Days took place in the Alp Days Reloaded Luckily edition is still taking place

We from Scooter Center have been following this great Vespa meeting in Zell am See since World Vespa Days 2009. Even then we were the main sponsor and represented with a large stand and team. This huge international Vespa meeting was the hour of birth of the following AlpDays event, which was to take place for the 11th time this year. That Scooter Center is again the main sponsor and we were there again, albeit in this special situation with a mini-team. What the two of us were able to experience in this short time was simply awesome: It started at 9:00 in the morning with the Grossglockner Mountain Prize, I've never seen so many Vespa Rally 180/200s in one place. Look here:

Video Zell am See 2020

The result is 2 videos.
Tip: for the Großglockner exit full movie you should take 30 minutes. It is worth it! The course of the road in connection with the breathtaking mountain scenery at an altitude of 2.500 meters make the scenery and the video simply epic.

I don't know how Nicole and Franz always do it with the weather, but see for yourself!

Alp Days Reloaded Video

Vespa Alp Days 2020 – Alp Days Vespa meeting Zell am See – Großglockner


Großglockner exit full movie

Epic Vespa Tour Großglockner FULL MOVIE 4K (HD) – AlpDays Vespa Adventure Alps


Wespawald Vespa Meeting Westerwald 2020

Wespa Forest 2020

The 2nd edition of the Vespa switching motor scooter meeting for Vespa models up to year of construction 1992 was again a complete success!

Wespawald Vespa Meeting Westerwald 2020

Vespa meeting in the Westerwald


Not least because of the incredibly cool location, the Stöffelpark in the Westerwald and the excellent organization by Jürgen Iwan & Jochen Lemper. We, from Scooter Center, we were happy to support this great Vespa meeting!


2020 WespaWald – The Movie – 10 Min.

The Scooter Center Team is already looking forward to the third edition: Wespa Forest 2021!





Scooter season 2020 start Scooterist Meltdown

Start of the 2020 scooter season

The new season is casting its shadow. Not only are we being surprised by spring-like temperatures in large parts of Germany, the first major events are also starting soon.

The large Scooter Center ClassicDay with Customshow will already take place in sunny April: April 25, 2020 | Event on Facebook.
In spring there is also the popular Anrollern held in many cities.

Scooterst Meltdown 2020

It starts earlier in Kalkar!

You can do that Scooter Center Team already Early February meet on the Scooterist Meltdown. We have new products with us - be curious!
February 6-9, 2020: Our friends Mareike & Marcus from Spirit of 84 Scooterists invite to eighth Scooterist Meltdown! Those who accept this invitation are sure to start the scooter year 2020 with an ultimate all-inclusive fun weekend in a class of their own Day guests welcome! And this is what you are offered, for example:

  • Free test runs
  • 3 live bands
  • 3 niter, 4 rooms (main, indie, live music, ska bar)
  • Top DJs from UK, B, D
  • Custom & Trade Show & more!
  • More about Program here.

What is the Scooterists Meltdown?

Please note this incidental notice on the website: "Closed society. No admittance of people unfamiliar with the scene. "
Probably these “unfamiliar people” should be protected from themselves. Why? -> Our tip: You should have experienced it! This video, for example, only gives you a small impression, you can find more You here!

program flow

After checking in, bookers of the “All Inclusive Weekend Package” Acclimatize on Friday from 15 p.m. in the underground pub street.

Bookers of the new 3-night package can enjoy the full program from Thursday 15 p.m. or, alternatively, until Monday. You can choose from sporting activities such as bowling, daddling on slot machines or one-armed snatching.

The program turns out to be the best Scooterist tradition. We start with the first from 20 p.m. Niter. You can dance to the finest Northern Soul, R'n'B, Ska, Reggae, Madchester & Brit Pop and alternative tunes here until 3.00 a.m. A long-serving DJ contingent from England, Belgium and Good old Germany will heat you up ... more about the Program here.

Scooterists Meltdown 2020

Giro senza confini Vespa tour

The "Giro senza Confini" is a Vesparally for the riders of all Vespa scooters from the 50s Faro Basso to the current GTS. There are no restrictions, but the time specifications will be difficult for drivers with 50cc displacement.

In order to do justice to the differences between the scooters, there will be a rating for scooters up to 58 (Wideframe), for switch vespas including PX and for automatic scooters. The number of starting places in each class is strictly limited.

The planned route takes you from Krefeld through the beautiful Rhineland to neighboring countries and back. Registration and information. 


We from Scooter Center are the official sponsor and also part of the stage. We expect the participants on Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to stamp and have a coffee. Even Spectators are very welcome!

Temporary Schedule:

Friday, September 06.09.2019th, XNUMX,
Registration open from 17:00 p.m.
Technical acceptance from 18:00 p.m.
19:30 briefing
Followed by an optional barbecue party

Saturday, 07.09.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX
05: 30-06: 30 breakfast
Start from 06:30
Around 10:00 am SCOOTER CENTER
Finish line from 19 p.m.

