Lambretta exploded views and model history update 2022 / 2023

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After the season is before the season! During the season, we are all totally focused on processing orders quickly and shipping them the same day. In winter you can do work that you don't have time for during the season.

There was recently the revision and the filling of the gaps in our Lambretta explosion drawings on the list. Below is a small before and after comparison of the lui / vega / cometa and the Junior series.

For almost all Lambretta models, there is a model history in the shop in which the origin and special features are explained, but the most important vehicle data are also summarized:

Lambretta models

The measured values can be transferred to a PC via the exploded can be searched particularly well for parts of the individual assemblies:

In the small Lambrettas, which are becoming increasingly popular, you can see the before and after effect particularly well:

You can find all this and much more here: