With the idea of VWD 23 Visiting Switzerland had been on our minds for a long time, but only decided the day before, and Platónika and I set off from Cologne to Interlaken to finally do what Platónika was created for: Attending events and telling stories.

Day 1 on the way to the Vespa World Days 2023

Being a scooter with absolutely everything "new" (2021), it did not require major maintenance, nevertheless it is not superfluous, at least one spare, Olive oil, Train set Universal and spark plug to have.

After work at 18:30 I set off and after five and a half hours of motorway driving and 442km I arrived in Freiburg to meet Vespistas who were on the road.

And one of the problems with going out at night is the lack of light, but the LED headlights make a big difference.

Day 2 Interlaken country road

Already again with the Warrior Scooter Club united, we decided to drive the remaining 180 km through the beautiful countryside to Interlaken.

SC at the Vespa World Days 2023 Interlaken

VWD 2023

Vespa Museum

Here the crown jewels stood as one Vespa 98 (1946) and a 125 (1947) and the "Speedy service“, who looks at me Scooter Center remembered. 😉

The Vespa Gymkhana is a skill test consisting of a course with various obstacles that have to be overcome in the shortest possible time and was my personal highlight. what fun! but the friendliness and commitment of the volunteers dated Vespa Club Italy are second to none!

Real Scooterist!

Each club has its own history and I had the opportunity to know first hand clubs I never thought I would know: Vespa Club Hong Kong, Russia, Thailand and many others where I also found the honor, my beloved Vespa Club Colombia to represent!

The escadrille des cigognes

VESPIPAS da Capital do Vinho-Cartaxo

Vespa Club Albania


VC Colombia and Vespa Club Borinage

Vespa clubs

Vespa World Club – General Secretary

Board of Vespa Club Switzerland

Vespa Club Albania

Indonesia team

Vespa Club Zurich

Vespa Club Zurich

Vespa Club Palermo

Vespa Club Ticino

Vespa Club Italy

Vespa Club Ostend, Belgium

Austria Gleisdorf


Vespa Fan Club

Vespa Club Bern

Vespa Club Napoli

Vespa Club Loerrach

Vespa Club La Cote

Escadrille des cigognes

Vespa Club L'Aquila

SC was there!

We couldn't go empty-handed in the hunt for souvenirs, so we renewed the passion of some who have followed us closely over these 30 years and gained new enthusiasts!


Meeting friends, making new friends, representing Colombia at the presidential meeting for the first time, expanding my collection of treasures and, above all, strengthening the relationship of trust with Platónika are just a few of the many experiences that I remember.

but the return trip will be less and less fun. Almost 9 hours on the Autobahn home. Even though I have the best speed I've ever had! (I drive almost 120 km/h continuously) 🤩

Thank you everyone for this great experience!

Maryza & Platonica!

My adventures are not only related to the Vespas, but this time to their little sister: the mopeds.
In an impromptu plan, I accompanied some members of the technical team from Scooter Center: Marc, Frank and Roland test their Ciaos on the Moped festival 2022 by Iron Mofa.
Platonika would stay parked because I had to drive in a real vehicle! And I couldn't get a better backseat than the Flatliners boys tandem!
Not knowing what to expect, I set up cameras and we embarked on an adventure that turned out to be a lot more fun than I imagined.

It was fun to see so many bad boys in these little vehicles, but above all, as always, to meet wonderful people full of good humor.

Hello tandem: 

The reason for the construction of this tandem is special, as are the components that make it possible Scooter Center managed to create this rarity!

The tandem is driven by a Polini speed engine with one DR Evo cylinder farms.
As a further tuning measures were a 13/13 carburetor with one SIL Tech Venturi and a Malossi air filter installed.
The exhaust gases are through a Gianeli Ori Power derived.
The landing gear was through the Shock absorber holder from MMW and the bgm ProF16 shock absorbers upgraded.
Due to the increased load on the axles, the normal front axle bearing was replaced by a MC Proparts Front axle kit replaces + socket set

But it wouldn't be the only distinctive feature I would see at this meeting:
The motor of this Ciao comes from a cut-off grinder for railroad tracks.



