The Lambretta Club Sardinia organized the 28th edition of the national meeting in eastern Sardinia, precisely in Ogliastra, a destination that all scooter riders, around 600 participants, enjoyed during these three days in May in the company of a crystal clear sea and great mountains.

Mateo sent us some impressions of this big event in one of the most beautiful landscapes in Italy! Thank you Mateo!

An old friend of Scooter Center was here. Sebastian Alvarez from Argentina, he came especially for EuroLambretta 2022 in Belgium and Euro Vespa Days in Portugal and now that he was around he decided to stock up on spare parts for his shops, learn more about the facilities at the Scooter Centers to find out and to visit us.

And of course I had to be there to tell him all about it in his native language Scooter Center and Cologne to explain!!!

History of Vespa and Lambretta in Argentina

but we also took the opportunity to learn a little more about the incredible history of Vespa, Lambretta and the very special one: Siambretta in Argentina, because it is one of the South American countries with the longest Vespa and Vespa Club history, and how could different when the Vespa is represented by a legend: Juan Manuel FANGIO, the Argentine racing driver considered by experts as one of the most outstanding professional drivers in world motorsport of all time, having won five world titles in Formula 1.

With so much luck, Sebastian had access to beautiful treasures from his customers, like this piece with original papers signed by Fangio:

The origin of the Siambretta in Argentina begins in the 1950s, with the SIAM company, which imported all the parts, but then started building under the name: SIAM-Lambretta, the desire then took the name: siambretta, the success was such that it started production quite nationally.

The curious thing about the Siambretta is that the most famous models in Argentina were exactly the oldest Lambretta models, while in Italy the 200, 175, 150, etc. are the most "common" Lambrettas, while in Argentina the 125 was very successful. In Argentina there are circles of “siambreteros” who own motorcycles admirable for their level of originality.

Restauraciones Extremas - Official Dealer Scooter Center in Argentina

and Restauraciones Extremas are part of this important history in Argentina, reviving ancient beauties. Here are some examples of the "extreme restorations" he's done and some of them are possible thanks to the new parts he's from Scooter Center got.  

Siambretta 125 LD and Siambretta TV175

Congratulations for such dedicated work, nice to see how everyone in the Lambretta world knows each other and forms a nice community, have fun in the EuroLambretta and thank you Sebastian for visiting us, you are always welcome You can do more of his work see here:

About AROUND HALF AT THE BAR we have already reported. Sitting in the middle of the network Daniel drescher and has the overview and coordinates the campaigns and fundraising for the worst case scenario throughout Germany.
We have been trying to support him in this for some time and are deeply impressed by Daniel's tireless commitment.

Yesterday David Batschi from Hamburg visited us, who luckily had a guardian angel with him on tour on May 1st, 2022. At around 100 km/h on the Autobahn, David's shock absorber mount broke and he went over the handlebars, slid over the road and was braked by the crash barrier. With incredible luck in the misfortune, he "only" broke four ribs and his foot in two places and also suffered a concussion and a few minor injuries.

About a month after his accident, David visited us and the shop den 200 € voucher redeemed by Um Halb at the Bar eV. We are enthusiastic about David's good mood and cheerful nature and of course also about the fact that - thanks to a good full-face helmet and a good motorcycle jacket - nothing more happened to him. The David shopping list included a front bgm shock absorber  and a new one Shock absorber/brake caliper mount

Nice to see that David coped with the accident so well and is now on his way to the Scooter dive from Filthy & Sly at a hunt.
No matter where you drive at Pentecost, at the Scooter Dive, at the Eurolambretta in Belgiumthe Vespa Alp Days in Austria or with the 2 Men from Linz on the Rhine drive carefully and have fun!!

What happens to a Vespa that has crossed a whole continent in 22 months and driven 72.000 km with a full load - over 100 kg of luggage alone - over all kinds of roads?

We are always excited when someone shows up with a great adventure and see with great interest how they are prepared for this trip and are curious to see which parts can withstand the stresses best. Rarely do we get the chance to see the wear and tear of every part after a great trip.

Atze's adventure with Vesparicana is a very good example of this. He was with different people back then bgm Parts traveled and after this adventure and years later Jan visited us at SC to show us these parts.

Jan is the mechanic of Atze and his Vespa Elsi and he knows exactly which pieces deserve to rest. Like the bgm shock absorberthat was installed on Elsi. Due to the heavy luggage, the frame warped in the area of ​​the upper shock absorber mount. As a result, the shock absorber's reservoir was in permanent contact with the chassis. Through the work of the damper and enemy contact, the damper has been exposed up to the O-rings. And if we consider that the weight of the luggage was almost 120kg at the beginning and later about 100kg of it was 10l gasoline, 5l water, almost 30kg tools and spare parts and the rest was equipment such as tent, stove, sleeping bag and clothing, all of that plus corrosion as a driver. Then it is clear what would happen, and while the shock absorber still does its job, it's time to replace it as a new adventure approaches.


Across America - 72.000 kilometers with bgm shock absorbers

At the mechanic's and the wear and tear


Vespa Elsi and driver Atze deserve a new shock absorber and many more parts for the next adventure. We know that the two of them are planning a new, beautiful adventure through Africa, we are excited to see how it will turn out and we will keep you up to date. Of course, also about the preparations for the Vespa.