Sunday: 08.09.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX
11:30 reception
12:00 gala dinner with award ceremony


Vespa and Lambretta fans at Classic Day 2019

Maryzabel has your impressions described here very nicely – I don’t need to write much anymore and prefer to let the pictures do the talking. The weather was great, the exhibitors were great and so were our customers, visitors and friends! All in all a super great day:

Here is our video:

Vespa & Lambretta @ Scooter Center Classic Day 2019 interviews / 58PS Vespa

Photos Classic Day ´19

Fantastic Vespa days on the Arlberg


At the 2nd Grand Arlberg Scootering from 22.-25. August 2019 were over 200 enthusiastic Vespa drivers from eight nations

  • Germany,
  • Österreich,
  • Switzerland,
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands,
  • Portugal
  • Italy,
  • Liechtenstein

in Lech Zurs am Arlberg. That could be done in wonderful mountain weather highest Vespa meeting in Europe can be enjoyed to the full by the participants.


On all four days, wonderful tours into the breathtaking mountains were undertaken with the group. To warm up on Thursday on the enchanting Rud-Alpe high above Lech and those who wanted to drive even more, took part in the Franzls-Extra-Tour on the Faschina-Joch.


On Friday we went through the lovely Lech Valley to the Hahntennjoch, with a delicious lunch break in Bschlabs at the Gasthof zur Gemütlichkeit. In the evening, the mayor Ludwig Muxel of the municipality of Lech officially opened the event in the “Postgarage” event hall and dancing to lively music from “Frechen Engel” continued until midnight.


On Saturday the almost classic Silvretta tour, leisurely through the Klostertal to Bludenz and into the Montafon. The ascent on the Silvretta High Alpine Road is a pleasure and a memorable experience for every Vespa driver. In the Piz Buin restaurant, a classic lunch break was held at Wiener Schnitzel and back through the Paznaun Valley and the Arlberg Panorama Road, up through the galleries back up the "mountain" to Lech at an altitude of 1450 meters!


In the evening again in the event hall, the participants were honored and awarded. Radio presenter

Henrik from the Tyrolean radio station U1 ensured a lively atmosphere until late into the night!


On Sunday the final round of the wonderful village festival in Zug, with a driver and scooter blessing from Father Georg Fischer von Lech and Zug.


A wonderful weekend for the Vespisti from near and far, with a good, family atmosphere in a wonderful mountain world! The people of Lech were also positively affected by the colorful, Italian scooter feeling and enjoyed the days of the beautiful picture and the crackling of the engines in this unique alpine village on the Arlberg!


Grand Arlberg Scootering 2020


For the third Grand Arlberg Scootering in Lech am Arlberg from 26.-30. August 2020 the Vespisti are cordially invited again!


Current information under www.gas1450.at



Hello, my name is Maryzabel!

I am a trainee at Scooter Center. I come from Colombia and take you on my big and small adventures in the blog, take a look behind the scenes with you Scooter Center and take you to scooter meetings.

5. Experience Classic Day 2019 up close

There has been a special atmosphere in the SC offices since the arrival of a complete container with Vespas from Japan!

Wasp Smallframe for sale

Everyone is preparing for the Scooter Center Classic Day 2019 before. A meeting that, by the way, will be very exciting for me, not only because I'm the first from our club, the den Scooter Center Attended OpenDay, but because it will be the only event of its kind that I have ever attended.

Usually the events that I have attended and even organized have the Vespa community as a common denominator. But on that next open day on Saturday August 31st, everything revolves around the scooter!

Of course, the scene cannot be missing:

  • the music,
  • das Essen
  • and the friends

I am especially looking forward to friends I will meet again and new scooterists I would like to meet.

We will have international visits from Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Luxembourg and England. But it will also be the scooters that will grab my attention. I'm looking forward to the performance that's on  Scooter Center Test bench is shown.


It's crazy what awaits me: scooter parts special sales, returns, B-goods. The used ones Smallframe Vespas from Japan in great condition. Lots of new products to touch and special offers. In addition, there are stands from manufacturers, organizers and partners and the private parts market for scooters and scooter parts, many of our customers and friends have cleaned out their garages and cellars and are selling at Scooter Center ClassicDay their best parts. The Vespa and Lambretta used market will be the perfect place to look for treasure!

I'm really excited because I have to get a new Vespa as a partner for my adventures. I will keep you up to date here, because this is just the beginning!



Highest Vespa meeting in the world

In addition to the Alp Days, there is another highlight in the Austrian Alps. who the Alp Days has missed, now has the opportunity! Anyone who has been to the Alp Days will definitely want to go here too: A new lifestyle event awaits us this summer in Lech am Arlberg.