Munich Vespa Club


During my visit to Robin Davy I took the time to get to know the city of Munich better, but it's not a complete trip without a Vespa ride!
So the good Mitschl Kelle lent me his Vespa T5 and organized a wonderful trip with Vespa Clubs from Munich, who met in front of the impressive architecture of the Königsplatz.

I ran lucky enough to have members from three of the most representative clubs in Munich and more broadly Germany participating in the round:

With a long tradition since the 50s and resumed in 2013, the Vespa Club Munich deals exclusively with Vespas that correspond to the classic origin of the first hour. 

The Vespa Cowboys Germany was founded in 2013 and already had 2018 connected countries in 14 with a great sense of community. Even Colombia, my home country, has its chapter Vespa Cowboys Colombia.

And with the performance of historical Vespa acrobatics: the Vespa classic car friends Munich which both Robin Davy and Kelle belong to and whose show I was lucky enough to see at the Vespa World Days in Celle 2017.

And in case you're wondering what it's like to ride with the members of the Vespa Oldtimerfreunde München who are part of the acrobatics team...

Standing man on a red Vespa

As always, it's a dream to share my hobby with such nice people and see their wonderful scooters, plus I'm very honored because it's not very common for clubs to organize rides together.

Thanks guys and see you next time!!!


Rovin Davy's Vespa collection

I had the opportunity to meet one of the biggest Vespa collectors in Germany and maybe even in the world!
And he's on the today Scooter Center Couch, in this exclusive video, like no other, he tells us the details of his collection, the amazing stories behind each find. 
As a Vespa fan, I'm totally fascinated, not just by the Vespas, but by all collectibles related to the Vespa community.
Here's a video you shouldn't miss!


The collection is full of treasures because, as he says, the value of his collection is not in the quantity but in the incredible quality of these unique pieces. It's nice that both are more than adequately represented in Robin's collection. 

Today Robin opened the doors of his museum and home to us and we from Scooter Center are infinitely grateful for wonderful joint projects.

Toptul tools for scooter drivers - tools for scooter repairs & workshops

Toptul tools for scooter riders

We have received a large delivery, so popular TOPTUL tools are available again.

TOPTUL tools for scooter riders

Scooter Center TOPTUL shop

TOPTUL has been manufacturing high-quality tools for over 20 years and is absolutely unbeatable in a price / performance comparison. TOPTUL products have been in daily use on Vespa, Lambretta & Co. for years and are always convincing.

As an example, let's just mention the finely divided toothing of the ratchets. The solid and robust design with 72 teeth achieves a stitching of only 5 degrees (1/72 turn). This means that work can be done precisely and without repositioning, even in very tight places, with little working distance for the ratchet. It goes without saying that TOPTUL tools meet or exceed the common standards such as DIN / ISO / ANSI. The in-house quality control is very strict and is expressed, for example, in an individual measuring protocol enclosed with each torque spanner with regard to the measuring accuracy and the release behavior. From our own experience, we can recommend TOPTUL products to every “intensive wrench user” with a clear conscience.
Buy TOPTUL now hereDirectly to the product in the Scooter Center Shop

These are the highlights from the video:

  • Socket set (ratchet box) -TOPTUL 1/4 ″ - 4mm-14mm + bits - 49 pieces Article-No .: GCAI4901

And nice are still the sets, like this one:

  • screwdriver set -TOPTUL Pro Series- 20 pieces Article-No .: GZC2005
  • Sea ring pliers set -TOPTUL- 4 pcs Article No .: GPAQ0401
  • All key set -TOPTUL- 1,5mm, 2mm, 2,5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm - 9 pieces Article-No .: GAAL0916

TIP: Then you have everything new, uniform and in an appealing look in one go! You can also find more recommendations for TOPTUL here on our Scooter Center Blog: https://blog.scooter-center.com/tag/toptul/ All Toptul tools for scooter riders are available in our TOPTUL store

On the couch at Scooter Center. An interview with Julia Spitzna

Being part of the Scooter Center team means to work with great people. Better than working is riding!

