Swing arm bearing axle brake pad bolt Vespa Largefram Wideframe BGM4311 BGM4310

HQ suspension components made in Germany by BGM PRO for Vespa Wideframe / Largeframe

Piaggio is known to many 'only' as the world's largest scooter manufacturer. The Vespa, as Piaggio's most outstanding brand, had a lasting impact on the image of the Pontedera-based company. Originally, however, Piaggio also manufactured railway wagons, ships and very successful aircraft engines (around 1940, double star 18-cylinder P.XV with multi-stage turbocharging, 1500hp takeoff power) as well as very innovative aircraft (1938, P.111 with pressurized cabin for a service ceiling of 12000m !) produced. The Piaggio Aerospace Group continues to build innovative aircraft such as the P180 Avanti on the beautiful Italian Riviera. The fastest twin turbo prop machine in the world with a cruising speed of 600km/h.


What does all this have to do with chassis parts for old Vespa scooters? Piaggio has always been high tech. You often hear disrespectful things like, 'the Italians just took what was lying in the corner'. Piaggio's greatest achievement, however, is the one that is almost completely unnoticed: the highest possible technical simplification with maximum efficiency, stability and the best economy. One of Piaggio's secrets, why the group is so successful to this day. Many things about Vespa scooters are brilliant technical solutions precisely because they are so simple. However, the structural performance behind it is usually significantly higher than with a more complex solution. The one-sided front wheel suspension, as used in a simple form on the Piaggio P148/149 training aircraft, is a good example of this.


The one-sided wheel suspension enables quick wheel removal, has fewer parts than a two-sided wheel control and is also designed to be so stable that even generations later can continue to use the material and also often put much more stress on it than originally intended. Who would have thought during the construction of the front swing arm in Piaggio's engineering office that 60 years later(!) people would still be driving around twice as fast with this material and sometimes with 5-6 times the engine power? It's hard to imagine that someone will be driving around with today's Vespa GTS300 in 60 years with 100 hp and 240 km/h, isn't it? The fact that all of this works wonderfully is thanks to the technical foresight of the Piaggio designers, who still worked with the product quality standards of the time and multiple guarantees with regard to the component dimensions. So the old original Piaggio parts are still a 'bench' in terms of dimensional accuracy and resilience (a fact that unfortunately can no longer be fully applied to today's original parts).


But what to do if the original part is damaged, worn out or even missing? Clear case, a new part is needed. However, many parts for early Vespa models are no longer available from Piaggio. Fortunately, the Vespa fever is a worldwide phenomenon and therefore the sources for spare parts are limitless in the best sense of the word. A fact that also raises problems at the same time... True to the motto 'many cooks spoil the broth', the qualitative selection of a product is also blessed with many pitfalls. Regardless of whether a repro component comes from Italy, the Far East or Germany, the quality has to be right.
However, some parts are often only available from a single source and then it's 'take it or leave it'? Shouldn't you offer a product at all because it doesn't quite match the quality of the original? Or do you sell it and point it out, at the risk that the pointer will not be noticed and a bad product review will follow?
A situation that is unsatisfactory for all parties. This also applies to the highly stressed components on the old Vespa steering tubes and swing arm.


Our solution: We analyse, measure and draw new components exactly according to the original Piaggio model and have them precisely manufactured in Germany by a specialized company. In doing so, we go one step further than Piaggio did back then. Not only do we use higher quality material, we also have it heat treated...

Swing arm bearing axle brake pad bolt Vespa Largefram Wideframe BGM4311 BGM4310

SWINGARM PIVOT (BGM4310 for Vespa Wideframe/Largeframe 1953-1962)

Suitable for Vespa Wideframe VM, VN, VL, VB, GS 150 (VS1-5T), Largeframe VNA, VNB1-4, VNB5T (-026920), VBA, VBB1T, VBB2T (-212455), Vespa GL (VLA1T, -067468)

A difficult word to read and yet so important. This component connects the steel steering tube (also known as the head tube or fork) with the aluminum swing arm. The latter guides the wheel and also connects the damping/suspension to the steering tube. Any wheel force, any steering movement, any up and down movement of the wheel is transmitted via this axle.
In order to not only do justice to all of this, but also to take care of today's demands, we have the BGM PRO swing arm bearing axles made of high-strength premium steel (1.4112 alternative designation X90CrMoV18). We attach great importance to precise compliance with dimensional accuracy. The axes are precision turned to a surface finish of 0.2-0.4RA:

The material quality, surface and corrosion resistance would already make the axle stand out from any mass-produced product and even from an original Piaggio part.
However, we also have the axles plasma-nitrided. This gives the axles a harder surface and the bearing points will certainly not run in over the life of the scooter. The nitration also gives them their characteristic matt coloring (however, this can also be polished away). In summary, the BGM PRO swing arm bearing axles are without exaggeration the best on the market and, with their high quality, offer great security, especially for performance-enhanced vehicles.
The dynamic loads on a vehicle often do not increase linearly with speed, but often even quadratically. If you drive a vehicle twice as fast as originally intended by the manufacturer, you can generate loads that are four times as high. Another reason to be on the safe side with the BGM PRO swingarm bearing axle.