Our previous blog posts here:


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Laura Hoffmann from Expert Testing, one of the largest consumer portals in Germany, told us about the history and service of the Scooter Centers interviewed.

Expert testing is

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We are convinced: The best we can give our customers is a good time on the scooter! This quality time is different for each of us: we have customers who use their scooters for their daily commute, others restore a rare classic car and benefit from our modern one Online-Shop our vast experience and knowledge. Some of our customers ride their scooters international racing series or go on a Vespa World Travel.

ALL YOU NEED - a good time with your scooter

Our wide range of products enables scooter riders all over the world to enjoy their beloved vehicle. The fast delivery, our practical product sets, exploded views and our instructions help customers to fix an upcoming repair themselves. The committed Scooter Center Team offers knowledgeable advice. We meet our customers on the many Events all over the world, which we sponsor or organize ourselves.

All Scooter Center Employees give everything every day to ensure that you have the best experience with your scooter! This implementation is reflected in the customer satisfaction of the Scooter Centers that the TÜV has determined.

High customer satisfaction with Scooter Center

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It starts with the selection of products and the development of our own brands, bgm and Moto Nostra. Goes through the further development of the online shop and the service, before and after the purchase.
In the largest German-speaking online community for Vespa and Lambretta, the “German Scooterforum”, we were always voted the best scooter shop in the surveys. Now TÜV Saarland has had customer satisfaction checked. And the result is extremely positive with 94% - 4,7 stars out of 5. So that gets the Scooter Center a TÜV seal as an award.

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From rare classics to modern scooters with brand new technology: scooters are our passion. And we share them with Scooter Center for over 27 years with our customers, fans and workshops all over the world.

As one of the largest suppliers of accessories, spare parts and tuning parts in Europe, we not only have well over 40.000 parts in stock at all times. Thanks to sophisticated logistics, they can also be delivered in record time - within Germany even overnight. With our uncomplicated Shop system and expert advice, we have established ourselves as a strong partner for dealers and scooter workshops. We are particularly proud of our own brands bgm and Moto Nostra. In them we express all of our experience and our high quality and design standards. No wonder that these coveted parts can now be found among scooter drivers around the world!

The Online Scootershop

The online shop of the Scooter Centers corresponds to the latest safety standards. We react quickly to customer opinions and needs and thus develop new concepts for our customers. the Scooter Center Shop just received one new updatethat focuses on the customer and their vehicles. So can he Scooter Center Customers can park their scooters in a virtual garage and from here they have quick access to all parts that fit the currently selected scooter via the new central navigation.

Comprehensive exploded views, detailed information on the scooter model and a modern search with product filter make it easier to find the products you need.

The Scootershop

TIP: bgm & Moto Nostra

Our own brands bgm and Moto Nostra:

bgm: It all started with shock absorbers. We started at the now a good 20 years ago Scooter Center, the first own damper in TÜV-certified premium quality to produce. This premium chassis soon became a real hit under the own brand "bgm". We understood: this is it! The resounding success motivated us to develop even more parts - and not to compromise on quality. Today, bgm is synonymous with durable materials, careful workmanship and a constantly growing selection among drivers and professional dealers around the world

Buy bgm parts here.

Moto Nostra: While bgm makes the hearts of all passionate mechanics beat faster, our second own brand Moto Nostra especially inspires the growing year after year Modern Vespa community. After all, who wants an off-the-shelf model? For the individual look - retro or modern - we have been developing parts with Moto Nostra for over five years that not only look strong, but can also be assembled in a few simple steps. And which are in no way inferior to the original parts or our bgm range in terms of quality.

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40.000 parts in stock, with DHL, UPS and Fedex at the customer the next day.

With BGM, that's what seeks and develops Scooter Center Completely new ways for 15 years and attaches great importance to the very best workmanship and materials.

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Top shop best Scootersoops 2015

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Best Scootershop – for the fourth time in a row

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Thank you to everyone who took part in the vote and voted for us.

We are very proud and take that as a further motivation to keep going full throttle, never stopping and constantly looking for improvements. Promised!
One thing is already certain: in 2015 we still have a few big surprises in store, which many will certainly not be expecting - so watch out!

Best Scootersoops 2015

GSF Dealer of the Year Award 2014/15

For four years now, the largest German-speaking Vespa and Lambretta community, with almost 50.000 members, has been voting on the best scooter parts dealer every year. That Scooter Center was able to get his customers through here Service, performance and innovation convince and win.

Place 1 Scooter Center Cologne with 215 votes = 21,2%
2nd place at FalkR with 161 votes and a good 16%
3rd place LTH with 109 votes and thus a good 11%


Original comment from the organizer:

“Dear shops and shoppers - the 2014 / (15) winner is hereby confirmed, followed by his comrades-in-arms. The ScooterCenter team, FalkR and LTH convinced their customers to a particularly high degree after this result. My person, who started this bet a few years ago, stands with their thanks, respect and appreciation for around 500 GSF members and probably for a very representative section through the German-speaking scooter community. You three winners, as well as all other dealers and service providers, please keep up the good work in order to keep scooter driving attractive for a long time to come with your friendly and fair manner. "M210/GSF


As a thank you, we'll come up with something else.
More then soon here in the blog ...


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