On my left and right side at the office, I have passionate Lambretta aficionados. Therefore, it probably was only a matter of time before I ride with one of them. In this case with her, but she is not just any girl, she is Yoleila (at Facebook) or Julia.

She is the president of the Lambretta Club Germany, scooter racer, almost a collector, crazy for the original scooters and parts, graphic designer and I could keep going…

That is why we interview her, to listen to those stories that we love to hear.

As a result, A very exciting project is about to be started,

stay tuned until the end to find out where it is all about;)

On the couch at Scooter Center | Interview Julia Spitznas - Marketing SC

Tool bag Moto Nostra oldtimer retro look

MOTO NOSTRA tool bag for eg Vespa & Lambretta

We have new tool bags from MOTO NOSTRA on offer - and as usual at these times, today we have a product presentation from the home office!

Retro Style Tool Bag | Waxed canvas

For eg classic cars and oldtimers who want to be stylish with their tool storage, we offer this practical tool roll. Of course, they also go great with a modern Vespa GTS or even a motorbike. Robust tool bag made of Waxes Canvas, a hard-wearing and water-repellent material. The tool bag has 5 spacious compartments with large sturdy zips. So the tools stay where you put them. The many compartments create order and offer quick access in an emergency. When rolled up, the bag can be securely closed with a wide strap and sturdy clip and compressed to be as handy as possible. The bag has three handles and two eyelets for fastening or hanging. Available in brown and black and soon also pre-packed with model-specific tools.

Tip: Also order a bag for the lady in the house, because the bags can also be stylishly used as a toiletry bag. Vespa toilet bag

  • Tool roll with zip compartments and buckle in brown
  • Tool roll with zip, compartments and buckle in black


You can find the emergency lamp here: Video of the lamp:

Emergency LED flashlight / work light COB LED from MOTO NOSTRA



You can find matching bags from Moto Nostra here Video MOTO NOSTRA bags:

New bags for scooters 🎥😮 Moto Nostra bags for scooters


To put our feet on the ground is itself a statement! A reaffirmation of our identity: Scooter boys & girls, Mods, Racers and travelers know that their ideologies and beliefs land on accessories, which will become symbols of their most intrinsic qualities.

This is how Platónika takes this great step forward, after spending months in the air, preparing as the ideal Vespa, she descends, to finally touch the floor of the garage that equipped her with symbols of safety, style and fun. Being the first to integrate the last bgm releases:

5 Down to earth Platónika Vespa PX bgm 177 by Scooter Center

The shock absorber set bgm PRO SPORT bgm7741BKTS

Which in spite of their high load capacity are very light, thanks to the high material quality and the length can be adjusted, this is beneficial to driving stability, top speed and last but not least to the appearance.


The set wheel and rims sport tubeless  black matt bgm - bgm35010SLKB

Tires design with V shape for steering much better into the bend and offers more contact area when leaning and rims which its weight saving improved noticeably the response behavior of the chassis.


Brake caliper and bracket BGM Touring


With 4 pistons greatly improve the hydraulic transmission ratio and the braking force (with the same lever force) is increased.


Break caliper bracket bgm 


and the Premiere, the brake caliper bracket for bgm, Platónika is the one that will put to the test, but soon you can be the pioneer of this German Technology.


These are undoubtedly highlights that do not end the adventure of the building, but start an experience on the roads of the world.