BRAKE PAD BOLT (BGM4311 for Vespa Wideframe/Largeframe 1949-1962)

Suitable for Vespa Wideframe V1, V11-15, V30-33, VM, VN, VL, VB, GS 150 (VS1-5T), Largeframe VNA, VNB1-4, VNB5T (-026920), VBA, VBB1T, VBB2T (-212455), Vespa GL (VLA1T, -067468)

What sounds relatively harmless here is also a component that deserves closer attention. The pad bolt is much more than its name would suggest. It forms the support for the chassis spring on the swing arm. Where relatively soft springs were used at the factory, today there are taut sport springs and greatly increased speeds as well as often one or the other stunt, such as riding on the rear wheel. The often rough touchdown of the front wheel after such a wheelie makes it difficult for the brake pad bolt. It is not particularly large ex works, but it has a grease nipple. This can be used to regularly lubricate the highly stressed point between the spring retainer and the brake pad bolt. This should also be done as far as possible, but how many people with such vehicles do you know who even have a grease gun that is necessary for such purposes?
That is why the same effort was put into this as with the swingarm bearing axle; Extremely high-quality material whose surface has been further refined to be even more durable than the original component. In the case of the bolts for the later models with clamping plates (from around 1969) we have also eliminated another annoyance of many replica bolts; The lack of dimensional accuracy with regard to the length of the bolts and the inappropriate shape of the recess in the clamping plate. Many bolts are often a few tenths of a millimeter too long or short. This is solved once and for all with the BGM PRO brake pad bolt:

This is always the right length*. Actually everything is a matter of course, but in the case of cheap reproductions, they go over the edge for cost reasons. Like the swingarm bearing axle, the brake pad bolt is also finely turned from high-strength premium steel (1.4112 alternative designation X90CrMoV18) and then plasma-nitrided. With these products, we want to give a new face to the sometimes overused phrase 'Made in Germany'. That this is not possible at prices like in the Far East can certainly be understood. In return, we can offer a product that is unique and of extremely high quality, and we are sure that every customer will enjoy it as much as we do.

*NOTE: Spanish (Motovespa) and French (ACMA) vehicles have a slightly different length measurement at the pad stud. Here the fastening nut can be lined with an M8x1mm washer to guarantee a perfect frictional connection.


The swing arm pivot and brake pad bolts for the later models (Largeframe 1963-1979) will follow in the coming weeks!


BGM4310- swingarm pivot Vespa 1953-1962


BGM4311- Pad bolt Vespa 1949-1962
Vespa Si carburetor air mixture adjustment screw

Vespa Conversion mixture adjusting screw bgm PRO for SI carburettors Dell'Orto & Spaco

Mixture adjusting screw bgm PRO for conversion of Dell'Orto SI carburettors with long hexagon mixture adjusting screw to short slotted screw. This bgm PRO conversion air mixture adjustment screw is used to use carburettors with long hexagon mixture adjusting screw also in older engines (with stud bolts for carburettor mounting). It replaces the too long adjustment screw on new Spaco and Dell'Orto SI carburettors and allows a trouble-free installation of the carburettor. Due to the shorter screw, the carburettor bowl can be left original! Fits all carburettors with long hexagonal mixture adjustment screw. (Used ex works in PX models from approx. 1989 and all new Dell'Orto / Spaco SI carburettors)

Vespa SI carburetor air mixture adjusting screw bgm PRO, short- SI20 SI24 Dell'Orto Spaco

Carburettor air mixture adjustment screw too long?

A carburettor is also a wearing part and sometimes it is simply not enough to clean a carburettor, you need a new one. Especially if you want a bit more power and adjust your engine setup, you usually need a new, bigger carburetor. Below you will find instructions on how to install the SI carburettor. Vespa SI carburetor

SI Carburettor for Vespa

Today all new carburettors come from SPACO, even if it says Dell'Orto on it. New SI carburettors, whether from Dell'Orto or Spaco, are always supplied with a long (brass-colored) hexagonal mixture adjustment cap. The exception is our bgm PRO Faster Flow carburettors - but more on that below.

Problem with too long air mixture adjusting screw

For carburettor sumps for engines without separate lubrication, this presents us with a bit of a problem, because:

  • the carburettors no longer fit properly in the swamp
  • if you have somehow managed to get it in, there is no longer a rubber seal on it
  • and it is difficult to get at it

With the mixture adjustment screw too long, it looks like this:

And this is how it should actually look:

bgm PRO conversion air mixture adjustment screw

Now you could get the idea and simply screw the old, short air mixture screw into the nine carburettor. Unfortunately this does not work, because the threads of the new Lusso carburettors are different. Please do not try to force it, the different thread pitch will destroy the fine thread in the new carburetor and make tuning impossible. Our conversion screw provides a remedy: With our short mixture adjustment screw for slotted screwdrivers you can solve the problem cheaply, easily and quickly.

bgm Faster Flow carburettor

Alternatively, you can use a bgm Faster Flow carb urettor directly if you are already ordering a new one anyway, here we have already provided the update. The bgm carburettors come, for the models without separate lubrication, directly with the short conversion screw. bgm Faster Flow carburetor

Carburettor installation tutorial

Vespa PX tutorial SI carburetor bgm assembly Scooter Center

bgm PRO Sport seat Vespa sport seat

bgm PRO “Sport” sports seat made by Nisa Italy

Based on the very popular Nisa 'Sport 20' seat, we have designed a sports seat for the classic Vespas in the bgm design and had the seat manufactured by the Italian seat manufacturer NISA as a bgm version. The new bgm PRO sports seat is available for Vespa Largeframe and Vespa Smallframe and is available in two versions:

Sport seat with authentic look

The BGM Pro Sport seat has a beautiful Alfatex cover (embossed waffle pattern) on the sides and rear and is also available with gray piping. The seat surface also has a smooth cover with parallel longitudinal seams. For a waterproof surface, these are embossed, not sewn. The appearance of the BGM Pro Sport is thus strongly reminiscent of the classic seat humps of the 70's and conveys a cool race flair even when standing.