Thursday 22nd to Sunday 25th August 2019

For the second time GRAND ARLBERG SCOOTERING (short: GAS2) from Thursday 1450nd to Sunday 22th August 25
in Lech / Zürs am Arlberg in Vorarlberg / Austria. The premium scooter event ... the best in the alps!
The successful scooter event organizer started in 2018 Franz Schmalzl for the first time his GRAND ARLBERG
SCOOTERING (GAS1450). For the past 10 years he has been with the international Vespa community annually VESPA
ALP DAYS gathered in Zell am See and a program of up to 10 days with over 1.600 scooter riders from over 23 nations
settled! This made the VESPA ALP DAYS the largest annual scooter event in Europe!
In the great alpine village of Lech am Arlberg in Austria, Schmalzl is now starting the scooter event for the second time and is bringing the
Vespa and scooter drivers from all over Europe back to Austria and the wonderful mountain landscape. The signs and
the general interest are very favorable, and the GRAND ARLBERG SCOOTERING will be up in the years to come
a very special rank in the international Scootersscene “experienced”!
There is magic in every beginning ... and 2019 will continue!
Also this year we experience the highest Vespa & scooter meeting in the world, the GRAND ARLBERG
SCOOTERING in the world famous and high alpine Lech am Arlberg at 1.450m above sea level.

Limited to 300 participants

Four days of Vespa meetings for Vespisti and Scooteristi from all over the world (Thursday to Sunday). Limited to 300 participants! 
In addition, a 2-day scooter rally for 100 participants (from the 300) with time and stamp controls,
with special tests and skill test (Friday & Saturday)! You can win at the 2nd Grand Arlberg Trophy
bare rock crystal trophies.
Wonderful trips in the wonderful mountain landscape on and around the Arlberg. A supporting program awaits the participants
at the highest level, with live music, performance artists and scooter acrobats, an expo, museum and the latest scooter presentations
- everything right in the heart of Lech am Arlberg!
Welcome to the 2nd GRAND ARLBERG SCOOTERING (GAS1450) Premium Scooter Event ... the best in the alps!

The Alp Days Europe's largest annual (Vespa) scooter event!

The Scooter Center Team was there again. At this great event you will meet that Scooter Center at the booth and on the track - it’s clear that we’ll be there again in 2020 - oh spoilers… 2020? Let's wait and see:

The "Alp Days" took place in 2019 on tenth times in the "secret Vespa capital of Austria: Zell am See. With 7 days of trips through wonderful landscapes and places, evening programs with live music, awards and honors, it was also the longest Vespa meeting ever! There was a pajama ride out to Lake Zell, the organizers invited over 1500 Vespisti to a chocolate bed cup and in the Alp Days bed as a photo point. The result was fantastic, funny pictures that the participants from 23 nations were able to take with them.

Each day offered a variety of program items and the participants were enthusiastic.

All of Zell am See and Pinzgau succumbed to the Italian flair of the cult scooters again this year.


The absolute highlights this year were THE LEGEND! - DRIVE THE DAM! Spectacular driveway to the Tauernmoossee and the longest winding dam in Europe, with a small health snack in the national park core zone and the large common driveway to the Großglockner with a goulash canon on the Fuscher Törl.

Over 1500 participants from 23 nations took part. From 50 cc to 300 cc, from old tubular handlebars to switch scooters and automatic scooters, everything was represented. The whole Grossglockner High Alpine Road was filled with Vespas like a colorful field of flowers!


This year took place for the first time Plush rabbit hunt through the Pinzgau and Tyrol instead of. All Vespa drivers who had answered their stamp cards with the questions could look forward to a cute plush bunny and a reception with live music at the finish in Fieberbrunn.

Fringe events

The supporting program this time was more colorful than ever:

  • A movie was shown by Wolfgang Pröhl and his colleagues, who had a special adventure in 2018: ELEPHANT to INDIA - the story of a long Vespa journey into the heart of Asia.
  • Markus Andreas Mayer circumnavigated the world on a Vespa in 2018 days in 80 and he gave this lecture about the fantastic journey in Zell am See.
  • There was a Concourse d'Elegance where the jury chose the most beautiful Vespas.
  • In the middle of the city of Zell am See at the Congress Center Platz, the Vespa stunt & acrobatic driver Nicola Campobasso presented his spectacular show.
  • Performance artists on stilts in mirror costumes (dragon and hare) offered themselves for photo shoots with the Vespas.
  • The artist Renate Berghaus from Germany showed her colorful Vespa pictures in the shop windows of the pedestrian zone in Zell.

Alp Days charity campaign

In all the years of the ALP DAYS in Zell am See, we have always tried TOGETHER to take into account the idea of ​​“WE HELP”, and through various campaigns we were able to make a - sometimes smaller, sometimes larger - amount available every year for an important purpose to be provided and handed over.