Artist: Sunsearcher

Title: Flamenco Rhythm

Album: Sunsearcher Spirit

License: CC-BY-SA

Arrow exhaust Vespa GTS test & installation

ARROW exhaust systems available for Vespa GTS

With us you can now also get ARROW exhaust systemsagain. Maybe you have already noticed with us Vespa GTS - Custom-Special that most custom scooters from Cafe Racer 69 have an Arrow exhaust system installed. This is certainly not without reason, the Berlin Vespa Customizer Team knows what it does! Scooteria has made a nice comparison video here and compares the original Piaggio Vespa GTS exhaust with the ARROW exhaust:

Test ARROW VS. Vespa GTS exhaust

Vespa GTS Arrow buy here

Gianelli & ARROW History

Giorgio Giannelli founded ARROW SPECIAL PARTS in 1985 and very successfully built racing exhaust systems for professional competition. In the 4-stroke and 2-stroke sector, drivers in various classes won world championship titles with the Arrow exhaust systems. In the meantime Gianelli and Arrow have brought their know-how gained from racing to the road and offer exhaust systems for the Vespa GTS, for example. The sound, the workmanship and the performance make it the best for many Exhaust for the Vespa GTS. Of course available with E-marking and approval!

ARROW installation in video

Vespa GTS Arrow buy here

Vespa Alp Days 2020 Zell am See

Photos and videos Vespa Alp Days 2020 Reloaded

One thing in advance: we are already looking forward to next year's Vespa Alp Days 2021 in Zell am See(June 01-08, 2021) and are confident that we will be able to celebrate “normal” Alp Days with you again. Registration and information you will find here soon: https://www.the-alp-days.at/


Everything is different this year. Corona makes it possible. The date in June was canceled, like many other events. Most of the scooter meetings fell victim to the epidemic. But then the Vespa Alp Days, under these difficult conditions, fortunately took place in the Alp Days Reloaded Edition.

We from the Scooter Center have been following this super Vespa meeting in Zell am See since the World Vespa Days 2009, when we were already the main sponsor and represented with a large stand and team. This huge international Vespa meeting was the birth of the following AlpDays event, which should take place for the 11th time this year. the Scooter Center is again the main sponsor and once again we were on site, although in this special situation with a mini team. What the two of us were able to experience in this short time was simply amazing: We started at 9:00 am in the morning with the Grossglockner Mountain Prize, I have never seen so many Vespa Rally 180/200 in one place before. Have a look here:

Video Zell am See 2020

The result is 2 videos.
Tip: for the Grossglockner exit full movie
you should take 30 minutes. It's worth it! The course of the road in connection with the breathtaking mountain scenery at 2,500 meters above sea level make the scenery and the video simply epic.

I don't know how Nicole and Franz always do it with the weather, but see for yourself!

Alp Days Reloaded Video

Vespa Alp Days 2020 – Alp Days Vespa meeting Zell am See – Großglockner


Grossglockner Exit Full Movie

Epic Vespa Tour Großglockner FULL MOVIE 4K (HD) – AlpDays Vespa Adventure Alps


In the couch of Scooter Center

Alex straw, The technical product manager of SC

With the Platónika project, I get to know better and better to my partner in crime of this whole project and I am too happy to learn each day from one of the best Vespa mechanics I probably have met.

Besides he is also involved in the racing circus (on a Vespa of course) and - nothing more, nothing less - he is also one of the master minds in the development of bgm products for Scooter Center!

So -as I already know him- I thought it is time to have a look behind the scenes of SC and introduce to you Alex. Who many already know for his work, but few of his history.


I hope you like it, and if you have any more question, don't hesitate and open fire! ;)

Vespa Platónika. On the couch during the SC interview with Alex Stroh Scooter Center

1 GEAR -  Personal story           00:47

- How did you start in the Vespa world, what was the beginning?
- How many Vespas do you have and which one was your first love?
2 GEAR - Vespa Knowledge     03:39
- ¿Como conseguiste todo este conocimiento?
– y ¿como fue el primer contacto con SC? ¿Antes de qué trabajaras acá, conocias la tienda?
3 GEAR - Developer                  06:29
You have done a lot of Scooters here, a lot of projects, but also a lot of products that you have developed, tell us a little bit how is the process?
4 gear: Racing                          08:51
- Tell us about this, how is he preparation, how long are the races.
- and at which tracks you already raced?
ALL YOU NEED                         12:22
Vespa GTS Led indicator with running light

The perfect indicators for your Vespa GTS conversion

we have presented the popular LED indicators with dynamic running light from MOTO NOSTRA. Our partner Cafe Racer 69 also likes to use the indicators in their Vespa GTS conversions. Not without reason, because the tinted turn signals offer an exclusive and noble optics. In action the GTS running light indicators are spectacular, moreover they fit perfectly into the design and the lines of the Vespa GTS bodywork: see also here in the video!