Vespa Sport seat bgm PRO Made in ITALY by NISA Vespa seat

Vespa seat configurator

You can also find the seat in the Scooter Center Seat configurator, have a look at the seat on your Vespa model:

Sports seat suitable for everyday use

In practical use, it is very easy to ride, despite its sporty everyday look. The bench has a pleasantly sized foam padding on which even long tours are fun. A nice feature is the completely padded hump. This provides good support when riding solo, but can also be used as a pillion seat if necessary.

Modern magnetic closure

Another intelligent feature is the magnetic closure of the bench by means of an extremely powerful neodymium magnet. This means that the bench can be opened easily with one hand, but still holds better than many a classic hook fastener. The biggest advantage of the magnetic technology is that the bench rests rattle-free on the supplied fixing plate, which is firmly screwed to the frame. The magnetic force is so high that uninformed people who try to open the seat assume that it is locked.

Top quality - handmade in Italy

The bench frame is made of impact-resistant and durable ABS plastic. The cover is stapled all around and thus very securely and permanently fastened (as opposed to just gluing it on as is usually the case). The frame is equipped with six rubber pads. This distributes the load very well over the entire frame and the bench gives a very solid and full seat feeling. The bench hinge is typically Nisa very solid and sturdy and therefore very resilient. It is also screwed in place and can be replaced (in the highly unlikely event of a defect). Available for Wasp Smallframe and Largeframe (Largeframe models with high tank (GS160, SS180, Rally180 / 200 need the flat tank of the Sprint / PX models without oil tank)

CONCLUSION: Beautiful flat seat with great racing look but touring qualities!

Note for the Largeframe version and Vespa PX For PX models only suitable for tank versions with hinged lid. Not suitable for Lusso models / vehicles with oil tank. Order seat:

Motovespa air filter element bgm PRO

Air filter insert bgm for Motovespa air filter

The identical air filter inserts are fitted to many Motovespa Largeframe models. Often this important component for the protection of the engine is missing or is no longer in a usable condition. For this reason, we have produced a high quality air filter insert for the Spanish licensed versions of the Vespa Largeframe models.

Air filter fleece bgm PRO for Motovespa Largeframe

High quality filter fleece from Marchald (Italy), manufactured for bgm PRO. Suitable for the direct-intake engines (carburettor sits directly on the cylinder) of the Largeframe Motovespa engines.

  • 1: 1 replacement for the original wire mesh.
  • Significantly better and finer filtration with higher air flow at the same time.
  • Therefore also ideal for already performance-enhanced engines.
  • washable

Installation instructions for the Motovespa air filter element

Replacing the air filter element is very easy. After removing the right side cover, the air filter box is immediately visible.

Motovespa air filter box Vespa

Open and remove the air filter box

The cover is fixed with two M5 screws. These can be loosened with a size 5 to 6 flathead screwdriver.

The air filter of the Motovespa

After removing the two screws, the cover can simply be lifted off. Here, in our example, the original air filter insert of the Motovespa is no longer present!

Attaching the air filter element

The air filter insert has no installation orientation and can simply be pushed onto the filter housing from above.

Closing the air filter box

The remaining protrusion of the air filter insert seals towards the air filter box cover when mounted. Refit the cover of the air filter box with the two screws, refit the side cover and the change is complete.

Air filter cleaner and oil

To achieve an even higher filter performance, the air filter insert can be used with air filter oil. However, this is not absolutely necessary due to that high-quality filter material of the bgm PRO filter.

Air filter oil and cleaner

Classic Castrol collection and embarrassing sponsorship request at Castrol

Castrol Classic Merchandise

We offer a high quality range of classic items, from oil cans / oil jugs to magnets and wall signs, all with the iconic 1946 Castrol Classic branding. Whether in the workshop or at home, our nostalgic range combines both retro style and functionality. Including workshop accessories, clothing and more, there's something for every classic car owner or enthusiast.

Castrol Classic Merchandise not only for Vespa & Lambretta fans

Whether as a gift for an enthusiastic scooterist or as a present for yourself, you will find the perfect something in our range!

Buy Classic Castrol Collection here

The idea of ​​castor oil

Castrol was founded by Charles “Cheers” Wakefield under the name “CC Wakefield & Company”. In 1899, Wakefield left his job at Vacuum Oil to start his own business selling lubricants for railways and heavy machinery. In the early 20th century, Charles developed an interest in two new motorized vehicles: the automobile and the airplane. His company began developing oils for the new engines. These oils had to be thin enough for cold starting and at the same time thick enough to function at high temperatures. The company's researchers found that the problem could be solved by adding castor oil, a vegetable oil made from castor seeds. They called the new product " Castrol ". Used in 1919, John Alcock and Arthur Brown Castrol oil on the first non-stop transatlantic flight in history.

Heiko's idea with Castrol sponsorship & fast to slow

CC Wakefield not only invented a new type of motor oil, but also a new way to attract potential customers to his product: sponsorship. The Castrol name appeared on banners and flags at air races, car races and speed record attempts. Over time, the brand name of the motor oil became far better known than that of the company's founder / company. This circumstance led to the renaming of "CC Wakefield & Company" in 1960 to Castrol Ltd.

I have been riding Vespa and Lambretta for over 32 years. It all started with a red Vespa PK50S, which, bought second-hand, was already waiting in my parents' garage for my driving license. But it quickly was too slow for me. The first tuning measure was to fit an expensive 50km / h exhaust. But it didn't do much good, the moped boys were still flying past me left and right. So I sold it and became interested in a black PX 80 Lusso, which was very expensive in insurance at the time. During the test drive, the gears always flew out. But I was happy to have my mother so far as to be allowed to buy me this scooter…. besides, my father was on a business trip and didn't know anything about the new "80". So: now or never! So the scooter was bought with this “little hidden flaw”.