This year, as part of the DER ALP DAYS 2019 charity campaign:

  • 2.000 euros (in cash) for an 8-year-old child with cancer in Zell am See. Handed over to Mrs. Doris strengz as representative of the parish Zell am See
  • 1.000 euros (in cash) for the VESPA FOR LIVE campaign to Marc Dedulle and Michael Boschloos 1.000 euros (by PayPal payment) for the VESPISTI AGAINST CANCER campaign to Gernot Pajman

During the event, donated collectibles were sold to the Vespistis (that's what the Vespa drivers call themselves) and the family was able to receive a substantial amount through additional donations.

Vespa Alpdays 2020 !!

The crowning glory of the event this year was the corso around Lake Zell with a stop in Thumersbach for a chocolate snack and the scooter blessing by Pastor Dr. Friedemann Steck of the Erlöserkirche from Munich-Schwabing (organizer of the famous Vespa Corso every year on Ascension Day on Leopoldstrasse in Munich under the name of the true Ascension).

This year, Franz Schmalzl did not make it easy for himself to decide whether the event would continue. The decision was really only made in the last 30 seconds in Thumersbach. The tension rose and the participants were visibly moved when the good news was announced:

The 11th ALP DAYS will take place from June 2nd to 9th, 2020.


Scooter Center Classic Day 2019

Scooter Center Classic Day '19 - August 31, 2019

According to our successful start to the season, we now invite you to our legendary Classic Day on. We look forward to another great day with many friends!

The best entertainment and catering is provided and the Scooter Center The test bench is ready for your scooter.

Scooter Center Rollers to the parts market May 18, 2019

Parts market

Use the opportunity: bargains, remaining stock, returns, B-goods and remaining stock sales in Scooter Center Store. In addition, there is again a large private parts market where you can also sell yourself. Clear your workshop, basement and garage now and sell your best parts on the scooter parts market. The parts status is of course free of charge for you again!


Location: Scooter Center Uppercase



Vespa Days 2019 in Austria at the Wörthersee, karaen

Vespa cult at Lake Wörthersee

Tip: Who is already in Austria with the Vespa Alp Days can stay there right away - or of course travel extra, because that follows almost seamlessly next highlight: That already 3rd Vespa Days in Pörtschach from 19. to 23. June 2019 bring over 1.000 participants from seven nations to the beautiful Carinthian bathing lake. From Wednesday (pre-day) to Sunday, enthusiastic fans of the cult scooter Vespa can enjoy the beautiful landscape for the daily trips .

You can still register until June 11th: Registration for Vespa Days


Vespa raffle: win a Vespa Primavera

Vespa Verlpsung - Vespa to win

In the Vespa Village on the main street and at the evening events on Monte-Carlo-Platz, numerous culinary and artistic delicacies are offered. As a further highlight, a brand new Vespa Primavera will be raffled among all participants on Saturday, which can then be blessed with the others from the nave on Sunday.


Great Vespa trips in Carinthia

The tours of the “Meeting in the South” lead the Vespisti through the green landscape of the Rose Valley, up the majestic Magdalensberg and in the course of a rally to the motherland of Vespa, to the border town of Tarvisio. After the excursions, there is a colorful supporting program with acts such as the pop band “Search For” or the street musicians “Blowing Doozy”. Various DJs and the Vespa acrobat Nicola “L'impennatore” should not be missing to celebrate a lavish party around the Italian cult vehicle.

Schedule of the Vespa Days 2019


"The Vespa Days have established themselves as a well-functioning event shortly before the start of the main season and bring a great Mediterranean flair to Lake Wörthersee," says a delighted Roland Loibnegger, Managing Director of the Pörtschach Tourism Association. This year, too, he can count on the active support of the local Vespa Club, which already has over 100 members. The local population and local businesses look forward to this top annual event with positive expectations. The event is supported by Scooter Center.



Motor scooter parts market Lambretta finder Lambretta

Greater Scooter Center Scooter parts market

On May 18, 2019 you have the big one Scooter Center Scooter parts market the opportunity to make rare parts, NOS, and other bargains for your Vespa / Lambretta. More than 20 different suppliers of used scooters and parts are waiting for you.
The Scooter Center offers you a great one again sale from Samples, B-goods, returned items, and other bargains zu Low prices
Private sellers offer one or the other treasure from theirs private collection and commercial providers take advantage of our large vehicle and parts market for scooters.

Lambretta Finder

We are pleased that our dealer colleague from Belgium is coming to our large parts market with his used Lambretta vehicles and parts.

Lambretta Finder from Belgium specializes in lambrettas and a selection will be great Lambretta parts and vehicles have along!


Countdown to the scooter parts market


Scooter parts market 2019 Scooter Center