Easy to install

Now there is on screen on Youtube, which shows the easy installation of the LED indicators very nicely:

Vespa Gts 300 hpe "British Classic" part 6 – Vespa LED indicators from Moto Nostra

The Vespa GTS LED turn signals with running lights are available in clear glass or black tinted, individually for front or rear and in an affordable set:

Vespa GTS LED indicators with running light

Buy LED indicators for Vespa GTS

MOTO NOSTRA indicators with dynamic running light for Vespa GTS

The MOTO NOSTRA turn signals have individually controlled LEDs and thus produce a fully dynamic running light, just as one knows it from vehicles in the luxury class (eg Audi A7). The generated light effect is very pleasing and offers a pleasant change to conventional turn signals. As an additional feature, the front turn signals have a bright white daytime running light strip in plasma look. At the rear the same technology is used as position light.


Besides this wonderful visual enhancement of the scooter and the possibility to individualize its GTS and thus stand out from the crowd, there is another important point that speaks for these great LED indicators:

This new technology increases the optical width of the rear end in the dark and significantly improves perception in road traffic. The bright LEDs of the turn signals are already clearly visible from a long distance. The running light is also detected optically better than with a conventional turn signal.


A special concern for us was the quality and fit. Both are on a very high level with the MOTO NOSTRA turn signals and therefore a high-quality alternative to the Power 1 turn signals.
In addition, the Moto Nostra indicators are always supplied with connection adapters. Therefore, there is no need to make any changes to the wiring harness!



Of course the indicators have a test mark and are approved for public road traffic (no TÜV approval required).


Vespa PX LED headlight animation

Vespa PX LED headlight

In this Vespa tutorial video we show you how to install our Vespa PX LED headlight for the Vespa PX. the MOTO NOSTRA HighPower LED headlight itself can also be installed in other cars (Lambretta, Vespa GTS, Sprint, Rally). With the included car specific frame, the installation of the Vespa PXLED headlight as eg Vespa PX LED headlight is very easy


  1. Mounting Vespa PX headlights 00:08
  2. Electrical part / connection Vespa LED headlights 01:42

Vespa PX LED headlights tutorial MOTO NOSTRA LED headlights Vespa PX

DOWNLOAD PDF Assembly instructions for printing as PDF


The limit with conventional Bilux bulbs is at most scooters a headlight bulb with 45/45 W. The 80 W to max. 120 W ignition does not give more. The luminosity measured in lumens is less than 400 and the LED headlight has a luminosity three times as high (1300 lumens). The power consumption is only 20 W. This corresponds to the luminous efficiency of a conventional 100 Watt spotlight. This means that with a given alternator/power supply a considerably better illumination can be achieved. In addition, more capacity remains for other consumers


Parts used in this video

  • LED headlights incl. Conversion frame Vespa PX and headlight bracket -MOTO NOSTRA- LED HighPower
    Item number: mn1101kt
  • Ignition switch -VESPA 4-cable- Vespa PX Lusso (from year 1984 up)
    Item number: 9520133
  • Light switch -GRABOR- Vespa PK125 XL / ETS, Vespa PX Elestart (1984-1998) - 10 cables (DC, models with battery, normally open)
    Item number: 9520145
  • Rubber flasher relay Vespa PX
    Item number: 3330940


LED headlamp with E9 marking (road approval) and high-intensity main / dipped beam. Additional feature is a separately switchable position light. With a diameter of 143mm it also fits perfectly in the steering head of the PX and Cosa models as well as in the lamp bezel of eg Vespa Sprint, GTR and Rally.