ROLLERSHOP, Scootering & Mods, Scooterboys and Scooter Scene

We all know what was wrong with the engine: the reason for the uncontrolled gear changes, what the worn “round” gear shift cross. The nearest Vespa dealer wanted DM 700 for the change, but that was out of the budget for my skilful scooter update. I got in touch with other scooter riders. One of them had been skateboarding for the last week and was now suddenly motoring on a brand new Vespa PX 80 Lusso. A month later I met him again, sitting in a suit and polished leather shoes on his Vespa, now plastered with mirrors and chrome parts. The next time I met him, half of his scooter was missing and on his head too. Instead of fine leather shoes and a suit, he was now wearing red boots up to his knees, camouflage trousers and a bomber jacket. On his head, all that was left of his “popper mane” was a little horn of hair that fluttered listlessly in his face after he had taken off his helmet. Somewhat irritated, I asked him if he had had an accident with his scooter and why he looked so funny. He said he was now Scooterboy and the scooter was a CutDown! He had probably discovered it before, for me it was new at the time: the MOTORETTA, the Scootermag and still in black and white. And so the evil took its course. Now the 80s also became too slow for me somehow, schoolmates with DT, RD, MBX & Co and even some mopeds were faster than me. So if I change the gearshift anyway and take the engine out and disassemble it, I might as well make the bike a bit faster… In the meantime I had also discovered the ROLLERSHOP catalog and SCOOTERING. I was so fascinated by the custom paint jobs in the glossy magazines that I sat down in my 80s “children's room” and dreamed of great paint jobs and scribbled a few of them on paper. Yes, laugh, these are my collected works:

Castrol sponsoring with the “Castrol Vespa Racer

So somehow my dreams regarding the custom paint job didn't really come true, so I later took the initiative and asked Castrol for a sponsorship. To be honest, I'm a bit uncomfortable about this right now: I was quite sure I had done this at the age of 16. But according to the date of the letter to Castrol, which I found in my “Scooter Scene box” , I was already a bit older and at that time already doing my community service.

Unfortunately I don't have the drawings of my“Castro Racer"With 20 hp and targeted 130-140km / h anymore. I must have enclosed the drawings with the letter to Castrol, Motorsport Department. I found this test printout with corrections from the letter. But I certainly didn't write to UHU and NUTELLA, MÜHLEN KÖLSCH? Maybe! I don't know any more… But the gentleman from Castrol was very nice, invited me to the IFMA in Cologne and, after a short conversation in the Castrol truck, pressed a few Castrol stickers into my hand. If anyone from Castrol is reading along here: my offer still stands! This is my Augsburg Vespa T4, for example:

Classic Castrol Store

You don't need to write sponsorship requests for our Classic Castrol merchandise, you can now get the cool retro Castrol Racing products at a great price in our Classic Castrol Store: Classic Castrol products Classic Castrol products

Buy Classic Castrol Collection here
7 On the Road - Vespa bgm Platónika project by Scooter Center

How we would say in Colombia: Now I'm on my Salsa "(what means I am in my element). I received Platónika with 18 km on the clock and exactly 15 days later, she had thousand kilometers more.

Excited because the spring is arriving, I started to ride, and even prepare a Moto Nostra Kit for better touring:

Fly screen with black brackets


rear rack


But with this German weather you never know .. Indeed the following week it started to snow… But that wouldn't stop me, so I protect myself against the nasty cold and go on.

Photos and videos come and go, but still, I think, I am beginning to miss something, the reason of why I fell in love of with this scene: That's right! The Vespisti.

Without any meeting in sight, "I will roll with my team mates" I thought, so I turn my head around in the marketing office, where I am, and I only saw two Lambretta people...

And well ... why not?


Did you miss a chapter? here you find the complete story:

Platónika project - the complete story - Vespa PX bgm 177 by Scooter Center


Tool bag Moto Nostra oldtimer retro look

MOTO NOSTRA tool bag for eg Vespa & Lambretta

We have new tool bags from MOTO NOSTRA on offer - and as usual at these times, today we have a product presentation from the home office!

Retro Style Tool Bag | Waxed canvas

For eg classic cars and oldtimers who want to be stylish with their tool storage, we offer this practical tool roll. Of course, they also go great with a modern Vespa GTS or even a motorbike. Robust tool bag made of Waxes Canvas, a hard-wearing and water-repellent material. The tool bag has 5 spacious compartments with large sturdy zips. So the tools stay where you put them. The many compartments create order and offer quick access in an emergency. When rolled up, the bag can be securely closed with a wide strap and sturdy clip and compressed to be as handy as possible. The bag has three handles and two eyelets for fastening or hanging. Available in brown and black and soon also pre-packed with model-specific tools.

Tip: Also order a bag for the lady in the house, because the bags can also be stylishly used as a toiletry bag. Vespa toilet bag

  • Tool roll with zip compartments and buckle in brown
  • Tool roll with zip, compartments and buckle in black


You can find the emergency lamp here: Video of the lamp:

Emergency LED flashlight / work light COB LED from MOTO NOSTRA



You can find matching bags from Moto Nostra here Video MOTO NOSTRA bags:

New bags for scooters 🎥😮 Moto Nostra bags for scooters


Vespa oil seals bgm PRO

bgm PRO shaft seals made of high-quality and ethanol-resistant (E10) FKM / Viton® *

New: Now also for Wasp Wideframe, GS3, Faro Basso etc .: We have expanded our shaft seal portfolio with modern Simmerrings from bgm and can now offer shaft seal rings made of FKM / Viton® for almost every classic Vespa:


The bgm PRO oil seals have the perfect dimensions that guarantee easy installation, optimum function and a long service life. The large shaft seal on the clutch side, eg on old Vespas, has an overall height of 7 mm on the bgm PRO, instead of the 6.5 mm usually used by other manufacturers. This means that the bgm PRO oil seal is based on the original Piaggio factory specifications. If you have ever taken apart from an old and original Vespa engine, you may have noticed that a large oilseal with a height of 7mm was installed at the factory.


On old engines, the bearing of the crankshaft is 'floating'. This means that the bearing is not fixed and it can be moved axially (horizontally sideways) in the engine housing. This displacement occurs, for example, under load due to the axial force exerted by the helical-toothed primary drive. If the crankshaft shifts too much, this can of course affect the ignition and also the function of the clutch. The aim should therefore be to have as little unnecessary play as possible. The stop and thus the play of this floating bearing in the Vespa engines is determined only by the oil seals. The tolerances in the old engines are large and, for example, we also use thicker housing seals today, so it makes sense to use 7mm oil seals!


The material is FKM (fluorocarbon rubber). extremely resistant to

  • Heat
  • friction and
  • Fuel
  • ethanol

Even super petrol fuel E5 in Germany currently already has up to 5% ethanol admixture, with E10 it is even up to 10%, and the trend is rising. And did you know that this can vary from country to country? Have you ever noticed in France, for example, that your engine runs differently? In other countries, the ethanol / alcohol content can be significantly higher. A conventional oil seal cannot tolerate this increasing ethanol content and can swell or soften when it comes into contact with ethanol-containing fuels. The bgm PRO FKM / Viton® shaft seals, on the other hand, offer lasting protection. In addition, our simmering with Viton® is twice as temperature resistant as conventional (blue) NBR shaft seals. Further advantages of these modern shaft seals:

  • extremely impermeable to gas
  • and very resistant to aging


OK, so our radial shaft seals from bgm have

  1. optimal dimensions and
  2. most modern materials

but what are they suitable for now? An engine equipped with bgm PRO FKM / Viton® shaft seals can also be used without problems in engines that run on E10 fuel (10% alcohol content). The modern and high quality brown Viton® * sealing material is

  • permanently resistant to ethanol / alcohol and
  • also suitable for engines with high temperature
  • and high speed.

bgm PRO FKM / Viton® shaft seals are therefore suitable for all engines! Just play it safe and install the modern Simmerrings right away. Whether for an original engine, mild tuning or extreme tuning and motorsport! For reasons of environmental protection and in favor of maximum flexibility of the sealing lip, we deliberately refrain from additionally coating the sealing lip with PTFE / Teflon® *


The bgm PRO Shaft seals offer double sealing as an additional feature: All shaft seals that seal to the outside, to the atmosphere, have a so-called dust lip. This is positioned in front of the actual sealing lip and holds the seal in place

  • Dust
  • dirt and
  • Moisture.

This further increases the very good stability.


The bgm PRO oil seal set improves the installation clearance and offers an extremely long service life due to the excellent modern materials FKM / Viton®, combined with perfect fuel compatibility: it is even E10 resistant! The oil seals replace the old ones and of course fit without modifications. Tip: We offer the Simmerrings individually as well as in sets and in sets with bearings!

Select the matching bgm PRO Simmerrings here
* Viton® / Teflon® are registered trademarks of DuPont Dow Elastomers

Setting the ignition Vespa with a stroboscope ignition pistol

Adjust the Vespa ignition - but correctly!

The correct ignition timing is important for the thermal health of the engine:

  • Reliability
  • durability and
  • full power delivery

Whoever tunes his Vespa, rebuilds the engine or rebuilds it in the course of a restoration, should not rely on the existing markings on the engine housing, the pole wheel and ignition base plate for ignition adjustment, but should measure it yourself and adjust the Vespa ignition correctly. The correct adjustment of the ignition on your Vespa engine is easily possible with these electronics ignition timing guns for petrol engines with contact or electronic ignition -> transistor ignition system (CDI ignition as in series for ET3, PK, PX, Cosa, T5 etc.) Of course this also works with the Lambretta ignitions. With these ignition pistols you can also adjust the Lambretta ignition. With these stroboscope guns you can adjust both old 6-volt and modern 12-volt ignitions!

To the ignition light guns in the shop
In this video tutorial Vespa ignition adjustment we show you how Maryzabel and Alex adjusted the ignition on our Platonica Vespa:

Comparison stroboscope ignition guns for Vespa & Lambretta

3 versions: large, small and with onboard or external battery

A super-bright xenon tube and a special converging lens guarantee optimum visibility of the fixed marks on these ignition light guns: even at speeds above 8000 rpm in the near field range. The pistol is connected by means of an inductive clamp on the spark plug cable directly to the rubber insulation, without direct contact to the stranded wire. Our ignition timing guns are equipped with a rubber coating on the lens. This protector protects the plastic housing as well as the lens and ensures the longest possible enjoyment of the product.

1. Cell phone, mobile, operated with mono cells

Ignition light gun TRISCO-ProLITE (double-D) (- strobe lamp flash gun - ignition 6V / 12V Article No .: MN911B Ignition light pistol -MOTO NOSTRA (double-D) (- Stroboscopic lightning pistol - Ignition 6V / 12V Moto Nostra Article no .: MN911B No external power supply is required. For power supply two D batteries (Mono, LR20, MN1300) are used, these are not included! But you can order them right here. In addition to its use as an ignition light gun, it can also be used as a working lamp!