Vespa Moto Nostra LED High Power LED headlights


Luminosity 1300 lumen Voltage: 12 Volt DC (direct current) Power consumption: 1.8A / 1.3A Power consumption: 21.5W / 15W / 1.9W Diameter: Ø143mm Overall depth body: 54mm (measured from headlight ring without glass bulge) Overall depth overall : 79mm (measured from headlight ring without glass bulge with cable entry)


The LED headlight works exclusively with direct current, therefore it needs a battery or another equivalent power source with 12V DC. Operation with an AC power source will result in immediate failure

Oil pan Vespa GTS black

Install black oil pan Vespa GTS

Why convert a Vespa GTS oil pan?
In this article about Vespa GTS conversion we have shown you some great examples of custom and tuning a Vespa GTS.

It is often the details that make for a successful conversion with a coherent overall concept.

A nice detail of the modern Vespa scooters is for example a black oil pan. We offer you with ours MOTO NOSTRA oil pan a brand new original Piaggio - oil pan, which we have provided with a high-quality high-gloss powder coating. The video below shows how the conversion is very easy to do.


This GTS oil pan is first prepared for the refinement in a complex way and then professionally processed. The result is an extremely hard-wearing surface with a great look. The sump is of course delivered ready for installation, you have the choice:

Note: Please do not forget to install a new gasket -> oil pan gasket A.
great opportunity to use new engine oil and oil filters:

Tip: We offer you cheap and practical sets! the inspection kits are equipped with all parts needed for an inspection, depending on the mileage and recommended revision work:

Vespa GTS inspection set

Vespa GTS oil pan conversion

The installation is very simple, but there are a few things to consider.
Here you can find a great video of Scooteria, who also changed the MOTO NOSTRA oil pan in the course of their GTS 300 conversion. Helpful tips from the custom professionals of Cafe Racer 69 with tricks for installing the Vespa GTS oil pan:

Vespa Gts 300 hpe "British Classic" Part 5 - Black oil pan installation

This is how the conversion works:

  1. Drain oil
  2. Detaching the air filter box
  3. Unscrew variable cover
  4. Unscrew oil pan
  5. Clean sealing surface (knife or fine sandpaper, degrease)
  6. put on a new gasket (without additional sealing compound)
  7. now reassemble in reverse order


See video above. Use correct screws, replace spring, observe tightening torque: M6 screws oil pan: 10-14Nm.

MOTO NOSTRA oil pan purchase

The MOTO NOSTRA tub is available in:

bgm Classic scooter tires in the video

bgm CLASSIC scooter tires 3.50 / 10

In this video Alex introduces you to the bgm CLASSIC tires, a modern tire with a classic tread pattern for scooters. So don't be irritated by the tread: at first sight the tread is not to be distinguished from the Vespa & Lambretta original equipment tires of the 60s, but the tire is not only something to “drive in front of the ice-cream parlour with the vintage car”.

Thanks to modern tire development Made in Germany and high quality components, the bgm CLASSIC is a very performant tire for all life situations in lean angles, which is clearly visible in its speed release of up to 150km / h and the Reinforced marking.

Order your new bgm CLASSIC tire here

Tire fitting Vespa / Lambretta

Tips for tire mounting on a divisible rim, as they can be found on a classic Vespa or Lambretta for example, we have here for you: Vespa tire mounting


The new scooter tires from bgm!

#bgmtyres bgm Vespa & Lambrett tires

Inlet timing Vespa P PE PX

In today's video and blog it is about measuring the intake angle, also called intake timing.
The intake angles should be within a certain range which is indicated in crankshaft degrees. The measurements always start as a fixed point from the top dead center, called OT for short.
The intake range is therefore divided into the values ​​“before TDC” and “after TDC”, because the intake is opened before the top dead center and closed after passing the top dead center.