  • small and handy
  • Batteries on board
  • Torch function
  • Rubber protector

2. PROLITE version for the ambitious scooter tuner

Ignition light gun TRISCO-ProLite - stroboscopic lamp flash gun - ignition 6V / 12V Article No .: MN922 Ignition light pistol -MOTO NOSTRA- strobe light flash pistol - ignition 6V / 12VMoto Nostra Item no .: MN912 This is the largest pistol that fits perfectly in the hand. The cable with the two crocodile clips is a robust and practical spiral cable connected to a plug on the gun. Optimal pistol for the ambitious screwdriver and tuner - PROLITE - version. No matter if 6V or 12V ignition, an external power source with 12 volts (eg a car battery) is always required, unless the vehicle already has one.

  • external 12 power source required
  • practical spiral cable
  • Cable separable from housing / plug
  • for the ambitious screwdriver
  • Rubber protector

3. Handy and cheap 12V version

Ignition light gun TRISCO-ProLite stroboscopic lamp flash gun - ignition 6V / 12V Article No .: MN912 Ignition light pistol -MOTO NOSTRA- strobe light flash pistol - ignition 6V / 12VMoto Nostra Item no .: MN912 For the occasional adjustment of the ignition we have this light and handy TRISCO-ProLite ignition light gun in our program. It lies well in the hand and of course also has the rubber protector. The cables are firmly connected to the housing of the pistol. No matter if 6V or 12V ignition, an external power source with 12 volts (eg a car battery) is always required, unless the vehicle already has one.

  • external 12 power source required
  • for the hobby area
  • cheap version
  • Rubber protector
To the ignition light guns in the shop
These are for Vespa and Lambretta scooters: Strobo or stroboscope – lamp also strobolamp it is colloquially abbreviated among scooter drivers also ZZP. Don't worry, you don't need a gun license for this pistol, you control with this ignition timing pistol also stroboscopic pistol / strobe or strobe pistol and strobe flashes the ignition timing on the scooter via flashes, flash light from the light pistol after the ignition you can adjust the ignition then flash off to control the ignition setting.

LML body sheet metal parts frame for Vespa PX

LML Piaggio Vespa license buildings from India

“Lohia Machinery Limited” is the abbreviation LML. Would you have known it? And did you know that we already
traveled to India
in 2014 to see the
production process for ourselves and to visit the LML factory in Kampur?

Our “souvenir” was a few containers full of complete LML frame sets with all the necessary sheet metal parts, already painted. These body kits are a great replacement for Vespa PX frames.

A success story takes its course, but will there be a happy ending?

The very last LML frame sets for VESPA PX - Timeline LML Vespa PX

In 2015 we were able to unpack the first boxes and offer these popular restoration sets for the PX series.

Yes, there were rumors and somehow it was to be expected, but we were still very upset when we did
had to report the end of LML
not even 2 years later
: 2016. Since then there are only remnants of the parts, which are or were mostly a good one, often the only alternative for original Piaggio Vespa parts.

In 2019 Maryzabel has started to build Platonica based on an LML set and one of the last LML motor housings and LML fork for disc brakes. Sweetened with many great bgm PRO parts, such as the 187cc cylinder for being the heart of the whole project.

2020 - now is the time! It has come as it had to come: Also the stock of our LML frame sets for Vespa PX is now coming to an end. Just in time for the beginning of autumn we give you the chance to order the very last LML body kits.

My TIP: Buy now, before it's too late.

Now save one of the last LML frame sets

LML frame set for Vespa PX under test

We use the framework ourselves for ourselves Platonica project. But also for example the Vespa youtuber Kevin, from Savage Scooters, got this frame as a replacement for a warped and rusted through Vespa PX frame. In this video he unpacks our LML frame set and shows you the quality and also the final result, which is quite impressive:

PX Garage Nienburg | PX 200 frame set | LML frameset B-goods


LML frame set for Vespa PX chassis buy here

Frame Vespa PX now get the very last LML frame set for Vespa PX. Complete set. painted, with all body parts Vespa PX!

bgm PRO shaft seals made of high-quality and ethanol-resistant (E10) FKM / Viton® *

Brand new in our shop are the new bgm PRO Simmerrings for many Vespa and Lambretta models: Shaft seals bgm PRO

  • optimum protection
  • double sealing thanks to dust lip
  • recommended for each engine Original or
  • tuned high-performance engine
  • twice as temperature resistant
  • suitable for extremely high speeds
  • permanently alcohol resistant - perfect for scooter meetings ;-)
  • very good gas impermeability
  • high thermal stress
  • very resistant to aging
bgm PRO shaft sealing rings Viton® - Simmerrings Vespa and Lambretta


The material FKM (fluorocarbon rubber) is extremely resistant to heat, friction and fuel / ethanol. Current super fuel in Germany already contains up to 5% ethanol per se.

In other countries the ethanol / alcohol content is significantly higher. Conventional radial shaft seals can swell or soften when in contact with fuels containing ethanol.
The bgm PRO FKM / Viton® shaft seals offer perfect protection against this. In addition, Viton is twice as temperature resistant as conventional (blue) NBR shaft sealing rings , has very good gas impermeability and is also very resistant to aging.