For a Vespa engine with rotary vane control, the values ​​of approx. 100 ° FTS and 65 ° NTS have been found to be good for a good touring concept.
For very performance-oriented concepts which sometimes have to operate a higher engine speed, the values ​​can also be significantly higher. 120 ° fod and up to 75 ° nod can be found here. The inlet angles should always be selected to match the desired concept. Here the principle is to make the intake area as large as necessary and as small as possible in order to reach the desired values.
The two-stroke heart of Platonika should be a powerful unit and therefore the inlet should be in the range of 100 ° FTO to 65 ° NTO

In order to determine the exact angle of one side, some tools and material are necessary.
- engine case-
cylinder and piston
bearing dummies

BGM PRO- 613912 (25x62x12mm) BGM PRO-NBI 253815 (25x38x15mm)

- Dial gauge with holder

- Degree disc or similar measuring device

Bearing dummies

As it is very likely that the inlet area in the motor housing has to be machined to achieve the desired angles, the use of so-called bearing dummies is recommended.
With these dummies, the crankshaft can be removed from the engine case for machining as often as desired without stressing the bearing seats of the crankshaft or engine case each time and without wear and tear even before the engine is put into operation.

The bearing dummies are available for every size of the commonly used bearings in the Vespa and Lambretta range.
The first step is to insert the bearing dummies into the engine housing. Then the crankshaft is simply inserted into the bearing dummies and the engine housing is screwed into the stator housing via the stud bolts.

Measurement &

To determine the TDC, the cylinder and the piston are required. To ensure that the work is carried out smoothly, the piston is pushed into the cylinder without rings. The dial gauge is screwed onto the cylinder with the holder and thus the TDC of the crankshaft can be determined.
The alternator side of the crankshaft is fitted with a degree disc or a digital protractor. There are many different possibilities available. The easiest to handle are digital measuring tools such as the Buzz Wangle Grade meter which does not need a reference point to the engine case.
If the crankshaft is in TDC, the degree disc, whether digital or analogue, is set to “0” and then the crankshaft is rotated to start and end of intake. The value, read on the dial, then shows when the intake is open or closed.

Increasing the intake time

In order to bring the inlet to the desired dimension, the crankshaft is moved to the desired value and the position of the crank web is marked on the engine casing.
Once this has been done for the value before and after TDC, the engine housing can be opened again and the crankshaft can be easily removed again thanks to the position dummies.
Caution is required when machining in the intake area. The surfaces sealing the rotary valve must not be less than 1 mm overlap with the crankshaft at the sides.

Once the inlet has been machined to the proper size and the crankcase has been cleaned of machining debris, the crankshaft is re-inserted for inspection.
The indicator is then used to check once again whether the desired control angles have been achieved or whether reworking is necessary.

Scooter Center Tutorial – Setting the Inlet Timing Vespa PX

The Vespa engine - the heart of Platonica - has received the desired control angles of the crankshaft in the last article

Cylinder transfer ports in the engine adapt for performance optimization

Before the complete assembly of the motor can be done, all work that generates chips must be done. Only then can the housing be cleaned.

In the next step, this includes the ports of the cylinder in the engine.
The BGM177 is designed in such a way that the cylinder functions perfectly even on the original ports.
However, in our project we took the opportunity to directly adapt the case. A better filling of the cylinder always means a higher possible torque.

In order to transfer the contour of the overcurrent channels to the motor housing, the easiest way is to place the matching cylinder base gasket on the housing and thus transfer the contour to the housing.

The sealing surface is best marked with a foil pen. Then the contour of the overflow channels is marked with the aid of the cylinder base gasket.

A milling cutter is then used to adapt the contour in the motor housing. It is not necessary to mill the channel exactly as deep as in the original motor housing.

The BGM 177 cylinders is designed from the basic construction so that the piston offers a sufficient cross section.
The generated surface of the adapted channel may be milled rough. Further polishing is not necessary. As long as there are no more rough corners and edges, a slightly roughened surface is perfect.

After the channels have been milled and the housing has been cleaned again, the assembly process continues

Scooter Center Tutorial Vespa PX – Modifying the transfers (activate subtitles)

How do I mount the tires on a Vespa / Lambretta?

Using our bgm classic tires as an example, we show the correct mounting of the tire (split rim).

1.Reduce friction

The tube inside is subject to flexing when the tire is unrolled and therefore it is useful to reduce the friction inside by talc.
The white powder reduces the friction between the tube and the tire and thus the wear of the tube.

A small amount of talcum powder is spread inside the tire and the tube is filled with air just enough to prevent it from expanding and also sprinkle some talcum powder on it.

2. Check the direction of travel

Before fitting the tube, first check that the tire has a direction of rotation specified by the manufacturer.
This indication can be found on ours bgm classic tire in the form of an arrow on a tire sidewall and points to the direction of rotation of the tire when driving.
The tube is then inserted to match the direction of rotation of the tire, so that the valve points to the left side in driving direction, typical for Vespa.


For mounting the tire on the rim, the so-called mounting paste is a real help. With it the tire can be pushed very far onto the rim. This makes it much easier to screw the two-piece rim together.

First the valve is put through the wide half of the rim and then the rim is pushed into the tire.
The narrow half of the rim also has an opening through which the valve is accessible. When inserting the valve into the tire, make sure that the valve hole is aligned with the hole in the wide rim half.

Our bgm stainless steel rims have exchangeable bolts. Please make sure that the head of the bolt is inserted into the square to prevent rotation.

The five nuts of the rim halves are fixed crosswise with 16 - 18Nm. When fasting, make sure that tube is not clamped between the rim halves.
Then inflation the tire with 2 bar and check that the tire and valve are correctly seated in the rim.


Tutorial How to assemble the bgm CLASSIC tires for Vespa


Music: Rene Winkler from SC / NXT Level Amount: First one dub 4



Vespa tutorial video

Instructions and tutorial videos for your Vespa PX

Next week we will start with our Vespa Tutorial Videos, a series from the Vespa Platónika bgm177 project of the Scooter Center.

  • How do I install a Vespa cylinder?
  • How do I measure the squeeze gap cylinder / piston / cylinder head?
  • How to assemble a carburettor?
  • Tips for cylinder studs on a Vespa!
  • How to install a Vespa clutch?
  • How do I install a new transmission in my Vespa PX?


New Vespa PX tutorials by Scooter Center inspired by the Platónika's project

Vespa Platonika (Platonika)

Platónika is the name of the scooter. A Vespa PX, which we completely rebuild with new parts from the Scooter Center floor. Of course we use our best BGM parts. Benefit from our know-how, get lots of tips and take a look behind the scenes.
Follow the project here on the Scooter Center blog:


Hello I'm Maryzabel and I do part of the Scooter Center team. In the SC Newsblog I will show you my adventures here and give you a look behind the scenes.

How do build a complete Vespa from scratch


1 The Wishlist – Project PLATÓNIKA Vespa px bgm 177

To build a complete scooter from single components is not an easy task and you need a source, or a shop in this case, with a strong search function and good data base.

Luckily there is a list with the components to complete the Frame LML Star listed on product page of the shop: https://blog.scooter-center.com/vespa-lml-rahmen-teileliste/, this helped us to create ours, with the specialties of BGM and Motonostra.

You can see the Platónika's wishlist here, with its hundreds of parts

Platonic Wishlist

The wishlist in the shop is also the perfect Trojan horse to share your wishes for Christmas, as it can be simply sent out by mail.

For the engine treatment I asked the SC technicians for their advice for the perfect touring engine that is reliable, powerful, a pleasure to ride and also not too thirsty.

And they helped me to add the other parts to my list that already contained the Cylinders - BGM PRO 177/187cc, The  Seat-BGM PRO SportTouring and the Shock absorber -BGM PRO SC F1 SPORT.