An engine equipped with bgm PRO FKM / Viton® rotary shaft seals can therefore also be operated with E10 fuel (10% alcohol content). The high-quality brown Viton® * sealing material is Permanently resistant to alcohol and is also suitable for engines with high temperature loads and high speeds.
bgm PRO FKM / Viton® radial shaft seals are therefore suitable for all engines, whether original or tuned high-performance engines

For reasons of environmental protection and in favor of maximum flexibility of the sealing lip, we deliberately avoid additional PTFE / Teflon® * loading of the sealing lip


The BGM PRO rotary shaft seals offer a double sealing as an additional feature. All rotary shaft seals that seal against the atmosphere have a so-called dust lip. This is positioned before the actual sealing lip and keeps dust, dirt and moisture away. This further increases the already good stability. INDIVIDUAL & AVAILABLE IN A SET The BGM PRO FKM / Viton® oil seals are available individually and in sets for almost all Vespa and Lambretta engines.


Buy bgm PRO oil seals here


Simmerrings bgm PRO

Simmerring sealing ring Shaft sealing ring for Vespa and Lambretta #Shaft sealing ring #Simmerring #bgm PRO


* Viton® / Teflon® are registered trademarks of DuPont Dow Elastomers

bgm oldie oil

Vintage 2-stroke oil for oldies

Our bestseller - bgm PRO 2-stroke oil as special edition“Oldie Edition”In a retro look.

In the cool vintage oil can in patina look, this oil is perfect for classic cars like Vespa and Lambretta but of course also Schwalbe, Simson, Heinkel Tourist, NSU Prima, NSU Lambretta etc.

2-stroke oil bgm PRO in Oldie Edition with vintage oil can Vespa Lambretta

Modern 2T engine oil in retro packaging

From the outside on old and beautifully trimmed, you get inside our modern and well proven bgm PRO two-stroke oil: Street Motor Oil 2-stroke synthetic - 1000ml. The vintage oil can with patina look looks great on your old scooter. For our Vespa Smallframe Generation XI we used eg the oil bottle holder from MRP:

Vintage oil can Vespa


The bgm PRO 2-stroke synthetic oil is a first-class and highly resilient two-stroke oil, which meets the strict Japanese JASO FC test standard. Based on an excellent base oil, many high-quality additives ensure excellent protection of all components. The high classification as JASO FC makes it extremely low in smoke, perfectly suited for use in engines with catalytic converters. The almost residue-free combustion keeps the entire exhaust tract clean and ensures a long service life of exhaust and cylinder. The special additives ensure a stable lubricating film in all temperature ranges under high engine load. Corrosion protection is just as much a matter of course as the self-mixing properties and usability in engines with oil pump and injection systems.

The classification in the highest ISO test category impressively proves the high load capacity and quality of BGM Synthetic Oil.

Order your retro oil here

Inexpensive economy pack

The oil is also available directly in a cheap way economy pack with 6 bottles.

Save cheap oil economy pack


  • For all two-strokes (self-mixing, separate lubrication, injectors etc.)
  • For all air- & water-cooled two-stroke engines
  • Much cleaner than mineral oil combustion
  • smoke alarm
  • Flash point: 72 ° C
  • Pour point: -22 ° C
Vespa PX old speedometer up to 160km / h from bgm PRO

Vespa PX old speedometer up to 160km / h from bgm PRO

Vespa PX old Speedo bgm PRO 160km / h for Vespa PX up to '84

This is the bgm PRO speedometer up to 160km / h for the old Vespa PX with the small speedometer without fuel gauge. A precise eddy current measuring unit with a display range up to 160km / h makes it so special! The standard speedometer has only 120km / h to offer here

This high-quality precision speedometer for your Vespa replaces 1: 1, the speedometer installed ex works by Piaggio.

Vespa PX speedometer 160km / h bgm PRO - speedometer for old Vespa PX up to 160 km / h

Why does a Vespa PX need a speedometer up to 160?

With us in our shop (https://www.scooter-center.com) You also get engine tuning and transmission technology that will push your production speedometer to its limit already in second or third gear - we feel responsible to provide you with to an appropriate speedometer.

Your Vespa doesn't go 160?

So what? As a child, did you always press your nose against the windscreen to check the speedometer to see how fast the car could go? With the 160 bgm speedometer - does your scooter already go 160 when it is standing still. Too much of a good thing for you? Of course we also have speedometers up to 120km / h, which are also perfect for a clean original restoration.

Now drive here with one click 160


Original optics

Tip: The classic appearance is preserved, the existing speedo cable and the original speedo sprocket can simply be used further.

Therefore you can find this speedometer as spare part in our exploded drawings:

Suitable for example for the following Vespa and Motovespa models:

Vespa PX LED headlight animation

Vespa PX LED headlight

In this Vespa tutorial video we show you how to install our Vespa PX LED headlight for the Vespa PX. the MOTO NOSTRA HighPower LED headlight itself can also be installed in other cars (Lambretta, Vespa GTS, Sprint, Rally). With the included car specific frame, the installation of the Vespa PXLED headlight as eg Vespa PX LED headlight is very easy


  1. Mounting Vespa PX headlights 00:08
  2. Electrical part / connection Vespa LED headlights 01:42
Vespa PX LED headlights tutorial MOTO NOSTRA LED headlights Vespa PX

DOWNLOAD PDF Assembly instructions for printing as PDF


The limit with conventional Bilux bulbs is at most scooters a headlight bulb with 45/45 W. The 80 W to max. 120 W ignition does not give more. The luminosity measured in lumens is less than 400 and the LED headlight has a luminosity three times as high (1300 lumens). The power consumption is only 20 W. This corresponds to the luminous efficiency of a conventional 100 Watt spotlight. This means that with a given alternator/power supply a considerably better illumination can be achieved. In addition, more capacity remains for other consumers


Parts used in this video

  • LED headlights incl. Conversion frame Vespa PX and headlight bracket -MOTO NOSTRA- LED HighPower
    Item number: mn1101kt
  • Ignition switch -VESPA 4-cable- Vespa PX Lusso (from year 1984 up)
    Item number: 9520133
  • Light switch -GRABOR- Vespa PK125 XL / ETS, Vespa PX Elestart (1984-1998) - 10 cables (DC, models with battery, normally open)
    Item number: 9520145
  • Rubber flasher relay Vespa PX
    Item number: 3330940


LED headlamp with E9 marking (road approval) and high-intensity main / dipped beam. Additional feature is a separately switchable position light. With a diameter of 143mm it also fits perfectly in the steering head of the PX and Cosa models as well as in the lamp bezel of eg Vespa Sprint, GTR and Rally.


Vespa Moto Nostra LED High Power LED headlights


Luminosity 1300 lumen Voltage: 12 Volt DC (direct current) Power consumption: 1.8A / 1.3A Power consumption: 21.5W / 15W / 1.9W Diameter: Ø143mm Overall depth body: 54mm (measured from headlight ring without glass bulge) Overall depth overall : 79mm (measured from headlight ring without glass bulge with cable entry)


The LED headlight works exclusively with direct current, therefore it needs a battery or another equivalent power source with 12V DC. Operation with an AC power source will result in immediate failure

Vespa front shock absorber bgm PRO SC Ccmpetition

Popular shock absorber for Vespa Oldies available again!

bgm offers High-end Vespa suspensions with TÜV for old and new Vespa models!

In this video eg someone enjoys the summer on his old Vespa T4 the Vespa shock absorber front bgm PRO SC COMPETITION.

Shock absorber front bgm PRO SC COMPETITION for Vespa Largeframe Rally, Sprint, GT / GTR, TS, GL, Super, VNA, VNB, VBA, VBB Wideframe V30-33, VM, VN, VL, GS150 / GS3, VB, ACMA (1952-), Hoffmann Queen



bgm PRO SC Competition Shock Absorber

The bgm PRO SC Competition shock absorber is a further development of the successful BGM PRO F16 Sport series. Visually the Competition series differs from the external expansion tank. This allows an even better response behavior due to a larger volume compared to the sport shock absorber. At the same time the effective adjustment range of the damping has been increased.


The competition shock absorber has a different basic tuning compared to the sport shock absorber. Therefore it is very well suited for use with stiff sport springs like the new bgm PRO spring.

The rebound and compression settings also counteract the typical brake pitching, but also effectively counteract the rapid rebound in short bumps. This means that the competition damper offers a lot of reserves even in high-performance vehicles. The wide range of suspension settings naturally also allows the use of a standard spring, which means that a comfortable ride is still possible with a soft damper adjustment.



Due to the optimized installation dimension of 165mm the damper fits without problems on all 8 inch models without pretensioning the spring or changing the angle of the swingarm. When mounted, the external expansion tank is largely covered by the fender, thus preserving the original look of the vehicle front. As with the F16 Sport series, the damper body is made of hard anodized aluminum. The damper is available in black and silver.


We also offer the bgm Competition shock absorber as a set with the bgm suspension spring which perfectly matches the reinforced shock absorber!


bgm Buy PRO shock absorber set

Scootering: bgm CLASSIC tires


So the Scootering magazines has our new bgm tires did not escape. So the current issue contains a nice report on our Classic tires, here they are compared with the legendary MICHELIN ACS, justified.

bgm Classic tires Michelin ACS



bgm has launched a new tire which is a throwback to the old days of scootering but using modern technology. Simply labeled the Classic, the tread pattern is similar to that of the Michelin ACS. For those that can't remember, the ACS was one of the best tread patterns ever designed for the scooter, not only giving good road-handling properties in the dry but also in wet conditions. For years it was standard issue equipment for both the Vespa and Lambretta. Even today, original examples of the ACS can fetch huge sums as owners want that retro look. Michelin destroyed the molds back in the late 1980s and so it was consigned to the history books. Thankfully BGM has brought it back to life with the company's new design. The Classic is speed-rated up to 150kmh / 93mph, which is very impressive. This is down to a strengthened carcass which not only improves stability at high speed but also when cornering. Cornering is aided even further by the V shape of the pro? Le compared with the U shape, which allows more surface contact as the lean angle is increased. Using a revised compound, they are super grippy in any conditions. Not only does this mean that owners with standard machines who want that classic tire look will bene? T but also those with tuned engines can use them as well. The Classic is made in Germany and available in the traditional 3.50-10 size. These tires are now being distributed in the UK with many dealers already stocking them. For more info: www.scooter-center.com


bgm tires

bgm SPORT tires 3.50-10 tubular tires available

bgm SPORT 3.50-10 now also available as tubular tire!

The bgm SPORT tires is indeed a sport tire and is the right choice for all sporty ambitious drivers. Thanks to that superior rubber compound and the sophisticated tread design, it can act in all situations.

The release up to 180 km / h makes it definitely the first choice for all powerful engine concepts.

Buy a new sports tire now
New scooter tires for Vespa, Lambretta & Co. from bgm - Made in Germany


  • Release up to 180 km / h (Sport) and up to 150 km / h (Classic) are ideal for powerful engines and corresponding entries
  • Additional REINFORCED marking.
  • Extremely strong carcass for perfect straight-line stability and excellent line fidelity during fast cornering.
  • V shape instead of U shape. This means that the tire steers much better into the bend and offers more contact area when leaning.
  • Specially adapted material mixture (silica compound) for excellent grip in dry and wet conditions.
  • 100% Made in Germany.

bgm tires

Now we have them all together!

All new bgm tires are now available, we also offer sets with rims, check out our bgm tire shop:

All bgm tires